Astral Pet Store Chapter 677

Chapter 677: Stand By

"Well, not bad..."

The middle-aged man surnamed Fang nodded from time to time while looking through it.

There are many good seedlings in it, and the talents are not inferior to these selected candidates, but I don't know if there is a combat body. If there is a combat body, the future achievements will be higher.

This is why the people selected by the academy will require innate combat body.

The students they want to nurture are not just rushing to the destiny realm, but to transcend and become a star-level powerhouse, able to gallop the universe!

In the Interstellar Federation, if you can't cross the universe, you can only be trapped in one star and there is no future.

"These people, find them for us, and I have to personally evaluate them," said the middle-aged man surnamed Fang.

From a lot of information, a page flew out, on which are the top geniuses of Blue Star.

Legends such as Gu Siping, Yuan Lao, etc. saw these selected people, their eyes moved slightly, but they didn't say anything. Gu Siping had a humble expression, and when he promised, he ordered someone to contact him.

Soon, when the materials of the various institutions are selected, below are some secrets and some strange test places. Some strange guys have been born in them, but most of them are unknown in age and identity.

Flicking through the information quickly, a middle-aged man named Fang watched quietly, and several pages of information flew out of the information from time to time.

"This is a bit interesting. Only at the ninth level of the ordinary elementary level can you step into the tenth floor. Can this person go to the twelfth floor? The strength of this spirit is good..."

"Mystery test? The opponent on the sixth level is the elementary ninth level, and the seventh level is the vast sea... actually able to pass the ninth level? It broke this record..."

The middle-aged man surnamed Fang glanced at Yuan Linglu next to him, raised his brows slightly, and said, "Do you know this one who broke the record with you?"

Yuan Linglu's pretty face changed slightly, and the fingers holding the sword hilt tightened a bit. She was about to say something, but suddenly she felt her grandfather's breath fluctuate slightly behind her, and her heart trembled.

If Su Ping also comes to the assessment, based on Su Ping's qualifications, he will definitely be selected!

Unless? Su Ping's bone age is more than 22 years old? Otherwise, he will also be selected to that college.

With Su Ping's current combat power? Even if it enters there, it will be an extremely dazzling existence, and then after the training there? She will have no chance to catch up in this life!

After a short two seconds of silence, Yuan Linglu bowed her head and said, "Return to senior? I don't know this person."

The middle-aged person surnamed Fang raised his eyebrows? He looked at her for a while, then turned his gaze back, and said to Gu Siping: "You go to investigate this person's information? If the age is right? I will come to the test."

Gu Siping glanced at the information, his eyes flashed slightly, and he said calmly, "Okay."

"This is also not bad. You can enter this deep sea secret realm. The regular cultivation base to enter there is the vast sea realm, right? This person can do it without being a legend, something..."

"And this one? Go find it."

Pages of information were turned out and thrown to Gu Siping.

Soon? All the materials have been read, and the middle-aged person surnamed Fang also picked out 13 materials from them? Eight of them are from top universities on all continents in the world.

"Contact as soon as possible." said the middle-aged man surnamed Fang? As if he was ordering.

Gu Siping nodded repeatedly? Handed the information to the legend who was waiting next to him, and relayed these words again.

When the explanation is over, Gu Siping looked at the middle-aged person surnamed Fang and cautiously said: "Senior, these people are distributed all over the world. They will be found in a while. It is a bit difficult. After all, they are not the candidates of the previous application. Intentional asylum, some of them, maybe something has changed, maybe..."

"It's okay, just do your best."

The middle-aged person surnamed Fang is very casual and authentic.

Gu Siping nodded, his eyes flickered, and continued: "Senior came from a long way, and the journey is exhausting. It's better to rest here for two days, or try our local specialties. I also have a century-old collection of immortal wines. It is brewed with extremely precious spirit grass. Ordinary people can pass the muscles and bones with one sip, and they can live for a long time without disease. For practitioners like us, they can also accumulate star power and improve their understanding and spiritual energy..."

After saying this, the eyes of the Destiny Realm next to him were slightly bright.

Accumulate star power and improve your understanding?

Things that can improve your understanding are rare treasures!

Moreover, things that generally have an effect on humans also have a good effect on battle pets.

"Teacher Fang, should we..."

