Astral Pet Store Chapter 670

Chapter 670: Destiny Realm King Beast

Change the whole situation with your own strength!

The appearance of Su Ping completely turned the tide of the battle, and everyone was shocked, which exceeded their knowledge of the legend.

It turns out that the legend can be so scary!

This is a legend!

Such a record can be called a legend, invincible in the world!


After slaying these king beasts, Su Ping did not stop, and continued to fly to other war zones along the way. He released waves of thunder in his palm, and occasionally swung his sword aura to kill all the monster beasts gathered in groups, causing countless deaths and injuries. .

Seeing Su Ping's killing aura, these monsters flee from a distance, afraid to gather again, lest they be killed by Su Ping's sword.

The scattered monster beasts brought opportunities to the pet corps, and some pet corps also reacted and launched a fierce attack with the advantage that Su Ping gave them.

Other legends get free, and the king beasts are solved by Su Ping. They can also trouble those king beasts who are alone, and can also reinforce other pet regiments.

A legend has joined the battle pet corps, and the casualties on the human side have suddenly dropped. With the legend as the leader, quickly tore the demon beast's defense line, from the original defense to the offense!

"Reversed! Reversed!!"

"Kill, don't give these monsters a chance to breathe!!"

"Don't even want to run, return my brother!!"

"Return my plant girl!"

Following the broadcast of the news from the war reporters, the battle pet corps everywhere were morale high and murderous.

They defended too hard before!

The comrades around, died and fell one by one!

My closest pets, eating together and sleeping together, have deep feelings, and fell in defense!

Now is the time for revenge!

It's the time to charge!

Throughout the battlefield, war drums sounded, and the super-ear sound elephant beasts were neatly aligned and howling fiercely. The sound elephant beast's cultivation base is not high, only the eighth order, but its howling has the ability to increase? Can it inspire? Intent to fight!

In large-scale battles, the howling of sound elephant beasts is the most lethal increase on the battlefield.

But? Such a howl? In the face of the deterrence of the dragon beast, it will be dispelled and shocked!

This is the horror of the dragon beast.

With the roar of the super ear sound elephant? Everyone roared, all rushing desperately? The original defensive circle gradually shrank.

Under the leadership of several legends? The monster groups in each battle zone are losing ground.

Venerable Dao saw this scene, and he felt agitated, and he knew that calling Su Ping was indeed correct.

Su Ping's performance? More terrifying than he thought? Even without Lao Nie's help, Su Ping alone reversed the situation and suppressed a city alone!

Even as a legend, Venerable Dao couldn't help but admire him.

If he could also have such strength? How chic and happy it would be!



Su Ping has been killed in many war zones and cleared a passage along the way. The monster beasts in the nearby area of more than ten miles were either killed? Or scared to retreat.

The pet corps on this line of defense saw the monster beasts fighting with them, and they were all bombarded and killed? Looking at Su Pings distant back? Cast a look of admiration and worship? Then, under the leadership of the leader, crossed over. The corpses of these monster beasts were killed deep inside.

To regain the base!

Take back the habitat of mankind!

"That is the abyss channel?"

Su Ping looked at the place where the previous group of king beasts rushed over. The monster beasts there are the densest, but the king beasts have already arrived. At this moment, only high-level beasts are left. The monster beasts that survived in the abyss would not have a bad cultivation base, unless they were newly born cubs.

"And the breath of the king beast..."

Su Ping's eyes were cold, and in the dark part of the passage, he also sensed the aura of the king beast, lurking in it, and there were still a lot of them, four or five!


Su Ping lowered his figure, like a fighter plane, swooping down from a high altitude, the thunder in the palm of his hand was violent, and a sword aura was released in his hand, spanning hundreds of meters, the sword aura swept like a giant peak, killing the beasts in a **** road , There are minced meat and bursting plasma everywhere.

But the beast path that was cleared out was filled up by the monster beasts behind in a blink of an eye. There were too many monsters here.

Su Ping thought, the bones on his body gradually shrank and separated.

Su Ping's appearance also returned to normal.

"Undead slavery!"

Su Ping's biography.

Little Skeleton stood by his side obediently, two scarlet rays of light suddenly appeared in the hollow eye sockets.

