Astral Pet Store Chapter 693

Chapter 693: Turbulence Migration

"How long does it take to upgrade the store?"

"24 hours."

The system obviously knew Su Ping's thoughts and replied: "During the upgrade process, all functions of the store are suspended, including the absolute rules of the store."

With previous experience, Su Ping was also mentally prepared and estimated in his mind.

Stick to it for 24 hours... With his current combat power, he should be able to do it...

To stop the beast tide, the stores current many functions would basically not help, after all, the first thing he had to guard was the outer wall of Longjiang, which was beyond the reach of the store field.

As for the cultivation and sale of battle pets, these are not instant combat powers that can be converted immediately on the battlefield.

Moreover, before the upgrade, he can sell out all the pets first.

The only thing to worry about is that the beast tide came too fiercely. Within 24 hours, it broke through the defense of Longjiang and leveled all the way...

Taking into account his own combat power, Su Ping still chose to upgrade under consideration.

Unless it was a monster from the Starry Sky Realm, he should be able to resist it if he tried his best, and even if he couldn't, he could at least delay it.

Conversely, if the store is upgraded and high-quality items are refreshed in the system store, it may be able to play a big role on the battlefield.

After thinking about it, Su Ping immediately made a decision, turning his head to look at Tang Ruyan beside him.

Tang Ruyan: "?"

"You are now the head of the Tang family, right?"


Tang Ruyan was taken aback, and suddenly became vigilant: "Why are you asking this?"

"Your Tang family should also have a title. Go to the peak tower to serve the legend and get first-line intelligence?" Su Ping saw her nervous appearance and didn't have a good air.

Not looking for Tangjia trouble? Tang Ruyan was stunned, and he was secretly relieved, and said: "Of course, although our Tang family is the four major families, there is no legend in charge. If you don't grasp the movement of the legend, it will be bad if you touch the thunder, and the legend has control. Something, a little bit leaked out of the fingers, is a great advantage."

Our Tang family...? Su Ping glanced at her and thought of the Tang family's previous attitude towards her. However, in the heart of this guy, he still regarded himself as a part of the Tang family, perhaps never changed.

He was not surprised. After all, the Tang family's attitude was toward Tang Ruyan. She could forgive and forgive herself, so what could he say?

"Then you should have a basic understanding of the peak tower legend, do you know any legends with a better temperament?" Su Ping asked.

Tang Ruyan was taken aback, his eyes rolled, and suddenly said, "Are you trying to sell the remaining battle pet to the opponent?"


Su Ping is noncommittal.

He has to ship quickly, and then hurry up to upgrade the store.

Tang Ruyan curiously asked: "Why don't you sell them publicly? If those legends get news, they will definitely come in droves. You can sell one each, which can completely buy people's hearts. This can also resolve the enmity between you and Peak Tower. "

"Resolve... are they worthy?" Su Ping chuckled lightly, not irritated, as if to state a fact:

"If it weren't for these Void Cave Realm battle pets, at the very least, legends are needed to make a contract. I will sell them all to you, or sell them to the titles of the five families of the opposite door, which round will I get them."

Tang Ruyan was dumb.

She also has a deep understanding of Su Ping's arrogance. She has always been...

However, thinking of Su Ping's combat power, coupled with the dozens of best pets from the late stage of the virtual cave realm she saw today, she knew that Su Ping had arrogant capital.

On the contrary, if the relationship between Fengta and Su Ping is not good, it is a failure!

"We have a few legends in the Tang family, but they are only superficial. I am not very familiar with the specifics. I have to go back and ask." Tang Ruyan thought.

When Su Ping heard it, she knew what she meant by superficial friendship.

Simple payment, money payment!

Money does not only refer to stars, but a precious and scarce resource.

Rely on these things to win a trace of so-called friendship, or pity, from the legend.

"All right." Su Ping nodded: "Hurry up."

"it is good."

Tang Ruyan knew that time was pressing. Even if he took out the communicator and contacted his family's father who helped manage the family affairs, he was also the last Tang clan chief, Tang Linzhan.


When Tang Ruyan made contact, several pieces of news came to the intelligence base station in the Asian land area.

Xihaizhou, destroyed...

A thunderbolt of news came, once again letting the intelligence station of the Asian land area into a dead silence!

