Astral Pet Store Chapter 667

Chapter 667: Roar


After smashing the king beast with a punch, Su Ping didn't stop, and quickly rushed to another battlefield nearby, where there was also a king beast wreaking havoc, attacking three pet regiments.

Upon sensing Su Ping, the king beast instinctively sensed the danger and immediately roared in anger.

On the surface of its body, a hard jet black armor emerged. This is its inheritance skill. Its defense power is extremely terrifying. Even the attack of a dragon beast of the same level can resist for four or five minutes.

When the other king beasts heard the roar for help, they immediately stopped attacking and looked over here.


Su Ping's figure flashed, and he arrived in an instant, and the Demon Suppression Fist banged his head immediately.

With a bang, the black armor on the back of the king beast suddenly collapsed and burst open, squeezing out blood and flesh from the inside, and the punch went forward and suppressed fiercely.

Like a huge mountain, falling on the backbone of this king beast!

There was a huge earthquake on the ground, and the king beast's limbs were soft and unbearable, and its body fell on the ground.


A sturdy arrow of the Wind God blasted from a distance. Su Ping was about to make up the second punch. When he sensed the arrow of the Wind God, his body rotated 180 degrees in place, and he greeted him with a reflexive punch. .

boom! !

The air oscillated, the arrows of the gods shattered, and the arrows of the energy structure shattered every inch.

The shot was a king beast with a size of forty to fifty meters and a pair of huge butterfly-like wings. It was covered in strange dark patterns, with weird and hideous claws and a crab-like mouth.

Ignoring the broken spine, the dying king beast? Su Ping turned around and rushed out with one arrow? It flashed twice in a row and appeared in front of the monster wing king beast.

Woo! !

This Weird Wing King Wing seemed to expect Su Ping's offensive trajectory? Suddenly opened his mouth? A strange sound wave burst out at the location where Su Ping appeared.

This ultrasonic wave shook the reinforced concrete on the ground around it, shattering the dust? It was terrifying.

Su Ping's reaction was dull, not to mention that he is now in a state of merging with the little skull? Even himself? With the second layer of the Golden Crow Demon Body, he can easily resist it.


The throat bulged, and Su Ping suddenly burst into a loud roar.

At the moment he roared, the void behind him? Clouds and mists surged? A huge skeleton emerged, and roared out following Su Ping.

The sonic boom was like an atomic bomb, instantly smashing the ultrasonic waves apart, and the invisible sonic boom hit the monster wing king beast's body from the front. He was dented by the sonic boom and fell on the spot.

This scene fell in the eyes of many pet corps in the distance? All were shocked to the point of silence.

With a roar, knocked down the king beast? !

What kind of monster is this? This cultivation base is terrifying!

Not only the battle pet corps? The swordsman in the distance was also scared by Su Ping? Before seeing that Su Ping could easily kill the Beast of the Beast Sea Realm in seconds, he knew that he had not mistaken Su Ping's strength, and it was exactly the same as he had imagined. powerful.

But seeing this scene at the moment, he knew that he had completely underestimated Su Ping.

Even the Legend of the Void Cave Realm is absolutely impossible to do!

Unless it is a legend who specializes in phonology secret skills, Su Ping is obviously not.

This guy is such a monster!

At the end of the roar, Su Ping glanced at the Monster Wing King Beast, and then threw out a thunder sword that mixed the power of Shura. This thunder sword was a combination of his insight into thunder and his Shura swordsmanship, and its power was also a king beast. .

With a thud, the monster winged king beast that did not resist had its head cut by the thunder sword, bursting on the spot, **** and dying.

Su Ping turned and rushed out, along the line of defense, rushing to the battlefield further away.

Along the way, I saw some rangers led by Tier 9 monster beasts fighting with the pet corps on the ground.

Su Ping was not polite, the energy in his palms gathered, and thunder flashed and fell down.

This thunder blended with the aura of Heavenly Tribulation, and naturally suppressed and deterred Tier 9 monsters. The group of monsters on the ground was bombarded by palm thunder and completely collapsed. Even Tier 9 monsters were hit by the palm thunder. , Will die on the spot.

If you are lucky and hide on the edge, you can barely survive.

Su Ping was like a fighter plane roaring by from the battlefield, and the palm thunder dropped like a cannonball. It bombed along the line of defense quickly. The aggressive beast tide was interrupted by life, bringing a breath of breath to the defensive corps. Opportunity.

"Is that a legend?"

"I didn't seem to see this big man in the defensive assembly before!"

