Astral Pet Store Chapter 683

Chapter 683: Sweeping

at the same time.

Late at night, the moon is bright and clear.

Somewhere in the sea, the waves are turbulent, and the moonlight shines on the sea surface, reflecting the sparkling waves, but the surging sea is extremely deep, like the backs of countless monsters.

With a few bangs, water splashed, three huge figures emerged from the bottom of the sea, all with hideous postures, huge.

"Blood Shark King, the inland passage has been dug for you. The lord has an order, act tonight!"

In the void, the space was rippling, and a slender figure with a height of four or five meters appeared. This figure roughly looked like a human, but had scales and spikes on its body, and its arms were too long, like a sickle.

It looked down at the three giant beasts in the sea and said in a low voice.

"So urgent?"

One of its backs resembled a monster beast with a machete on a giant mountain, making a hoarse buzzing sound.


A pair of dark silver pupils of this slender figure revealed a murderous intent, "We have been waiting for thousands of years, and waiting for another second is intolerable! The war has begun, and the crusade troops in the north have already acted. We must take advantage of these **** straight feet. Before the reptiles can react, kill them all!"

On the sea surface, the three giant beasts looked at each other, but they didn't speak.

The blood shark with an extremely long back and tens of meters like a scimitar said: "I know, I will summon the children."

The slender figure glanced at three of them, nodded and said, "Hold on."


The figure faded away and disappeared into the space.

"Brother, do we really want to act?"

After the figure faded, one of the giant shadow urns sounded.

The Blood Shark King said in a low voice: "I heard that Haidi has already obeyed that lord, we have to follow, just now this guy...you also feel that it is very close to the'heaven' state, really fight, it is estimated that we three will join forces. None of them may be defeated. The guys in these abyss... are more cruel than us!"

Hearing it talked about Haidi, the other two giant shadows had their pupils slightly shrunken? No more words.


Is this the recognized lord of the sea monsters? Rule all sea monsters!

But Haidi is extremely low-key, living in the deep sea all year round? And these sea monster beasts? Normally, they can't look down on that pitiful land space.

After all, on the entire planet? Sea area is far more than land area.

For them, the sea is their "land"? Is it the place where they live and love? The harsh environment like the land is not willing to treat them, and they don't bother to erode.

Hum! !

Seeing both of them, there was nothing to say, the blood shark king's cheeks shook suddenly? A wide range of over-frequency sound waves burst out? Swept out along the sea.

In an instant, the surrounding sea suddenly became restless.

Before long, shadows churned from the sea in the distance. They were huge monster beasts tens of meters long, and most of them had giant sickle-like fins.

Every end can easily crush an ordinary sailboat? Ordinary dinghy can be swallowed in one bite!

In the age of star pets? Blue Stars waters have long been forbidden for mankind, and no one goes into the sea to do trade? Only some fishermen will risk hunting in offshore areas? After all, the meat of some low-level sea monsters is quite delicious? One of the rare delicacies on the table? It is also a manifestation of identity.


The blood shark king rolled, the huge fish tail slapped on the sea, raised a huge wave of hundreds of meters, and took the lead to rush in one direction. The sea water along the way flew away, swimming extremely fast.

Looking from a high altitude, behind the Blood Shark King, two huge shadows hurriedly chased, followed by more shadows of different sizes. In the distance further behind, countless waves surged, and heads of sea monsters were happily moving. Followed by.

This mighty sea monster army rushed towards a continent.


Peak Tower Secret Realm.

At this moment, it is still as bright as the day, with eternal daylight shining, suspended above the secret realm. The source of energy is unknown, but there will be no night in the secret realm.




A series of urgent secret reports came from all sides, the entire peak tower secret realm was in chaos, and a series of titled figures were speeding, some of them rushed too fast and almost collided with each other.

In one of the large halls floating on the mountain, Gu Siping sat in the first place with a gloomy face. This is his office, and the thatched hut is just the retreat where he lives.

At this moment, in the hall, a virtual map mirrored in the air, which is a light and shadow instrument.

Sitting next to them were three or five legends, and some titles that served behind these legends.

The light on this virtual map shone on everyone's face, reflecting an ugly look.

"Northern Europe has fallen, and Xihaizhou will not work anymore. Just heard the news that there are five demon beasts in the destiny realm, leading an army of beast tides to charge, and...the sea monster beasts have also mixed in!"

A legend has an ugly face. On this global virtual map, one of the continents is blood red. Of the other four continents, two are dyed half red. Currently, only Asia has not been attacked by monsters. Land area and Lei Mingzhou!

"These sea monsters are damned!"

"Then Haidi turned back!"

"I said yes at the beginning and signed a treaty with us to never invade the land. Now I actually allow my subordinates to assist these abyssal evildoers!"

The legends next to them all have ugly faces and blue eyes.

There is very little friction between sea monsters and humans. The main reason is that they live in different regions. They don't have much interest in communication. Even if land is given to sea monsters, not many sea monsters are willing to stay ashore.

And human beings are the same, even if there are sea areas, no one dares to go into the sea easily.

In addition to the geographical difference, the lord of the monster beasts in the sea, Haidi, in his early years, also signed a treaty with the original peak owner of the peak tower. They will not invade each other. Humans will never invade the seas, and the seas will never invade humans.

