Astral Pet Store Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Kill

The fit was complete, with bones covered, Su Ping looked like a devil, he stepped out without hesitation.


His figure disappeared instantly, and when he reappeared, he was already thousands of meters away from the side of the Longbeard Giant Mountain King beast.

This long-bearded Giant Mountain King Beast turned its body, and the ground rumblingly, it looked at Su Ping, opened a pair of blood-red giant eyes in the long beard, and stared at Su Ping, full of angry killing intent.

After just leaving for a while, the battlefield situation was completely reversed. The many king beasts it brought, countless deaths and injuries, were almost wiped out!



A faint cry for help suddenly came from this long-bearded giant mountain king beast, and the legends who fished on the long beard in front of it were still alive and dying.




In the distance, legendary figures galloped over, rushing to Su Ping's side.

Previously, Su Ping fought alone, and they couldn't keep up with Su Ping's footsteps, but at this moment, the king beast was obviously the leader behind this beast tide. Su Ping alone was alone, and they were worried that Su Ping would have an accident.

They knew very well that once Su Ping fell, they would be completely finished.

The advantage that has just been established will be reversed in an instant.


"Boss Su!"

"We're here to help you, what command do you have, but it doesn't matter."

The legends and swordsmen who had been rescued by Su Ping before, all gathered behind Su Ping, willing to let Su Ping dispatch.

With Su Ping's displayed combat power, he is also fully qualified to point fingers at them and command them at will.

"Is that old Nie? He is not dead yet!"

"Great, if we save Lao Nie, we have a better chance of winning!"

Several legends noticed the situation of Lao Nie and others in front of the Giant Mountain King Beast, and they were all pleasantly surprised.

Dao Zun did not speak, but looked at Su Ping.

He knew why Lao Nie and others disappeared at the previous crisis.

If they don't leave, wait for Su Ping to come, and then cooperate with Su Ping's power? Even this terrifying king beast in front of them? They have great confidence to guard.

Moreover, this will reduce the number of innocent casualties.

After all? How many legends evacuated the battlefield? The pressure on the following battle pet corps was too great, and countless casualties in just a few minutes.

"It's out of help."

Su Ping glanced at it? Indifferently said: "This king beast is sucking the star power in their body. Once they are pulled over? Their bone marrow and internal organs will be torn off? Keep it, they are the star power bag. Give this Wang Beast continuously delivers energy."

The legends were all startled, staring at them.

This look immediately found that Su Ping's remarks were true.

That long beard entwining Lao Nie and the others? It looks like a beard and hair, but in fact it is like flesh and blood tissue, and the small beards with thick fingers separated from it have been pierced into the bodies of Lao Nie and others.

Looking at the faces and skins of Lao Nie and others that were obviously thinner than before, combined with Su Ping's words? Their mood sank.

Old Nie is a virtual cave realm!

Such a strong combat power is so hopeless? What a pity!

"Senior, then...what can I do?"

"Yes? Senior, do you have a solution?"

Several legends all looked at Su Ping, with anxiety in their eyes.

Su Ping said calmly: "The way is very simple? Take the initiative to attack? Kill them? So that they can't provide energy to this king beast, it can be regarded as reducing our burden."


The legends are dumbfounded and speechless.

Is the solution we are talking about to reduce the burden?

How did you save them and let them help!

"Senior, if you kill them, we will only rely on us to deal with this king beast..." A legend immediately expressed his concerns. At the moment, the situation is urgent, and they cannot hesitate.

"It's okay, as long as they don't add chaos." Su Ping said calmly: "Moreover, they will not be wasted when they die. You should have seen that my pet can enslave the undead. If they die, they can enslave their bodies. You can continue to let them fight."


The legends looked at each other.

Looking at Su Ping's indifferent expression, for some reason, they always felt that Su Ping's eyes seemed to hide a very relaxed smile.

Is it an illusion?

Faced with such a king beast, can he still laugh?

If it weren't for Su Ping's outstanding achievements in the previous battles and reversing the battlefield by himself, they would suspect that Su Ping was deliberate.

Deliberately wanted to find a few undead puppets for his battle pet.

Venerable Dao looked at Su Ping twice, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. He knew that this guy was not easy to provoke. The gentleman avenged him, and he would report him when he met!

Wait overnight?

How can I sleep!

"Su Ping, you, what are you talking nonsense!!"

The roar suddenly came.

