Astral Pet Store Chapter 640

Chapter 640: Inspire The Body

Seeing Su Ping still staying on the branch, many golden crows were surprised, this foreigner didn't actually enter?

At this moment, the figures of Su Ping and Di Qiong suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding space changed, and it seemed that they were transferred to other places.

Seeing this scene, some Super Golden Crow's eyes showed a clear look and no longer paid attention.


The final trial of the Golden Crow clan continues.

On the other side, in a chaotic world.

The sky here is a starry river, with countless dazzling stars, primitive rivers of energy that lie across the sky, exuding a surging breath.

On the ground, there is an extremely huge skeleton, which stretches for an unknown number of miles.

In one part of the skeleton, Su Ping and Di Qiong appeared, and the surrounding cold wind hit, Su Ping felt a bit bitterly cold, and because of his physique, he felt a little bit shivering from the cold.

Looking forward, Su Ping saw a snow-white mountain in front of him. If he looked closely, it felt like an extremely huge bone.

He didn't know where he was, but most of it was somewhere in the core forbidden area of the Golden Crow clan.

"This is the forbidden place of our race."

Di Qiong was obviously familiar with this place, without any surprise or discomfort, and said to Su Ping who was looking around.

Being able to be transferred in by the elder Jinwu, Di Qiong knew that the elder had already recognized Su Ping's identity, which was also a sign of friendship.

After all, what's going on outside the Chaos Tianyang Star, the Golden Crow Clan is not familiar with it, but they probably know that it is a chaotic world outside, extremely chaotic, and the gods and demons are all in a melee. , But some battles can't be avoided if you want to.

In order to prepare for the future, it is quite necessary to make friends with a descendant of Heavenly Venerate like Su Ping who was sent to the door at this moment.

"The Forbidden Land?"

Su Ping was a little confused when he heard this term.

Before Di Qiong could say more, a golden figure suddenly appeared in the void in front of the two of them. From a primitive point, it stretched to an extremely large size, and finally transformed into a golden crow that was several hundred meters in size.

Such a physique is not too big in the Golden Crow, but in front of Su Ping, it is still a giant.

"You have passed the trial of our race, this is a reward for those who succeed in the trial."

The voice of the Great Elder Jinwu came out, gentle and honest.

Su Ping was taken aback, the golden crow in front of him was the big elder who couldn't see the upper body?

After the Golden Crow Great Elder finished speaking, a cloud of light suddenly appeared in the nothingness in front of Su Ping, and then the light became muddy, difficult to look directly at, and indescribable. The light seemed to be full of countless colors, countless colors, There are even countless Taoist rhymes, but mixed together, they have a very strange feeling.

Su Ping saw it, but it felt like an extremely terrifying monster beast, recovering in front of him.

"This is blood!"

Great Elder Golden Crow slowly said: "It is the blood of the sky after being stripped, and the will of the sky in it has been completely eliminated."

If it were the blood taken directly from "Heaven", let alone Su Ping, even Di Qiong would not be able to use it, it would be completely torn and swallowed by the will of the sky inside!

"If you practice the techniques of my Golden Crow clan, you can also count as part of my Golden Crow clan's bloodline. This blood can stimulate the potential in your body. If your bloodline has the potential of the **** body, it can also stimulate the **** body..." Said the elder.

Su Ping seemed to understand but he only knew that this thing was a treasure.

"Thank you, Grand Elder."

"No need to say thanks to me."

The Great Elder Jinwu said that the chaotic light in front of Su Ping suddenly flashed [www.xsbiquge.vip], then suddenly hit Su Ping's chest, and then plunged directly into his body.

Su Ping's body trembled, and he felt like his chest was torn. Something squeezed in forcibly. Then there was an extremely cold feeling. It seemed that the blood all over his body was frozen, but after that, it was again. An extremely hot boiling sensation seemed to burn all over.

This contradictory and complicated feeling made Su Ping a little bit painful and divided.