This treaty lasted for thousands of years, but now it is clearly torn.

In the face of real opportunities, the limitations of this treaty are obviously a piece of waste paper!

"The wall is down and everyone pushes it. After all, the monster beast is a monster beast, it is not my race, and its heart must be different!" A legend was full of anger, fists clenched with anger.

"Now Xihaizhou asks for help, peak master, what should we do?" Another legend looked at the peak master sitting above.

Prior to sending away the strong men of the Interstellar Federation, the peak owner told them not to worry, saying that the abyss monsters were digging their own graves, but in a blink of an eye, before a day had passed, they were severely "educated" by these monsters that night.

First, the speed of light in northern Europe fell, and then a large-scale attack on Xihaizhou, and news of help came one after another.

This short night was relatively peaceful for the people in the Asian land area and Leimingzhou, but the other continents were in dire straits, they were already devastated, and there was wailing everywhere!

Everyone looked at the peak master, but their eyes were ugly.

They didn't know if the peak master really had a way, or if he was pretending to be bullshit.

Gu Siping's face was also a bit unsightly. He didn't expect these monsters to attack so quickly and fiercely. He looked at the legends below and knew that if he couldn't solve the Xihaizhou request for help, it was estimated that people would be in chaos!

After all, a northern Europe has been wiped out!

If Xihaizhou can't be saved, then even if he speaks calmly, he can't convince the crowd.

"This Xihaizhou, I will go there in person. In other places, you send people to pick them up, and all of them are from the Asian land area. You can take as many as you can."

Gu Siping looked gloomy, and said, "The global scope is too large, and our legends are too few. There are too many king beasts among these abyss monsters. Even if I can kill the fate monsters, the scope is too large to defend. We have to live on one continent, but cannot defend the second! Now we must gather everyone together!"

"It just so happens that the Yalu District is where the headquarters of our peak tower is located. It is where our most elite force is located. You sent an order to have all the people in Leimingzhou evacuate and concentrate on the Yalu District."

"The Asian land area... is where we finally fight to the death with the monster beast."

Hearing Gu Siping's words, the legends looked at each other, but their faces didn't improve.

The place is big, there are few legends, and there are many king beasts. This is indeed the biggest problem at present.

But this problem has long been known!

Is it too late to transfer now?

You know, every continent has a billion people, even the Leiming Continent with the smallest population has a billion!

One billion people, not ten people, they can be moved by transfer. There are many seas between them, and they can only migrate from the air! But when you move through the air, you will encounter flying monsters. The journey is far away. Even if it is in the title realm, they dare not cross the sea, and a title cannot bring many people.

It takes more than half a day to run back and forth, and even if each title summons all the flying pets, it will not bring much.

Compared with the number of one billion, it is too small!

If you let the legend move and migrate, the effect is the same.

There are few legends, and even if there are ten times more people than titles, it is estimated that there will be no more than 100,000 people.

Seeing the faces of several legends, Gu Siping also understood their thoughts, his expression gloomy, and said: "I will let Sitshan assist you. Sitshan will build a space tunnel, cross the ocean, and transfer people directly. You go first. Those who carry Long Zezhou, contact there to get them ready."

"Sit on the mountain?"

The legends were startled, and their expressions were slightly relieved.

Sitting on a mountain is Gu Siping's favorite in battle, a pet on mounts.

With the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm, the combat power is extremely strong, the use of space far exceeds their understanding, and it can be directly transmitted to the other side of the ocean!

"Let's act, how much can be saved," Gu Siping said, and stood up.

Several legends knew that it would be useless to say more. The situation was already like this. They got up one after another and said: "Peak Master, without sitting on the mountain by your side, would you be too dangerous in Xihaizhou?"

"Yes, Peak Master, in case something happens to you..."

Gu Siping shook his head and said, "I have a sense of measure. I can handle five destiny states in a mere trivial way."

After speaking, he stepped out, his figure swayed and disappeared from the hall.

When the legends saw this, they looked at each other, and their eyebrows were full of worry.

Even if the danger of Xihaizhou is resolved, this beast tide is obviously much more than that. Even the sea monster beasts are mixed in, and the sea king beast they know alone is already in the triple digits.


Even the sea monster beasts intervened, the four heavenly kings... would they also intervene?

You know, every heavenly king's combat power is comparable to the peak master.

At the beginning, Gu Siping had fought with the Seven Sins of one of the four heavenly kings, but only slightly had the upper hand, cut it off, and let the other party escape.

If these four great demon kings all shot... they couldn't imagine it.


At the same time, Longjiang.

In the little naughty shop.

Su Ping is counting the battle pets in his hand. Now there are two divine fruits. It is not difficult to find a candidate, but how to play to the extreme depends on the battle pet.

"Master Qin currently only has one king beast, and he can still sign ten, but he already has some. It depends on whether he can give up a few, and he has to fill it up." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

Looking at the petting beast space in the store, there are seven or eight king beasts inside, and only three of the virtual cave realm.

One of the ghost chain beasts, Su Ping was going to give it to the sword master.

Thinking of Dao Zun, Su Ping suddenly felt that there was another war pet toolman beside him.

"In that case, I have forty virtual cave realm king beasts, all of which can be used..." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

Forty...This is not a small number.

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