Astral Pet Store Chapter 696

Chapter 696: Return Second More

In the shop.

Tang Ruyan was punished by Su Ping for flushing the toilet, and within five minutes, her communicator rang.

Open it and see, it's a message from the family.

"How about it, when will the Legend of Nighthawk King come over?" Tang Ruyan asked quickly as soon as he took it up.

"..." There was a brief silence on the communicator. After a few seconds, an old voice said bitterly: "Young patriarch, the legendary Nighthawk King just replied, saying there is no time..."

No time? Tang Ruyan almost rolled his eyes with anger, selling the Void Cave Realm King Beast to you. Are you not free?

"What is he doing? Is it to reinforce other continents?" Tang Ruyan resisted the urge to question and asked quickly. If it were to reinforce other continents, she would understand and admire it deeply. After all, she could value human lives higher than the pet of the Void Cave Realm, which also showed that the Tang family did not find the wrong person.


The Tang family elder on the communication side hesitated a little, not knowing whether to talk about it.

"Uncle Qi, just say anything if you have anything to say." Tang Ruyan frowned, and said straightforwardly, with a certain demeanor of the overall situation.

Hearing Tang Ruyan's words, the old Tang family on the opposite side twitched his mouth slightly, and said with a wry smile: "Young patriarch, the other party doesn't believe us at all, and thinks it's impossible for him to say anything like this. He said that he had no time and just declined... and he warned us, let Let's not try to use such tricks to please him, saying that there is no time to talk to us..."


Tang Ruyan stared, scolding his mother on the spot.

Please? The Tang family nowadays, why need to please a legend of the vast sea realm!

If it is the Void Hole Realm, she is still afraid of three, but the Vast Sea Realm... she saw the legend of the Vast Sea Realm, and was killed in front of her!

Although she is not a legend, her pectoral muscles...heart and chest are already swollen enough.

With a monster like Su Ping, she couldn't help but not swell.

After all, if such a large number of virtual cave realm battle pets are sold, how can anyone else in the world do such a frantic thing?

In Tang Ruyan's view, even the world's first person, the leader of the peak tower, and the leader of the Blue Star, did not have such courage... and ability!

Although she has never seen the latter, she thinks so, and she is sure!

"Don't the other party know me? Don't you know where I work?" Tang Ruyan couldn't help but said.

She rushed back to the Tang family to reinforce, slaughtered the Quartet, and successively wiped out the two big families. It was also considered an extremely sensation. All the upper-class forces in the entire Asian continent have basically known her name after the battle.

And she works here for Su Ping...and she didn't deliberately conceal it. Anyone can find out if she checks it. Not only is she strong enough, the key is... someone who mixes with Su Ping!

You may not care about my identity as the head of the Tang family, but I am an employee next to Su Daqiang!

The Nighthawk King actually thought that their Tang family was cheating on him, and Tang Ruyan laughed happily. She had seen all kinds of things beside Su Ping, and she really didn't see a legend in the vast sea realm.

"The other party doesn't seem to pay attention to the things you did earlier, the young patriarch, and seems to be a bit hostile to that Su and Boss Su..." On the communication side, the Tang family elder cautiously and authentically, as if he was afraid that these words would reach Tang Ruyan through the communication. In the ears of someone nearby.

When Tang Ruyan returned to aid the Tang family, he showed amazing combat power and shocked everyone.

Afterwards, based on various information, they investigated that Tang Ruyan's achievements were all due to the boy who captured Tang Ruyan.

To that boy, their Tang family kept secret.

"Rely..." Tang Ruyan exploded on the spot, not paying attention to what she had made before? She finally pretended to be forced, but you didn't even see it?

She had all set her posture, but she was not at this level, so she didn't bother to look at it.

This is so awkward...difficult!

"Dont give him a chance to take off to the sky, huh, lets find someone else. Ill record a video and show you the process of selling pet beasts. You send it, dont say anything, I just want to see if he can Breathing out blood!" Tang Ruyan's teeth were rubbing against his cheeks, his teeth itchy with hatred.

