Astral Pet Store Chapter 662

Chapter 662: Skywalker

After speaking, Xie Jinshui calmed down again, regretting in his heart.

Anyone can say something happy.

But happy things are hard to do!

Longjiang's tens of millions of people, he was on impulse...

"Don't hesitate, get ready to prepare for the war, I'll go back first." Su Ping saw that he was ill again, so he directly dispelled his thoughts, then didn't wait much, turned and left.

Looking at Su Ping's back, Xie Jinshui was a little weak, and now he can only rely on Su Ping.


Prepare for battle!

After leaving the city government, Su Ping returned directly to the shop.

Failing to join the Star Whale line of defense, Long Jiang could only rely on himself. Su Ping knew that Fengta had someone against him, but this was not the time for him to seek justice.

"Brother Leng, are you free, we have shortcomings in Longjiang."

As soon as he returned to the store, Su Ping used communication to contact Daozun Leng and handsome.

"Boss Su, I have heard about Longjiang. I happened to be at the Star Whale Defense Headquarters before me, and you, Mr. Qin from Longjiang, just came here."

Opposite the communication, Leng Yingjun sighed: "I knew about this before, but I can't stop it. I'm really sorry, but if Longjiang is in trouble, I will definitely rush to the past."

Su Ping raised his brows slightly and said, "It's okay, it doesn't matter to you. Do you know who proposed to exclude Longjiang from there?"

"This..." Leng Yingjun hesitated, but still said, "It's an old legendary senior of Fengta. I can't disclose the specific surname. After all, I am now... also a member of Fengta."

Su Ping was stunned, and said in surprise: "Are you a member of the Peak Tower? So, you have broken through into a legend?"

"Ashamed to say."

Leng Yingjun smiled bitterly: "I have to thank Boss Su for this matter. It is the king beast you sold to me. Through the contract with it, I feel the extraordinary breath of the king beast and realize the last bottleneck. Otherwise, I dont know how many years or even a lifetime will be stuck in this bottleneck!"

"Congratulations!" Su Ping smiled. If the sword master can break through? There is another responsible legend in mankind.

"I just became a legend? I received a summons from Peak Tower. For the sake of the overall human situation? I joined Peak Tower." Leng Yingjun said embarrassingly: "Boss Su and Peak Tower? I have heard about it, I..."

"I have no hatred with Peak Tower? I only have hatred with my enemies." Su Ping interrupted him and smiled: "No matter where you join? Can you become a legend? It is something to celebrate. Come to me when you have time. Base, I send you a congratulatory gift."

"Boss Su..." Leng Yingjun was startled.

After joining the peak tower, he was a little shameless to see Su Ping.

Can he become a legend? It depends on the king beast sold to him by Su Ping? Found that opportunity.

Without Su Ping, the king beast, he would definitely not be able to make an epiphany and breakthrough in a short time. Now he is in a catastrophe, and his strength is extremely important. In such a chaotic situation, the title level is not enough to see, even the legend has fallen. After several people, Su Ping's kindness to him? It seems especially precious.

"I won't say much, I still need someone else? You should be busy first." Su Ping smiled.

Leng Yingjun heard the blind tone of the communication hanging up? After a few seconds of silence? He slowly put down the communicator...

On the other side, Su Ping continued to contact others.

The second one he found was Old Wu.

Su Lingyue's treatment teacher, Wu Guansheng.

This is also a titled extreme powerhouse, but unlike Dao Zun, he is good at healing and supporting reinforcements, his own combat effectiveness is not strong, but if it is matched with others, it is 1+1=4!

"no problem."

Hearing Su Ping's words, Wu Guansheng didn't think much about it, and directly agreed.

Seeing him so refreshed, Su Ping was also quite embarrassed. Who could have imagined that the titled old man who was coerced at the beginning could become friends with him.

After finding Dao Zun and Wu Guansheng, Su Ping did not look for any more people. In fact, there are only a few title-level powerhouses he is acquainted with. Others like Yun Wanli and Han Xiangyu, they have the Longyang base city. Guard, there is the entrance to the Abyss Caverns, the most prone to beast tides to destroy.

