Astral Pet Store Chapter 648

Chapter 648: The Last World

"Since it's a friend, let's go back and talk about it."

Said the middle-aged legend.

Although Su Ping in front of him was a title level, he did not dare to despise it.

Su Ping did not refuse either. Since Li Yuanfeng was there, he happened to be able to look at him.

Several people led the way and flew back to the huge fog.

"We will be here... this is a long story."

The man sighed and said to Su Ping: "The Ice Prison World has fallen, and Captain Ye led us and finally rushed out. Fortunately, the Wind Prison World is still intact...This is also the last world we are stationed in!"

Su Ping was startled.

Fall of the ice world? !

"Other worlds have fallen? So, the monster in the abyss can't leave the abyss without restraint..."


This person's answer was somewhat bitter and heavy.

Su Ping's heart sank suddenly.

The news he got outside was that the abyss caves in Northern Europe had exploded and the monsters rushed out.

But the real news... is a hundred times more terrifying than this!

Of the five prison worlds guarded here, four have fallen, and if the monster can rush out of the abyss at will, it will subvert the surface of the earth, which is only a very short-term thing!

No wonder there are large beasts everywhere on the surface!

"If the abyss monsters can leave unscrupulously... a world-class beast wave will soon erupt on the surface..."

Su Ping's face became gloomy, and soon, he suddenly thought that the situation in the abyss was already so bad. There should have been a large number of king-level monsters in the abyss corridor on the surface, but at present, the situation on the surface is grim, but it seems Not to the point where the king beasts are in groups...

"Now on the surface, there must be chaos everywhere, right?" The middle-aged legend next to him glanced at Su Ping and asked.

Su Ping was very heavy, nodded slightly, and said, "That's right, but I haven't seen too many king beasts yet."

"These **** abyss king beasts, they are definitely still preparing something, ready to subvert in one fell swoop, it should be the lesson they have been taught, making them more cautious and insidious!" Another legend next to it gritted his teeth.

Su Ping asked: "Any lesson?"

"Many years ago, there was a wave of abyssal beasts. At that time, these abyssal beasts had been preparing for a long time. They attacked a prison world and smashed the abyss from there, but because they only occupied one world, they had only one way out. Before they all rushed out of the surface, the legend of the peak tower was led by that generation of peak tower master and suppressed!" said the middle-aged legend.

"This time, they attacked the four prison worlds. The sacred formation has completely failed and it is difficult to repair it. When they realize this, it is estimated that it will be the real outbreak."

Su Ping's heart was cold.

He already understood.

These abyss king beasts... have already left the abyss and invaded the surface.

But at the moment it is only hibernating in the dark, not exposed.

When the time is right, it will explode!

And at this moment, they will soon realize!

The current surface, as if on a dark sea, will capsize at any time!

"Should Fengta know this news?" Su Ping asked immediately.

Such a severe situation would be terrible if Peak Tower did not know.

"I know." The middle-aged legend said, but soon he shook his head and said in a low voice: "It's just that it's useless to know. This time the situation is really bad. I just don't know if the peak owner can invite the strong from the Federation. Reinforcement, if the Federation is willing to send a strong person, even a starry sky-level strong person will be enough to help us suppress!"

"Starry Sky..."

Su Ping's heart moved slightly.

In the cultivation world, he has seen a lot of starry sky class.

Including the Golden Crow World that I visited not long ago, that Diqiong is the strongest in the starry sky!

There, the starry sky class seems to be just the beginning, but on the blue star... just as the legend said, any starry sky class can save them!

Taking a deep breath, Su Ping's heart became more and more urgent. He wanted to retrieve the little skull and hurry back.

At this time, they had already flown near the fog.

Su Ping immediately felt that there were dozens of powerful auras in this huge fog, and seven or eight of them were in the virtual cave realm!


Suddenly, a figure flashed out and appeared hundreds of meters away from Su Ping. After seeing Su Ping's face, he immediately rushed over in surprise.

"It's really you!"

It was Li Yuanfeng who flew to Su Ping.

Su Ping felt complicated when he saw his familiar face. If he hadn't heard the bad news, he would probably be very happy, but now he is not happy at all.

"You are here again, do you care about your family?" Su Ping looked at him and smiled bitterly.

"Didn't the family have the little girl you sent to take care of me? That little girl is quite capable. Besides, compared with the family, my comrades in arms are closer to each other." Li Yuanfeng smiled.

The family is his descendant, but too many generations have passed.

The only feeling is the blood connection.

And these comrades-in-arms in the abyss are the people he is most familiar with. They get along day and night, and their feelings are closer than those of the descendants of the family!

"Are you here, are you looking for your battle pet?" Li Yuanfeng's smile on his face narrowed. Last time he and Su Ping were able to get away, it was Su Ping's battle pet that sacrificed himself and restrained the monster battle for them. will.

Speaking of Little Skull, Su Ping nodded.

"I'll take it home."

"I'll be with you."

"No, I can't let you accompany me in the risk anymore." Su Ping shook his head.

