Astral Pet Store Chapter 682

Chapter 682: Destruction

The news left the intelligence station silent.

Even these well-trained front-line intelligence workers, with exceptional psychological quality, are somewhat desperate and panic at the moment.

The Nordic continent... is destroyed!

An entire continent was wiped out!

All the base cities above, with a population of two or three billion, are all buried in the belly of the monster!

Only the legends sitting there, a few escaped, and some powerful titles rushed out, and the remaining ordinary people were almost all lost!

All base cities have become dens of monsters!

If the source is not true, no one can believe it is true.

In the long silence, the leader in charge of the intelligence station, a title limit was the first to react, his face was ugly, and he said: "Immediately pass this news to the peak tower, in addition, pass this news directly to the legend who is currently in charge of the three defense lines. , Directly activate the emergency secret communication and contact them personally, this news must not be leaked!"

Once such shocking news is revealed, the Asian land area will also fall into chaos.

Countless ordinary people will despair. Once they are desperate, they can do anything.

Everyone came back to their senses, their faces were pale, but they still obeyed the arrangement of their superiors, operating quickly in front of the instrument to pass the news.


As the news broke out, the three major defense headquarters in the Yalu District all received the news as soon as possible.

After seeing the content of the news clearly, even the legends fell into sluggishness.

A continent was destroyed in a flash!

Quietly, there were no signs or news before!

They didn't even receive the news for help!

This can only show that the speed of destruction far exceeds their imagination!

"Could it be... this time human beings really will be completely extinct?"

In the Blood Rock Defense Line, one of the three major defense lines, a legendary old woman stands in the attic, looking out at the night, feeling that the night is terribly deep? Like ink that is too thick to melt? It is hard to breathe.

"Are these evildoers concentrated on attacking North Europe..." In the Shenglong line of defense, the old man with white sideburns was sitting in the office study? His brows frowned.

He is the original old man? He is also the commander-in-chief and person in charge of the Shenglong line of defense.

The news previously learned from the peak master? There are eight destiny monsters. He knows that the scale of this beast wave is extremely large? But he didn't expect that? It was even more terrifying than he thought!

He remembered that in Northern Europe, there were also three virtual cave realms sitting in town.

But from the intelligence, only one Void Cave Realm escaped, and the other two fell!

And the one who escaped? Returned to the peak tower to recover.

But... when other continents are gradually destroyed? Eventually the peak tower will also face this beast wave. At that time, where can we escape?

"It seems that we have to think of a way in advance, and we can't just sit back and wait."

"Fortunately, she has already left? These guys came in time, but it's a pity..."

Yuan Laos eyes flickered? It was both relief and sigh. What was relieved was that his granddaughter had left the land of Purgatory, Blue Star? What sighed was that the strong man who came to recruit students could save them with a simple effort? But chose to ignore it? And they couldn't beg for it, otherwise the begging would make the other person impatient, raise their hands and be killed, and they would die before the tide of beasts came.

"Hidden place...maybe that secret realm can."

The old eyes flickered. Although the blue star was not big, there were many starry sky cracks in the deserted area. Some of the starry sky cracks contained lost worlds with secret inheritance.

The space in the inheritance of these secret realms is huge, and there are many secret realms, which can be regarded as many hiding places.


"Northern Europe... gone."

In the Star Whale Line of Defense, a middle-aged legend sits in a chair, and the secret report he has just heard echoes in his ears.

The huge Northern Europe is gone!

He was in a daze, thinking a lot in a moment, but soon he woke up, and a figure appeared in his mind.

"This news must be notified to him!"

The middle-aged man's eyes cleared up, he knew that the real backing in the Star Whale line of defense was the young man, and the other party was entitled to know about such a major event.



In the little naughty shop.

"You said that we are in the same room in the middle of the night, alone and alone, but we are talking about the formation, does anyone believe it?" Su Ping poured a glass of water for Joanna and smiled casually.

Joanna took the warm water, gave Su Ping a blank look, and said: "When is it all, and I am still in the mood to laugh, it is where you live now that is suffering."

"No matter how bad the situation is, it doesn't affect the joke, it can't get worse anyway."

Su Ping smiled.

Joanna drank the water and said: "Based on your current progress, you should be able to master it in two days, and you can learn it in three days... It shows that my level of teaching is really good."

