Astral Pet Store Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Undead Secrets

"Shock Mountain Beast!"

Fan Ganglie was shocked, and quickly let the mountain beast erected a wall of earth to guard.

A wall of earth was erected in front of several people, and the bone fragments swept by the flying projectile were shot on the wall of the earth and banged.

Waiting for the aftermath to stop, the people quickly used their star power to perceive around the earth wall and saw that the giant body of the Demon Skeleton seemed to shrink in a circle, and there were a lot of debris scattered around it. The skeleton army that was previously called was actually the whole army. Destroyed, but a small skeleton mountain stood on the scene.

"It's the corpse explosion attack of the corpse beast!" Ye Chenshan's face slightly changed. This is a skill that only the corpse beasts with very good qualifications would realize. The mortal beast in front of them was really unusual.

"Get ready!" Su Ping said coldly.

He thought of communicating with the small skeleton, and saw that the small skeleton mountain in front of the demon skeleton suddenly spread out, and from the inside, several skeleton warriors, surrounded by them, the small skeleton stood like a king in the middle, and the whole body was dark and misty , With a sense of shame.


The small skeleton roared suddenly, which is a corpse roaring skill.

Although its body is small, this roar is like a thunder. The dry, hoarse and slightly torn screams make people feel a sense of solidification.

To ordinary creatures, this corpse roar is extremely deterrent, only inferior to the real Dragon Yin.

The corpse beast is an undead creature. Although it will not be deterred, the body is slightly stiff, and it seems to be shaken to consciousness.

At the next moment, the small skeleton and the surviving skeletal fighters around him rushed towards the demon skeletal beast together.

Fan Ganglie and Lin Mokong also regained their consciousness, and a hint of retreat in their hearts immediately snapped off, drinking their beasts to attack.

Two snake-winged dragons roared out, flying with thunder and poisonous gas, eroding the bone shell on the surface of the monster, and the mountain beast also used the skill of tearing the earth to tear the ground under the feet of the monster. Giant slit, want to get its body stuck inside.

Lin Mokong controlled the flaming bird and the six-armed ape, and the flaming bird spewed out the flame of the melt. The six-armed ape was flexible and flexible, wielding four weapons: the sword, the stick, and the gun. The arm is used to block and counterattack.


The corpse-blasting beast that released the corpse is in a weak state, but after all it is close to the strength of the eighth order. It shakes all over its body, and its bones rattle like scales. It suddenly ejects several spikes from inside and shoots into the air. Flaming bird and snakewing dragon.

The flaming bird screamed and was screamed back into the air, but still unable to avoid it, a bone spur pierced its wings and fluttered.

Lin Mokong hurriedly flew it back into the space of the beast.

After all, the Serpent Wings Dragon is an eighth-order beast. It responded quickly, avoiding a few bone spurs, and instead ejected a large amount of poisonous gas. This poisonous gas fell on the body of the demon beast, infecting the body to soften and rot. Pus.

Fan Ganglie controlled two snake wings Canglong left and right. Under the continuous jet of poisonous gas, a layer of bone was quickly corroded on the corpse beast, causing considerable damage.

On the other side, the six-armed ape walks around the skeletal beast, relying on four weapons and its chain mail to contain most of the skeletal beast's attacks.

Seeing the Moskast Beast being forced into the wind by several pet beasts, suddenly, the Skeleton Skeleton's body bones suddenly loosened and then tightened again, so repeated twice, like breathing.

Seeing this scene, Ye Chenshan suddenly changed color and shouted: "No, it needs to be shaken with spirit!"

"Spiritual concussion?" Fan Ganglie and Lin Mokong both changed their faces. The demon beast is one of the few undead beasts that is good at mental attack, and mental concussion is its signature skill.

"Come back!"

They hurriedly controlled their beasts to retreat, but the time was too late. The bones of the skeletal beast suddenly burst out of a strange wave, twisting the air.


