Astral Pet Store Chapter 679

Chapter 679: Anger


Gu Siping was somewhat silent.

He glanced at Pei Tianyi and felt a little sad in his heart. He had countless counts, but he didn't realize that this kid actually shook the guy out.

If he could choose any more, he would definitely ignore this guy directly, and now it's fine, and it has caused him a great trouble!

Seeing Gu Siping's gaze, Pei Tianyi was a little puzzled. He immediately smiled and bowed his head respectfully, revealing an expression of "the peak master does not need to say thank you, this is what the younger generation should do".

Gu Siping's mouth twitched slightly, and he was not in the mood to be angry with him. The other party's surname was middle-aged humanely: "We contacted this person, but we couldn't get in touch."

"No contact? Do you know the address of this person?" The middle-aged man surnamed Fang raised his eyebrows.

Gu Siping had a headache. He looked at Pei Tianyi next to him, for fear that he would say something "amazing".

He also thought at this moment that the guy had been to Zhenwu Academy not long ago and seemed to have dealt with this Pei Tianyi, but the relationship between the two parties was not harmonious, and Su Ping had broken the other's record.

It stands to reason that this Pei Tianyi should hate Su Ping.

Now that I have encountered such a huge opportunity, I even confessed Su Ping. Isn't this an enemy!

"I know the address, I will send someone to contact me now." Gu Siping said with a toothache.


The middle-aged man surnamed Fang nodded, glanced at the time, and said, "Hurry up, I won't wait too long."

Gu Siping moved slightly in his heart, nodded quickly, and immediately found a person among the nearby legends, ordered the matter down, and said: "The wizard named Su Ping, you go to turn down his address and bring it here. ."

Speaking of hurrying to click the three characters, he deliberately stared at the legend.

This legend shook his heart and immediately understood what he meant, and quickly nodded and said yes.

After the legend left, Gu Siping also turned around. The middle-aged man with a smile on his face said: "Teacher Fang, wait a minute, that person will come soon."

"it is good."

Next to him, Yuan Linglu in front of the warship's hatch bit her lip slightly, her eyes complicated.

Seeing that guy in a while?

Is it possible that at Xiu Mia Academy, she will also practice with her and go to school?

Thinking of the other party's feat of killing a destiny monster in the video not long ago, saving a base city, she felt a little uncomfortable.

If it were to practice together? She felt that she would be left behind again.

Although she doesn't want to admit it? But her reason tells her that it is an inevitable result...

"Mr. Gu? That wine..."

The middle-aged man with a beard poked his head out and looked at Gu Siping with a smile.

Gu Siping: "..."



Inside the little naughty shop.

Su Ping and Joanna are in the petting room of the store? Su Ping is sitting in the foster seat? While practicing, listen to Joanna explain to him the basics of Shifang Lock Tianzhen.

From the type of formation, structure, to how to form and break? Explain one by one.

Due to limited time? Joanna did not fully popularize all the basic knowledge of Su Ping's formation, but only explained specifically for the Shifang Locking Sky Formation.

Even if Su Ping learns, he can only master this formation, and against the formation, he is still a novice.

"So that's it..."

Su Ping nodded seemingly.

Some things do not understand? He immediately asked, anyway, is his own person? Not ashamed, shamelessly... it is a virtue to ask without shame.

"Wait? I'll contact Lao Xie first to see what's going on outside."

Perceive the passage of time? Su Ping recovers from Joanna's lecture? Every time? He will contact Lao Xie once to see the situation outside.

Nowadays, many communication base stations in the deserted area have been destroyed, and global news is no longer visible. However, the sub-land area is divided into three lines of defense. Each line of defense has more than ten base cities to jointly transmit intelligence, and Dazhou News can still be obtained as usual.

"Old Xie, it's me."

"Boss Su, there is no news from the other lines of defense. The previous commotion seems to have stopped, and the waves are calm."

As soon as the communication was connected, Xie Jinshui quickly said, knowing Su Ping's purpose of contacting him.

"Really, it's been a long time, and now there is no movement?" Su Ping frowned.

In the previous few contacts, there was no movement. At present, the situation outside the defense line is very safe, and the activities of the beast tide have not been detected. It seems that all the monster beasts that were about to attack have disappeared from the Asian land area.

This is good news, but Su Ping is not happy, but rather worried.

If something goes wrong, there must be a problem.

"Can you reach other continents?" Su Ping asked.

Xie Jinshui said: "I tried it. Thanks to Boss Su who saved the Dragon Whale earlier, we are now accepted by the Star Whale Defense Line. The intelligence station there is also available for us to mobilize. It's just that information on other continents is still not available. Legend said that he is going to visit other continents in person, but it is still being discussed. After all, the situation is dangerous now, and the power of Legend is too precious to leave easily."

"Whoever wants to go, let him go. In this situation, I always feel a little uneasy. Don't let the monster beasts in the Asian land area leave and move to other continents. Other continents have fallen." Su Ping said.

