Astral Pet Store Chapter 645

Chapter 645: Abyss Eruption

Leaving the shop, Su Ping found Qin Shuhai across the street and asked him for Qin Duhuang's contact information.

Seeing Su Ping in person, Qin Shuhai was a little flattered with the many Qin titles. One of the old titles stepped out, and after saluting respectfully, he used a communicator to contact Qin Duhuang to match Su Ping.

"Old Qin."

Su Ping took the old-named communicator and heard Qin Duhuangs "Hey" voice from the other side, and said directly: "It's me, Su Ping, I'll ask you something."

"Boss Su?"

Without Su Ping reporting his family, Qin Duhuang also heard Su Ping's voice. He was surprised and quickly said, "What's the matter, it doesn't matter what you say."

He was quite in awe of Su Ping's attitude.

When Su Ping singled the peak tower and smashed the legend in it, he retired all the time. He followed the whole process. Even his king beast battle pet was sold to him by Su Ping. In his opinion, this is Su Ping. It's a gift, after all, if the king beast is really going to be sold, where is this price?

"It's nothing big, just ask about the situation of the peak tower and the beast tide outside." Su Ping said.

I learned information from Qin Shuhai before, but I didn't know it well. Su Ping hoped that Qin Duhuang could make it clearer.

"The peak tower..." Qin Duhuang said: "I didn't pay much attention to it, but the peak tower has been quite active recently. Legends have been sent to support the major base cities. I heard that some base cities are already being organized to form a defense. The Front Alliance, fully defending against monsters, our Longjiang base city, I heard that it will also join the monster defensive front in the southeast."

"Defensive line?"

Su Ping frowned, so it seemed that this animal tide was more serious than he thought.

"Are the four evil beasts moving?" Su Ping asked.

Compared to the beast tide, the four evil beasts are more threatening!

After all, the weakest shore in it is all in the Destiny Realm, and the other three are even more terrifying!

"I heard that there are traces of the'Seven Sins' in North Europe. The other three evil beasts have not yet appeared, but they are expected to appear. Behind this wave of beasts, most of them are these four evil beasts. Already formed an alliance!" Qin Duhuang said, his tone full of solemnity.

Although the four evil beasts are monsters, they stand on the top of countless monsters on the blue star and have long been born with wisdom.

Humans will form alliances, so will monsters.

With such a large array of attacks in the world now, it is extremely possible for the four monsters to form an alliance.

"Is there any movement in the abyss?" Su Ping asked.

"How do you know?" Qin Duhuang was a little surprised at Su Ping's news, and said: "The abyss caves in northern Europe have already exploded. The legends guarding there are also completely degenerate. This time it is not just the monsters on the surface. The beast, the monster beast suppressed in the abyss has also come out!"

Su Ping's heart sank, and the abyss is the source!

"I don't know if the abyss caves in our sub-land area will explode..." Qin Duhuang was a little worried and sighed after speaking. He obviously felt that this possibility was relatively high, and the future of mankind was quite worrying!

Su calmly said: "I'm going out for a trip, and Longjiang will leave it to you. A new batch of king beasts have been imported into our store. The combat power is not bad. You can pick them if you have time. You go through the sales procedures."

"The new King Beast?" Qin Duhuang was startled, his breathing suddenly became heavy, and said: "Boss Su is leaving this time, is he looking for King Beast?"

The surrounding Qin Shuhai and other Qin family titles also looked at Su Ping in shock.

Another batch of king beasts?

This is a king beast, Su Ping can get it if he says it is done? !

Thinking of King Beast, their eyes became hot.

They are titles and can sign the king beast of the vast sea!

If Su Ping sells them one, they will immediately have the fighting power against the king!


Su Ping nodded, said nothing, and hung up the communication.

"Boss Su..."

As soon as Su Ping hung up the communication, an old man from the Qin family looked eagerly and said, "Can we buy the king beast in your store?"

The others wanted to agree, but for fear of arousing Su Ping's disgust, they just looked at Su Ping eagerly and looked forward to it.

Su Ping glanced at them. In the face of so many expectations, he couldn't bear to refuse, but he still said: "No, these king beasts must be legendary to sign a contract. Even if they are sold to you, you can't make a contract. ."

"It must be legendary?"

Everyone was shocked, and immediately their pupils tightened.

If the legend can contract, doesn't it mean that these king beasts are all in the virtual cave realm? !

Since their Qin family gave birth to the legend of Qin Duhuang, they have also heard about the realm of the legend, and they can be regarded as a little popular science in the family.

The King Beast of the Void Cave Realm... This is even stronger than Qin Duhuang!

And Su Ping actually planned to sell...

Thinking of this, everyone looked at Su Ping's gaze, more shocked and awed.

"The king beast sold in the store may have a higher cultivation base in the future."

Su Ping didn't want them to be disappointed, so he thought about it, and said, "If you want to buy, you should hurry up and practice. If you become a legend early, you will have the opportunity to buy from our store in the future."

Everyone was speechless, neither was promised, nor was it not promised.

Cultivate now? Become a legend?

The words came out of Su Ping's mouth, as if a legend is as simple as drinking water.

This is a legend!

How many genius titles are stuck in the sky, it is difficult to make an inch!


