Astral Pet Store Chapter 653

Chapter 653: Holy Land

"From the intelligence detected so far, the beast tide mainly came from these two places."

The commander-in-chief has silver hair, combed meticulously, his eyes are sharp, his complexion is dignified and he looks at the sand table in front of him, which is Longyang Base City and the surrounding terrain for hundreds of miles.

"Qin Mountain on the west side and Night River on the south side, the two converge, judging from their route of travel, the main impact direction is still concentrated in the southwest."

"There are seven king beasts that have been detected so far!"

"But there should be some king beasts not exposed, hidden in the dark, senior..."

The commander-in-chief looked at the Zhenjiang Legend next to him. In addition to pinning his hopes on the opponent, he also valued the tower behind the opponent more!

Hearing this situation, Zhenjiang Legend's face became solemn.

Seven king beasts!

Some hidden and undetected ones have not yet been counted.

There are only four king-level battle pets in his hand, plus his own words, that is, five king-level combat power!

However, it cannot be done exactly like that.

After all, if he fits with the battle pet, his combat power is by no means a simple one plus one, even if he encounters a monster in the Void Cave Realm, he will barely have the power to fight!

If it were other Beasts of the Beast of the Sea, he could steadily gain the upper hand and quickly resolve the battle, unless he encountered some extremely rare and special species, he might overturn.


The faces of the people next to them have also become difficult to look.

"I don't know Senior, can Fengta send another legend to join me for reinforcements?" The commander-in-chief looked at Zhenjiang Legend and said in awe. If you say this, you will inevitably underestimate the other party. If you change to a narrow-minded legend, I'm afraid He was offended by a word, but he didn't care about politeness at the moment.

Others also looked forward to Zhenjiang Legend.

If it is two legends, then the hope of holding will greatly increase, and there is no need to be stretched and frightened as before.

"It's hard."

Zhenjiang Legend shook his head, saw what they were thinking, and didn't care. He just sighed: "The current global situation, you should have heard of some of them. Beast tides are everywhere, and reinforcements are needed everywhere. Legends are just that, many base cities. I am also facing the impact of the beast wave, but there is no legend that can reinforce it. I can come to the Holy Light, which is considered to be an A-level base city in the Asian land area."

Everyone's complexion was slightly dark, and they were a little silent.

"You don't have to be discouraged." Zhenjiang Legend said: "Anyway, I will stick to the Holy Light. Although there are a lot of king beasts, as long as you help me contain them and give me some time, I will try my best to kill them quickly. They are all killed!"

Hearing his confident words, the loss in everyone's eyes faded slightly, and hope and confidence emerged.

"Senior said that."

"With the words of predecessors, my Educator Association will definitely help."

An old man next to him gently twisted his beard and smiled and said, "In fact, you dont have to be too pessimistic. The Legend of Zhenjiang can block some for us. Our Shengguang Base City is not a vegetarian. One or two king beasts can also be used by your military department. It can be contained, and our Educator Association can also contribute to the rest."

The silver armor elder's eyes moved slightly, and said: "Could it be that you have a powerful pet in your hand?"

"This is natural."

The old man twisted his beard and said with a smile: "Our president came out of retreat this time. He has realized that he has touched the realm of the Holy Spirit. His old man has cultivated three-headed pets. Although they are all Tier 9 limit cultivation bases, they are in combat power. , But not inferior to King Beast!"

"Holy Spirit?!"

Everyone was shocked when he said this.

Looking at the old man's calm smile, everyone's eyes became excited and eager for a while.

Holy Spirit Educator!

This is the king-level existence among trainers, surpassing the top nine-level trainers!

In the entire Educator Association, no holy spirit educator has been born in the past 100 years!

In the past history, there have been so many, and it is the construction of so few holy spirit educators that make the Educator Association famous all over the world and become the holy land of educators in the Asian continent!

And the holy characters in Shengguang Base City are also named because of it!

According to legend, a holy spirit cultivator can enlighten the extraordinary spirituality in the pet beast, stimulate extremely strong potential, and can cultivate a monster beast of the "Inverse King" level!

In the realm of the king, to challenge the king is to be a rebellious king!