Xie Jinshui laughed bitterly.

Isn't he so worried, after all, he has lost contact with other continents, and the Asian continent is too calm, too weird.

"Don't wait and see anymore. I have already discussed with the Star Whale Defense Line and sent sentries to expand the scope of investigation. If I can find the beast tide, I don't have to worry too much." Xie Jinshui said.

In the past, I was afraid of seeing the animal tide, but now I am afraid of not seeing the animal tide.

Su Ping nodded.

After hanging up the communication, Su Ping thought for a moment, then shook his head and sighed. In any case, even if other continents have fallen or are suffering, he can't help.

After all, traveling to and from a continent is not like rushing to the Dragon Whale Base City and returning in a few hours.

At his speed, if he hurried at full speed, it would take five or six hours to go back and forth, which is enough time for many things to happen.

"Let's continue." Su Ping said to Joanna.

As soon as possible to master the ten-square lock sky formation, he can also crack it as soon as possible. If he can absorb the star power that has been blocked for thousands of years, he may be able to break through the shackles and become a legend.

As long as the energy is enough, no matter what the inspiring is not inspiring Heavenly Tribulation, it is rude and arrogant, without reason.

"it is good."

Joanna nodded.

The two continued to speak and listen.

Less than two hours later, Su Ping's communicator rang.

Su Ping was immersed in the formation structure that Joanna was talking about, and was awakened by the sound of the communicator. His heart shook and saw that it was Lao Xie's number.

"Is there anything?"

Su Ping quickly connected.

"Boss Su, there is a legend who just came from the peak tower and said he came to you and asked me for your address. I couldn't refuse. I guess he is heading towards you. You have to be careful." Xie Jinshui hastily Tao.

Su Ping was taken aback, and his tight heart suddenly relaxed.

Legend of the Peak Tower?

He raised his eyebrows slightly. At this moment, why did the other party come to him?

Do you want to reconcile or cooperate?

With doubts, Su Ping got up and left the boarding place and came to the store.

As soon as he arrived at the door of the store, he saw a figure flying fast, not fast, comparable to the title level, but the energy in his body was undoubtedly the legend of the vast sea.


This legend landed outside the store. He was a rough-faced middle-aged man. He saw Su Ping at the entrance of the store, his eyes flashed, and he walked up the steps and said, "Your Excellency is Mr. Su Ping, right?"

"What's up here?"

Su Ping asked directly.

Seeing Su Ping's condescending posture, the middle-aged man felt a little uncomfortable. After all, he is a legend and has been in a high position for a long time. Even the peak owner would not send another legend like Su Ping's posture.

"That's it. According to Mr. Su's talent, you have got a very precious and rare opportunity. A prestigious school in the Star Federation came here to recruit students. I took a fancy to Mr. Su's talents. I want you to come over for an interview. If Mr. Su can If you are selected, you can enter the prestigious federal school, and it has become so popular since then."

The middle-aged man smiled and said, hiding his unhappiness towards Su Ping. Before he came, he had seen all kinds of secret information about Su Ping, which were collected by Fengta.

The boy in front of him is definitely a monster.

Although the peak owner hinted that he was delaying the time, if the teacher at Xiu Mia College waited patiently and finally waited for Su Ping and selected him, then it would be irrational to behave with Su Ping.

The best way to deal with people is to not guilty on both sides. This is called "Emotional Intelligence."

"Star Federation? Famous school?"

Su Ping was taken aback.

I thought it was here to reconcile, or negotiate and cooperate to solve the abyssal beast tide, but suddenly some federation and prestigious schools appeared.

He knew about the Federation, the Blue Star was in the Federation, it was a fringe planet and was not taken seriously.

In the Federation, the strong are like clouds...

At the moment when the beast tide broke out, this famous school in the federation would actually come here to recruit students, which is a great good thing!

"Then who are recruiting students from the prestigious federal schools, what is their cultivation base, do they have a destiny?" Su Ping asked immediately.

The middle-aged man was taken aback, and immediately laughed: "Boss Su is really joking, what a place is the Federation, and that prestigious school is even more of a first-class one. The seniors who come here to recruit students have heard that the lowest is in the Destiny Realm. There was also a tutor who had a higher cultivation base than the peak master. He was the legendary starry sky realm expert who was able to cross the starry sky universe without the help of any foreign objects..."

"Starry Sky Realm?"

Su Ping's eyes lit up.

When the Federation's starry sky realm powerhouse came over, it was simply dozing off to give a pillow!

This abyssal monster is definitely going out without reading the almanac, and it has been **** for eight hundred lifetimes!

"Great, if someone from the Starry Sky Realm comes over, our animal tide is basically stable. This is too timely, haha..." Su Ping couldn't help laughing.

Even though the beast tide broke out in an all-round way, no matter what, he could still shrink within the shop and couldn't die.