Ahead, the old Nie and others, who were fishing on the face of the Giant Mountain King with Long Beard, all heard what Su Ping said. After all, they are only a few kilometers apart, and they are all legends. Although the breath of life is weak, the physique is ultimately legendary. His physique, ears and eyes are clear, and within a hundred feet, insect wings can be heard.

Several people were out of breath, but were dying.

But hearing Su Ping's words, I really sat up in shock and burned my calories.

The crotch screamed with fright, but his legs were soft and he couldn't walk.

They could obviously be rescued, but Su Ping actually wanted to kill them?

They are all legends!

"Oh? You know my name."

Su Ping raised his brows and smiled lightly: "It seems that he knows me."

Being able to call out his name obviously investigated him, and the other party aimed at Longjiang, which was aimed at him.

"Your contribution, we will remember, you rest in peace, it is best to stop yourself, so it can be regarded as helping us." Su Ping said.

Old Nie was so angry that he spurted blood on the spot.

He gritted his teeth with hatred and his eyes were angry.

But there were some things he couldn't say. Su Ping was clearly targeting him deliberately, and the reason the other party was targeting him was obviously revenge on Long Jiang.

Since everyone understands, it is tacit.

"You can't kill me, I can save myself. I am a legend of the virtual cave realm. My vision and ability are not what you can imagine. You only need to contain this monster for us." Old Nie gritted his teeth.

He knew that it was impossible to beg Su Ping.

The guy who can cultivate to the legend has a strong will, but a few plea can make his heart soft.

He said this because he was afraid of Su Ping's assassin. Although he had no way to save himself, he would rather die in the hands of this monster than be beheaded by Su Ping.

Moreover, when Su Ping contained this monster, maybe he could find a chance to get out.

Opportunities always need to be created.

While they were communicating, the long-bearded giant mountain king beast did not move, but stared at Su Ping coldly, as if waiting for something, and also seemed to be confronting Su Ping.

"Ha ha"

Su Ping couldn't help chuckles when he heard this old Nie's words.

The other party uses words to block him, if he cherishes his reputation, it is difficult to start.

But unfortunately...

He didn't care about Fengta's reputation.

However, he will not let the other party's sub-scheme succeed.

"Tell me about your vision and abilities in the Void Cave Realm. If you are really capable, you dont need us to save you, let alone, you cant save it now. Keep on living, just give this king beast a bag of flesh, poor You are greedy for life and fear of death, and you don't have a legendary character. In that case, let us send you on the road!"

Su Ping said calmly: "Everyone, let me do it. If we continue to let this king beast absorb their power, it will be even more difficult for us!"

Hearing Su Ping's words, the legends next to him were shocked.

Looking at the old Nie who was bound and unable to struggle, and then at the Su Ping in front of him, there is no doubt that Su Ping's combat power far surpassed Lao Nie from the various strengths previously displayed by Su Ping.

Talking about vision and ability in front of Su Pingping, even they felt that Lao Nie was a bit arrogant!

The situation that has finally been reversed cannot be changed anymore. Once Su Ping has an accident, they will all be finished!

"it is good!"

"Listen to the predecessors, Nie has done a great job all his life, so let's send him on the road and let him leave with honor."


Several legends quickly made a decision.

Hearing what they said, Lao Nie and others almost rolled their eyes.

The glory of your sister!

Everyone is dead, who wants to **** is honorable!

"Su Ping, it was my fault before. I had no eyes and offended you. I will apologize to you. As long as you don't think about the predecessors, I will promise you everything, please!"

With his face twitching, Old Nie couldn't help but plead loudly to Su Ping.

He knew that they would really die if they were not convinced.

Now their only hope lies in Su Ping. It is useless to clash secretly, they can only move to the stage to speak out.

"Your fault? What did you do wrong? I don't seem to know you, right." Su Ping was very "surprised" and said innocently.

Old Nie had an ugly face, gritted his teeth and said: "I caused the Longjiang incident. I admit that you don't know me. It's just that the person you killed at the peak tower was my brother. I'm not angry. Here I apologize to you, I have been a legend for more than three hundred years, and there are many secret treasures, star coins, I can give you!"

Hearing what he said, the legends next to him were all stunned. They looked at Su Ping and suddenly discovered that the two had a contradiction for a long time. So, Su Ping's previous words that cannot be rescued are worth questioning.

Maybe it can be rescued?