"Unexpectedly, Elder Ancestor, actually can really take that step..." The silver armored old man's eyes glowed with a little excitement. The three heads that can rebel against the king's battle pet are equivalent to the three-headed king beast-level combat power. Coupled with Zhenjiang Legend, at least it can contain the animal tide, so that it can give Zhenjiang Legend time to solve one by one.

Alongside, Zhenjiang Legend also had a look of surprise, a little awe in his eyes, and the look at the old man became different.

The other party is the vice president of the educator, with an extraordinary status.

Before the change, this cultivator association was nothing in their legendary eyes. After all, the battle pet they could cultivate was the sub-king level.

Their vision has long been on the king, even top educators, they only ration their king beasts for care, and they have no ability to nurture them.

But now, with the Holy Spirit Educator in charge, this Educator Association has returned to its peak.

Even the legend in the peak tower will ask for it!

"It's really gratifying." Zhenjiang Legend smiled, arched his hands, and said: "When the defense of the city is over, Wu will come to visit the ancestor at that time, and hope that he will not refuse guests."

"Where is it? Seniors are polite. You are the benefactor of our Holy Light Base City. We all thank you." The old man was a little flattered, but his words were still not leaking.

Others have a sense of excitement and pride when they see the changes in Zhenjiang Legend.

Shengguang Base City is respected by educators. The status of educators here is far higher than that of war favorites. For them, there are still some legends, at least there is a cluster in the world, but there are few educators of the Holy Spirit. There are so few, no more than one slap in the world!

The rarer, the more noble.

This is also their proud capital.

"Lets get back to business first." The silver armored old man was the first to reduce his excitement, congratulated the vice-chairman next to him, then became solemn again, and said solemnly: "Even if there is an ancestors warfare, we should not be careless, after all , The king beasts detected so far are not comprehensive, and there are a few hidden in the dark, whether there are any of them in the virtual cave..."

Although he is a legend, he is the commander-in-chief of the Holy Light Base City, and he is very clear about the realm of the legend.

The gap between the Void Hole Realm and the Vast Sea Realm was too big, and there were more than ten of them. This was his biggest worry.

The smile on Zhenjiang Legend's face also narrowed, and his face nodded gravely, "You must be ready to meet the Void Cave Realm King Beast."

"The Ministry of Scientific Research has recently produced many new types of nuclear weapons, all of which are polynuclear, which can control the power of nuclear explosions in a small area and can cause considerable damage to the king beast."

The silver armor elder whispered: "In addition to the accumulation of our Holy Light Base City over the years, we have collected some rare secret formations. If we do our best, we should be able to contain... the five king beasts, this is the biggest quantity."

Hearing his words, Zhenjiang Legend narrowed his eyes and took a deep look at him.

Five king beasts!

This is far beyond the amount of combat power of an ordinary A-level base city. Generally, an A-level base city can handle one or two ends at most, and it is not a headshot, but a special method to scare it away.

But the Holy Light Base City... actually hides so deeply.

"If there are any monsters in the Void Cave Realm, I can try." Zhenjiang Legend said seriously.

Even now, he can't conceal the matter. Now he is in the layout. If he is not frank, in this situation, a heart-stuck is a dead end, and it will be destroyed!

"it is good."

The silver armor old man nodded, pointed his finger on the sand table, and said: "Then we will break through the gap here. The route they attacked should be from this mountain pass. There are mountains and rocks here. The metal content in these rocks is seriously exceeding the standard. A battle pet battlefield, and we happen to have a specially cultivated rock battle pet legion..."

Zhenjiang Legend frowned and said: "How can it be seriously exceeded, I have seen this mountain, it is just ordinary sedimentary rock."

The silver armor elder smiled softly, "Senior, you dont know that this mountain has been secretly transformed a long time ago. The metal elements in it were also injected by us with war pets. This is a line of defense for our Holy Light Base City. Its a situation like today, so this is our main pet, and we built it by ourselves."

Zhenjiang Legend was stunned and glanced at him. This plain rocky area turned out to be the invisible defensive circle of Shengguang Base City?

The few people nearby were not surprised, with a smile on their faces. They were all the top powers of the Holy Light Base City, and they naturally knew these secrets.


Zhenjiang Legend said two words, and his eyes became a little relaxed.

"People have no foresight, and there must be immediate worries. This is what it should be." The silver armor elder smiled, and then continued to introduce his plan and deployment.

