Astral Pet Store Chapter 680

Chapter 680: Go Away

"Hurry up, give me the communicator, I know you must have it!" Su Ping waved his hand angrily.

How could he miss such an opportunity.

Once the opponent leaves like this, with the scale of the abyssal beast tide, the world will surely be overwhelmed!

Even if it is to use scolding, he has to scold the other party, and then use the system's ability to suppress it in the shop and force the other party to contribute!

"I really didn't..." The middle-aged man stepped back again and said with a wry smile: "Mr. Su, now the communication base stations in the barren area have been destroyed, and my communicator cannot directly connect to the secret realm. Otherwise, I will definitely give you."

"Is it?"

Su Ping frowned and squinted at him, unable to tell the truth from the false.

"Then do you have an empty-eater?"

"This, I was ordered to come out to pick you up for the interview, I didn't bring this."

Su Ping's face turned cold, and said: "Then you go back and tell the person, let him come to see me in person, just say that I don't care about his broken academy, just say that the little master is waiting for him here, he will be a grandson if he doesn't come. !"

The middle-aged man opened his mouth slightly and was speechless.

He has no doubt that he really brought these words to him. It is estimated that he was the first to be photographed to death.

"This one"

"If you didn't bring the words and let these people leave, I will commit suicide on the summit tower, ask you to settle the account, and fill it with your life!" Su Ping looked at him with sharp eyes and threatened.

He would like to say directly that this is about billions of lives worldwide.

But the legend in front of him...maybe because of prejudice. Except for the legends of Li Yuanfeng who guarded the abyss, Su Ping looked down on and distrusted the legends of other peaks on the surface.

For these people, the threat of death is more effective.


The middle-aged people are a little confused.

The respect and goodwill he had just established for Su Ping was immediately obliterated.

It is said that the genius and the lunatic are close to each other, this guy definitely has an abnormal brain.

If someone wants to leave, what does it have to do with him? He did this not to protect you Su Ping!

Just that kind of arrogant words... If it's him, it is estimated that he will kill him directly? Slap Su Ping to death!

He didn't want to bring words? He didn't want to see Su Ping die.

"Mr. Su, I will bring it there? But I think the other party has been in a hurry? I might not be irritated by you." The middle-aged man said cautiously, saying this to save himself.

Bring words? It's impossible to talk in this life.

"In a hurry?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows.

He thought for a while and said: "Using the cultivation base of the Starry Sky Realm, I rushed here from the peak tower secret realm? It doesn't take an hour? The other party should be able to squeeze out this time? In other words, as long as I curse more exciting , The other party can still spare time, after all, there will always be time squeezing..."

The middle-aged man is dumbfounded.

He felt like he was going crazy.

This guy really wants to rush to send [biqugex.me] to death!

Do you really want to provoke a strong starry sky?

"That... Su Xian..."

Su Ping interrupted him? Grabbing his shoulder? said: "The words I said below, you have to bring them as they are. By the way, you take out the communicator and record it for me with a recording? Go back. Just let them listen, lest you remember it wrong? Some swear words miss a word, and it sounds wrong!"


The middle-aged man was a little confused? But under Su Ping's manipulation, he still had to take out the communicator.

After he called up the recording function? Su Ping gave a light cough? Sorted out his throat? Then he took a deep breath and said: "#%*...... (omit the ten-minute harmony word

Middle-aged: "..."

His hand holding the communicator was shaking slightly.

This guy grew up in the smelly ditch.

The level of this swear word...Fortunately, the person scolded in it is not him, otherwise he feels that his cardiovascular system can burst!

I scolded for ten minutes without breathing!

"These should be enough." Su Ping changed his breath and thought about it. From the grandparents and the women, to the college behind the other party and the daily life, everything seems to have been "taken care of".

If the other party hears this and can deal with it calmly and leave directly, then I guess...the other party is really in a hurry.

"Okay, you can go back, hurry up on the road." Su Ping stood on the steps outside the door, patted the shoulders of the middle-aged man under the steps, and said: "Remember, you must show it to the other party. This is about the world. The life and death of billions of people is also related to your life and death. If the other party does not come, come and pave the way for my door!"

The middle-aged mans mouth twitches.

This 10-minute recording of swear words in my own hands is about the life and death of billions of people around the world?

If you didn't know the content, just listen to Su Ping's words and thought it was a super nuclear weapon activation code!

