Astral Pet Store Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Bloodsoul

"I'll look at it again."

Fan Ganglie was also a cautious person. He took out the instrument and observed again. This time he looked very carefully and found that it was indeed a tiger-scale tapir.

"Is the tiger scale tapir?" Lin Mokong looked at him.

Fan Ganglie's face was not very good-looking, he gave the instrument to him, "Look at it."

Lin Mokong took a glance, and immediately confirmed, "It is indeed a tiger tapir!"

He returned the instrument to Fan Ganglie, and his gaze at Su Ping was a little bit unsatisfactory. The mistrust of the gods and the ghosts turned out to be mysterious. The result was that Ping Bai delayed so much time. It was **** it!

Feeling Lin Mokong's killing intent, Fan Ganglie sighed in his heart, knowing that this was Su Ping's mistake, but killing each other in the pioneering operation was even more taboo. He sighed: "First complete the task before you talk."


Lin Mokong gave Su Ping a cold look, "Non-nonsense, don't blame me!"

Having said that, he immediately controlled his Koderson python to rush towards the tiger-scale tapir by the lake, and dealt with a sixth-order pet beast, his Koderson python could easily be strangled!

The tiger-scale tapir by the lake noticed the fast approaching Koderson python, and quickly turned his head. When it turned, the fan Fan Lie, who was watching the battle with the instrument next to him, almost lost his voice. "Not good!"

Hearing this slightly horrified cry, Lin Mokong was slightly stunned, and quickly took out his own equipment to check.

This look suddenly felt cold hair all over the body! !

Previously, the tiger scale tapir was drinking water by the side of the body. They only saw the body on the side, but at this moment the tiger scale tapir turned his head to reveal the other half of his body.

The other half of its head has no flesh and blood, there are snake-like tentacles twisting in its eye sockets, and there is a octopus-like creature with tentacles on its skull!

This is indeed a good tiger scale tapir, but it is a tiger scale tapir that has been dead for a long time!

Su Ping also suspected that his judgment was wrong, but the moment he heard Fan Ganglie's cry, he immediately reacted and quickly snatched the instrument in his hand and looked around.

"It's a seventh-order soul beast!" Su Ping's pupils shrank slightly.

This is a kind of monster that he saw in the chaotic necromancer walks in the range of lower creatures. Although it is small, it is extremely powerful. The most important thing is...


The Kodosen python has hurriedly leaped in front of the tiger scale tapir. The tiger scale tapir did not dodge, but instead rushed to the Kodosen python under the control of the soul spirit beast.

Koderson wanted nothing more, opened a large mouth of the blood basin, and swallowed the tiger scale tapir with a straight mouth.


Seeing this scene, Su Ping's face changed, and he yelled at Lin Mokong next to him: "If you don't want your beast to die, let it spit it out and withdraw it immediately!"

Lin Mokong was stunned, but Su Ping, who had been ignored by him, dared to yell at him. The murderous intention in his eyes broke out on the spot, "What do you say?"

He also saw that the tiger-scale tapir was controlled by something, but many lower-level undead creatures could control the corpses of other creatures, and his Koderson python was a seventh-order pet beast, let alone a dead tiger scale. Tapir, even if it is alive?

When Fan Ganglie saw the two of them fighting, they quickly intervened to block, and suddenly, a painful roar came from afar.

Several people quickly looked away.

I saw the Koderson python that bit the tiger-scale tapir suddenly rolled on the ground, seeming to be extremely painful. At the same time, it was covered with a rich dark breath on it, which is the unique dark energy of the undead creature.


Su Ping gritted his teeth and knew it was too late.

He stopped looking at it and immediately said to Fan Ganglie: "Leave here immediately. This Koderson python is not saved. The seventh-order soul spirit is attached to the tiger scale tapir. If it is not attribute restraint, it is generally the same-order pet. The beast is not its opponent!"

"Soul Spirit Beast?" Fan Ganglie and the nearby Li Ying and Fan Yujing were both stunned.

Lin Mokong, who was about to shoot Su Ping, also changed his face, and was shocked and angry, "What are you talking about!"

Fan Ganglie had never heard of such a star pet, but Su Ping had previously noticed the abnormality, which made his words more credible at the moment. He quickly said: "If it is a seventh-order pet beast, let's go together, or Able to kill."

"If it is one of course," Su Ping's face is ugly and his speech is fast. "But the soul beast is just a parasite of the blood soul beast. There are places where the soul beast haunts. There are generally blood soul beasts lurking. If I guess right If it is, the lake is not water at all, but blood, and the Blood Soul Beast is there!"

"Blood Soul Beast?"

Hearing Su Ping uttering the name of a strange beast again, several people froze again.

"There are seventh-order soul spirit beasts to deliver nutrition. This blood-soul beast is at least ninth rank, even king beast!" Su Ping gritted his teeth.

If it is not in this pioneering land, you still need to rely on these as pathfinders, and he ran away on his own.

"Order 9? King Beast?"

These words instantly awakened a few people. Although they didn't know why Su Ping knew this, they were shuddering when they saw the painful struggle of the Kodson Python in the distance.

Such a fierce Koderson python was inexplicably defeated in one face, which is absolutely extremely dangerous.


Fan Ganglie took the opportunity to make a decisive decision.

Lin Mokong froze for a moment, then recovered and hurriedly said, "Do you want to leave my beast?"

"This..." Fan Ganglie didn't know how to answer for a moment. Lin Mokong was invited by him. He abandoned his beast and ran away. If it spreads, it would be too unpleasant.

"Stinky boy, are you making a public vengeance and deliberately made up, wanting to let my beast die in vain?!" Lin Mokong turned his eyes directly to Su Ping, revealing a crazy killing intention in his eyes.

Su Ping didn't even look at this person in his eyes. Seeing him delaying again and again, the murderous intention in his heart broke out, staring at him sharply, "Shut up if you don't want to die!"


Lin Mokong's face was fierce, and he immediately drew his sword.

At this moment, there was a splash of water in the distance.

Several people hurriedly looked around, and saw the Koderson python that had struggled on the shore. At this moment, his upper body actually fell into the lake and set off waves.

At the next moment, three thick tentacles of the same height as the Kodosen python were suddenly raised from the lake, entangled the body of the Kodosen python, and dragged into the depths of the lake until the body was completely immersed.

"This..." Lin Mokong was dull.

He felt connected to the consciousness of the Koderson python, and he was disconnected at this moment.

Before dying, he only felt a strong fear, which was passed back from the consciousness of the Koderson python.

"Go away!"

Su Ping only glanced at it, and he recognized that it was indeed a Blood Soul Beast.

Fan Ganglie, Li Ying, and Fan Yujing saw Su Ping running first, and instinctively followed, all in fear.

Lin Mokong recovered, and his face was extremely ugly. He changed his teeth and caught up with Fan Ganglie and others.

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