Time passed quickly.

When they talked, intelligence from the front line came from time to time, allowing them to keep abreast of the latest news so that they could adjust their plans in advance.

"Strange, the monster's actions suddenly slowed down?"

"It seems to have stopped. Could it be that I am going to rest and prepare for the charge?" Someone guessed.

This speculation is not an exaggeration. Most beasts have leaders, and most of the beasts that can lead a beast have extremely high IQs and are not inferior to humans.

"It shouldn't be. Right now, there are more than two hundred miles away from us, resting in such a far place, do you plan to sprint for two hundred miles? If it is so, I can't ask for it, just see how much strength they have to fight before they run to my eyes."

"It should be something happened." Zhenjiang Legend stared at the sand table and said in a low voice.

Other people felt the same way, but they couldn't help but worry about whether this was a good thing or a bad thing for them.

Soon, another news came.

"The beast tide going to Qinshan's side also stopped?"

The silver armor old man was startled, and immediately sternly said: "Go to investigate the cause immediately, at all costs, I must know the reason!"

"Could it be that the real leader among them has come out? Planning to integrate the beast tide forces together in advance, and attack in one place?" There is a titled staff member thinking, with a worried expression on his face.

Zhenjiang Legend also frowned. Changes in things are often the most difficult to grasp.

ten minutes later.

Another news came.

The monster beasts that came from Yehe also stopped. At the same time, many of the monster beasts on the route of Qinshan escaped from the herd, and some small monsters continued to follow the original In the direction, head towards the base city.

"There is a fight?"

"how is this possible!"

When this information came, everyone was shocked.

The investigative title did not hesitate to commit the danger, and found an astonishing piece of information. Behind the beast tide on the Qinshan route, there was a fighting movement. There were obvious traces of battle on the ground, and many corpses of monsters!

"There are still king beasts killed? Just kidding!"

"Did they have infighting? Or is it someone who attacked the rear of the beast tide?"


The silver armor elders, Zhenjiang Legend and others looked at each other, which is incredible.

If it was an infighting, it would be nice to say, but if someone took action to stop the beast tide, then how bold is this person, dare to slay the king beast in the thousands of beasts, this is no less than It is almost impossible to take the first rank among a million soldiers!

"Could it be that the legendary predecessors of the peak tower came to reinforce?" someone whispered.

It seems that only this explanation makes sense.

In addition to Fengta sending a legendary partner to shoot, who else can do such a thing?

Zhenjiang Legend had doubts in his eyes. As far as he knew, it was impossible for the peak tower to be idle by a legend. Could it be a chance encounter? But if you meet by chance, you don't have a certain cultivation base, and you don't dare to attack the king beast in such a large beast tide, unless it is the twelve virtual cave legends.

When everyone was speculating, it didn't take long for Yehe to hear shocking news again.

In the beast tide over Yehe, many monster beasts left the group and fled in all directions. Someone detected that a big battle broke out behind the beast tide, but the distance was too far, and the specific fighting situation was unknown.

This series of news made the silver armor old man, Zhenjiang Legend and the others a little confused.

Now it is basically certain that someone has indeed taken the shot and will intercept this beast wave for them first!

The other party actually didn't cooperate with them to block the beast tide together, but took the lead to kill the beast tide, and it also caused an extremely significant effect, which was a bit scary.

"It should be someone from Fengta who got the news. He came here specially..." Zhenjiang Legend also said with some uncertainty.

The information that Fengta holds is always the most comprehensive. Could it be that there is a greater threat hidden behind this beast tide, that's why Fengta sent the Void Cave Realm Legend to come for reinforcements?

Thinking of this, he felt more relieved.

After half an hour.

A piece of intelligence was introduced into the command tent, and all the beasts that attacked the Holy Light Base City from various places stopped!

Some of these small beasts have collapsed and escaped!


The vice-chairman of the educator said in astonishment, "Difficult, can it be said that we didn't do anything, this beast tide has been...solved?"

Judging from the description in the intelligence, this seems to be the case, but this is really incredible.

They were still discussing vigorously here, including various layouts, and were carefully analyzing and thinking. As a result, they are now like a beast wave facing the enemy, and they are so half-believing.

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