"Ha ha."


Su Ping's communicator rang.

The smile disappeared on his face, and he frowned.

"Boss Su." Xie Jinshui's voice immediately came from the communicator, his voice trembling a little, and said: "Gang, there was news just now, something happened!"

"What's the matter?" A picture of the depths of the Abyss Cave appeared in Su Ping's mind, and his heart tightened slightly.

"Northern Europe... is destroyed!"

Xie Jinshui trembled: "An entire continent was wiped out! I heard that the legends who were sitting there were killed and injured a lot, but only two or three escaped! All the base cities there are gone, and they are all destroyed. The monster has broken through!"

Su Ping's face changed slightly, a little ugly.


It's time to come.

He knew that with the traces of monsters he saw in the depths of the abyss cave, the scale of this beast wave would never be small.

"I see." Su Ping said in a low voice.

Thinking of the Federation powerhouse who had just left during the day, his fingers gripped the communicator slightly, and the anger in his heart rose again, but this time, he did not show it, just restrained it in his heart.

As soon as the starry sky powerhouse of the Federation left, Northern Europe was destroyed at night. This beast tide is definitely not a coincidence!

Su Ping never underestimated the intelligence quotient of monsters. Some king beasts who have been practicing for hundreds of years have long become human spirits, and they can plan calculations just like humans.

He even suspected that this monster beast could also gain insight into human intelligence.

"Our current commander-in-chief of the Star Whale Defense Line, Master Lu Chuanqi is coming to you to discuss this matter, and he is heading to your side." Xie Jinshui's fear calmed down a bit. Although Su Ping said nothing, he heard With Su Ping's voice, there was a sense of security in his heart.

"I will let the sentry keep an eye on the surrounding wasteland, Boss Su, this time..."

"Can survive!"

Before Xie Jinshui finished speaking, Su Ping interrupted him, very confident and authentic.

Confidence is needed at this time!

Need to be firm!

If the despair collapses before the battle, it will only completely extinguish the already slim hope!

Hearing Su Pings words, Xie Jinshuis heart was shocked. The original dazedness and fear were mostly faded. His face changed slightly, he took a deep breath, and said bitterly: "At this time, I actually asked Boss Su to comfort me. I am ashamed, I know what to do, no matter what, I will lead everyone and fight to the last minute!"


Su Ping nodded.

After hanging up the communication, Su Ping looked outside the store.

In the night, a figure galloped over, with a legendary breath.

"Boss Su."

Soon, that legend flew to the shop, and it was Lu Legend who was currently sitting on the Star Whale Defense Line.

Su Ping nodded and said, "The news I just heard from Mayor Xie, this time the tide of beasts is extraordinary, the abyss has been silent for many years, and countless fierce king beasts have been born. There are many destiny beasts, far more than you. There is still a lot of knowledge, and we must keep an eye on the surrounding intelligence, otherwise we will be directly attacked and there will be no time for assistance."

The rough-faced Lu Chuanqi was taken aback, looking at the calm young man in front of him, he suddenly felt a little more confident in his heart. He solemnly said: "I will. Since Mr. Su already knows about this, then I can rest assured. , Mr. Su has any ideas, you can contact me directly, this is my communication number."

"it is good."

Su Ping wrote down his communication number and entered it into his communicator.

"I suggest that the base city in the line of defense should shrink again, the smaller the scope, the more concentrated, the better the protection." Su Ping thought for a while, and still said.

Lu Chuanqi was startled, thought for a while, and said, "I will find a way. Although most people are unwilling to leave their base city, it is an extraordinary period and they must obey."

Su Ping nodded.

The above news is blocked, these ordinary people do not yet know the seriousness of the matter.

Although we know that the scale of the animal tide and disaster is very large, it has not yet associated the extinction of all mankind.

Once someone really thinks of this step, it will cause panic and even worse things will happen.

After saying goodbye, Lu Chuanqi left, and Su Ping also turned and entered the shop.

"Legends are still too few. If there is any way, it will be enough to make the title realm directly break into a legend." Su Ping shook his head and sighed.

Joanna heard Su Ping's words and said calmly: "It's not impossible, but the price is a bit big."

"There is a way?"

Su Ping was startled and stared at her.