"I, I know."

The middle-aged man glanced at Su Ping cautiously, "Mr. Su...you don't think about it anymore?"

"Why, is the scolding not thorough enough?" Su Ping was puzzled.


forget it!

The middle-aged man turned around and left. When he walked a few meters away, he turned his head and said, "Mr. Su, if the other party does not come... please be merciful."

After speaking, he quickly pulled out and left, galloping out.

Su Ping looked at his back, frowning.

After thinking about it, he still felt a little worried, took out the communicator and contacted Lao Xie.

"Boss Su, it's still calm outside at the moment..."

"It's not about looking for you." Su Ping interrupted Xie Jinshui's words, and said, "Does the commander-in-chief of the Star Whale Line of Defense know? Can I get in touch? Ask if there is an air-biting insect in his hand. I'll send it here, I want to contact the peak tower."

"Contact Peak Tower?" Xie Jinshui was taken aback, and suddenly said, "What happened?"

"It's nothing, I'm afraid that someone will not bring it with me." Su Ping said.


"It's hard to say a word."

"This... I'll make arrangements right away."

When the communication was hung up, Su Ping was also relieved. If he hadn't had to rely on the shop to suppress the Starry Sky Realm, he had planned to rush to the peak tower to taunt.

A few minutes later, Xie Jinshui returned the newsletter: "Boss Su, I just contacted the senior Lu Legendary who is now hosting over there. He said that the Air Eater had one before, but it was in the hands of Old Nie, and Old Nie has fallen. In the Dragon Whale Base City, the air-eater in his hand also died."

"Now they have applied to the headquarters of the peak tower, and the new aerial worms are still on the way over, and it will take some time."

Su Ping's face changed slightly, and he cursed inwardly.

What kind of luck is this!

Thinking of Lao Nie, Su Ping couldn't wait to summon the other party again and torment him.

"It's really inadequate and more than defeat." Su Ping was annoyed and said to Old Xie: "Old Xie, you can think of a way, let Legendary Lu also find a way to see if you can borrow from other nearby defense lines. Come here as soon as possible, preferably within two hours."

"Okay, I will think of a way."

Hearing Su Ping's angry voice, Xie Jinshui also realized that the matter was serious.

"I hope the threat is useful..." Su Ping looked at the distant sky outside the store with worry in his eyes.


At the same time, a harmonious recording that can save billions of people is flying to the secret realm of the peak tower.

In the secret realm of the peak tower.

The huge battleship is suspended in the sky, bringing a great sense of oppression to the legend in the tower and the many titles that are busy serving here.


A figure galloped over and rushed to the suspended mountain under the battleship.

"came back."

Gu Siping frowned slightly when he saw the returning figure, but he quickly returned to nature.

The speed of this return...a lot faster than he thought.

Don't take a deep look at the returning middle-aged man, with a smile on his face, he asked, "Why do you come back alone and ask you to take the junior Su?"

Seeing the coldness in Gu Siping's eyes, the middle-aged man secretly groaned in his heart. He was not pleased on Gu Siping's side, and it was even more troublesome on Su Ping's side. He felt that today was his hardest day.

"This...returning to the peak master, Mr. Su said that he is unwilling to leave Blue Star." The middle-aged man immediately bowed his head and said respectfully.

"Not willing?"

Gu Siping raised his eyebrows, his eyes flashed with a touch of sigh and smile, but his face quickly became gloomy, and he snorted coldly: "Didn't you tell him that the college that invited him to is the top school in the Star Federation? That is the holy ground for cultivation that countless pet masters have dreamed of!"

"Graduating from there, you can cultivate to the destiny state at will, and hope to detach yourself and become a great figure in the universe!"

"How could he refuse, how dare to refuse!"

Hearing Gu Siping's words, the corners of the middle-aged man's mouth moved slightly.

This... Obviously, it was addressed to the powerful people in Xiumia Academy nearby.

This flattering...very quiet!

"Return to the peak master, I have brought these words, but the other party said that he is very good at Blue Star cultivation, does not want to leave, and refused to come for the interview." The middle-aged man respectfully said, lowering his head even more. , No one can see his expression at the moment.

Gu Siping showed an angry smile and said, "It's ignorant!"

"I really think I have some aptitude, so I can be arrogant, who is not higher than his aptitude!"

