Astral Pet Store Chapter 686

Chapter 686: Tragic Business

"Do you really want to move like this?"

When Joanna saw that Su Ping seemed to be serious, she was a little stunned, and quickly said: "Even if you want to sign a contract, but... with your current cultivation base, you still can't sign a contract with the Void Cave Realm Monster Beast, right?"

She knew that, regardless of Su Ping's extraordinary combat power, her cultivation base hadn't stepped into the Vast Sea Realm, and she could only sign monsters that were one level higher than her. This was a limitation!

"It's okay, as long as you can't survive."

Su Ping also knows this. Once he signs a battle pet's cultivation base beyond his own two tiers, the power of the contract will be extremely weak, and the battle pet can go back at any time without being punished by the contract!

But... as long as he doesn't burst his mind at the moment of signing the contract!


He can use his fists to convince him!

If it is to sign a destiny battle pet, Su Ping feels that his brain will be directly burst, but in the virtual cave, he feels that he should be able to stand it.

When he returns to the shop, he will be able to unlock the contract. At that time, the ownerless monster will have no contract restrictions. He can also suppress it with his fist and subdue it into the pet animal space of the shop.


When she heard Su Ping's unscrupulous words, Joanna felt a little speechless for a while, she didn't know what to say.

Su Ping didn't explain any more, he directly took out the temporary contract charm, and stepped forward to complete the contract with the monster beast on the open ground.

One, two...

As Su Ping guessed, the monster in the Void Cave Realm didn't burst his brain, but it made him feel groggy, like a huge boulder hung, and it felt like thinking difficult.

Except for the positions occupied by Little Skeleton and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping can still sign five battle pets.

Five at a time, Su Ping needs to carry eight times!

Roar! !

A dragon beast covered in gray and white stone armor, when the contract was just completed, he snarled at Su Ping, his eyes were ferocious, and he didn't look at his master's docility at all.


Su Ping raised his eyebrows.

Bang! !

With a fist, he smashed the dragon beast's head to the ground, then clapped his hands, and said to Joanna next to him: "Come here, go."

Joanna was full of black lines, and she had never heard of such a weird contract method.

Soon, the space vortex opened, and Su Ping incorporated all the battle pets that signed the contract into the battle pet space, and then dragged Joanna into the vortex.

"We will come back."

Before leaving, Su Ping said.

Everyone at the scene looked at each other with a blank look.

Back in the store, Su Ping released the five battle pets, and the temporary contract charm of 10 energy purchased from the system immediately became invalid.

Roar! Roar! !

A low roar suddenly sounded, and the body of the five-headed battle pet creaked. From the original size of a few meters, it kept growing in a blink of an eye, turning back to its original huge body.


With a thought, Su Ping directly incorporated them into the pet animal space of the shop.

Soon, the five battle pets turned into streamers and disappeared from the store. At the same time, there were five more cartoon-like small portraits in the store's pet beast warehouse panel.

Click on each avatar to see their detailed information, including bloodline varieties, cultivation bases, mastered skills, etc.

There is also an evaluation of their prices above, but the qualification evaluation shows "?".

"It takes ten thousand energy to appraise aptitude." The system's voice sounded, very bewildering, and said: "Maybe there is a pet with extraordinary aptitude. Once the aptitude is identified, if the aptitude is high, it will be calculated. In the price."

I believe you a ghost!

Su Ping slandered in his heart and ignored the system, and temporarily moved all these monsters back.

"Go to the Demigod Land again." Su Ping said.

Soon, the ticket fee for the day was deducted, and the teleportation whirlpool opened next to it.

Su Ping took Joanna in again, and once again teleported to an inexplicable place. Joanna once again passed through the half statue, calling the **** general in her temple to come and meet him.

When he hurried back to the mountain, Su Ping quickly completed the contract signing again, and then returned to the shop.


At the same time, on Xihaizhou.

In Xihaizhou, it is dawn at this moment, and dawn is shining from the horizon, and the fiery fireball in the starry sky will always bring light.

A crumbling base city with a broken outer wall. At this moment, the battlefield here has stopped. Some of the pet divisions in military uniforms leaned against the wall and panted silently. The military uniforms all over their bodies have long been stained with blood, and some The arm was broken, and they were bandaging silently, and some looked up at the dawning half of the sky, silently weeping.

