Astral Pet Store Chapter 692

Chapter 692: Level 4 Shop

Soon, both Dao Zun and Qin Duhuang signed the contract with the battle pet they purchased.

Mastering so many battle pets whose realm is higher than their own, their mental powers have been slightly expanded a lot, with a small increase.

"Thank you Boss Su."

The two looked at Su Ping and thanked them respectfully and sincerely.

In just a few hours in a blink of an eye, their combat power was so different from the previous one, which was bestowed by Su Ping.

Even if they encounter the legend of the Void Cave Realm of the Peak Tower, they are not guilty in asking themselves, and they may even crush each other...

Su Ping smiled, and didn't emphasize that everything is business, thank you, and received this favor.

The two bought a total of 14 animals, each with an average of 300 million, which is about 3 million energy each. For a total of 40 million energy, plus the two divine fruits before, it is 50 million energy.

The rest depends on Zhou Tianlin and Wu Guansheng.

Soon, Zhou Tianlin and Wu Guansheng also chose their favorite battle pets. The pets selected by the two conflicted, but after discussing with each other, they were very humble and made up for each other in other ways.

Su Ping saw that they had resolved it privately, but he didn't pay attention, just waiting to collect the money.

Zhou Tianlin bought ten battle pets in one go. He currently has 11 pet positions, and only retains one battle pet. It was the first battle pet in his life. He grew up with him and experienced countless lives and deaths. , Especially the hardships and feelings he had together when he was a teenager, and his feelings were extraordinary.

He plans to give the rest of his battle pets to the younger generation of the family like Qin Duhuang.

He didn't use those battle pets anymore, but for the younger generations in his family, it was a battle pet replaced by the patriarch at any rate. It was definitely the best one to grab, and it could also be regarded as solving the battle pet resources of some core children.

Wu Guansheng selected nine of them. He originally had four vacancies for the battle pet, and there was no contract pet beast. After all, the secret technique of the battle pet he practiced was for treatment. He was an auxiliary type of battle pet master. He didn't like fighting and had a natural nature. More peaceful, so I don't need so many pets to enhance my strength.

But this time is different, they are all the battle pets of the late stage of the virtual cave realm. If you don't buy it, you lose, you must buy it! Buy it! !

Following the termination of the contract and the contract, the parting scenes were staged, which made Su Ping quite embarrassed, but he also knew that this was the normal state of the world.

With the signing of new battle pets, Zhou Tianlin and Wu Guansheng's combat power surged.

The two are new legends. It stands to reason that they are extremely shallow, and it is not bad to get one or two Beasts of the Beast Sea Realm.

As a result, the two-person battle favorite team is even more terrifying than some of the veteran virtual cave legends of peak towers!

One ten battle pets of the late stage of the virtual cave realm!

One nine!

Even if the two stood still and only released their battle pets, it was enough to crush many virtual cave realm legends.

Watching the two shotguns change, the Dao Zun and Qin Duhuang beside them also sighed and sighed. They were not so lucky when they first became a legend. How like them, just stepping into the legend is the pinnacle of life!

"Fortunately, a character like Boss Su appeared in Longjiang..." Qin Duhuang looked at Su Ping, secretly rejoicing in his heart, and was honored.

Venerable Dao glanced at Su Ping, and he was also emotional. Suddenly, he was a little curious. Su Ping was willing to sell so many top battle pets in the late stage of the virtual cave realm. Then his own battle pet team...what size should it be?

Thinking of this, he trembled in his heart, a little bit unimaginable.

But this also made him more and more curious, so that he, who has always rarely been gossiping, couldnt help but ask: "Boss Su, you sell so many virtual cave realm best battle pets, what kind of battle pets do you use? what?"

When these words came out, Qin Duhuang, Zhou Tianlin and the others were all taken aback, then their hearts jumped and they stared at Su Ping.

"I..." Su Ping didn't even think about it, and said, "You've all seen my battle pet, that is the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast."


Several people were stunned. They had indeed seen the purgatory candle dragon beast. Before they were replaced, the dragon beast was definitely considered the best. After all, it was a high-ranking existence among the ninth-order dragon beasts, but now, it was thrown into the king beast. The pedigree is obviously not enough.