Li Yuanfeng smiled and said, "What, stay here in the abyss, who cares if you are not involved in danger? Besides, the current situation in the abyss should be better than before. Many monsters in the abyss corridor should have already left. Here, head to the surface..."

Su Ping glanced at him, and then saw people flying in the huge fog one after another, headed by a cold youth, who was the legendary captain of the Ice Prison World, Ye Wuxiu.

"Then you want to return to the surface?" Su Ping asked.

Li Yuanfeng shook his head, "This is the last stop. Although the current divine formation is full of holes and can't be blocked, it has not completely collapsed. Once it collapses completely, the monsters will be completely unscrupulous. Therefore, this We must defend the last world with all our strength!"

Su Ping was silent.

"Brother Su!"

"Brother Su!"

At this moment, Ye Wuxiu and the others had already flown to the vicinity. After seeing Su Ping, Ye Wuxiu shouted from a distance.

Other legends also shouted eagerly.

Although Su Ping is only a legend, he has only one side with them, but last time Su Ping stepped into the corridor of the abyss before their eyes!

Being able to enter the corridor of the abyss and come out alive, this alone is enough to give them a thumbs up and admiration.

And during this period of time, after listening to Li Yuanfengs experience in the Abyss Corridor, they admired Su Ping even more, and they even felt that Li Yuanfeng was a bit exaggerated!

But no matter what, it is not easy for Su Ping to get out of the corridor of the abyss!

"Team Ye, everyone." Su Ping nodded when he saw them.

"Let's go, go in first." Li Yuanfeng smiled.

Su Ping shook his head and said, "I won't stay longer. I just stepped in here by accident. I am going to the Abyss Corridor now."

"Brother Su came alone? If no one leads the way, it would be difficult to enter the world of hell. The abyss channel outside will change its path every moment." Ye Wuxiu said.

Su Ping nodded.

The abyss channel really made him go to runaway, and then he broke the space directly, ignoring the obstacles of the channel.

Soon, someone flew in the distance.

"Who is this?"

Those legends have heard Su Pings conversation with Li Yuanfeng from afar, and probably guessed Su Pings identity. After all, during this time, Li Yuanfeng recounted his experience in the Abyssal Corridor, which many people have heard.

"This is Brother Su Pingsu, my comrade-in-arms in life and death!" Li Yuanfeng saw the legends gathering, and immediately introduced Su Ping, with pride in his eyes.

"Brother Su, these are legends guarded by other prison worlds. Now that other prison worlds have fallen, we can only retreat to the wind prison world."

Ye Wuxiu introduced these legends to Su Ping, and he introduced the names of several of them in the Void Cave Realm in detail.

Su Ping still admires these legends stationed in the abyss, and said hello briefly.

"Brother Su, if you are going to the Abyss Corridor now, I'm afraid it will be a little difficult!" said a white-haired legend. Standing next to Ye Wuxiu, he is also an old legend in the Ice Prison World. He is currently the peak cultivation base of the vast sea realm.

Su Ping was startled and asked, "Difficult?"

Ye Wuxiu was also reminded, reacted, and nodded: "Yes, the current world of prisons is the last prison world, and the road leading to the abyss corridor... has been blocked by us!"

"If you want to go in, we can only open the previously arranged formations, but in this way, it is difficult to arrange these formations again. Some of the powerful formations use rare star formations. Materials, once they are released, these materials become invalid."

Su Ping's face changed slightly.

The road is blocked?

That said, he can't go to the Abyss Corridor?

Seeing Su Ping's face, Li Yuanfeng's eyes flickered, and he said to Ye Wuxiu: "Team Ye, if you really want to go to the Abyss Corridor, should there be a way?"

Ye Wuxiu glanced at him, then looked at Su Ping, and said, "This...difficult!"

"I am willing to accompany Brother Su." Li Yuanfeng said.

Ye Wuxiu hesitated. At this time, many legends flying in the distance approached, and one of the blond legends said: "Brother Li, guarding the world of the Wind Prison is the biggest thing now!"

Although I didn't say this clearly, it was obviously a reminder to Li Yuanfeng that he should distinguish the importance!

Li Yuanfeng's face sank and glanced at him.

"Brother Li, you are the Old Void Cave Realm, and your combat power is comparable to Team Ye. If you leave, we will lose too much!" Another old legend next to him also started.

He is introverted in his cultivation, and he is also a virtual cave.


"The World of Hell is the last line of defense, and it must not be lost!"

The other legends also echoed, and they did not agree with Li Yuanfeng to accompany Su Ping to leave.

Through Su Pings previous conversations, they knew that Su Ping was here to seek pets, and that Su Ping was another title level, and they couldnt control it, but Li Yuanfeng was an important combat power here. One Li Yuanfeng was worth ten legends in the vast sea. Not only, this is going to go, it is not small for them.

"I said, Brother Su is my comrade-in-arms in life and death. Brother Su gave me this life. I have to leave today and no one can stop it!" Li Yuanfeng said word by word with cold eyes.

Everyone's complexion changed slightly, but Li Yuanfeng did not expect Su Ping to be so important.