Outside the wall separated by a wall, a sea of blood is hundreds of miles away, and countless dead bodies are densely packed, extending to the end of the invisible sight.

The dawn dispelled the darkness and exposed the scene of purgatory hidden in the darkness.

Among these corpses, it is no longer possible to distinguish between monsters and pets. Most human corpses are fragments and seldom complete.

After a night of hard work, it was finally held.

But the price... is too tragic!

In the base city, people everywhere went to empty buildings, and there was no one. There were only scattered newspapers and fallen leaves scrolling on the ground, and it was desolate.

Residents in the city were all gathered in the refuge, but at the moment the war had just ended, there were not enough people to call the refuge.


A titled warfare master leaned against the wall, looking sideways at the scene of blood corpse purgatory outside the wall, his eyelids twitched slightly, and there was no half of the joy of the rest of his life in his heart, but bitterness and pain.

Of his nine battle pets, seven have died in battle, and the remaining one is extremely injured, and he has been brought into the summoning space, and one... has been dying and is lying at his feet.


In the distance, someone was crying.

Sadness is contagious, and many of the surviving war favorites are sad.

The battle was so fierce that he won without the slightest excitement. It just felt relieved, and the rest was just numbness.


At this moment, a drum-like sound suddenly sounded.

~! !

Immediately afterwards, more and more intense vibrations sounded.

On the wall that was still weeping just now, all of a sudden the crying stopped, everyone stood up swayingly and looked out of the broken wall.

That vibration... came from outside the wall.

In the widening panic eyes, the dust rolled up at the end of the sea of blood corpses, and gradually, accompanied by more and more rapid and intense vibrations, a dark shadow swept over.

Beast tide!

There are beast tides! !

Everyone on the wall opened their eyes wide, and soon became desperate.

After finally holding on to it, less than half an hour after breathing for a breath, there was another beast wave!

They have run out of ammunition and food, how can they stick to it?

Someone slumped on the ground blankly, slowly took out the weapon from his side, looked at the cold blade of the weapon, suddenly plunged it into his heart, and chose to commit suicide.

Rather than being torn apart and eaten alive by the monster beast in pain, it is better to kill himself.

When the desperate atmosphere was so strong, suddenly, a huge whistling sound flew from the horizon. The next moment, from the silhouette of that figure, a strong crimson light suddenly burst out, like a burning meteorite. Like, slammed into the beast tide rushing forward.

With a bang, the tide of beasts suddenly scattered and was splashed in all directions.


Everyone who was desperate had their eyes widened, and unspeakable joy poured out wildly.

Bang bang bang!

The figure swooped into the beast tide, and soon, a series of vibrations rang, shaking the outer walls of the base tens of miles away to loosen the sand.

As the vibration disappeared, the roar of the beast tide also disappeared. In the diffuse dust and fog, a figure galloped over, surprisingly the person who came to help earlier.

"The leader here, quickly summon everyone and leave this place immediately." This is a white-haired old man with a serious face.

The old man was Gu Siping, who strengthened Xihaizhou overnight, beheading all the beast tides he encountered along the way, and looking for the destiny monsters in Xihaizhou.

At this moment, he had just boarded Xihaizhou, and when he saw the beast tide, he solved it easily.

"Biography, legend..."

The many survivors on the wall stared at the white-haired old man blankly. The beast wave in the distance was no longer moving. This old man was obviously a legend and had such extraordinary and terrifying combat power.

One person pacifies the animal tide!

"Hurry up, otherwise there will be new beasts coming." The white-haired old man shouted.

After speaking, he flew straight ahead and left here.

Seeing the white-haired old man leaving, many survivors were dumbfounded. When they reacted, they could no longer see Gu Siping's back and couldn't help but look at each other.

Hurry up?

Where to go?

No matter what, if you continue to stay here, you will obviously encounter a beast wave, and soon everyone will take action and prepare to move away.


On the other side, Long Zezhou.

It was noon in Longzezhou at the moment, and the sun was scorching hot.

Long Zezhou and Xihaizhou are not close together, and the time difference between each other is not too big. At this moment, there are wars everywhere on Longzezhou. Many base cities have become dens of monsters.

The human line of defense is retreating steadily.