A middle-aged man with a beard on his face licked his lips, and his eyes showed a hot color.

The middle-aged man surnamed Fang glanced at him, saw his gluttony, shook his head, and said, "You drunkard, sooner or later, you will have to do bad things because of the alcohol. No matter, since Mr. Gu is kindly invited, I will stay here for two. God, stop by and take a look at this star of our human origin..."

The Blue Star is the origin of the Interstellar Federation, and human beings stepped out of the Blue Star to fight the stars.

But the journey of the battle is too long. The seeds of mankind are all over the starry sky and the universe, and many planets suitable for human habitation have been found.

Later, with the improvement of technology, some uninhabitable planets were also transformed into habitable planets.

The human beings born on those planets reproduced from generation to generation, using their own planets as their homes and ancestors.

After a long period of time, the place of origin of Blue Star has gradually become less memorable. It is like people in some countries who don't care whether they are invaders or the origin of their racial surnames.

Time can kill everything. The origin is the nostalgia and emotion of a few people, but in reality, it doesn't make any sense.

"Thank you Teacher Fang."

Gu Siping quickly thanked him.

He treasures a century-old wine, and other legends ask him for it on weekdays, but he is reluctant to take it out. At this moment, he takes the initiative to give it away and has to say thanks.

Thank others for your face!

This is status!

The middle-aged man with a beard was scratched his head by the middle-aged surname Fang, with a simple face, but in fact, several of his companions knew that his mind was not as simple as it seemed.

"Our Blue Star is experiencing a major beast disaster that has not been seen in hundreds of years. If Teacher Fang wants to play, I am afraid it will be a little inconvenient. In case there is a monster that does not have eyes, it offends you..." Gu Siping said very much. Be careful and quietly, considering words.

"It's okay, just kill it casually."

The middle-aged man surnamed Fang chuckled humorously, "As long as you don't feel bad."

Gu Siping hurriedly laughed, how could he feel distressed?

Seeing that the other party did not take the initiative to answer, Gu Siping's eyes flickered slightly, and he said in a low voice: "Teacher Fang, the younger generation has an unsympathetic request. There are many destiny beasts in this beast tide. According to our knowledge, There are at least eight of them, I think..."

Before he could finish his words, the middle-aged man surnamed Fang narrowed his face with a smile, waved his hand to stop the words behind him, and said calmly: "We came to pick up these selected candidates. You encountered the animal tide, I also watched. When it arrives, I can understand, but we have a rule not to intervene in the affairs of other planets at will."

"So sorry, I can't help you with this favor."

Hearing his direct refusal, Gu Siping and the people around his faces changed slightly.

Yuan Linglu's eyes also showed worry, she was worried that her grandfather would have an accident after she left.

After all, there are many demon beasts in the Destiny Beast, and Peak Master Gang said that there are eight...This information has already scared her a bit, which is equivalent to the combat power of eight peak master level!

A figure flashed across her mind suddenly.

I don't know if that person can hold it.

"Teacher Fang, this beast wave is really not unusual. If you dont help, we may be annihilated. By then, Blue Star will become the world of monsters. This is the star of our human origin. You can bear to see Is it falling here, and our current population of Blue Star is more than seven billion..." Gu Siping said hastily.

The next few legends are also full of anxious and pleading faces. The selected can go, but they have to stay!

No one wants to face such a tide of beasts.

In front of him, this teacher Fang is a starry sky class powerhouse!

Killing the Destiny Realm is like killing a chicken, you can pinch to death with one finger!

If they can ask the other side for help, they can quickly calm the beast tide, and Blue Star will not have much damage. They will continue to develop technology in the future. After hundreds of years, they may be able to build an interstellar spacecraft, combining Blue Star with Interstellar When the federation is connected, even if a round trip is a bit tiring and dangerous, at least, Blue Star will no longer be an abandoned star!

Once connected with the Interstellar Federation, Blue Stars talents will continue to enter the Interstellar Federation, and when they gain power from there, they can feed back to the Blue Star. Over time, the future Blue Star will also become the Interstellar Federation. One of the habitable planets, this is the future they yearn for!

Hearing what they said, the middle-aged man surnamed Fang and the destiny realm next to them all turned cold and frowned.

"Mr. Gu, I have already said it very clearly, are you threatening me?" The middle-aged man surnamed Fang stared at Gu Siping with cold eyes.