"It's horrible, is this the power of the legend, it is simply a crushing sweep!"

"This legend seems to be more terrifying than other legendary powerhouses. If other legendary powerhouses have such power, we would have won."

The pet corps that received reinforcements along the way, watching Su Ping whizzing past, were all in awe and admiration.

On this huge battlefield, even the title level seemed insignificant, but at this moment, Su Ping was able to dominate the situation, as if calling the wind and the rain, becoming the most eye-catching existence on the battlefield.


In the distance, a line of defense.

The sound of fighting here is earth-shattering, and everywhere is broken and chaotic. It has long been invisible. The original residential buildings and streets have been bombed and trampled into mixed black mud at this moment.

This is the most difficult place for the defense line, which is the king animal area.

On one side are more than a dozen king beasts, and on the other side are four or five battle pet masters and their battle pets.

A series of king-level skills bombarded one after another, and various elemental skills were available. The rock element shook the earth and rumbling rumblingly. The plant element created the green of death, and the vines were touched everywhere. The flame element called for fire, no Stop smashing down and punch the ground into a deep hole of hundreds of meters.

The chaotic energy vented after the explosion of the king beast's skill flooded the place.

The super-intensity radiation caused by some energy mixing is enough to kill the ordinary high-end pet divisions.

In the melee, a legend noticed the movement in the distance, and saw a figure rushing along the line of defense. After passing the relatively flat areas of the war zone, the body flashed by, and in the fierce war zone, the palm kept releasing strength. The high thunder bombed into the herd on the ground.

Such a continuous thunder bombardment has a huge demand for energy. If you change into an ordinary legend, you will be exhausted long ago and the star power withered.

Halfway through, the king beast attacked, trying to stop this figure, but was hit and killed.

"Who is that?"

"Blink flash? Is it the legend of the Void Cave Realm?"

"It's not Elder Nie, is it here to reinforce?"

The four or five legends in the defense line are all shocking and pleasant surprises. If there is another legend in the virtual cave realm, it will be a great help to the battlefield, and they still have a chance to win!

"So strong!"

"It feels scarier than Lao Nie!"

Several legends noticed Su Ping and saw him smashing a king beast with an easy punch, and they continued to rush over, all shocked.

Even Lao Nie was not so simple to kill Legend.

It feels like a legendary kills the ninth-order monster beast without any muddle, completely suppressed!

Roar! !

Suddenly, an angry roar erupted from the group of king beasts ahead, and a starflame bursting dragon covered in scarlet scales jumped out. This was a virtual cave realm king beast!

With this roar, the five legends and the king beasts under them were all shocked to a halt in their movements, their hearts were cold, and their brains buzzed.

The deterrence of the dragon beast is the most explosive among the many deterrent techniques, and some can even directly stun or stun the enemy!

"It's a lord-level king beast, **** it!"

"There is actually another one. The previous one was led away by Skywalker. He hasn't returned yet!"

"Hold on, the legend will be here soon."

Several legends all showed despair and anxiety in their eyes, but when they thought of the figure coming from a distance, their eyes once again showed invigoration and determination.

Although Lao Nie and the Skywalker here are not there, this legendary reinforcement is also in the Void Cave Realm!

Can hold!

Several people ignited hope, all desperately, bursting out star power.

Two of the legends showed doubts in their eyes. They always felt... the figure flying in for reinforcements seemed a bit familiar?

Where have you seen it?

With a bang, suddenly, the starburst dragon in front rushed out of the king beast group, and the gorgeous star flame was burning, like wearing a flame dragon helmet. It is a melee type monster, although long-range attacks are not bad. But the strongest is the extraordinary physique of his dragon clan.

Seeing this Starflame Burst Dragon came directly, several legends were a little surprised, their faces ugly.


"Block it, don't let it tear the line of defense!"

boom! boom!

A series of king-level skills were released, and the delaying and controlling skills such as the Superstar Gravity Field and the Fall of Moze were released one after another.

The ground trembled, collapsed into huge pits, and turned into a swamp as large as several football fields. King-level skills have earth-shaking powers.

But the next moment, the starburst dragon suddenly flashed out of its body and disappeared from these skills. When it reappeared, it had already come to the front of the line of defense. Its huge dragon body blocked the light, glaring at a king-level battle. Pet.

This is a dark flaring tooth snapping turtle, releasing a supergravity field, looking at the Star Flame Burst Dragon that suddenly appeared in front of it, it was obviously frightened, and its skills stopped.

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