Astral Pet Store Chapter 695

Chapter 695: Variation First Change

Under Su Ping's gaze, the four bit the bullet and reported the pet food they needed to buy. Su Ping heard that only two of them were in his store.

After all, the pet food in his shop is cultivated and picked at hand in the world. There is no specific classification and purchase. Unlike other pet stores, they will go to the artificial planting base for targeted purchase. The popular pets of various departments range from low-end to high-end. You will purchase some of your pet food, which is the basis for opening a pet shop.

Hearing that there are only two types of Su Ping here, the four titles are all a bit surprised, but thinking of the evil beast just now, he still resisted asking.

Although they are here to do business...Su Ping's attitude is also very polite...but for some reason, they always feel like they are being put on their necks with a knife.

"This is diamond-shaped flame dragon grass. Your battle pet is a ninth-order flamescale three-clawed dragon. It can also eat this thing, a 1.85 million star coin." Su Ping handed it over.

"1.85 million stars?"

A few people stared, a little surprised, a bite of pet food, actually sold so expensive?

Wouldn't it be tens of millions to eat a few more bites?

Although they are in the title realm and have a lot of wealth, it is a bit exaggerated to have millions of them. After all, this is just a bite of pet food, and it is too extravagant to eat!

The middle-aged man headed slightly gritted his teeth and said, "Swipe your card right here?"

"No need to."

Su Ping said: "I just said that today's consumption under 10 million will be free for you."

The middle-aged man replied, "How embarrassed, the money should be given or should be given."

"That's all right." Su Ping nodded and didn't shirk any more.

Middle-aged: "..."

I'm just being humble, I'm afraid you will tender me!

You really agreed all at once?

Forbearing without revealing the depression, the middle-aged man smiled and took out the card, swiping the card to pay, but in his heart it was MMP.

After he swiped the card to make the payment, he took the glass jar handed by Su Ping, and when he took it in his hand, he realized that the jar was actually hot, and the heat seemed to be emitted from the diamond-shaped red grass in the jar.

A grass actually has such amazing heat?

He was a little surprised and looked up and down.

"This is a thunder pattern fruit, thunder type battle pet can be used, there are only two left, a 1.5 million star coin, you can take it all." Su Ping took another vial from behind the counter. There are two inside. A purple fruit the size of a cherry, with raised veins on the surface, twists and turns, it looks like a coiled dragon carefully.


The old man next to him opened his mouth slightly, just these two small things actually cost three million?

This is simply stealing money!

Seeing that the middle-aged man next to him had already accepted it, he hesitated for a moment and chose to accept it...just spend money to eliminate the disaster.

"Is there anything else needed?" Su Ping asked.

The four shook their heads, no no.

I dare not say that, kidding, pet food can be sold so expensive, and other things can't be offered at sky-high prices?

Putting things away, a few people hurriedly said goodbye and left the shop.

When they walked out of the gate, the four of them felt like seeing the sky again. This Longjiang store... is really dark!

Regardless of staying, a few people hurriedly left along the street, and soon turned away to fly, and left directly in the air, flying back to the upper city where they were settled.

"Two fruits, I actually asked for my 300W, Gan! I thought we made money faster, but I didn't expect others to make money faster. Is this the true face of Longjiang?"

"This is Longjiang, it's Heilongjiang!"

"It makes sense..."

Flying high in the sky, a few people have lingering fears.

"In other words, that battle pet is actually true, virtual cave realm, my god, what concept?"

"I am a little doubtful now, whether we just got some hallucinogenic mystery, even if there is a shop with a virtual cave realm battle pet, although it is used as a treasure of the town, it is too exaggerated. Is there a legend behind this store?"

"I heard that among the five major families in Longjiang, the old man of the Qin family has become a legend. Could it be that they are behind this store?"

"Fortunately, I was not reckless. If it really makes a fuss, let's face a legend. No one will bury the dead!"

Speaking of this, the few people looked at each other and sighed. They didn't expect to come out in the middle of the night to find rations for their pets, almost letting them become others' rations!

This Longjiang store is too dark!


After seeing off the four customers, Su Ping's eyes fell on Tang Ruyan.

"Hey, hey... I know I was wrong..."

Tang Ruyan laughed awkwardly, but obediently bowed his head to admit his mistake.

"What's wrong?" Su Ping's voice was indifferent, and he couldn't hear the joy or anger.