The strong black energy was released from Little Skeleton. The movement here once again disturbed many people. The nearby war reporters had already locked close-up shots on Su Ping.

Su Ping at this moment is the biggest focus of the audience.

He is the most critical person for the complete turnaround of this battle!

"Is this the true face of that legend?"

"Sure enough, handsome..."

"That's his battle pet? It's so small, just like an ordinary undead skeleton. Is that a king beast?"

"Look, that skeleton battle pet is about to release skills!"

Under the eyes of everyone, the dark mist enveloped the battlefield below, and soon, the place covered by the mist gave out a hoarse roar, and there was a clinking sound of bone collision.

As the darkness faded, monsters with distorted and hideous attitudes rushed out, all of them were monsters killed by Su Ping before!

These monsters have no heartbeat, but their bodies are still warm and will bleed, but there is no pain. At this moment, they are roaring and rushing out into the herd.

There was chaos within the beast tide, fighting each other.

These monster beasts enslaved by the undead have dark demon attributes attached to their bodies, and their strength is stronger than before they were alive. In addition, they are not afraid of death and fearless, which will soon cause great trouble to the beast tide.

At the same time, the door of the dead appeared behind the little skull!

This is a highly-rated Demon Undead skill. With the opening of the ancient Demon Gate, a strong breath of death is released, making the monsters and pet masters all over the battlefield feel a chilling breath. It's like this world is connected with some kind of terrible place.

Roar! !

Soon, a group of undead shadows rushed out of the door, all in the form of skeletons.

There were huge dragons with skeletons, fallen protoss with red eyes and dark wings, and some monsters with savage and distorted postures, all shot out from the gate of the dead world high in the sky.

The ancient giant wolf skeleton cavalry rushed to kill with guns, exuding the vast aura of a long time ago.

Under the impact of this skeleton army, the battlefield was instantly reversed, and the many monsters gathered in front of the abyss channel were immediately crushed and crushed by the skeleton army!

Many of these skeletons are kings!

It is roughly estimated that there are more than a dozen king-level auras, and this is due to the limited small skeleton's cultivation base, otherwise it can summon more terrifying things.


The tide of beasts in the abyss was trampled under the iron hooves under the rush of the skeleton army. Those skeleton dragons, the fallen gods, looted and killed in the beast tide, like wolves entering the flock and entering the land of no one. , No monster can resist!

One person, one skeleton, suppress the entire battlefield!

This scene made everyone shocked and speechless.

Whether it is heads-up or group battles, it is terrifying!

Like a **** of war!

"You are here, I will solve the inside."

Su Ping said to the little skull.

The little skull nodded blankly.

Su Ping's figure flickered and flew away from the beast tide, taking several steps, moving one step at a time, and immediately straddling the beast tide several miles wide to the abyss channel behind it.

The building structure near this abyss channel can no longer see its original appearance. The huge channel hole, only the steel reinforced concrete rolled outwards, the monster beast constantly rushes out from it, and the breath of several king beasts is hidden in the cave. He seemed to be watching the situation outside.

As Su Ping approached, these king beasts clearly felt it, and soon the aura of the king beasts shrank rapidly and ran towards the depths of the passage!


They seemed to have sensed the previous massacre of Su Ping in the distance. Seeing Su Ping rushing towards them, they directly chose to retreat and escape!

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and flew over the cave. He sensed the rapid retreat of those auras and didn't chase them anymore. These monsters are inexhaustible. After killing this batch, there may be other groups of monsters dormant in the abyss. .


Su Ping raised his hand, and a sword aura suddenly slashed down.

Hundreds of meters of sword energy slammed down like a giant peak, knocking down the abyss channel on the ground with a thud, rolling sand and rock, and the entire channel was blocked.

At the entrance, the monster beast running out was cut open by the sword qi, and its body was broken.

The vitality of these monster beasts is extremely strong, and even if their bodies are broken, they are still crawling and struggling.

As Su Ping defeated the abyss channel, war reporters riding high above the birds and beasts filmed this scene and broadcast it to all parts of the base. The original fierce momentum of the war zones suddenly became more and more mad!

The continuous channel is cut off!

These monsters are now turtles in the urn!


Everywhere, roars screamed.