The middle-aged man curled his lips slightly, knowing that the other party said so, he wanted to belittle Su Ping, and he also wanted to dispel the thoughts of those few.

After all, after spending so long in the peak tower, he still knew the peak master very well.


In the distance, the middle-aged man surnamed Fang glanced at the middle-aged man and said indifferently: "Since I am a stupid person, I don't want to force it. It's a pity that we have delayed so much time. I hope I won't see this again in the future. A man of heights and earth!"

Gu Siping's face changed slightly, and he heard what he meant.

He secretly rejoiced in his heart, but on the surface he quickly said: "Teacher Fang makes atonement. These juniors are like this. They rely on a bit of talent, and you don't know where there is a heaven. You should not be familiar with such a small person."

"How can Hong Hu see the ants?"

The middle-aged man surnamed Fang looked indifferent, and turned around and said: "I mean, you can understand it. Go away. I also wish you good luck and persevere in the beast disaster."

After speaking, he turned and stepped into the battleship.

Several people next to him also flew in.

The hatch of the battleship was closed, and Yuan Linglu and others in the battleship were sitting in their respective positions. When they were waiting before, they all sat here honestly and did not dare to walk around.

They all heard the conversation outside.

Pei Tianyi was a little stunned, Su Ping was actually unwilling to come for an interview?

He was at a loss and couldn't figure it out.

Next to him, Yuan Linglu's tight goose-dandy face was obviously relaxed at this moment, and her heart also let out a long sigh of relief.

not coming.

Did that guy choose to stay at Blue Star, coexist and die?

Still look down on the college they are going to?

The corner of Yuan Linglu's mouth was slightly raised, and he secretly shook his head, after all, he was limited by his vision and arrogance.

Do you really think you are talented, can you cultivate to the top in a wild place like Blue Star?


The impact of the environment on people is extremely important!

People who live in the desolate desert are not as good as the rich women who are maintained in the base city. This is the importance of the environment and resources!

"Goodbye, grandpa..."

"Goodbye... next time I come back, I will definitely surpass you!"

Yuan Linglu's gaze looked at the many floating mountains beyond the battleship's porthole, with a blurry color in his eyes.

The yearning and curiosity for the Federation made her faintly excited.

For the Blue Star who left this childhood life, he is a little nostalgic and reluctant to give up.

But she knew that she would take off eventually, just like this battleship set sail, flying for nine days, dazzling again!



The battleship set sail, slowly flying out of the secret realm of the peak tower.

The space blockade of the secret realm is useless in front of the strong starry sky realm.

Gu Siping led many legends and titles, and followed all the way to the outside of the secret realm.

Looking at the blue tail flames sprayed from the back of the battleship, until the battleship disappeared, everyone looked back.

Many legends and titles showed loss and loss in their eyes. They knew that the only strong man who could save Blue Star had just left.

Without mercy and hesitation, left here.

Many people felt resentment in their hearts, but they didn't show it. On the contrary, it was more of a sadness to see that they were weak.


The middle-aged man looked into the distance, somewhat melancholy and sorrowful.

He still didn't take out the harmony recording hidden in his communicator.

He did this because he wanted to protect Su Ping, but he didn't want to see Su Ping killed.

At the same time, I was afraid of being killed.

After all... Those words are too "exciting".

The excitement was a bit too much, he worried that the other party would not only shoot him to death after listening, but also kill the other legends present.

After all, if you are really mad, the other party may not be unable to do such a thing!

"Do you really have to see that guy?" Gu Siping retracted his gaze, sensed his surroundings, and asked the middle-aged man only after he noticed that there was no hidden peeking.

His eyes are like torches, looking directly into the middle-aged's eyes.

The middle-aged man saw what Gu Siping was thinking, he sighed in his heart, and said with a wry smile: "Return to the peak master, I did pass. When I went there, I encountered something on the way. It took a lot of time. The man really didn't want to come. , I also told the truth about the situation, but the other party didnt look at it at all..."

Gu Siping nodded slightly when he heard the word not leaking.

"Arrogance pays." He narrowed his eyes and said indifferently.

"Peak Master, they are gone, so what should we do now?" The middle-aged person did not want to entangle these things anymore. Thinking of Su Ping's first reaction when he heard the news, he first cared about solving the animal tide. He asked: " Now the abyss monsters are all over the world, can we solve it by ourselves...?"

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