Astral Pet Store Chapter 691

Chapter 691: Bondage Of Contract

In the sales hall, Dao Zun and the others watched in front of the one-to-one war pet projection, and registered the selected ones with Tang Ruyan next to them. When they met the best ones, they bought them directly.

"It's really all virtual cave realm, and it's all late stage..."

After watching more than a dozen of them in a row, all of them were a little shocked, Su Ping really didn't lie, these are the top battle pets of the virtual cave realm!

With so many, Su Ping did not buy goods in the abyss?

Thinking of this, the faces of several people are a little weird.

Defeat the abyss with the abyss?

It didn't take long for the pets to be traded and purchased.


Sovereign Blade has already selected six. He looked at the remaining battle pet projections and hesitated. He has eleven battle pet positions, but he originally had a lot of battle pets, and only three vacancies were left. Buy now Six, it means he wants to terminate the contract with three pets!

Among his eight battle pets, he could barely select three to terminate the contract, and the remaining five...all accompanied him all the way to the battle, and saved his battle pets in times of crisis!

How can you give up?

Not only was the sword master entangled, it didnt take long for Qin Duhuang, who was full of battle pets, to be caught in a dilemma. He also had a lot of battle pets himself, except for the king beast battle pet that Su Ping sold to him before. It's his old buddy, old partner.

Do you want to give up?

Looking at the battle pets in the virtual cave realm in front of him, Qin Duhuang's expression changed, and the entanglement completely appeared on his face.

Su Ping noticed the expressions of Dao Zun and Qin Duhuang, and guessed their thoughts. This was also what he expected at the beginning, and it was also a test for them.

Is it to abandon the battle pet that once accompanied and choose a stronger one, or continue to fight with the original battle pet?

In Su Ping's view, no matter which choice it is, there is no absolute right or wrong.

After all, now that the beast tide is coming, the choice of the original battle pet is of course a matter of affection, but it means that your own combat power cannot be improved, and in a crisis, the entire army will only be wiped out.

However, if it were to give up... Su Ping felt that he would never do it.

"Boss Su."

Venerable Dao came to Su Ping's face with a gloomy expression, and said in a low voice, "Do you have a demon chain or a forbidden demon cage here?"

What is that... Su Ping was puzzled, but the system immediately showed the answer in his mind: "The chain and the forbidden monster are the low-level animal trapping tools made on your blue star. They can imprison the monster, but if the monster The beast is ferocious enough, if you struggle hard, you can easily break free."

Su Ping suddenly.

This is the low-end version of the trap ring?

"That's right," the system said.


Su Ping took a deep breath and said to Venerable Dao: "No, other animal pet shops should sell this thing, right? Do you want to use it on the war pet that has been terminated?"

Dao Zun was slightly startled. He didn't expect that Su Ping would be a pet shop here, but he didn't even have this... Then how did you catch these pets, relying on your fists?

Thinking of the scene, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, feeling very likely...

"If not, then I will have to go to another store to buy it." Dao Zun nodded slightly, and said: "I want to imprison the battle pet that has been cancelled by my side, and wait for me to be promoted to the Void Cave Realm, which can be signed. The number of pets can be increased, and then they will be signed back."

Still reluctant to give up... Su Ping took a deep look at him, nodded slightly, and said: "No problem, you can terminate the contract here first. After the contract is terminated, you can choose to foster with me first and wait for you to buy it. When you arrive at the chain, you can withdraw it. Of course, there is a fee for foster care."

Dao Zun breathed a sigh of relief, "That's good."

In this case, he can terminate the contract now, otherwise he would have to buy the demon chain first.

At this moment, Qin Duhuang also walked over, glanced at Zun Dao, and said with a wry smile: "Brother Dao, there is no conflict between the pets we two chose."

"Who makes Boss Su have enough battle pets..." Dao Zun's tone was a little helpless, but also a little awe and envy.

If there are only one or two, see if I will break my head with you!

Qin Duhuang twitched at the corner of his mouth, and it was indeed the case.

He said to Su Ping: "Boss Su, I chose eight. I just heard that you have a foster place here. I don't know if the space is enough."

"Enough." Su Ping said briefly, and at the same time, he glanced at him and solved eight of them, so only two or three were kept? One of them was the king beast he sold to Qin Duhuang last time. At that time, it was clearly stated that at least ten years would be allowed to terminate the contract. This was to prevent reselling and to prevent the opponent from ruining the pet.