"The fault shouldn't be teasing them, I shouldn't show off..." Tang Ruyan replied quickly, and after speaking, he secretly glanced at Su Ping.

Seeing her like this, Su Ping was also angrily laughed. He couldn't lose his temper. He snorted and said: "It's good to know, I don't care if you are the patriarch of the Tang family, but you have to remember, In my case, you are the employee who looks at the store for me. It is your duty to receive customers. You can't take the initiative to tease customers unless they offend you first, you know?"


Tang Ruyan's head was dotted like a chicken pecking at rice, too clever.

Su Ping was a little speechless, and said with no good air: "Now you don't sell well. Today you almost put the store in shame and damaged your reputation. Come on, how can you punish you?"

"Punish whatever you want..." Tang Ruyan whispered a blush on her cheeks.

"Then you will be punished for cleaning the toilet for a month." Su Ping said indifferently.

Tang Ruyan raised his head in amazement, and immediately said pitifully, "It's too wasteful to brush the toilet. I can warm your bed and serve you tea, how about?"

"Bring me tea and water, you should do it." Su Ping said indifferently: "I am busy practicing, and I don't need a bed to sleep."


"If there is no objection, then it is so decided."

"No, I'm against it, can I change to a separate one?"

"Now that I agree, let's start counting from today. This month, the toilet in the store will be cleaned up by you." Su Ping said, while communicating with the system in his heart, the toilet area in the store does not need to be cleaned.

The system readily agreed: "It's time!"


Tang Ruyan was dumbfounded. Seeing Su Ping turning around to leave, he was suddenly so angry that he squeezed with his hands. He wanted to crush something, but there was only air in his palm.


On the other side, the four titles returned to the residence, one of them looked at the bottles and jars in the hands of the middle-aged man and the old man, teasing and saying, "Do you want to try this millions of rations?"

Hearing what this person said, the leading middle-aged man and the old man looked at each other, the old man snorted coldly, and there was not a lot of cruel words. A whirlpool appeared directly behind him, and a thick thunder light emerged from it, and then stepped out a ninth-order thunder Horned Pegasus.


The old man unscrewed the mouth of the bottle and threw out the two Leiwenguo inside. Leihorn Pegasus beast's eyes lit up, and he quickly inhaled into his mouth and swallowed it directly.

The size of these two thunderflowers, like grapes, is not enough to fill the gap between their teeth.

But after eating it, the Thunderhorn Pegasus looked very excited, and the horseshoe covered with scales kept kicking on the ground. After a while, a strong thunder light suddenly burst from its body.


Several titles were taken aback, and the other three quickly retreated to avoid being injured.

The old man stood in place, looking at his pet mount in surprise, what's the situation?

In the next moment, he saw the Thunderhorn Pegasus beast's thunder suddenly swelling, and the whole body was enveloped in the incandescent thunder. A few minutes later, the flashing thunder gradually shrank, swept and gathered from behind, and gradually gathered to the sharp top of its head. On the thunder horn, this thunder horn slowly became thick and sharp under the thunder's gathering!

"Growing up?" The old man's eyes widened, his face full of consternation.

His Thunderhorn Pegasus is a high-ranking pedigree of Tier Nine, and now he has just reached Tier Nine. He didnt expect it to grow up in a short moment. Seeing that the thunder pattern on the Thunderhorn has changed from three lines to six lines, impressively It is a symbol of the ninth rank!

As the thunder light on the Thunderhorn disappeared, the Thunderhorn Pegasus also settled down, but it was obviously very happy. It kept rubbing the old man's neck with his head and stunned the old man.

The three people not far away were stunned and a little confused.

Eating two fruits, it actually grows, which is too evil!

Soon, the other two looked at the middle-aged man next to him, and the middle-aged man also reacted. They looked at the diamond-shaped fire dragon grass in their hands, with a little surprise in their eyes and a little faint expectation. Could it really be? ...

Soon, he called out his own flamescale three-clawed dragon. This is a dragon beast of the 9th-order extreme bloodline, but in the dragon beast rank, it ranks behind 20, which is also the peak of the 9th-order extreme. Next, the third-ranked Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast can force it to surrender only by the oppression of the dragon.

However, even though it was only twenty people, with the same cultivation base, it was considered an extremely powerful battle pet, able to easily pick two or even three monsters.


The middle-aged man opened the jar and immediately felt a heat wave sweeping out, which made him a little bit frightened, but also a little bit excited.

