Astral Pet Store Chapter 684

Chapter 684: Staff Tasks

"I can only catch it in the breeding ground, but time is too tight, and in case I just leave..."

Su Ping was worried.

He was afraid that as soon as he entered the nurturing world, a wave of beasts would erupt outside, when he was in the nurturing world, no one could contact him.

Frowned thinking for a while.

In the end, Su Ping made the decision to first go to the breeding ground to find a battle pet!

Eventually the battle will come sooner or later. It is useless for him to stay here to worry. If the tide of beasts really comes, there is no way, but he chose to leave the little skeleton and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast here.

If it was during the period when he entered the cultivation world, Longjiang was attacked, and there were little skeletons and purgatory candle dragon beasts sitting around, and they could barely resist and contain them.

After all, the combined combat power of these guys is not inferior to Su Ping.

Thinking of this, Su Ping felt a little relieved.

It doesn't matter if he doesn't pet the beast. Anyway, he is cultivating the world and can't die. It's a big deal to waste some energy and resurrect several times.

Just do it, and Su Ping immediately called out the little skeletons.

Whoosh whoosh!

The vortex of the surrounding space opened one after another, deep or burst, or reckless aura emerged, it was the little skeleton, the purgatory candle dragon beast, the two dogs, and the purple python.

After Su Ping's cultivation, he followed Su Ping's all the way to battle, traveled through many cultivated worlds, and several battle pets were more or less tainted with mysterious and powerful aura.

Looking at them, Su Ping thought that at the beginning, when he first came to this world, when he first met them.

At that time they were still very weak and inferior pets.

The little skull is still only the lowest-order skeleton species.

The second dog is a second-order moon chasing dog abandoned by the owner.

The purple-green goopy was hatched, it was a Tier 6 bloodline, and it is still a Tier 6 cultivation base, but its combat power is already comparable to that of the Beast of the Sea Realm, and it has the aura of an ancient python.

The highest bloodline is the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. Now its dragon aura is getting stronger and stronger. On the Blue Star, Su Ping feels that there should be no more powerful dragon beast battle pet!

"I'll leave it to you here."

Su Ping passed all his ideas to them through contracts.

Having been with him for a long time, just passed Su Ping's thoughts? They understood the meaning.

The two dogs gave a low growl? They patted the floor of the store with their paws, as if they were patting the floor and promised? Leave it to me.

Change to another place? The floor has cracked long ago.

The Ziqing Gou python swallowed snake cores, and his body moved slightly? There was also a sense of war eager to try.

Su Ping glanced at Ziqing Gu Mang. The task he gave it? Is it to be stationed on this street? In case Longjiang is breached, this street is the last line of defense, because this is the area of the shop, which is absolutely safe. Ground.

Compared with Ergou and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast? Violet Paw Python has the weakest combat power? In such a melee, Su Ping was still a little worried.

"You take care of them for me."

Su Ping touched the head of the little skull beside him, gently and honestly.

The little skull looked up at him, his hollow eye sockets looked a little dazed, but he still nodded his head.

The cervical vertebrae connected by the skull? With nodding and shaking, it seems that it is about to fall.

Su Ping smiled slightly? He glanced at the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and said: "Big guy? Don't hold on to someone you can't beat."

The Purgatory Candle Dragon beast scratched its head? It seems to understand what "can't beat"? After understanding for half a minute? It nodded, and said: "Goose... the goose is pointing down..."

What's the accent...

Su Ping had some black lines on his forehead, and shook his head helplessly. After explaining to them one by one, he said to Joanna next to him: "Can you help me find forty virtual cave monsters?"

"It's a bit difficult."

Joanna frowned slightly. The Void Cave Realm King Beast was in the Demigod Falling Ground, and it was considered a Little Lord Monster Beast. Although in front of her, it could be killed by raising her hand, but it took time to find these guys.

After all, these little lord-level monsters all have their own territory, usually one or two in one area, unless you find a certain high-lord's territory, usually around the high-lord, there will be many high-level thugs of this level.

Seeing how she was thinking, Su Ping knew that she was really embarrassed. After all, time was tight this time, and it was not easy to find so many Void Cave Realm King Beasts in a short time.

