Astral Pet Store Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Kill A Day

"This pattern...so big!"

In front of the Taoist stele, Su Ping was also a little frightened when he saw the Taoist patterns inspired by the release of the virtual sword.

Although he knew the power of this sword was extremely powerful, it was the strongest move he had created so far, but he didn't expect it to be stronger than the skill the system gave him!

"This is my semi-invented..."

Su Ping muttered to himself.

This sword combines part of the profound meanings of the Shura Sword of Ending Evil and the Demon Suppression Fist, and he has cultivated the understanding of countless life and death exercises in the world. It is considered that he has used all the potential of precipitation. Unexpectedly, this sword is actually considered to be a Taoist. More profound and terrifying than other Dao!

"Since that counts, the Demon God Fist..."

Su Ping's eyes flashed, a bright golden light burst out of his fist, and he burst out with a punch.

The huge golden fist shadow blasted on the Taoist tablet, but after a while, nothing changed on the Taoist tablet.

Su Ping was startled and somewhat puzzled.

The Demon Suppression Fist is a skill of the God and Demon level, and it is rewarded by the system, so it is not counted as a Taoist?

"This technique is of course at the Dao level, and it is far stronger than your semi-invented one. Only you have mastered the first level. You can only barely get started. How can it be possible to inspire Dao intent!" The voice of the system was in Su Ping's mind Appeared and said grimly.


Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly...

But think about it, the system also makes sense.

There are seven levels of Demon God Fist in this town. He currently only comprehends the first level. When he was practicing, he saw the master of this technique once smashed countless monsters with one punch. Among those monsters, there are many bodies like giant mountains. It was comparable to the monsters the size of some grown-up golden crows.

If you cultivate to the top, it is definitely an extraordinary power!


Su Ping shook his head. His training time was too short to comprehend the second level, but during the previous several battles, he felt that he had touched the threshold of the second level.

It won't be long before you can step into the second level.

"Come again!"

Su Ping flipped his palm, the golden light on the Shura Divine Sword receded, and a strong black flame burned up. This sword was a pure Shura Sword of Broken Evil, without any additions.


Sword Qi came out vertically and horizontally, cutting on the road monument.

After a while, there was still no response on the road monument.

Su Ping glanced twice and was a little disappointed. It seemed that his Asura Broken Sword could not enter the Dao either.

This sword technique was the strongest sword technique Ming taught him, and it was no less inferior to that Demon God Fist, but he was only basically mastering it.

"It's good to know, you are still far away, work hard." The system said calmly.



"The two styles of Taoism are a little different, and they haven't even touched the threshold of Tao."

"But in time, it is estimated that I can enter the Tao, this foreigner..."

Many Golden Crows all saw Su Ping's Demon Suppression Fist and Shura's Sword of Broken Evil, and when they saw that the Dao Rune hadn't been activated, they were relieved. They also saw that Su Ping's two moves were still very superficial.

However, some of the Super Golden Crows, with extremely huge physiques, had serious eyes.

They can see that Su Pings two types of attacks have a very strong basic framework of Taoism. Unfortunately, Su Ping failed to stimulate and release. If Su Ping is given time, not only can he enter the Tao, but they are also two extremely powerful attacks. Way!

"The descendants of Tianzun are indeed well-deserved..."

"No wonder I can come here."

Some Super Golden Crows knew the origins of Su Ping, and they all put away their contempt for this human race, and they were awe-inspiring.


"It's all heaven-level exercises."

Elder Golden Crow on the left sighed.

Elder Golden Crow on the right took a look and shook his head slightly.

They all saw the super high potential of this technique, but it's a pity that Su Ping's practice is still shallow and he can't fully grasp it, but with Su Ping's current cultivation base, it is considered good to be able to step on the threshold.

These two exercises can be regarded as confirming Su Ping's identity again.

If there is no Tianzun as a backer, how can such a powerful technique be obtained with such a cultivation base?


After trying the Shura Sword of Severing Evil, Su Ping had no other moves, and thinking that he had passed the test, there was no need to try again. There was a comprehensive trial battle later, and hiding one hand was also beneficial to him.

Thinking of this, Su Ping turned and left the Taoist tablet, which also ended his trial.

Seeing that Su Ping finally gave up, many Golden Crows were secretly relieved. If Su Ping showed the same terrifying Tao style as the virtual sword, then the first place in this third trial is undoubtedly Su. It is flat, this is definitely a shame and blow to their Golden Crow clan!

The young Golden Crows saw Su Ping's figure flying back, and their eyes loosened, but they soon became extremely vigilant and dignified. The performance of the three trials of this foreign race was extremely eye-catching, which made them not only unhappy, but also in their hearts. Some are solemn and dare not despise.


"You actually touched the power of rules..."

Di Qiong watched Su Ping fly back, the complex color in his eyes was put away, deep and authentic.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows in surprise when he heard this, "What is the power of rules?"


