Astral Pet Store Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Kyoho

"Li Ying, look at other routes." Su Ping said to Li Ying behind him while running.

Li Ying was stunned, but he did not expect that Su Ping would command himself, "Are you going to go through another route?"

"Or shall we go home now?" Su Ping asked back.


When he first came out, he encountered such a strange and dangerous situation. Li Ying did flinch, but he did not expect Su Ping to forget to help find the blood fox.

Although he is a pioneer, he is brave enough, but the pioneer is also a human, and he is a life, and everyone will be afraid of death!

Fan Ganglie took a deep look at Su Ping's back, and said to Li Ying: "When you listen to Brother Su, the situation will change after a while, and we will not allow us to deliberate!"

Seeing that he also spoke, Li Ying had to say, "I know."

He immediately sensed his beast and looked at other routes.

At this time, Lin Mokong had already caught up with several people. His face was extremely gloomy, and he sacrificed his own high-end beast as soon as he came, just like cutting a piece of flesh on him!

Seeing the figures of these people, Lin Mokong showed a grudge in his eyes, but he quickly converged.

"Huh?" Su Ping turned his head and glanced at the back. When he saw Lin Mokong's gloomy glance, he frowned slightly, and turned his head again, just passing a cold color under his eyes.

"found it."

Li Ying said suddenly.

"Several star pets on that route on the east side have already migrated to other places, and we will just rush over to not hit them now." Li Ying said quickly.

"Go." Su Ping immediately ordered.

Fan Ganglie was about to speak, and when Su Ping had already said it, he had to swallow it.

Fan Yujing and Li Ying still habitually glanced at Fan Ganglie and looked at his opinion, but when he saw no objection, he quickly followed Su Ping.

"Brother Lin, your Koderson python, we will find ways to compensate you when we go back." Fan Ganglie was a few steps behind and said to Lin Mokong behind.

Lin Mokong's face was a little colder. "It's nothing. I made a mistake."

"I don't blame you, after all, it is a new star crack, there are too many unknown star pets, we are still cautious." Fan Ganglie whispered.

Lin Mokong's killing intention flashed in his eyes, but he didn't say much.

Under the investigation of Li Ying, several people marched along, getting closer and closer to the depth zone where Blood Fox was lost.

"There are star pet monsters in the previous routes, and there is only one on one of them." Li Ying reported back the situation again.

Hearing that it was similar to the previous situation, the faces of several people changed slightly.

Su Ping immediately said: "First go to the route where there is only one star pet monster, first close to observe."

Fan Ganglie hesitated for a while. He was worried about the well rope when he was bitten by snakes for three years.

"According to the brothers Su, let's get close to observe first." Fan Ganglie said.

"it is good."

Fan Yujing and Li Ying have no objections.

Lin Mokong has been silent since he lost the Koderson python.

Soon, several people came to a gorge under the lead of Li Ying.

Su Ping reached out to Fan Ganglie.

Fan Ganglie agreed, and handed over his investigation equipment to Su Ping.

Su Ping glanced far away, and saw that it was an ordinary fifth-order star pet. Without hesitation, he immediately let his small skeleton shot.

The small skull was very small. Under Su Ping's order, he immediately pulled out the bone knife and rushed towards the fifth-order star pet monster.

"It's a fifth-order death ghost." Li Ying, who saw the star-loving beast with the instrument, handed his instrument to Fan Ganglie.

Fan Ganglie glanced at it, relieved in his heart, just about to let his bloodthirsty demon wolf be dispatched, and suddenly thought of the tragic situation of the Koderson python, he subconsciously asked Su Ping, "Is this thing okay?"

"I have shot." Su Ping said.

Fan Ganglie was stunned, and quickly looked at it with an instrument, but saw that the small skeleton beside Su Ping had somehow rushed to the dead ghost. The small skeleton less than half a meter tall was very different from the dead ghost that was nearly four meters in size. But the small skull jumped suddenly as it approached, and a blast-like dark black knife suddenly swept out!


As soon as the ghost of death turned around, he would use his claws to fight back, but the dark sword flew across, and its body froze suddenly, then turned into two segments, and fell to the ground, slowly dissipating into dark energy.

Fan Ganglie was stunned. Although he had seen the power of this small skull before, he was still a little shocked to see it again at this moment.

Killing the fifth-order death ghost with a knife, this is definitely the beast of the sixth-order level!

Moreover, although the ghost of death is a common beast of undead, but the common beast wants to defeat it, because its body is mainly composed of energy matter, and it must be attacked with energy to defeat it.

Lin Mokong also saw this scene with his instrument, his eyes flashed.

After the small skeleton killed the ghost of death, it immediately jumped to its corpse to absorb the scattered energy of death.

Su Ping looked at the surrounding environment again and confirmed that there was no danger before he said to Li Ying and Fan Ganglie that they could move on.

When they walked ahead, Su Ping immediately followed and walked in the middle of the team.

As I walked through the canyon, I met some undead skeletons scattered on the ground, and sensed the breath of creatures. These skeletons woke up suddenly, joined together, and launched an attack on Su Pingren.

But these are all low-grade skeletons, with the highest strength but no more than 4th order. They were directly hit by Fan Ganglie's bloodthirsty wolf beast.

Out of the canyon, a giant peak majestic to penetrate the sky appeared in front of everyone.

This is an extremely majestic, huge mountain.

The top of the peak did not enter the sky, and it seemed to extend into the boundless starry sky.

Su Ping had a feeling of standing and looking up at the feet of giants. In front of this giant peak, they were not even ants, too small.

"Blood Fox was lost in front of this mountain peak." Fan Ganglie saw this giant peak, his eyes dignified.

"I remember the way, do we have to go to where the blood fox was lost?" Li Ying asked, gazing back and forth on Fan Ganglie and Su Ping, asking them their views.

Fan Ganglie nodded and glanced at Su Ping immediately, "This giant peak is very likely to encounter a high-level beast, which is very dangerous. Last time we met an unknown high-level star here, the team was almost dispersed, and we escaped by chance. of."

Su Ping nodded slightly, reached into his pocket, and took the Yanlong fruit bottle from the storage space. This was an important thing for him to find the blood fox.

Fan Yujing also summoned two beasts at this time, ready to fight at any time.

Fan Ganglie also summoned a small pet beast, a multi-eared monkey, only fifth-order, but sensitive to hearing, and scrutinized the beast on the land.

Li Ying also summoned a sixth-order rock beast, a ground beast. Once he came out, he burrowed into the ground and explored the path in front.

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