Moreover, as his employee, Joanna did help him too much.

"As the owner of the pet animal shop, your employees have fulfilled their due obligations. For this kind of extra thing, you can issue tasks to employees. If employees can complete them, they can get corresponding task rewards as compensation." The voice of the system is in Su Ping came to mind.


This guy, every time he speaks, he peeped at his thoughts.

Su Ping was too lazy to complain, a little weak.

Fortunately, he is currently unmarried and single.

if not

I shudder when I think about it!

"Rest assured, a straight man like you can't find a girlfriend." The system said calmly.



Su Ping couldn't help rolling his eyes, too lazy to quarrel with it, and asked: "What are the employee rewards you mentioned? Am I giving the prizes?"

"You can choose the prizes for yourself, but the prizes must be selected from your own items. You have no right to reward the goods in this store without compensation." The system said indifferently.


Su Ping was a little speechless, he knew that this dog system would not be so kind to pay him prizes.

"You scold again?"

"If you don't peek at my thoughts, how do you know that I scold you?"

"If you don't scold me, how can I read your thoughts openly?"

"Read Nima..."

"The second time." The system said calmly.

Su Ping took a deep breath and eased his mood.

"The great system will show you the way. As a boss, you have 50 points of employee points at your disposal every quarter. You can reward employees with good performance at will, or as task prizes. This thing The other party can definitely see it." The system said leisurely.

Su Ping was stunned.

Can you control 50 employee points?

He wondered: "Why didn't I know before?"

"I didn't tell you, how do you know?"

"...Then why don't you tell me?"

"You didn't ask me, why should I tell you?"


Su Ping felt his brain exploded.

This system was sent by God to punish him, right?

"I'm here to rescue you, otherwise you're just an unawakened weak civilian." The system said calmly.


Su Ping was killed by a spike and was a complete defeat.

No longer insulting himself, Su Ping chose to do business first.

He called up Joanna's employee panel and saw that Joanna's employee points had risen to 165!

When the employee contract was signed with Joanna, the initial employee points were 100!

A score of 200 is an excellent employee. If the score is less than 80, employee benefits will be deducted.

During her time as an employee, Joanna also received some tasks immediately given by the system and successfully completed them. For example, she had previously treated Su Ping's injured pets commissioned by customers, and received praise from customers when she received customers. , Has also been incorporated into the scoring mechanism by the system.

"It's still 35 points to become an excellent employee and get a chance to travel around the world for seven days..." Su Ping suddenly envied Joanna.

What is the concept of Seven Days Tour?

It is equivalent to the infinite resurrection that the system originally rewarded him!

In seven days, any number of times of resurrection, you can choose any plane!

At the beginning, he chose the top cultivation world, the world of chaos and undead, and Joanna's goal for signing employees was to enter the Primordial God Realm.

During this period, Joannas help to Su Ping is remembered by Su Ping, and she is also happy to help her fulfill her wish.

"I can ask a patron of the **** next to my deity to come over and arrest for us."

At this moment, Joanna next to her suddenly spoke.

Su Ping was slightly taken aback, and said, "A servant of God?"

"Yes, it's the guard who serves my deity." Joanna said.

Su Ping had long been curious about the condition of her deity, and asked: "Using your deity's means, if your deity can move out, will it be faster?"

Joanna's face was complicated, "I think too, but my deity... can't make it."

"no way?"

"This is hard to say in one word."

Su Ping glanced at her twice and said, "Then mobilize the guards around your deity, will your deity be in danger?"

"Probably not, as long as the time is fast enough." Joanna shook her head.

Su Ping knew that after entering the Demigod Land many times before, Joanna had said that her deity could not move, and most of them were trapped somewhere, or injured.

"Then hurry up." Su Ping knew that now he can only rely on Joanna.

"I have a task here, you take it."

Su Ping asked the communication system in his mind: "How to send tasks?"

"Just write down the content of the task and the prize, and I will send it to her for you." The system's tone suddenly softened.

A transparent frame emerged in front of Su Ping, with the task content page on top and the prize window below.

Su Ping thought for a while, and quickly wrote down the task.

Assist him, capture forty virtual cave monsters and return to the store.

Rewards, 35 employee points...and a hug!

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