Soon, the extremely hot boiling sensation disappeared, and it turned into a numb sensation. Su Ping's whole body was paralyzed, and he became unconscious, only consciousness.

"Feel well..."

The voice of the Great Elder Golden Crow came, very ethereal, like it was outside of countless spaces.

The change of light and shadow in front of Su Ping appeared in a turbid world. There was nothing in this world, only some mottled lights and shadows, and some beams that looked like meteors, but these beams were not meteors, but exuded powerful channels. Yun, like a series of sharp rules...

Su Ping was a little shocked, he felt completely surrounded by Dao Yun.

This muddy world gave him the feeling of "opening his eyes", as if he opened a divine eye again on his forehead, and his perception of the world had undergone a very strong change.

Turbidity, rules, heaven and earth, universe...

Su Ping was completely immersed in it, unaware of the passage of time.

Here, time has no meaning, like a controllable substance.

Wonderful, unspeakable feeling.

Suddenly, Su Ping felt an extremely cold sensation, pouring from the bottom of his heart, and then, he felt as if there was a creature standing behind him, staring at himself.

The creature's eyes were cold, but Su Ping didn't feel scared, but rather felt extremely affectionate.

What is it?

Su Ping wanted to turn his head, but found that his body could not move.

With a buzzing sound, when Su Ping opened his eyes again, he suddenly realized that he was back in front of the Great Elder Golden Crow, standing on the snow-white mountain at his feet, or perhaps on the bones.

The cold and powerful sight still existed behind him, and Su Ping couldn't help but look back, and suddenly saw a pair of extremely sharp eyes and a figure covered in black mist.

"It's actually a witch **** body..."

The voice of the great elder came out, but there was no surprise, but a little relieved, "It seems to be inspired by a trace of dark witch blood in your body."

Su Ping looked at the cold and dark figure behind him, feeling very familiar, just like another himself. Hearing the words of the elder Jinwu, he was startled and asked, "This is the divine body?"

"Yes, this is your divine body." The elder said.

Su Ping couldn't help but look up at his divine body, and suddenly he felt a strange feeling. With a move in his mind, the dark figure suddenly fell into his body. In an instant, Su Ping felt the strength of his body ascending rapidly like boiling water. The feeling of bursting is stronger than the power that the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast burns the dragon soul and instills him!

"The Dark Witch..."

Elder Jinwu looked at Su Ping, his eyes flickered, but he didn't say anything.

Su Ping's mind turned, and the power of the divine body gradually settled down, and his back did not show the appearance of the divine body anymore. He felt that the power of the divine body was hidden in his body.

"I thought you would inspire the Yanyang divine body of our Golden Crow clan. I didnt expect it to be the witch divine body. In any case, it can be considered to inspire the divine body, and you, the divine body, still have room for growth. I hope that one day, your divine body can grow. To the strongest form of the witch **** body, to the dark **** body."

The Great Elder Jinwu said.

Su Ping's heart moved, he silently wrote down these words, nodded and said: "Thank you for your guidance."

"This is the material for you to cultivate the second layer of the Golden Crow Divine Body."

The Great Elder Jinwu said.

The next moment, a piece of medicinal material appeared in front of Su Ping, and Su Ping scanned it roughly, and found that they were all materials needed for the second-level cultivation of the Golden Crow Divine Body.

He was a little excited. Although his harvest this time has exceeded the value of these materials, he is considered complete if he can obtain these materials!

The hope of saving the little skull is now infinite!

Little skull, you have to hold on!

Thinking of this, Su Ping quickly gathered up the materials and put them all into the storage space of the system.

This action fell in the eyes of Great Elder Golden Crow, and once again made his eyes condensed slightly, Su Ping's storage space, it found that it could not see through the source.

After putting away the materials, Su Ping felt like an arrow and said, "I'm disturbing the nobles. If there is nothing else, I will go back first."

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