"If there is really a shortage of people at that time, the Qin family will also have many titles, and the Zhou family and Ye family are also good." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

Longjiang's title level is not small.

Although it is a drop in the ocean compared to the beast tide, the title level can sign the king beast.

If each title is accompanied by a few king beasts, even if you encounter dozens of king beasts attacking, you will be able to defend it!

Thinking of this, Su Ping's eyes flashed, and a plan emerged in his heart.


Star Whale Defense Line headquarters.

The headquarters was set up in Douxing Base City. For the location of the headquarters, Douxing fought against Dragon Whale Base City, but in the end Dragon Whale gave in.

With the establishment of the headquarters, the number of strong people entering and exiting Douxing Base City has significantly increased, and the eleven base cities on the entire defense line have all frequented the headquarters.

In the headquarters, there are also more than 20 legends appointed by the peak tower. Among them, there is one person in the virtual cave realm, an old man with a childish face.

"Huh, the vast sea realm that just broke through, I want to make waves here too!"

In a room of the headquarters, the old man sat on a golden nan wooden chair carved with dragons and phoenixes, a little sneer and disdain.

"The one whose surname is Qin refused to join our peak tower. I don't know what it is!"

"It is ridiculous to think that following the kid named Su in Longjiang, fawning on each other, is more beneficial than joining our peak tower!"

"That is, joining the peak tower is not for good, but for human justice!"

"We manage bases all over the world, devote all our efforts, and work hard. This kind of greedy person who is afraid of death and only cares for flattering knows what it is, and dares to come over and complain!"

In the room, the other three legends all sneered.

The old man snorted coldly and asked, "What's the situation in Longjiang now? Did the kid with the surname Su call in to beg or ask someone to ask for a relationship?"

"No, I haven't received it yet."

"Who is so indifferent and dare to intercede for that kid. That kid has killed several legends. Tell me, what is it that this is not a human being?"

"Don't worry, when the tide of beasts arrives, naturally there will be times when they come to ask."

The three legends met with a smile, and seemed to have seen each other under the pressure of the beast tide, coming to them in a low voice and pleading.

"Don't worry about it anymore, we should also prepare to deal with the beast tide, the peak master will give this to me, we can not make a mistake, the loss is too ugly." The old man said indifferently.

"What Elder Nie said is."

"Then Longjiang gave them a chance. They didn't want to relocate. They asked for it if they were destroyed."

"With Lao Nie sitting in town, even if the entrance to the abyss of the Dragon Whale Base erupts, we can defend it."

The old man raised his eyebrows slightly and said: "Speaking of the entrance to the abyss, the Dragon Whale is a defensive place. Any changes there must be reported with the highest priority."


"The dragon whale has a Skywalker sitting in it. Skywalker will come forward about the abyss. In my opinion, we don't need to worry too much."

"In other words, these skywalkers live in seclusion in the base. What are they protecting?"

"I heard that some do not have a base at the entrance to the Abyss Cavern, but are also guarded by Skywalkers, such as the Longjiang..."


The old man suddenly snorted, his eyes squinted, and glanced at the three of them coldly, and said: "At the moment of the beast tide, you'd better put away your distracting thoughts. The Skywalker matter, before you explore, this is the tallest tower. Confidential, even I dont know much about it. You are here to investigate, and be careful to hear the words of the peak master."

"Talking about Skywalker is a ban on our peak tower!"

Seeing him speaking, the faces of several people changed slightly, and they were chattering and laughing. They didn't say more, but they were secretly jealous and curious.

It is really inquisitive and daunting to make all peaks classified as top secrets.


at the same time.


Su Ping was about to close the store to cultivate the world, when he suddenly saw his father Su Yuanshan coming outside the store.

"Xiao Su, is this the store you run?" Su Yuanshan stood at the door, looking around at the furnishings in the store.

Su Ping smiled and said, "This is the store you passed to me, it's our store."

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