"Um, okay..." The old Tang family agreed carefully, feeling that the young patriarch seemed to be less ladylike than before, and he was getting a little bit more and more free to drive himself...

Is this the red one near Zhu...

On the other side, Su Ping naturally heard the content of the communication and raised his eyebrows slightly. He was relieved after thinking about it. It was nothing to do with it. This was the loss of the other party, and his warfare would never be sold.


At this moment, Su Ping's communication suddenly sounded.

Su Ping took a look, his eyes lit up, and quickly answered the channel: "Senior Li?"

"What kind of senior is called, how awkward, aren't we all brothers?" Li Yuanfeng laughed at the communication side.

Su Ping smiled and said, "Are you out?"

Without leaving the abyss, this communication would not be able to reach him.

"Well, we are all out." The wind on Li Yuanfeng's side was loud, but his voice was still clearly transmitted to the communication side, saying:

"It's a long story. We just came out and asked someone to hear about you. You guys are amazing. You ran out of the Abyss Corridor again. The guy who can come out of the Abyss Corridor twice in a row, we five prisons. The team can't find two slaps."

Su Ping smiled and said, "It's all luck. The monsters in the corridor of the abyss have all been cleaned up, otherwise I wouldn't be so relaxed."

"Did you clean up when you went in, grandma's, these beasts really planned for a long time, we almost always got trapped inside, we didn't know that the ground was about to turn the sky!" Li Yuanfeng cursed and said, he seemed to think What, asked quickly:

"The monster beasts were all gone when you entered, did you go to the deepest part of the abyss?"

"Go." Su Ping nodded, and immediately explained the situation inside, including the deepest seal formation without concealing it. Perhaps Li Yuanfeng and the others know what?

After Su Ping finished speaking, there was some silence on the communicator.

After more than ten seconds, there were a few low-cut breathing sounds.

"There are eight destiny king beasts inside? The destiny realm that hasn't been calculated yet, how many destiny monsters have been bred in this abyss over the years..."

"How to fight this Nima?"

"Are we out now and wait for death?"

"In other words, how did Brother Su hide so many Destiny Realm monsters inside?"

"Huh, this is true."

Su Ping heard several familiar voices and asked curiously: "Are you all together?"

Li Yuanfeng seemed to come back to his senses, and smiled bitterly: "Yes, we are rushing to your hometown right now, and we will be here soon. We have heard about the things on the surface. We are planning to come over to discuss countermeasures with you. We will see you later I'll talk in person again."

"it is good."

Su Ping agreed.

When the communication was hung up, Su Ping sighed slightly. Unexpectedly, at this juncture, Li Yuanfeng and the others rushed out. If they join now, it will be a little easier to resist the pressure of the animal tide, and his pets can also be found. Suitable host too.

"You don't need to ask the Tang family to find someone anymore, I have friends over there." Su Ping said to Tang Ruyan next to him.

Tang Ruyan had already heard Su Ping's call clearly. She also knew a little bit about that Li Yuanfeng. She knew that she was a legend who had been stationed in the abyss all year round. She had also taken care of the younger generations in her family for the other party and helped consolidate the business.


Tang Ruyan agreed and immediately wrote back to the family.

Originally, if the Nighthawk King agreed to buy these battle pets, he would definitely remember their love for the Tang family, and it could be regarded as finding an extremely reliable contact for the Tang family, but the opponent was blind, so she had to give up this idea. .

Anyway, as long as I am still there, I will be the backer of the family... She secretly said in her heart.


Not long after Su Ping hung up the communication, people roared outside the store.

Su Ping thought it was Li Yuanfeng and the others who had arrived. He was a little surprised. He didn't expect to come so quickly, but he soon sensed that these auras were not Li Yuanfeng and the others, but a group of titled warfare masters.