Xihaizhou is also destroyed?

Overnight, two consecutive continents were destroyed? !

Didn't it say that the peak owner has already gone to Xihaizhou for reinforcements, how could it be destroyed? If Xihaizhou is destroyed, could the peak master...dead?

In everyone's cognition, the peak master is the first person in the world!

The strongest!

If the peak owner is dead, then...what else to do?

Is there any hope?

This time, even the legend stationed in the intelligence station was stunned by the news.

In addition to the news of the destruction of Xihaizhou, the other news is from Longzezhou. At this moment, Longzezhou is migrating to the Asian land area with all its strength, but the migration has encountered obstacles. The tide of beasts has swept into the final barrier of Longzezhou. The war is raging, and the human defense line is fighting to the death with the beast tide.

Hearing this sad news, everyone in the intelligence station was not surprised, but was relieved for the first time.

The main hero of Longzezhous migration is the peak owners battle pet "Sitting on the Mountain". Since Longzezhou is still migrating, it means that sitting on the mountain is still there. If the peak owner dies, the contract will naturally be dissolved and sitting on the mountain. Will become a masterless, a new destiny realm monster, and even join this monster carnival.

Knowing that the peak master was still there, everyone's panic became a little calmer, but they were still horrified when thinking about the destruction of Xihaizhou, and even the peak master could not stop it. The influx of the beast wave this time was a bit terrifyingly cruel!

The third piece of news is about migration.

How to deal with those who have migrated from Longzezhou?

When a problem arises, the people responsible for solving the problem are quickly mobilized, and a plan is quickly negotiated. These migrating people will be divided into three parts and sent to the base cities of the three major defense lines.

This solution is not difficult to think about. The difficult thing is how to quickly reconcile the relationship of interests.


Under the night, the bases are as bright as daylight, brightly lit.

Longjiang base.

The doors of several exterior walls were slightly opened, and chariots galloping in from deserted areas. The cargo tanks behind these tanks carried a large number of figures, some in suits and leather shoes, and some in ragged clothes. At this moment, they are living together in the same bucket, forming a distinct The contrast gives people a strange sense of shock.

But whether they are rich or poor, the expressions on their faces are full of fear, unknown, and dazed.

These people were sent to Longjiang just like refugees.

In addition to these ordinary residents, there is a battle pet behind the chariot in the deserted area. There are two to three meters to seven or eight meters in size. Some are like brown bears, some are giant wolves, and some are like lizards and earth dragons. These are all relocated. The pet master of the battle can be regarded as sending a meager combat power to Long Jiang.

The people who have migrated come from different bases, some are from the Asian land area, and some have just migrated from Longzezhou and are assigned here.

In the gun-prohibited area of the slums outside Longjiang, the original residents here were relocated to an urban area in the Shangcheng District under Xie Jinshuis decree. They belonged to the demolition of the upper part of the city. If the disaster is over, the human beings will survive. It is a great opportunity for future generations to become people in Shangcheng District.

After all, it would be difficult for them to struggle to get out of the quagmire all their lives.

Hard to get ahead!

It's even harder for the poor to come out!

Disasters, chaos...but hope and opportunity are also born!

Today's gun-prohibited area is divided into refugee areas to accommodate people from other bases.

The ordinary residents who migrated are all placed in the gun-free zone, while those pet divisions are assigned to the economically lower areas in the Shangcheng District, and the treatment is slightly better.

In addition, civilians in the gun-prohibited zone have limited orders and are not allowed to leave at will. They need to ask for instructions.

Those war pet divisions who have migrated, reaching the level of advanced war pet division, have been enlisted into the municipal government's military system, need to go to the battlefield, and have also gained some "freedom."

Some titles that migrated with the family have a little right to speak, but they can move the children of the family from the gun-prohibited area and spend a lot of money to buy accommodation in other places, but all the same information must be registered in Longjiang Since then, he has been regarded as Longjiang, including paying taxes.

Disaster is approaching, people are in panic, but order has not completely collapsed.

"This is Longjiang?"

"I heard that Longjiang has born a legend."

"The legend was born from the Qin family, the former leader of the five major families in Longjiang, the anger **** who once stunned more than 30 years ago."

"I heard that this base city once resisted an attack by one of the four heavenly kings, Higan?"