After coming out of Qin's small building, Su Ping didn't wait much, got up and flew away.

He is going to find the little skeleton and retrieve it as soon as possible.

What makes Su Ping thankful is that, so far, through the contract in his mind, he feels that Little Skeleton is currently not in danger.

Even in a place like the abyss, the strong survival ability of the little skeleton still guarantees his own safety.


Su Ping summoned the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, sat on its back, let it display the purple electric flying skills of the Purple Blood Sky Dragon Beast, and went straight to the central base city of the Asian land area.

A low-level speed increase was thrown on the purgatory candle dragon beast. In a blink of an eye, the purgatory candle dragon beast disappeared over the base city like lightning.

After leaving Longjiang, Su Ping saw many monsters in the wilderness along the way.

Most of the monsters are loose and wandering, and a few are in groups.

Compared with the previous situation, the activities of the monster beasts are obviously much more frequent at present. These monster beasts originally stayed in the waste area and would not easily step out of the waste area.

After all, the demon beast's regional awareness is extremely strong, just like humans will not easily step out of the base city.

Su Ping frowned and flew past all the way.

Along the way, I encountered a flock of birds and beasts in the sky, and the dragon aura emitted by the candle dragon beasts of purgatory made all the birds and beasts dispersed.

Ordinary Tier 9 monsters would shiver in front of Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

After this exercise in the Golden Crow clan, the cultivation base of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast was a little stronger. After all, it was originally relying on it to withstand the heat attack for Su Ping in Diqiong's nest, so that Su Ping could practice with peace of mind.


Longyang base city.

A stalwart high wall stands, and in the sky above the base city, a series of battle pet divisions wearing golden armor are stationed, exuding iron and blood.

Among these people, there are four or five figures exuding aura that shines like stars, all of them title-level.


A dragon beast roared from a distance.

On the back of the dragon beast, Su Ping's clothes were hunting and his hair was blown away and flew back.

Step on the dragon and overlook the heaven and earth.

"Who is here!"

Seeing the giant dragon, several dazzling figures from the base city flew out at the same time, and they all felt a strong sense of pressure from the giant dragon, but now it is the time to prepare for combat, and they still bite the bullet to greet them.

"Longjiang, Su Ping!"

Su Ping's name in the newspaper.

Among the crowd, one of the titles saw Su Ping, and was startled, a little discolored, and said, "Is it you?"

Su Ping glanced at the middle-aged title and frowned. He didn't know him.

But soon, Su Ping suddenly remembered that the last time he came to Longyang with Mo Fengping, it was this middle-aged title that was making things difficult to stop him.

"Do you know?" The title next to him looked at the middle-aged title, surprised.

"I don't know him, but this person seems to be from Zhenwu Academy."

The middle-aged title said, then he looked at Su Ping and snorted coldly: "This is the base city of Longyang. Under the legend, you can't go to the air without permission. Now we have several legendary adults in Longyang, and the air is forbidden. Disturbing these legendary adults, you quickly took away your pets and went on foot."

"Can the legend protect the sky?"

Su Ping said coldly.

"Sir Legend can..." someone next to him replied.

"That's fine." Su Ping interrupted him and ordered the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to move on.


Several people next to him quickly stopped, and the middle-aged title said angrily: "Can't you hear what I said, do you think you are a legendary lord?"

"I'm not, but I killed, do you count?" Su Ping's eyes rolled and looked at him coldly.

"Killed? What a joke..."

This middle-aged title suddenly laughed. Before he could finish his words, suddenly, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast under Su Ping's feet opened his mouth, and a dragon chant like a dragon absorbing water burst out.

Roar! ! !

This dragon roar came from the side wall of this base city, shaking for hundreds of miles!

The several titles that stood in front of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast were all shaken by the sound of the dragon's roar and their hair was messed up, as if they had experienced a violent storm, their expressions were a bit dull.

Two of the titles were trembling, and the trouser legs were actually wet.

The title that sneered at Su Ping felt the deepest. At this moment, his face was full of horror, and his eyes were wide open, as if he had seen something incredible and terrifying.

"You wait for the ants, and dare to stop my master?"

The deep voice of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast came out, echoing in the air.

Several titles all woke up in shock, and after seeing the cold and cruel eyes of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, their hairs stood up.

This dragon beast is terrifying!

And speak human words!


The wings of the purgatory candle dragon beast shook, stirred up the violent wind, ignored a few people, and flew straight by.

If it weren't for the contract and Su Ping's previous orders, it shouldn't hurt people easily, its dragon roar just now was enough to directly smash these titles.

"This, this person is..."

"Long Jiangsuping? It's from Longjiang? There seems to be a terrifying guy there, what's his name..."

"It seems...also surnamed Su?"

The titles looked at each other, no one dared to stop them, all with horror.

The middle-aged title that blocked Su Ping's face turned pale, and his whole body trembled uncontrollably.


In a blink of an eye, Su Ping came to Zhenwu Academy.


The dragon wings stretched, and a huge shadow shrouded in the sky of Zhenwu Academy.

Su Ping used his breath to sense Yun Wanli's breath, and suddenly raised his brows, beside Yun Wanli's breath, there were two unfathomable breaths, both of them were legends!

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