But all over the world, with a large population, he has the ability to save people, but he cannot save the world!

But the starry sky realm powerhouse is different.

You can directly find the lair of the abyss beast tide, and kill it!

This middle-aged man was slightly stunned when he saw Su Ping's hearty laugh. The point in his words was the starry sky, it was your great opportunity that day!

But Su Ping didn't seem to hear it, and instead was concerned about the global animal tide.

His face changed slightly, and suddenly a trace of shame appeared in his heart.

If it was his words, he was so excited that everything was left behind.

"Mr. Su, the other party came here to recruit students, and does not interfere with the internal affairs of our planet. This abyssal beast tide... We still have to solve it by ourselves." The middle-aged man whispered, his voice mixed with bitterness.

Although he is loyal to the peak master, he is also from Blue Star.

And he didn't have the chance to go to the prestigious federal school, so he could only stay at Blue Star and coexist and die.

From all the news and intelligence he had, he knew that this time the abyssal beast tide was raging, and eight demon beasts in the Destiny Realm had been exposed!

He himself was not sure whether he could survive this beast wave.


The smile on Su Ping's face was suddenly stunned.


Don't interfere with the internal affairs of the planet?

Su Ping stared slightly.

What kind of **** is this? !

Taking the strong from the Federation, or sending any starry sky realm strong, is enough to expel the monster beasts on the blue star and let human beings become the sole master of this planet again!

But the Federation did not do so.

Well, it's fine if you haven't done such a thing before, and ignore the blue star as a fringe planet.

But now with great difficulty, in the face of such a crisis, the other party has come!

The result actually said, don't get involved in this matter? !

"Does the other party not know the beast tide erupting here, or do they think we are capable of solving it? Or do they not know, what is the population of our Blue Star?" Su Ping threw out several questions in a row and stared at the middle-aged.

The middle-aged man saw the angry face in Su Ping's eyes. When he was surprised, he opened his mouth slightly, and finally smiled bitterly: "The peak master has already told the other party and pleaded with the other party, but the other party said they have their own rules..."

"What **** rules!!"

Su Ping suddenly became angry.

Rules are important to life? !

And it's not one life, it's billions of lives!

What rules can be more important than so many lives? Not to mention, he doesn't think that the other party has violated this rule-breaking, and there will be any greater negative impact!

"The other party said not to intervene in the internal affairs of the planet? Can your communicator directly contact the peak master, right now the other party is in your peak tower secret realm?" Su Ping resisted his anger.

The middle-aged man saw that Su Ping's tone was wrong, and said, "Mr. Su, you...what are you doing?"

"I want to scold my mother!"

Su Ping angrily said: "I want to see, I scold his mother, he won't get angry, come and kill me! Didn't it mean that he will not interfere with the internal affairs of the planet? Since killing monsters can't work, can you kill people?!"

The middle-aged man stared slightly.

Scolding mother? !

The opponent is a starry sky realm powerhouse!

Su Ping actually dared to get angry at the starry sky powerhouse? !

Seeing Su Ping's expression, he felt that Su Ping was here for real.

This guy... is really crazy!

At the beginning, I dared to single out the dignity of the peak tower, but now I want to scold the starry strong!

And this time... it was cursed for the abyss beast tide, for the innocent lives of the world...

The middle-aged mans eyelids twitched slightly, and suddenly he felt a little afraid to look directly at Su Ping. He didnt have this kind of courage. Looking at the entire Blue Star, no one might have it!

Even the peak master, in front of the "Teacher Fang" in the starry sky realm, is only a promise, and laughs carefully.

After a moment of silence, the middle-aged man looked up at Su Ping and said: "Mr. Su, don't be impulsive. I know you have your heart and mind. To be honest, it makes me feel ashamed, but the opponent is a strong star in the starry sky, so angry. Under the circumstances, I must dare to kill people. I think you can go to that college. With Mr. Su's talents, I believe you will be able to return soon and save Blue Star from the fire."

In words, his name for Su Ping has been changed to "you", which is quite respectful.

"There is this kind of teacher, just this kind of **** college, I won't go." Su Ping's face was cold, and said: "Can you contact the peak owner? Give me the communicator. I will see if the other party can Break this rule!"

The middle-aged man took a step back, his face was complicated, and said, "Mr. Su, don't embarrass me. I don't have a communicator, and I won't let you do such a thing. I think you should go to that college just for Blue Star, even if you really dont want to go, I dont want to see you die..."

Before, he didn't have a good feeling for Su Ping. After all, he was the guy who singled out the peak tower and slapped all the legends in the face.

But now, he feels ashamed for his grind on the road.

"Send to death? It is not certain who will die. As long as he dares to come, I will let him die for you!" Su Ping sneered.


The middle-aged man was stunned and couldn't help laughing bitterly.

This guy is really as arrogant as ever, it's crazy!

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