He picked up the diamond-shaped flame dragon grass with star power and handed it to the flame scale three-clawed dragon.

When the flamescale three-clawed dragon saw this diamond-shaped flame dragon grass, its originally lazy eyes shrank rapidly, staring at it, and before the middle-aged star power arrived, it directly swallowed it down.

The scarlet grass looked like a vegetable leaf in front of the mouth of the blood basin.

Feeling the excitement and joy of his battle pet, the middle-aged man was startled, and a red glow of excitement appeared on his face. His flamescale three-clawed dragon was already in the middle of the ninth rank. If he grows up again , Is the ninth-level upper rank, this kind of combat power, if you don't encounter a king-level monster, you can basically protect yourself!

A few minutes later, the flamescale three-clawed dragon suddenly roared, and the dragon's chant shook, alarming all the people resting in the nearby area.

The next moment, I saw the scales of the flamescale three-clawed dragon trembling rapidly, and its dragon wings were constantly flapping, which seemed extremely painful. The huge dragon body lost control under the pain, shaking left and right, and would fall down at any time.

The middle-aged man was taken aback, feeling the pain, burning and other thoughts coming from the other's consciousness, and suddenly became a little flustered. Could it be that he was eating wrong?

He was very anxious, but watching his battle pet struggling, he was helpless, so he could only transfer his star power in the same way.

With his star power transmission, the flamescale three-clawed dragon became more painful, and let out a stern roar.

The next moment, the dragon scales on the surface of its body cracked inch by inch, and cracked melt marks appeared on the dragon wings. With the shaking, the cracked dragon scales were constantly shaken off, falling like a dark and unsightly burnt orange peel. Everywhere, his body was falling down with pain, lying on the ground, the bones inside his body leaped like beans.

"Damn it, how could this happen!"

The middle-aged man looked at the painful battle pet, clutching his head, a little crazy, would he kill his battle pet with his own hands?


The next moment, suddenly a mutated, hoarse dragon roar sounded.

This dragon roar is somewhat similar to the previous dragon's roar, but it is a little different, more ferocious, cruel, and tyrannical!

And this dragon chant was made by the flame scale three-clawed dragon lying on the ground.

Under the stunned eyes of the middle-aged man, the wing on the back of the flamescale three-clawed dragon split, and from the inside stretched out a new dragon wing, which was even larger, with sharp barbs on it, and under the shed scales, New dragon scales grow, the new scales are as red as blood, exuding a powerful dragon.

"This, this is..."

"It seems to be mutated..." The two titles next to them have been dumbfounded.

At this moment, the flamescale three-clawed dragon exudes dragon power several times stronger than before, which is heart palpitating.

The painful roar disappeared. In the flames, the flamescale three-clawed dragon stood up again, like a rebirth from a fire, but this time, the body exuded a restrained and violent aura, but it was like a dragon king in the flame.

"It looks like this, it's not in the illustrated book, it's really mutated..."

"What a terrifying aura, this kind of dragon power, I have only felt it on the top ten dragon beasts."

"This, is this caused by the pet food?" The old man next to him also walked over with a dull expression.

He thought that his Thunderhorn Pegasus beast could grow, and it was already a good luck, but this middle-aged man's battle pet, after eating the pet food purchased from Su Ping, directly mutated!

The middle-aged man also came back to his senses at this moment, feeling the familiar feeling in the connection of consciousness, and determined that this strange and familiar terrifying dragon beast was his own flamescale three-clawed dragon.

"what's the situation?"

"Someone fights privately?"

At this time, a group of figures galloped over in the distance, all titles living nearby, and they heard the movement and came.

Hearing the sound of the galloping wind, the middle-aged man reacted, his face changed slightly, and he quickly put away his mutant flamescale three-clawed dragon, but his heart was a little hot and excited.

If one time is an accident, then there is definitely a reason for the two.

The pet food sold in that shop has such a terrifying effect, it is incredible!

No wonder it will be called the number one pet shop in Longjiang!

Thinking of the many bottles and cans behind Su Ping's counter, all of which are pet food, the middle-aged man suddenly became a little excited and turned around and left.

"Brothers, what's the matter?"

Many people came and stopped in front of them.

An old man walked out of the crowd with silver hair and a pair of emerald green earrings. He had a refined temperament and smiled and said, "It's you, it's midnight, what happened here?"

Seeing this old man, the middle-aged man's face changed slightly, he hesitated, and had to briefly explain the situation.

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