The tide of beasts that was about to break through the human defenses was completely tightened at this moment, and there is a tendency to be castrated and killed.

In the collapsed abyss channel, no monster rushed out again. The boulder blocking the channel could be broken even by a Tier 9 monster, but there was no movement at this moment.

This collapse is a signal.

The monster inside obviously felt what signal this was.

Keep going, it's extremely dangerous!

The king beasts in the passage all fled and ran back to the abyss. Without the king beast's command and command, the other monster beasts stood in front of the collapsed passage and hesitated.

Some monsters with cunning dispositions turned around and ran away.



High in the sky, Su Ping's gaze retracted from the passage below, suddenly raised his brows, and looked far behind.

Boom~! !

The entire base was shocked!

In the half of the battle zone covering the base, the ground was violently shaking, causing everyone who fought and smashed on the surface to be shocked. The shaking was too strong, and some of the battle pet divisions who stood unstable fell on the spot.

what's the situation?

An earthquake broke out? !

When everyone was horrified, suddenly, some of the pet masters with high cultivation base and keen perception, their pupils contracted, and their whole body was shaking, sensing an extremely terrifying breath.

Moo! !

Accompanied by a roar like a bull and a dragon, the ground in the center of the battlefield suddenly collapsed. There was a group of hundreds of soldiers who could not dodge, pushed away by the bulging soil, and was sucked in by a force of force. Called to fall in.

In the next moment, a huge figure rose from there, like a huge mountain, covered with long beards and hairs, black whiskers like vines, very thick, but very supple.


Su Ping narrowed his eyes as he saw the monster's cultivation level immediately.

There is a Destiny Realm Monster Beast here, which is at the same level as the other side. Although the specific strength of the two is unknown, there is no doubt that it is definitely the leader behind this beast wave!

"If I didn't come, it would be really dangerous here..."

"I don't know how the other lines of defense..."

Su Ping's eyes are gloomy, and his mood is a bit heavy.

The Star Whale Line of Defense is not necessarily a special case. If every line of defense, or every place where there is an abyss channel, kills the destiny king beast, then humans are really miserable!

When Su Ping was worried, the long-bearded giant mountain king beast suddenly opened its mouth and let out a piercing roar. The super sound wave shook all the broken buildings near it into dust and spread it all over the base.

The battle pets of many battle pet divisions heard this roar, the original **** fighting spirit, at this moment, has cooled down, and looked at this place with some horror.

Even some of the legendary king beast battle pets all showed trembling eyes.

Although they are king beasts, they feel deeper at this moment. From the long-bearded giant mountain king beast, they feel the pressure that is difficult to breathe. This realm is two levels higher than them!

In front of this long-bearded giant mountain king beast, they are no different from ants.

"This, what is this!"

"Void Cave Realm King Beast? No, it's not like..."

Several legends scattered to the various pet corps to assist in the battle, the eyes of panic appeared.

The previous Star Flame Burst Dragon didn't give them such a strong deterrence and shock. This feeling was like a poisonous snake licking the back of its neck, cold all over, and dare not move!

"Look, then, what is that?"

"It's a human!"

"Several people, there are monsters!!"

"Yes, it's Lao Nie...?"

Soon, someone noticed that on the face of this long-bearded giant mountain king beast, there were several silhouettes shaking on the long beards. There were legendary stars gathering, and they were shocked when they saw the anglers face. .

These few people who were fishing were actually Lao Nie and others who had not been missing before!

Beside them, there are many long beards entwined with the corpses of the king beasts. These king beasts are not whole, their bodies are broken, some are heads and some are organs, which are extremely terrible.

Venerable Dao saw this scene, a little shocked.

I thought Lao Nie and the others had already escaped, but they didn't expect to be caught by this king beast!

Is this being ambushed? !

Thinking of this, Venerable Dao's heart was cold.

This horror king beast had apparently sneaked out a long time ago, and he didn't know how to use it to hide outside the base.

If he had left with Lao Nie and the others before, it is estimated that he would have ended up in the same way at the moment, being pupaped!


Su Ping's figure swayed and came to the little skeleton in the distance. For the sake of caution, the little skeleton withdrew the door of the dead world and joined together.

At this moment, the beast tide below has been smashed by the skeleton army, and there is no need for the little skeleton to sit down.

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