However, they also saw that Su Ping did not abandon the dragon beast, which shows that Su Ping has a lot of old feelings. At the same time, the combat power of the dragon beast also makes them somewhat admired, feeling that it is not inferior to the ordinary Beast of the Sea. Even stronger!

How Su Ping was nurtured, they don't know, but anyway, Su Ping even sells battle pets from the late stage of the virtual cave realm, and he has at least a ticket for himself... a battle pet from the destiny realm, right?

Seeing that Su Ping didn't say much, Dao Zun opened his mouth slightly, and did not continue to question.

The battle pet is the main combat power of the battle pet division, just like the weapon secret of the warrior, this is the core secret.

"You have all selected, so go back to each house and find each mother." Su Ping saw that they had nothing to say, so he arranged.

It doesn't make sense to keep this awkward chat, he has to do other things.

Seeing Su Ping chasing the guests, everyone was not displeased, and their emotions returned to reality from the surprise of just getting the favor of the battle.

What is reality?

The reality is that they will face an abyssal tide of unknown scale next!

Even though they had just received so many Void Cave Realm's best battle pets, thinking of the destruction of North Europe...they quickly became heavy.

"Boss Su, today's kindness is immortal in my heart, then I will go back and arrange other things first." Qin Duhuang first spoke and said to Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded.

Dao Zun, Zhou Tianlin and Wu Guansheng also said goodbye one by one.

When Wu Guansheng was leaving, Su Ping said: "I will leave the Holy Dragon Defense Line to you. Remember to keep at least one battle pet to defend yourself. After all, some legends or monsters in the virtual cave realm can directly attack you in a flash. Killing is easy."

Wu Guansheng shook his heart and nodded, "I will."

"Don't be too supportive, after all, there is a legend of the Void Cave Realm in the Sacred Dragon Defense Line, so don't take it all." Su Ping said again.

Wu Guansheng understood what he said and nodded.

After Wu Guansheng left, Su Ping looked at Xie Jinshui and said, "How about it, have you picked the king beast you like?"

Although most of them were the Void Cave Realm King Beasts he brought back this time, there were also the Vast Sea Realm King Beasts he had caught before.

Xie Jinshui smiled and said, "There are three of them, can I buy them?"

"Buy if you like." Su Ping smiled.

Xie Jinshui was a little bit happy. Although he didn't buy the Void Cave Realm battle pet and failed to become a legend, he was also quite satisfied to be able to capture three Boundary Sea Realm Supreme King Beasts at once.

After Xie Jinshui paid and completed the contract, Su Ping sent him away from the shop.

Soon, only Su Ping, Tang Ruyan and Joanna were left in the store.

Su Ping ignored them and opened the store accounts.

With the addition of Zhou Tianlin's and Wu Guansheng's nineteen battle pets, Su Ping has recorded 65 million energy, and thanks to Jinshui's three Beast Beasts, there are more than 70 million.

Adding the previous 5000W, it is 120 million, and the store itself has 20 million energy, which is about 140 million in total!

Meet the upgrade conditions!

Su Ping was in a good mood and asked the system: "Are there any new things in Level 4 stores?"

"The functions of Level 4 stores are as follows:"

"1: Unlock advanced foster care position (100,000 stars per hour

"2: Unlock Level 5 Chaos Breeding Spirit Pool (Upgrade requires 1E energy

"3: Unlock the shadow clone to cultivate high-level pets in batches."

"4: Unlock the battle pet virtual duel gym."

"5: Get a chance to relocate the store randomly."

"6: The system store is upgraded to level 4. The number of items in the store should be refreshed once a week, and the quality of the items will be greatly improved."...


Looking at the new features that emerged in his mind, Su Ping tweeted slightly, and was suddenly attracted by the fifth one of them, and was given a chance to relocate the store randomly?

This means that the store can be moved to other places?

He raised his eyebrows slightly, this function was a bit weird, but obviously he couldn't use it at the moment, after all, the beast tide would come at any time, he had to sit in Longjiang to protect his hometown.

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