However, if it is a special situation, you can make it clear to him in person and get his consent to terminate the contract in advance.

For example, like the current situation, if Qin Duhuang wants to cancel the contract with the king beast and replace it with the virtual cave king beast, Su Ping is allowed. After all, he brought back so many battle pets this time to enhance their combat power. Deal with the next wave of beasts.

"That's good..." Qin Duhuang breathed a sigh of relief, and glanced at Su Ping, knowing that he was taking the battle pet extremely seriously, and explained with a smile:

"I will soon let people in the family come over to receive these battle pets after the contract is terminated. They are all old partners who accompany me all the way. To be honest, they are a bit reluctant, but fortunately, they are given to the younger generation in the family. Entrusting those juniors to them will also allow them to continue to accompany me and become the guardian beasts of our Qin family for generations!"

"Very good." Su Ping applauded.

This is indeed a good choice. If he has a battle pet that has to be terminated, he will also consider giving it to Su Lingyue, so that he can take care of Su Lingyue and keep the pet by his side.

Venerable Dao was startled when he heard Qin Duhuang's words and sighed inwardly.

He is alone, unlike Qin Duhuang who has a family business and abandoned war pet, he can only find a way to sign it back by himself.

Wait, maybe...may consider accepting an apprentice?

Thinking of this, Venerable Dao was a little moved. If he accepts an apprentice, he can give the apprentice the battle pet that he has replaced, which not only solves the apprentice's battle pet, but also allows those old partners to continue to accompany him.

good idea!

The more he thought about it, the more he realized it was feasible, the gloom in his heart was swept away, and he smiled.

"Then you should hurry up and terminate the contract. After the contract is terminated, you will fall into a period of weakness in these two days. I hope the animal tide will not come over at this time." Su Ping said.

If the animal tide really came over at this time, there was no way, but fortunately, even if the swordsman and Qin Duhuang were in the weak period of termination of the contract, they could still send these battle pets out to fight.

After all, the combat power of these pets is far more useful than their own playing.


Hearing Su Ping's words, the two of them stared attentively, and summoned the pets they wanted to terminate the contract, summoning one to cancel the contract.

The light of contract contact emerged between the two and their battle pet. When the contract came into contact, the memory of the battle pet connecting with them would be erased and become unfamiliar.

As the owner of the contract, they will not be affected.


As soon as he came into contact with the contract, a ninth-order wind ape of the Sword Sovereign was at a loss for a short time, and soon showed a violent look, becoming ferocious, irritable, and grinning.

It felt a big hollow in its mind, as if it had lost something, it was extremely uncomfortable, and it couldn't remember it no matter how to think about it. This made its violent nature in its heart stimulated and felt angry.

Dao Zun looked at it, but his eyes were a little bit of guilt and pity, and he reached out to touch it, wanting to comfort it.


The wind ape looked at it vigilantly, roared, bared his teeth slightly, and showed a demonstration, as if to say, suffocating the mud!

Seeing its reaction, Dao Zun felt a little uncomfortable, sighed, and said, "Sorry, little ape..."


Feng Yuan roared and looked at him vigilantly, feeling threat from the faint energy fluctuations in him.

"Boss Su, where is the foster care?" Dao Zun turned his head and asked Su Ping.

With a whistle, a figure with a perfect body and an equally perfect face appeared out of thin air, standing beside Su Ping, it was Joanna.

She has waterfall-like blonde hair casually draped over her shoulders, and her white collarbone is **** and tender. She looked up at the wind ape, her eyes flashed with gold.

Without seeing her doing it, the eyelids of the wind ape suddenly drooped, as if sleepy, and then fell to the ground, but it did not hit the ground, but was supported by soft energy.

"Take it to foster care," Su Ping said.

Joanna nodded slightly, turned and walked, holding the wind ape invisibly into the petting room.

Seeing Joanna, Dao Zun and Qin Duhuangs pupils shrank slightly. Although Joanna did not show any energy, when they first stood next to Su Ping, they all had a trembling feeling, as if facing one. Gao Shan, can't stop looking up, instinctively wants to kneel and bow, trembling.

Thinking of the original old man coming to the door, he was almost killed by this girl with a single shot, Dao Zun's face changed slightly, and he smiled secretly in his heart.

Su Ping's shop is like a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger!

After a little calm, the two ended the contract again one by one.

"Goodbye, old friend."

Before terminating the contract, Qin Duhuang looked at his ninth-order dragon rock turtle, sighed, and whispered.