"Yes, there is a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in this base city, you should be careful."

"My war pet is starving. Who knows, is there any high-end animal pet shop near here?"

"Just ask."

"I heard that the entire TM of Northern Europe and Xihaizhou has been destroyed, **** it, can you say that we can stop it in Asia?"

"If you can't stop it, you have to stop it, otherwise, what else can you do, suicide?"

Some titles relocated to Longjiang quickly formed a group to form a small group. They knew that if they didnt hug each other, even if the disaster passed, they would be gradually eroded by Longjiangs original big family. After all, their roots are here. It's easy to play and eat them.


Little naughty shop.

"Oh, oh, I see." Tang Ruyan hung up the communication and turned to Su Ping: "I just asked. There is a legend named'Nighthawk King'. He has a good reputation and has done some charity. Listen It is said that many sons have been adopted, and those sons have been nurtured into titles and spread across all continents."

Su Ping nodded slightly and said, "Then notify the other party and ask if they want to buy the pet beast."

Don't you ask anything else... Tang Ruyan saw that Su Ping directly agreed. There were some small surprises, and he felt a little bit happy in his heart, and immediately said, "I'll let the family contact me."

Soon, she returned to the communication.

While waiting, Su Ping summoned Little Skeleton, Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and Ergou outside the store, and put them in the pet space. At this time, he noticed many figures walking on the street outside, he watched Looking at the time, it was just past four o'clock at the moment, it was a curfew time, and the clothes of those people seemed not to match the five families.

"This is it?"

"Well, I just inquired and said that it is the most powerful pet in this store. It is like an out-of-pocket and reborn."

"Really, oh, these two sculptures are quite bluffing."

A total of four people approached, and they were all attracted by the dragon sculpture at the entrance of the store. They glanced with some surprise. The more they looked at it, the more shocked they became. They found that the sculpture has a strange charm. When you look closely, it is as if from The dead thing came back to life, exuding an extremely vicious and strange aura.


A slight grunt interrupted the thoughts of several people and brought them back to reality.

Looking again, it was a purple-haired mouse lying under the sculpture.

What a big thunder rat!

Is this really Thunder Rat?

Feeling the breath of this thunder rat, several people looked at each other, the lower thunder rat of the third-order bloodline... At this moment, the breath of the sixth rank exudes in the body? !

"A guest is here, go and receive it."

At this time, an indifferent voice came from outside the store.

The next moment, a clear and slightly flattering voice cleverly promised, and then a graceful figure appeared, standing at the doorway on the steps with a smile: "Welcome, please come in."

"pretty girl!"

A few people saw this idea in their minds, but the next moment, their expressions suddenly changed, and they were all a little surprised.

They can feel that this beautiful lady with a welcoming attitude has extremely strong star power in her body. Although she has not deliberately introverted and radiated it, she can know it with a little bit of perception.

This energy is not inferior to them!

This is title level?

A Title Realm, actually watching the door here? !

The few people were stunned and looked at each other.

After stiffening for a while, one of the middle-aged people reacted. His eyes were calm, he glanced at Tang Ruyan deeply, and said, "I heard that this is the best animal pet shop in Longjiang?"

"What you heard is correct." Tang Ruyan smiled and groaned, becoming more and more proficient with Miss Yingbin's professional smirk, which also made her feel a little bit contented.

Look, my old lady is so professional, don't you think about getting me a regular idiot? !

Obviously, Su Ping has no mind-reading skills and can't see her thoughts, otherwise Miss Tang will be hopeless in her life.


Hearing Tang Ruyans answer, the few people were overjoyed, but soon they were relieved that they could be received by the Title Class in person. The ostentation of this shop is simply terrifying, and it can indeed afford Longjiangs strongest animal pet shop, even looking at them. The other cross-city or even cross-state top animal pet shops you know may not have such luxury and noble service.


The middle-aged man who took the lead quickly turned to smile and walked up the steps with a good attitude. He didn't dare to treat the other person as a service staff. After all... this little girl seemed to be younger than them.

Of course, the premise is that no secret technique has been used to modify the appearance.

"Here, please, are some of you here to cultivate or buy a battle pet. If you are buying a battle pet, we do not have a low-tier 9-tier battle pet supply for the time being, only a few king beasts are in stock." Tang Ruyan teased. Said with a smile.

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