On Longzezhou, most of the people gathered at the last line of defense, an ancient A-level base city.

Seven or eight legends gathered here. In the center of the base city, the surrounding buildings were all razed, leaving an extremely huge square.

There are densely packed figures gathered in the square, and in the center is an extremely huge vortex.

Everyone is queuing, constantly entering this huge vortex.

"Don't panic, everyone line up and get in!"

"Line up!"

Silhouettes flew across the square, maintaining order.

"I, I have money, I want to be advanced, I want to be advanced!!"

"Get out, get out of here, let me go in first, I'm the mayor, I'm the mayor of Maya City!!"

In the crowd, there were occasional riots, and some people pushed and tried to enter the huge vortex first.

This vortex leads to the Asian land area and can be directly transmitted to it. At present, Long Zezhou is encountering animal tides everywhere, and communications are almost paralyzed. However, before the paralysis, all radio news in Long Zezhou are broadcasting the animal tide. Even ordinary civilians know that this disaster will affect the entire Longzezhou.

In Longzezhou, there is no safe place!

A legend comes over to help them retreat, and the space vortex is the only retreat channel!

"Disruptor, come out!"

"Come out!"

Those who flew in mid-air to maintain order saw the riots and immediately swooped down to spot those who brought the riots.

"Why did you catch me? Do you know who I am? I'm Mayor of Maya, and my brother-in-law is Master Cavallo. Do you know Master Cavallo? You titles, you have to ask him to help cultivate pets. Let me go, let me go in!"

"be honest!"

"These untouchables, why are they in front of me, what qualifications do they have to survive, what contribution they have made, let them get out of me, I want to go in first!!!"

In the wailing sound, the Mayor of Maya was grabbed by his title, taken away directly, and thrown to the back of the square.

In this densely packed crowd, people were constantly being spotted, some of them without identity, after being spotted, were directly squeezed into plasma, and blood was scattered around and splashed in the crowd, shocking many people.

"Too slow, too slow!"

At the front of the square, two legends are standing here, looking at the crowd who are constantly entering the space vortex, but their faces are ugly.

The range of the space vortex is limited. Although a large number of people are entering every second, the speed is still too slow!

"Where is the beast tide?"

"Information just came. Miguel is currently leading a group of pet divisions to sniper in Camp City. I don't know how long it can be delayed. I expect to arrive here in half an hour."

"Half an hour? Grass!"

"How many people can walk in half an hour, **** it!"

Outside this huge circular square, the streets everywhere are full of people, crowded, and densely packed. This ancient A-level base city ushered in the most crowded day in history. Everywhere is full of people, in the rear In the streets of, there are still rich and powerful people who are spending money to buy positions and squeeze forward.


Yalu District, Longjiang.

In the little naughty shop.

The moon is still bright, late at night.

Lights appear in the store from time to time, as if there is a flashlight, which is switched on and off from time to time.

After several consecutive times, the flashing light ceased, and the shop was plunged into silent darkness. In the shop, Su Ping was already sitting on the ground, gasping for breath.

Carrying 40 virtual cave realm battle pets continuously put a huge load on him, feeling that his mental power was completely exhausted, and his mind was a little muddy.

"Finally all moved."

Su Ping sighed slightly, he took a short rest, then took out the communicator and called Xie Jinshui.

The communication was quickly connected, which surprised Su Ping a little, but at the same time did not feel too surprised.

It is an extraordinary time now. Although it is early in the morning and late at night, Lao Xie has not fallen asleep.

"Boss Su, what's the matter?" Old Xie's voice was quite concerned, but also a little worried, for fear that Su Ping would have any bad news to pass to him.

"I haven't slept yet, there is no news outside, other lines of defense." Su Ping asked.

Seeing that Su Ping was asking about this, Old Xie heaved a sigh of relief and said, "No, there is no information yet. I heard that it seems that other continents are suffering. It is estimated that these monsters are focusing on attacking other continents."

Speaking of this, he was a little worried, waiting for other continents to fall, and the Asian land area is not far away.

Su Ping nodded. When the Northern Europe was destroyed, he knew that other continents would also be in trouble, but he was unable to help. After all, crossing a continent was too time-consuming. He was not in the Destiny Realm and did not have a super long-distance teleportation. Ability.

"Old Xie, I am ready to open business." Su Ping said.

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