Astral Pet Store Chapter 636

Chapter 636: Road Monument


Since there was no sense of oppression, Su Ping did not delay time, strode out, and quickly rushed into the huge mouth of the Dark Star Devil Dragon.

"He's in!"

"I broke free so quickly and regained my sanity?"

"There seems to be something terrifying in the mirror image of the soul behind this human being..."

Numerous golden crows were startled by Su Ping, who was the first to step into the mouth of the Dark Star Devil Dragon. Some of the golden crows noticed that there were extremely terrifying creatures in the ghost mirror image behind Su Ping.


Di Qiong looked up at this scene with some changes in her eyes, and Su Ping's performance was once again unexpected.


"This is the Dark Blood Soul Worm?"

As soon as he stepped into the mouth of the Dark Star Demon Dragon, Su Ping saw a group of pitch-black giant insects flying by. This giant insect was like a black python, exuding a strong spirit, and it was a thing of the dead.

Su Ping has long been accustomed to these dead creatures, and at this moment, he did not have the slightest fear and stepped forward.


The Demon Suppression God fist blasted out, and the dark blood soul worm's body suddenly collapsed. When it condensed again, his body was a little sluggish, and he turned around and ran when he saw Su Ping.

Su Ping was willing to let it run away, strode out, and quickly caught up, hitting him with several punches, and forcibly beat the body of the Dark Blood Demon Soul to a small circle.

"Get up!"

Su Ping's divine power condensed on both hands and directly hugged the end of the Dark Blood Soul Worm, dragging its body out of the mouth of the Dark Star Devil Dragon.

Seeing Su Ping walk out, the many golden crows outside were shocked again.

It took only a few minutes from Su Ping's entry to the exit. In such a quick time, he found and subdued the Dark Blood Soul Worm inside?

When Su Ping came out, the baby Golden Crow outside was still fighting the magic thought released by the Dark Star Devil Dragon. Su Ping took a look and flew directly to Di Qiong.

When he was halfway through the flight, he suddenly felt the Dark Blood Soul Worm loose in his hand and disappeared.

Su Ping was shocked and stopped immediately.

"You are already qualified."

The voice of the great elder came out and appeared in Su Ping's mind.

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words of the Great Elder Golden Crow. It turned out that it was passed. So, the Dark Blood Soul Worm that he caught should have been recovered.

Really stingy!

This thing, are you afraid of getting it away?

Without thinking about it, Su Ping flew straight back to Di Qiong, waiting for the third trial.

When Su Ping landed, among the young golden crows in mid-air, two golden crow figures rushed out. It was He's young golden crow who had threatened Su Ping before, and another golden crow.

As soon as the two golden crows broke free of their magical thoughts, they rushed towards the mouth of the Dark Star Demon Dragon.

"You are lucky."

Di Qiong saw Su Ping on the ground, took a deep look at him and withdrew from him, said indifferently, as if he didn't care about Su Ping's performance.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows when he heard it, "What is luck? This is strength!"


Di Qiong sneered and said: "If it hadn't been for the Dark Star Devil Dragon to release the water and directly send a Dark Blood Soul Worm to you, how could you find it so easy."

"Huh?" Su Ping was taken aback, and the Dark Star Devil Dragon released the water?

He looked up at the two young golden crows that flew into the mouth of the Dark Star Devil Dragon, and found that their figures had gone deep into the mouth of the Devil Dragon and had disappeared.

Compared to the situation he encountered just now when he first entered the Dark Blood Soul Worm, Su Ping somewhat believed Di Qiong's words, but he was puzzled: "Why does this Dark Star Devil Dragon release water on me?"

Di Qiong is speechless.

Why did the Dark Star Dragon release water?

Previously, Su Ping had noticed the things in the mirror image of the spirit behind Su Ping, and it was an emperor bloodline, and it was more sensitive to those with terrifying power. This was innate.

It probably knows why the Dark Star Devil Dragon releases water. This guy is a coward who is greedy for life and fear of death.


Di Qiong snorted slightly as a response without explaining to Su Ping.

It can't explain it, it can't be said, it's you who scared the Dark Star Devil Dragon. Wouldn't it help Su Ping's arrogance even more to say this?

Hearing Di Qiong's cold snort, Su Ping was a little speechless, this stinky bird, half-talking, really sick!

When Su Ping was talking to Di Qiong, the Dark Star Devil Dragon moved around in mid-air, roaring in bursts, and was full of deterrence. Even some of the grown-up giant golden crows outside the court, before the Dark Star Devil Dragons deterrence Feeling trembling, many Golden Crows retreated subconsciously.

Half an hour passed.

The two young golden crows who first entered the mouth of the Dark Star Devil Dragon have returned one after another. Su Ping saw it, but couldn't recognize who it was, but he didn't care, anyway, he just passed.

As for the ranking and order, he doesn't care at all. After all, it is no fun to pretend to be in front of a group of birds, and it is not a beauty.

The other young golden crows also broke free from the magic thought one after another, rushing into the mouth of the dark star devil dragon, and as the two golden crows returned, there was a scream of cheers from outside the field.

Su Ping had nothing to do, sitting on the branch under Di Qiong's feet, and continued to practice with closed eyes.

"Y...System, didn't you say that on my terms, it is hopeless and almost impossible to pass the trial of the Golden Crow clan?" Su Ping asked about the system in his heart while practicing.

Although he doesn't care about rankings, he can see from the current situation that his performance is still good.

In the first trial, his score was second, far exceeding the standard for passing!

And now in the second trial, it was the first to enter and the first to exit, and this result would not be too bad.

