Astral Pet Store Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Tiger

Several people came to the center of the camp, below the crack in the starry sky.

"You keep up."

Lin Mo didn't look back, jumped forward, jumped straight into the vortex of the starry sky above, and his body was hidden in it.

Fan Ganglie said to Fan Yujing: "Brothers Su is here for the first time, you take care of him."

After that, he also jumped into the star crack.

Li Ying followed.

Fan Yujing said to Su Ping: "You are advanced."

Su Ping took a closer look at the starry sky crack and confirmed that there was no danger before jumping into it.

The moment he entered the vortex, Su Ping felt that the space and time around him was changing. This kind of feeling was like the feeling every time he entered the nurturing plane.

Su Ping didn't see the surrounding scene until his body was light and suddenly fell to the ground. Behind this starry sky crack, there was a figure walking back and forth. It was a pioneer of other teams.

Su Ping looked up, and there was a clear star field above his head. Outside the atmosphere, there were planetary silhouettes of different sizes, apparently the unknown star field that Fan Yujing said.

The surrounding environment is darker and it is also night.

Fortunately, after all, Su Ping is a darling master. His vision is higher than that of ordinary people. It can still be seen clearly within 30 meters, but if it is further away, it will be more blurred.


Behind the flash of light, Fan Yujing's figure appeared.

Seeing that the people have arrived, Fan Ganglie turned over a map from his backpack, "This is the latest map currently explored. The area we explored last time is here. The blood fox is also lost here. Lets go here first. Search nearby."

The eyes of several people were on the map, and the information of the map was recorded quickly.

Su Ping knew that the price of this map was probably not cheap. He took a few glances and wrote down all the lines that outlined the lines above.

How vast the world inside this starry sky crack is, no one knows for now. If it is not necessary, Su Ping is unwilling to approach the dark areas on the map that have not been explored.

"Li Ying is responsible for investigation?" Lin Mokong asked.

Li Ying nodded slightly, summoning the previously detected flying bird, and let its figure sneak into the night sky ahead.

"How many miles away can we detect from the farthest?" Lin Mokong asked.

Li Ying said: "Farest fifteen miles away."

"Fifteen miles..." Lin Mokong frowned slightly, which was far worse than the investigators in their team. However, after all, the other party was only a medium-level favorite, and the requirements should not be too high.

He turned his head to look at Fan Ganglie and said, "Are we opening the way?"

"Well." Fan Ganglie also had this intention, summoning a darkened giant wolf, which is a bloodthirsty demon wolf of seventh-order bloodline, suitable for night combat, highly aggressive, and its size is obviously also an adult. It is not the growth beast used by those students in the college.

Lin Mokong glanced at the bloodthirsty wolf beast, raised his hand, and summoned a ten-meter-long python from the space. This is the Koderson python and the seventh-order pet beast, although it is a forest python. , But it is highly toxic, and belongs to the extremely difficult kind among the seventh order beasts.

Seeing this python, Fan Ganglie showed a dignity in the eyes of several people, especially Li Ying and Fan Yujing, who were a little afraid and did not want to be close to this python.

In general, such brutal beasts of bloodthirsty are easy to get out of control. With their strength, if this python gets out of control, they can be killed instantly.

Although, they think that with Lin Mokong's strength, it is impossible to make a seventh-order beast out of control, but it is about his own life, who dares to care?

It must be said that the Koderson python is extremely deterrent, and at the moment it came out, the pioneers of other nearby teams also subconsciously avoided a road.


Fan Ganglie said in a low voice.

The bloodthirsty wolf beast and the Koderson python were listed together, and a wolf and a python quickly rushed into the darkness in front.

The farther away from the exit camp of the Star Fissure, the deeper the darkness, and the fire was completely invisible.

After coming to this starry sky crack, Su Ping's expression has become extremely serious, and he is more focused than exploring the nurturing plane. He greatly extends his perception and perceives the surrounding movements, and does not completely rely on the team Li Ying's investigation.

"There is an unknown star pet in front." Li Ying suddenly said.

He can only know the number and volume of star pets from the information transmitted by the flying bird, but he does not know what kind of star pet.

Fan Ganglie didnt want to grow a branch outside the festival and said, "Is there a way around to pass?"

Li Ying closed his eyes and opened it after a while, "There are star pets on other routes nearby, and more than one."

"Then look at the past first, and then retreat if it is a high-end pet." Lin Mokong said immediately.

Fan Ganglie had no objection, and he had the same idea as Lin Mokong in this simple judgment.

Soon, everyone approached the past and found a giant elephant-sized star pet at the forest lake in front of them, drinking water by the lake.

Fan Ganglie took out something similar to a night vision device from his backpack and glanced at it, suddenly relieved, "It's a sixth-order tiger scale tapir."

"Directly killed." Lin Mokong took the opportunity to decide.

Fan Ganglie nodded and wanted to act. Su Ping frowned slightly, and suddenly felt something was wrong. Seeing that they wanted to act, he said, "Wait."


Fan Ganglie turned his head and looked suspiciously at Su Ping.

Lin Mokong frowned and looked at Su Ping as well. He didn't feel good about this newcomer without any pioneering experience. If the other party didn't say anything important, he would suggest keeping his mouth shut.

Su Ping said to Fan Ganglie: "Did you just see clearly, is that thing really a tiger scale tapir?"

Fan Ganglie was slightly startled, frowning: "Although it is night, I see clearly."

"Show me." Su Ping asked him for something like a night vision device.

"Are you unreasonably making trouble, or are you afraid of dying?" Lin Mokong's face was cold, and his eyes looked straight at Su Ping like an ice skate.

The Li Ying beside him was also somewhat dissatisfied. Su Ping's words were obviously worried that it was not a tiger-scale tapir, but another beast, which was too timid! Moreover, he knows that the captain never tells lies, nor does he say things that are not sure, otherwise they will not know how many times they died!

Fan Yujing was very embarrassed and whispered: "Brother Su, the captain will not be mistaken."

"Yes." Fan Ganglie believed in what he saw just now, and he didn't think his vision was worse than Su Ping. If he looked away, Su Ping would be less likely to see clearly!

Su Ping's face sank when he heard them.

It's about his own life, he won't be half polite.

His eyes were deep and cold, and he stared at Lin Mokong with no emotion, saying: "Afraid of death? Are the pioneers like you guys rushing forward?"

Lin Mokong's face changed slightly, "What are you talking about?"

If Su Ping's eyes didn't make him feel a little palpitations, he would draw a knife on the spot.

Su Ping's eyes were so cold that there was no trace of temperature. "You can feel the temperature around you carefully. In this season, if I remember correctly, the tiger scale tapir will not easily come out and move.

Moreover, the tiger scale tapir itself seldom drinks water, and mainly relies on eating small insects to replenish water. In the case of very thirsty, it will also eat plants to fill the water, which is an omnivorous star. "

Several people suddenly startled.

Feeling the breeze around, slightly cool, several people were surprised and suspicious.

Fan Ganglie stared at Su Ping, "Are you serious?"

"Do you think I will joke with you?" Su Ping looked at him coldly.

Fan Ganglie touched Su Pings eyes, and his heart slightly accelerated a few beats. He felt that the Su Ping around him was like a personal change, and he was very peaceful when he pioneered the base, but the look at this moment was cold as if he was looking at a dead body. Generally, this is really someone who has not participated in the pioneering operation? !

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