They felt a bit exaggerated when they heard Li Yuanfeng talk about those things before, but Li Yuanfeng said this in Su Ping's face at the moment... this thing is true!

With Li Yuanfeng's powerful combat power, he actually values Su Ping so much, it can be seen that this titled realm boy... is absolutely extremely strange and terrifying!

"Old Li!"

When Ye Wuxiu saw Li Yuanfeng say that he turned his face, he immediately pulled him. The people who spoke before were all legendary captains from other worlds. Now everyone is standing together. Harmony is the most important thing. He doesn't want to be destroyed.

Li Yuanfeng glanced at him and knew that he could have said it, but his expression was still cold, telling everyone his attitude.

"Brother Li, it doesn't have to be like this, I can go by myself." Su Ping also saw the situation and said to Li Yuanfeng: "You stay here to help me. If you can keep the abyss, other people on the surface can be safe, my family Also on the surface, I also hope you can help me here."

Li Yuanfeng turned his head to look at him, he stopped talking, and finally frowned: "But if you want to go to the Abyssal Corridor from here, there is only one way, and that is to go back to the prisoner we have already taken from the route we entered. In the world of prison, this path has been destroyed, and there is space countercurrent everywhere. Without the protection of the virtual cave, it is easy to be involved..."

"Brother Li, have you forgotten, I understand the meaning of space," Su Ping smiled.

Li Yuanfeng smiled bitterly, and said: "I know you can teleport, but if you master teleport, you only need a relatively simple understanding of space. Unlike this shuttle space channel, even me, we have to be careful. It's a pity that those of us present have no destiny. Otherwise, it can easily help you get through the path and send you directly."

This said that many legends are helpless, and some of the vast sea realms are even more embarrassed.

The secret technique of teleportation has become a "simple" thing in Li Yuanfeng's mouth, and some of them have not yet understood and mastered the legends of the vast sea realm, which is really a bit shocking.

"It's okay, I can hold it." Su Ping said.

His understanding of space is indeed not necessarily as strong as Li Yuanfeng, after all, he is the top level of the virtual cave realm, and what Su Ping currently masters is only the teleportation of the virtual cave realm.

"Brother Su..."

Li Yuanfeng wanted to say more, but Su Ping reached out to stop him, saying: "I will take your heart. When I come back, I will fight with you."

Li Yuanfeng was stunned. Seeing Su Ping's firm gaze, he slowly closed his mouth and said seriously, "Okay, I'll wait for you and fight again!"

The seven words are very sonorous.

When other people saw Li Yuanfeng dismissed their thoughts, they were all relieved.

Someone spoke and began to persuade Su Ping, hoping that Su Ping would give up too.

After all, no matter how strong Su Ping is, he is only in the title realm after all, and the space channel is not the test of combat power, but the pure understanding of space!

Once involved, no matter how strong it is, it will be torn apart by the endless space turbulence.

Su Ping didn't say much, and let Li Yuanfeng help lead the way.

Seeing the persuasion, Su Ping remained unmoved, and they could only sigh with regret.

They still cherish their talents for enchanting titles like Su Ping. If Su Ping can grow up, he will definitely be the top combat power of human beings on the Blue Star in the future.

It would be a pity if he died prematurely.


Many legends were sent off, Li Yuanfeng and Ye Wuxiu led the way to a cavernous vortex.

The vortex was pitch black, like a black hole suspended in the air, continuously drawing the nearby air in. Within hundreds of miles of this neighborhood, there was no cloud or mist, and even the gust of wind stopped here.

"This is the passage when we came." Li Yuanfeng looked at the black vortex and said solemnly.

"Brother Su, have you really considered it clearly?" Ye Wuxiu also looked at Su Ping, and wanted to persuade him a few more words.

Su Ping smiled and said, "The pet is my partner and family, and will never give up."

Ye Wuxiu's words stopped again, he knew how close the relationship between Zhan Pet and Zhan Pet Master was!

Especially in the perennial battle in the abyss, the only thing they can rely on, and the only thing that can pay for them without regrets, is their battle pet.

"This is a defensive secret treasure. It can resist space chaos for you several times." Ye Wuxiu took out a battle armor and gave it to Su Ping.

Li Yuanfeng also woke up and quickly took off a battle armor from his body. In addition, he took out a string of animal tooth pendants from his neck, and said: "Brother Su, these two artifacts can help you..."

Su Ping reached out and pushed them all back.

"Don't worry, my pet will protect me." Su Ping smiled lightly.

When he was talking, the two dogs next to him gave a low growl, and in an instant, Su Ping and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast showed hundreds of king-level defense skills, covering all departments, layered on top of each other, covering Su Ping like a beam of light.


When other legends saw this scene, their pupils shrank, revealing horror.

This dense defense skill was constructed in an instant? !

What an evil beast is this!

Seeing this scene, Ye Wuxiu was also stunned, a little surprised.

These hundreds of king-level defensive skills, in terms of defensive power, are more than ten times stronger than his secret treasure armor!

"Let's go." Su Ping said, waved to Li Yuanfeng, and then his thoughts were transmitted. The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast under his feet roared and flew into the whirlpool.

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