There is a huge gap between this and the system's previous predictions, and Su Ping has some doubts that the system is not reliable.

"What do you want to say?"

The tone of the system is a little uncomfortable. It seems to be annoyed by Su Pings first initial words, and coldly said: "Ten days ago, you must fall in the first level! But for ten days, your own cultivation comprehension , And the power you used in the trial, don't you have an X number in your heart?"

"As an intelligent system, didn't you actually block the vocabulary? You can even say that word." Su Ping curiously asked.

"It does not matter!"


Su Ping recalled how he had passed the first trial before. When he lifted the sacred stone, he displayed the most extreme power, including the latest swordsmanship he had learned.

However, that swordsmanship was not released, but the principles and profound meanings of swordsmanship were applied to him.

When the moves reach a certain level, only the core things are left.

And that core power, even through the sword and stick, Su Ping can display it, and likewise, through his body, it can also be released!

"It seems that my progress in these ten days has been amazing..."

Su Ping whispered to himself.

The system snorted coldly: "Of course! Except for your own comprehension, your physique is completely different from ten days ago. You dont even look at what kind of world this is. This is the ancient world of chaos, the power in the air. It is not a star power, but a chaotic aura that reproduces from the chaotic aura!"

"Under this chaotic Tianyang star environment, your body has been tempered hundreds of times in the ten days of your cultivation!"

"Your physique alone already has the power comparable to the peak of the Void Cavern Realm, and coupled with the power increase, your physical strength alone can compete with the weakest Destiny Realm creature!"

Su Ping was startled.

Is your body tempering?

Is physical strength comparable to the weakest fate?

He couldn't help lowering his head, and suddenly realized that there was divine light in his body pores, and the divine power in his body had reached the point of incomparably fullness.

Previously in the Demigod Land, he often soaked Joannas divine power. He accumulated a lot of divine power, and even some small blood vessels had signs of deification. At this moment, he found that most of the blood vessels in the body had turned into golden. , The supernatural power in the body is more than double the previous one!

Just staying here for ten days, is there such a change? !

"This is a top-level cultivation site, and being able to survive here is a precious harvest for you!" the system said indifferently, "and for your ten days, the Chaos Star has tried to practice cultivation all the time and absorb power. At the same time, the Chaos Spiritual Qi here is also absorbed, and the effect obtained is extraordinary."

"Furthermore, the place where you practiced before was still in the Golden Crow Nest with the emperor bloodline. The chaotic aura there is a hundred times stronger than outside!"

Su Ping blinked.

Golden Crow's Nest?

He looked at Di Qiong beside him, but saw Di Qiong looking up at the trial above.

That said, he was exposed to the light of this stinky bird?

Su Ping was a little bit ridiculous, and suddenly felt that this smelly bird seemed to be a bit beautiful.

"The gains you have obtained in these ten days are already comparable to the level of the second level of cultivation materials you have obtained." The system said.

Su Ping nodded.

After feeling just now, he can indeed feel that his body is much stronger than before, but he doesn't know how much he will improve again after obtaining the second layer of cultivation materials?


The trial lasted for three days before it ended.

These three days are calculated based on the time of the Blue Star where Su Ping is, but here, it is less than half a day.

During these three days, Su Ping asked the system to continue to renew him while he was practicing.

Tickets for 9,000 energy per day are automatically renewed unless he actively applies for it.

After the trial, the elder Jinwu also announced the results of the second trial, and Su Ping's results ranked first!

When this result came out, although many Golden Crows had expected it, they were still a little shocked and uproar when they heard the announcement by the Great Elder.

A foreign race can actually get the first result in the trial of their Golden Crow God and Demon clan!

Coupled with the second place in the first level, this foreigner's performance is extremely dazzling!

You know, they are gods and demons born in chaos, and they are born with extraordinary combat power. When they reach adulthood, they will have the ability to travel the universe and let time flow backward. With such noble blood, they have been compared by an alien at this moment!

"This human race..."

Among the young golden crows, a crowded golden crow looked at Su Ping coldly. It was Hexcel. In the first trial, he could not compete for the first place. Even the second was robbed. Now the second trial In, but was robbed again, can only get second!

Originally, it should be brilliant, the most watched existence in this generation.

Damn it!

"Wait for the comprehensive trial later, this guy looks good!"

"How dare to show off here, really underestimated our Golden Crow clan!"

"We are gods and demons, this ugly little bug is too damned!"

In addition to Hexcel, the other Golden Crows also dislike Su Ping. A foreign race actually shows off in front of them. How can this make them bear?

"Your event is over."

The voice of the Great Elder Golden Crow sounded, and a void world appeared on the head of the Dark Star Demon Dragon in mid-air, which was its imprisoned place.

"Bald Bird, it's so cruel after using this deity!"

The Dark Star Devil Dragon glared at the Great Elder Golden Crow, cursing, but his body was very honest, and he flew into the world of nothingness obediently, not daring to make a mess.

After the Dark Star Devil Dragon left, the world of nothingness was also closed, and the eyes of the Great Elder Golden Crow reflected all the young Golden Crows in the arena, saying: "The following is the third trial, the training of skills."

"Here is a Taoist monument. Whoever can inspire the most Taoist patterns on it is the number one!"

"The qualifying condition is to inspire three lines!"

Following the words of the Great Elder Golden Crow, a gust of wind whizzed in the air, and a huge monument like the sky appeared, landing vertically in front of everyone, standing on the branches.

Numerous young golden crows are in front of this stele, the size of an ant, and Su Ping is even more dusty.

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