The eyes of several people flickered, but they didn't show their thoughts.

Su quietly listened to Lao Nie's words, smiled lightly, and said, "Hands."


The legends next to them were all taken aback and didn't react.

Hands on?

Don't argue, don't say anything?

Old Nie has already apologized, but Su Ping still insists on killing him?

"Why, do you think what I said is false? This has nothing to do with personal enmity." Su Ping glanced at them and snorted coldly.

The few people looked at Su Ping in awe, no longer thinking about it.

So far, the only thing they can rely on is Su Ping.

What's more, what Elder Nie said is definitely a serious sin at this critical juncture!

Human beings are all in danger, and must resist the abyss together. At this time, they are still fighting in internal strife. Isn't this a sinner?

Su Ping ignored these legends, but took a look at the Longbeard Giant Mountain King Beast. During the previous communication, his breath had always been locked on the other party and was testing each other.

He felt that this king beast was almost on par with the other shore he had faced.

However, he is no longer who he was.

Facing the other side at that time, he was only a seventh-order cultivation base, but now it is a ninth-order limit!


Su Ping showed killing intent in his eyes, and his aura became fierce.

Roar! !

The Longbeard Giant Mountain King Beast sensed the change in Su Ping's momentum, and suddenly burst out with a roar. As soon as it shot, it created more than a dozen high walls over a hundred meters high and shot Su Ping over.

At the same time, the space around Su Ping fluctuated violently, making Su Ping unable to teleport.

"Get out!"

Su Ping gave a low yell, then strode out with a punch.

The high earth walls of the buildings collapsed suddenly, and the dust was flying. Su Ping shot out from the inside, holding the Shura Divine Sword in his hand. The sword was tens of meters in vertical and horizontal directions and attached to the blade.


Su Ping cut out with a sharp sword.

The sharp sword aura is vertical and horizontal, and the air splits like water, instantly reaching the long-bearded giant mountain king beast.

Lao Nie and the others, who were fishing on the fleshy whiskers of the Giant Mountain King Beast, were shocked to see this scene.

Su Ping's combat power exceeded their imagination, and they found that they all underestimated Su Ping.

At this moment, they faced this sword aura, and deeply felt the feeling of death.

With this sword alone, they felt unable to take it!

Except for Lao Nie, the other legends felt more deeply and regretted in their hearts. If they knew this before, they shouldn't follow Lao Nie. As a result, Lao Nie turned the ditch and they could only follow the funeral!

Joining factions is like this, although they will be better together, but death is death!


Suddenly a sonic boom shocked, blocking the sword qi, and the shock was a little broken.

The Long-bearded Giant Mountain King Beast was also angry, let out a deafening roar, and the ground shook wildly. Its long beards were dancing and shaking, and the surrounding space was turbulent and split, and dense black marks appeared.

Old Nie and the others who fished on its face quickly dried up.


Several people screamed in horror and pleaded for help, but their voices were dumb and weak.

Even Lao Nie couldn't resist.

There was a realm gap, and Old Nie was no different from the ants in front of this long-bearded giant mountain king beast.

If the other party wants to kill it, he has no resistance.

Su Ping looked indifferent and ignored them. They were out of help, so he could just let Little Skeleton use their mummy later.

"Practice hands first."

Su Ping was not in a hurry to get a killer, just because he had some means to test.


Su Ping's palm thunderously boiled, and ten thousand rays of thunder light flickered, compressed in the palm of his palm, and pierced the thunder. Su Ping thought of the tribulation, he was very familiar with the tribulation.

"Thunder penalty!!"

Su Ping gave a low shout, and the thunder in his hand suddenly flew into the sky, taking in all the chaotic elements in the air, growing into a pillar of thunder, and crashing down.

Huang Huang Leiwei, there is a kind of mighty feeling.

The entire battlefield was illuminated by this pillar of thunder, and even the people in the battle zone on the other side of the Dragon Whale base could see this pillar of thunder shining on the world from a distance.

The long-bearded giant mountain king beast's eyes condensed, and he growled suddenly, his limbs sunk into the ground, and the indestructible earth walls rose rapidly, forming a giant palm of hundreds of meters, and grabbed it towards the thunder pillar.

boom! !

The entire battlefield shook, the giant palm of the dark brown rock structure connected to the ground, and the impact force of the thunder pillar was transmitted to the ground, shaking the battlefield.

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