Even though they are far apart and ready to protect against star power, Su Ping still feels like his head is being hammered, dizzy, the dark path in his heart is not good, his eyes flashed with anger, and forcibly dizzy this with willpower Restraint, but only a short moment of absence, then recovered.

Fortunately, he is not the main target of the corpse beast, otherwise he will be comatose.

"My own strength is still too weak." Su Ping saw that Fan Ganglie and other people around him were unresponsive, knowing that they had resisted by their own star power, and his own star power concentration was only third order. The level is just the level of students in school.

Within the range of mental concussion, the six-armed demon ape and bloodthirsty wolf beast, as well as the two snake-winged dragons, were a bit sluggish, and the small skull was also in a daze. Although its willpower was particularly strong, it was still difficult to face the mental concussion attack. bear.


Several thick bone spurs shot suddenly, one crushed the body of the small skull, three pierced the two arms of the six-armed ape, and a chain mail pierced the chest, but did not penetrate the back. There are seven or eight other bone spurs, which are shot on the neck and wings of the two snake-winged dragons. Among them, the snake-winged dragon created from the magical image collapses into a star power and dissipates.

The other snake-winged Canglong was unbearable on one wing, and his body fell down crookedly.

The attack of the Demon Skeletal Beast has not stopped, and a rich dark breath emerges in front of it, turning into a vortex-like dark hole.

"It's death annihilation!" Ye Chenshan suddenly changed color.

Fan Ganglie, Lin Mokong and others saw this scene, and they were also terrified. This is the secret skill of the Undead Department. Only the ninth-order monster beast can understand it. This skeletal beast's understanding is too strong!


Fan Ganglie no longer cares about hunting this monster beast to earn merits. This thing is too evil, it is definitely the existence of the eighth order, and this "death annihilation" is comparable to the blow of the ninth order monster!

Lin Mokong was also terrified of scalp numbness, and hurriedly controlled his six-armed ape to withdraw.

However, their beasts were mentally concussed, their brains were drowsy, and their actions were extremely slow, no matter how anxiously they summoned, the movements were slow and slow, and unless they rushed up personally at this time, within the scope of the contract summoning, send the beasts into Contract space, but in this way they will have to face the demon skeleton beast and the'death annihilation' that it brews out!


The death and annihilation of the Demon Skeletal Beast has been shot, and the black vortex quickly hit Fan Ganglie's snake-wing Canglong.

The Serpent Wing Canglong screamed in horror, and had no time to raise its wings to block, but the wings touched the black vortex, which suddenly melted, and the seventh-order solid increase of the star force pattern attached to the surface was also instantly erased!

"No!!" Fan Ganglie's eyes were red, and he roared.

Soon, the black vortex engulfed most of the body of the snake winged dragon. The snake winged the dragon screamed in pain and thunder broke out in the body, desperately resisting with the amount of lightning power. Finally, when the death annihilation touched the edge of its neck and neck, darkness The vortex gradually dissipated.

This is an incomplete death annihilation, which failed to directly wipe out the Snakewing Canglong, but also made it dying. If it is not treated in time, it will definitely die.

Fan Ganglie saw the winged serpent dragon lying on the ground mourning and saw its helpless gaze throwing for help. His face was furious and complicated. He dared not step forward. Who knows if the monster will be brewing The second death annihilation?

At this time, the bones of the demon skeletal body creeped and slowly spit out a bone spur from the inside, aiming at the head of the snake winged dragon.

Feeling the master's idea, the snake-winged dragon wailed and sagged his head weakly, half of its body was engulfed and disappeared, the intestines and other organs in the body were scattered all over the place, and blood flowed, unless it was invited by an extremely top therapist Basically unable to return to heaven.


The bone spurs shot out.

Seeing that it would pierce the head of the Serpent Wings Dragon, suddenly a dark knife slashed over.

The sudden resistance surprised everyone and saw that the small skull that had been crushed by a bone spur did not know when it appeared again. It walked around the dark energy and exuded a stronger kill than before!

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