Di Qiong looked at him suspiciously, and when he saw that Su Ping didn't seem to ask knowingly, he snorted, "It's nothing, you can go back and ask the Heavenly Lord of your family."


Su Ping was a little speechless, this stinky bird said half way every time.

However, although he didn't elaborate, he also understood a little bit. As early as the demigod fell, he had heard of the power of rules from Joanna's star-level subordinates!

This is something that a strong person in the starry sky can master and comprehend.

Just like a strong man in the legendary realm, he can comprehend spatial teleportation, folding, and imprisonment.

In addition to the basic space-time power, the strong in the starry sky also masters the power of rules!

In the Longwu Pagoda of Zhenwu Academy, Su Ping saw the power of rules. The peculiar rules of the Longwu Pagoda's age limit gave him a deep understanding and at the same time he was puzzled.

He had guessed, perhaps, that the master of the Longwu Pagoda's severed fingers, the Heaven Slayer, was not very old, so the fingers cut off his body would have such instinctive rules.

Entering the Longwu Pagoda is like entering the inside of this finger.

The age before the finger breaks leads to rejection of things beyond one's own age.

Although it is unbelievable to think so, this is the only answer and explanation that Su Ping can think of.

If this is the case, then the Heavenly Killing Emperor would be a bit scary.

But it is also possible that the Heaven Killer, like Joanna, was reincarnated and reinvented, so he could reach such a terrifying strength in just over twenty years of age.

Shaking his head, Su Ping didn't think about it anymore. Whether it was Emperor Killing or the Golden Crow clan, they were still far away from him now, a life far beyond his reach.


After Su Ping's trial was over, the other young golden crows continued their trials.

Several hours passed and the trial was over.

Many of the Golden Crows in the post-interview training failed the trial, and there was no outstanding performance.

After the results were announced, Su Ping's performance was ranked second again this time!

Although there are only five Dao patterns he inspires, one of them is a mature Dao, the power of rules!

This alone made him get rid of those golden crows that inspired six or even seven Dao patterns!

And the first place was the Golden Crow that inspired eight Dao patterns. Among its eight Dao patterns, two Dao patterns were embryonic forms that were close to the power of rules, so they ranked first.

After the results came out, Su Ping once again attracted the attention of many Golden Crows.

Su Ping didn't feel much about this result, anyway, he would leave after the trial, and it was unknown whether he would come again next time.

"The following is a comprehensive battle trial."

The Great Elder Golden Crow said that when it spoke, the Taoist monument shrank rapidly, from being out of reach to shrinking into a very small square, and then disappearing into nothingness.

As the Taoist monument disappeared, a battlefield appeared in the void.

This battlefield is extremely huge, with the area of a planet, it is a vast continent!

All the young golden crows will fight and fight in it. Even if the golden crows fall, the elders will go back in time and bring them back to life.

This is a fight to fight as hard as possible!

"Children, go in."

The Great Elder Jinwu spoke.

Many young golden crows burst out with divine light in their eyes, with great expectations and excitement. Some of them rushed in first, like aircraft carriers taking off, whizzing past Su Ping's head. The huge body brought a large shadow, and the light and shadow were there. Staggered on the branches...

Su Ping is also ready to take off, first to adapt to the environment inside.

But at this moment, the voice of the Great Elder Golden Crow appeared in his mind, "You have passed the trial. You don't need to participate in the following tests."

Su Ping was startled.

Does he need to participate in this comprehensive trial?

"Why?" Su Ping questioned.

Although he was so happy, it was a bit sudden.

"This is the trial of our Golden Crow clan. If you are inside, it will inevitably cause a group attack, which is unfair to you, and your performance is enough." The Golden Crow elder said.

Su Ping was taken aback, thinking of the eyes of those young golden crows looking at him, and immediately relieved.

If he wants to go in, he will indeed be beaten by a group. Although he is not afraid, if he relies on his resurrection ability to break out of the siege, the face of the Golden Crow clan will be a little unsightly...

"All right." Su Ping said, "The material for my cultivation..."

"It will be given to you. In addition, according to the rules of our Golden Crow clan, through trials, you will get a drop of blood to inspire the divine body, and you will also have a share!"

Su Ping was stunned, and said, "Heaven's blood?"


The Great Elder of the Golden Crow said: "That is the ancestor of our Golden Crow clan who once killed a day!"

Su Ping held his breath slightly, beheading a day?

Heaven can be beheaded? !

Thinking of what the system said, the Tianzun level is an existence beyond the sky, Su Ping's mood was a little shaken.

"Thank you Grand Elder!"

Su Ping said immediately, thanking from the bottom of his heart.

No need to think about it, this blood must be extremely precious!

Otherwise, the Golden Crow clan will not be stingy, and will directly reward their own blood in large quantities.

At this time, the many young golden crows in the rear had soared like a flock of crows, all rushing into the high-altitude battlefield, and after all the golden crows had entered, the battlefield was closed.

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