Gu Siping's heart was shocked, feeling that his pores were tightening, and he quickly said: "Don't dare not, the younger generation has no meaning, but the younger generation has mercy on so many innocent lives..."

"Life and death are fate, and the evolution of each planet has its own development process."

"If you can't survive here, it proves that this place is indeed not suitable for human living."

The middle-aged man surnamed Fang looked indifferent, and said, "If it weren't for the fear of missing the beads, in order to bring a few more people away from here, we have to return now. How can we have time to stay here."

Gu Siping nodded repeatedly: "Yes, yes, yes..."

"Dont mention this again. In addition, the people I have just selected should be found as soon as possible. We will stay at most for one day. This is an opportunity for you. If your Blue Star has the opportunity to let our college come and select people, it is already It's a great honor. As long as they have a future, what are the beasts in front of you?"

Speaking of this, the middle-aged man named Fang looked at Yuan Linglu and others next to him, saying: "Your hometown is experiencing a beast tide. If you want to save your hometown, wait until the academy, you can practice hard and compete there. , Its much crueler than you here, and the things to learn there are far more abundant than you think."

"Yes, your fighting methods here are too primitive. Whether it's cultivating a pet or the fighting method of a pet master, they are no different from primitive people." The red-haired woman next to her also spoke.

They don't look down on Gu Siping in front of them at all.

Even though Gu Siping had the same fate as them, they didn't care at all. With their methods, it was enough to sling each other easily.

They had long been rumored that on such a primitive planet, the pet divisions were all shrunk behind and let the pets fight in front.

What a silly way of fighting.

What is a pet master?

Aside from the battle pet, he is also extremely powerful, even stronger than the battle pet!

Otherwise, relying solely on the suppression of contracts will not last long after all.

After all, once the cultivation level has reached a certain level, it is difficult to suppress the battle pet by simply relying on the contract.

If you don't have any hard skills, your pet can go back at any time!

Hearing what they said, Yuan Linglu and the others were silent, bowing their heads in silence.

"Okay, you go to make arrangements." The middle-aged man surnamed Fang didn't say much, turned and flew back to the battleship.

Several other people also followed and flew back to the battleship. Before leaving, the middle-aged man with a beard laughed to Gu Siping and said, "Well, don't forget the century-old fairy wine you said."

Gu Siping squeezed out a smile, "I won't forget it."

After a few people flew into the battleship, the battleship lifted into the air and hovered over the floating mountain where Gu Siping lived. From anywhere in this secret realm, you could see the battleship floating to the highest point.

Seeing this overriding posture, some legendary eyes flickered, but they didn't say anything, and they didn't even show their grievances.

Gu Siping turned and said to the old man and the others: "You also go back first, and the children will stay here. Now there is a shortage of manpower all over the world, you should also go back quickly."

Yuan Lao and the others had gloomy eyes, but didn't dare to say anything. They all bowed their hands to say goodbye to him, then explained to the people they had brought, and left.

Watching Grandpa leave, Yuan Linglu clenched her fingers.

She didn't know whether this parting would be a farewell!

She can obviously help with her hand, why she doesn't help, she doesn't understand.

Saying that you can't intervene in other planets at will... She is not a fool, this is definitely an excuse.

If it is not an excuse, then Gu Siping as the peak master, there is no need to be so afraid of the other party, she can even be certain that if a legend just ran into the teacher Fang, the other party will slap him to death!

Can kill the people here, but not the monsters here, what is the reason? !

There was resentment and hatred in her heart, which was deeply hidden in her eyes, and she secretly made up her mind that when she went there, she must practice hard and come back as soon as possible!

Next to him, Gu Siping glanced at the eyes of Yuan Linglu and others, and his two grandsons, and sighed secretly when he saw the unwillingness and anger in their eyes.

He faintly guessed that Teacher Fang's intention was to motivate them.

As for whether they will hate each other for this, it is clear that the other party does not care.

What made him sigh...In order to cultivate a few talents, the other party would rather be exposed to the billions of lives on this planet, as a means to motivate them.

Life is cheaper than grass!

In the eyes of the other party, the natives of these Blue Stars may be primitive people, not even human beings, not their kind.

Maybe it's like how humans perceive orangutans.

There is no compassion!

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