Su Ping was a little strange and came to the door to wait and see.

Soon, a group of figures galloped down and landed outside the store. There were dozens of titles, standing densely at the entrance of the store. This battle frightened the Qin's titles in the attic of the opposite Qin's family. All go out quickly to check.

"what's the situation?"

"These are all called by Boss Su?"

"Does Boss Su actually know so many titles? This network..."

"It's not surprising that Boss Su is a person who even sells king beasts. It's just that if you call these people over now, is it the beast tide coming?"

In addition to the Qin's title, the two titles of Liu's and Zhou's next to him were also disturbed by this situation and came out to look carefully.

"right here."

"Just this store?"

The many titles at the door looked around, and noticed the titles of the Qin family, Liu, and Tuesday's family. They were all a little surprised. I didn't expect that there were so many titles living in this seemingly ordinary and not prosperous street.

The latter is obviously not like them. They are the titles of relocation, but the titles of Longjiang's original residence. This also means that these titles have a lot of background.

"Our pet food is bought here. I asked passers-by before and said that this is the No. 1 pet animal shop in Longjiang. You will find out if you go in and take a look. It seems that even king beasts are sold here..."

The middle-aged man who came to Suping's shop before said politely to the old man wearing emerald earrings next to him.

This old man is the limit of titles that have been famous for a long time, and all five players are the limit of titles. He has great connections and influence. He is also the title leader who migrated to Longjiang from all sides this time.

At the beginning, the fight for this leader was through open and secret struggles, but the old man in front of him easily suppressed it with one enemy three. Although it was limited, he could see its terrible combat power.

Sometimes, even though the cultivation base is the same, the difference in the background will greatly widen the difference in the cultivation base of the same level, not to mention that the old man's cultivation base has reached the top of the title, only one step away from the legend.

"All king beasts are sold. This is a bit exaggerated. I heard that Longjiang has a legend. Could it be that behind this store is the legend who runs it?"

"If it's a legend, then the legend can really bluff people by throwing his battle pet in the store as a gimmick."

"Anyway, go in first and have a look."

Everyone whispered, all curious.

From the titles in the attic next to it, it can be seen that this street is unusual. Although they have just arrived, they also know that the place in front of them is a slum in Longjiang.

Which local title would be all right, living in a slum?

"Hey, there is a fat thunder rat here."

"Lei Guang Rat? No, the energy in this Thunder Guang Rat seems a bit too surging."

Some people noticed the Thunder Light Rat under the sculpture. They were a little surprised. From the outside, they were indeed low-level Thunder Light Rats, but they were all titles. A little bit of perception revealed that the energy in this Thunder Light Rat was at least a sixth-order thunder. The extent of the beast is very strange.

"A visitor is here, let's entertain." Su Ping saw the four titles who had left before in the crowd, and immediately understood the reason, and said to Tang Ruyan in the store without looking any more.

Tang Ruyan was a little surprised. The store had been closed for many days before, but it was not bright this day and opened in the middle of the night. How could so many people come over?

When he walked to the door of the store, Tang Ruyan immediately saw the titles that had left before, and he was suddenly stunned, and then slightly curled his lips. She had said that they just wanted to leave, but now that she knew the benefits, she came over again, causing her to be punished in vain.

Although she was not upset, Su Ping's previous words still echoed in her ears. She breathed slightly and adjusted her mindset. Since she is here, she will do what the employee should do.

"Everyone, welcome." Tang Ruyan smirked professionally.

Although it was a fake smile, the smile of such a big beauty still made people feel like a spring breeze. The many titles at the door were a bit surprised, especially when they felt Tang Ruyan's cultivation level, they were a little surprised.

In the crowd, when seven or eight titles saw Tang Ruyan's face, their eyes suddenly went round.

is her?

Seeing the groaning smiles piled on that delicate cheek, these titles shuddered.

They will never forget that the face in front of them once trampled on a large family blankly, killing a title like killing a chicken!

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