This Longyan tortoise is huge, lying on the ground, moving slowly, holding a long turtle neck, and looking at Qin Duhuang meekly, with sentiments such as sentimentality, tenderness, regret, farewell and so on in his eyes.

Qin Duhuang couldn't bear to look at it anymore and broke the contract.

Soon, as the brilliance of the contract flashed on Longyan Turtle's body, Longyan Turtle's eyes became blank. It didn't take long to converge in a dazed manner. It looked around and immediately showed a vigilant color. The energy on the turtle shell flashed and displayed. Protective skills, slowly retreating, hostile to the few people present.

When Joanna walked over, the eyelids of the Dragon Rock Turtle suddenly became sleepy, and then the body was imprisoned, and he was lifted into the petting room.

Qin Duhuang's face was slightly pale. He didn't know whether it was caused by abandoning the battle pet or was consumed by the power of the contract. After a slight silence, he continued to summon the battle pet and terminated the contract again.

One after another...

Keep saying goodbye.

Soon, the two battle pets who were about to terminate the contract were all terminated one by one. Both of them were pale and bloodless, their bodies trembling slightly, and they were almost unsteady.

Canceling so many battle pets continuously will consume them a lot of energy, and they will be weak for several days at least.

Su Ping watched this scene and sighed slightly.

He suddenly thought about why the petting beast contract could not retain the memory of petting the beast when the contract was terminated? It would be great if there was such a contract...

This time, the system didn't reply again, I don't know if there is no peeping, or there is no answer...

After the termination of the contract, the two rested for a while, then paid with Su Ping and purchased the selected battle pets one by one.

These battle pets appeared in the store. The original volume of several hundred meters was reduced to more than ten meters. Obviously this was caused by the power of the system's rules, but fortunately, it did not prevent the signing of the contract.

Roar! !

With the appearance of the battle pet, it was no longer a projection, and the ferocious beast aura in the late stage of the virtual cave realm instantly diffused, shocking Dao Zun and Qin Duhuang, including Zhou Tianlin who was selecting next to him.

If it weren't for Su Ping by the side, they would all want to turn around and flee.


The Sword Master, who is about to sign a contract, looks at the battle pet he bought, at the opponents cruel and cold eyes, just like in the projection, but the projection does not have such a real aura, like countless invisible touches, Along his pores penetrated into the body, lumps aroused all over his body, and his scalp became numb.

"It's okay, it won't attack, go and sign the contract boldly." Su Ping said.

There is a systematic suppression in the store. This monster is fierce, but the ability to shoot is restrained.

Hearing Su Ping say this, Dao Zun instinctively wanted to confirm, such a fierce fellow, would you tell me it would not attack? But still resisted, the corners of his mouth trembled slightly, he bit his scalp, stretched out his fingers trembling, and drew the contract.

Soon, the contract light flashed, and it was imprinted on the body of Dao Zun and this battle pet.

As the power of the contract disappeared and converged, this battle pet's eyes gradually became cold, and the gaze that looked at the swordsman was no longer cruel, but the cold eyes still made people feel extremely uncomfortable.

Through the power of the contract, the swordsman can sense the emotion and consciousness of this battle pet, and he has a feeling of blood and blood. He breathed a sigh of relief and immediately conveyed his goodwill through the contract, trying to carefully touch the opponent with his hand. .

Did not resist.

Venerable Dao's heart relaxed slightly, and from the consciousness in his mind, he felt cruel, cold, angry, and painful.

The cruel guy in front of him... has gone through a lot of torture and suffering.

Dao Sovereign has a feeling of pity, this is a very real pity, it is like a very miserable person. When others see it, they will only sympathize with the other party's encounter, or even feel nothing, but it is affected by the power of contract. , Will treat each other as his own relatives, the feeling of sympathy, distress and tolerance is completely different from that of outsiders.

"From now on... Let's fight together." Dao Zun whispered.

This war pet glanced at the guy who touched his thigh and grunted, whether it was disdain or arrogant permission.

Qin Duhuang recovered, feeling a little excited, and immediately began to complete the contract with the battle pet he had purchased.

Zhou and Wu next to them saw their battle pets and looked at each other, and they all saw the shock in each other's eyes. Is this the real virtual cave realm late battle pet? so horrible!

They feel that if they encounter this kind of monster during the beast tide, they can scare themselves on the spot.

The two put aside their attention and quickly picked up their pets inside.

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