"Of course, the legend in your mouth is not an extraordinary realm. It's just the first step from the ordinary stage to the cultivation stage. The real difficulty is becoming the starry sky realm."

Joanna said indifferently: "In what I know, there are several divine fruits, which can help the living body directly reincarnate and fade the mortal body."


Su Ping blinked.

Sure enough, knowledge is power!

Joannas vision is definitely not comparable to him. After all, her deity is a demigod Order God. Although this realm is in the Federation, I dont know what level of cultivation it is, but she is definitely a top-level powerhouse. .

"Then these divine fruits, do you have them?" Su Ping asked immediately.

When she heard this, Joanna gave him a blank look and said: "The idea hit me again."

"Who made you a rich woman? Oh no, a goddess." Su Ping said with a smile.

"You are a goddess, and your whole family are goddesses."

Joanna rolled her eyes with anger, goddess? They describe the old lady of the Protoss race. Although she knows the age of her deity... slightly older, but what is that?

Have you eaten your rice?

"Listen to me first." Joanna snorted coldly, and said, "Except for one of these divine fruits, which is called the original divine fruit, the other divine fruits have side effects. Jie Shen Guo... it is very rare, even rarer than some treasures at the main **** level."

"Although other divine fruits can also help cultivators to break through and become transcendents, they skip the catastrophe, coupled with the side effects of external forces and divine fruits, the aptitude of the users will drop a lot. The strength is also weak, unless it is the kind of junior who has a big family and a big business, who is really unqualified, and the mud can't support the wall, otherwise no one will eat."

Su Ping was stunned.

"Do you have the original Jie Shen Guo?"

"No." Joanna replied decisively, giving him a slanted look, "I would have given it to you if I wanted it."

Su Ping's heart warmed.

With a fierce tone and expression, the words are very gentle.

"What about other divine fruits?" Su Ping said, "It doesn't matter if your qualifications are lowered. I can find those titled realms that have never been able to become legends for a lifetime. Anyway, they have no hope of becoming legends. They don't have the potential. It is absolutely priceless."

"That's true."

Joanna nodded and said, "But I only have two such divine fruits. After all, they are tasteless garbage, and I didn't collect them much."

"Two will do," Su Ping said quickly.

Two are good too.

He can create two legends. What he values is not the combat power of this legend, but the number and level of pet beasts the opponent can sign!

The legend of the vast sea realm, can sign the virtual cave realm battle pet!

And can sign a full eleven!

Two divine fruits, twenty-two!

The two legends created by this are equivalent to the porters of battle pets. What Su Ping needs to do is to get the opponent to sign the battle pet, and let the battle pets he cultivated go to war!

Twenty-two virtual cave realm battle pets, this battle power is almost comparable to the legend of the twelve virtual cave realm of the peak tower!


When Joanna saw that Su Ping really wanted it, she didn't shirk anymore. Anyway, it was what she didn't want, and she increasingly regarded herself as someone close to Su Ping.

"This divine fruit, you'd better give it to others, it's useless to eat it yourself." Joanna saw the eagerness in Su Ping's eyes, worried that he would be dizzy.

Su Ping stunned: "Why is it useless for me to eat?"

"This divine fruit breaks through the last barrier. Like you, relying on this divine fruit to break through the barrier to become a legend, the loss is very big, it also limits your future aptitude, and the divine fruit brings you a very good improvement. Small, only those who are already weak can be promoted."

Joanna said.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly and nodded, "I know."

After listening to Joanna's previous words, he didn't plan to eat this divine fruit either. After all, this is equivalent to pulling out the seedlings and promoting the sequelae.

"Then we will fetch it now?"

"Right now."

Su Ping nodded, and the communication system in his heart turned on the demigod.


After half an hour, a space vortex emerged.

Su Ping and Joanna stepped back to the shop again.

Only half an hour passed outside, and about half a day inside.

"Have you ever thought about giving it to someone?" Joanna asked Su Ping.

Su Ping thought for a while, and said, "I haven't thought about it yet, I'll find a way to choose."

People who eat this divine fruit must be someone he trusts.

However, there are not many title realms around him that he can trust. Although he also knows some title realms, like Qin Shuhai of the Qin family, his qualifications are not bad. With the right opportunity in the future, he may be expected to become a legend by himself, giving the other party a divine fruit, which is a bit cheating on the other party. a feeling of.

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