Astral Pet Store Chapter 697

Chapter 697: Test Su Ping Shot

"Your Excellency... is the new patriarch of the Tang family, Miss Tang?"

When everyone was shocked, the old man with green earrings in the crowd stepped forward and said with a little fear in the depths of his eyes, unlike the indifferent manner when he first arrived.

He never expected that he would actually see the murderous man from the Tang family here!


Now it's like a welcome lady, what kind of routine is this?

Hmm, I actually knew this lady... Tang Ruyan raised her eyebrows slightly, and she felt a little bit happy. It seems that she was remembered by many people when she returned to the Tang family before, and she is also known as Zhen Yalu.

With a light cough, she said calmly: "There is no Tang family chief here, only the worker Tang. If you come to buy things, come in and have a look. If not, don't gather here."

Worker Tang...Everyone was a little dumb when they heard her strange words.

The head of a dignified clan, and currently the largest clan leader in Asia and the continent, stretched his hand to black and white, and finally ran here and said that he was a worker... You are insulting the worker!

"This, we are here to buy pet food."

The old man wearing green earrings hesitated slightly, and followed Tang Ruyan's words.

He guessed that the new patriarch of the Tang family mostly didn't want people to know that she was working here. Since others have other reasons for this, they still pretended to be stupid so as not to provoke them.

After all, the Tang family today is already the strongest family in Asia and Lu. It unifies the resources of the other two families. The connections and powers are too strong, and the titles of the subordinates are too numerous to count, not to mention hundreds, and Tang Ruyan. A ruthless character, no one dares to provoke him.

"Then come in." Tang Ruyan nodded.

The old man wearing green earrings nodded slightly in response, and he wanted to lead everyone up the steps. At this moment, in the dawn and light of the next, a whistling sound galloped.

The voice was not loud, but there were all titles, and I heard movements far away, and the number was quite large, there were as many as a dozen.

Looking back, I saw more than a dozen figures whizzing from the sky, and they came close in a blink of an eye, and they could see their faces clearly.


One figure suddenly flashed and disappeared out of thin air. The next moment it appeared directly above everyone's heads, let out a hearty laugh, and said, "Brother Su, here we are!"

"Brother Li."

Inside the store, Su Ping also walked out after hearing the movement.

Looking up, in addition to Li Yuanfeng, there were also team leader Ye Wuxiu, as well as an old man named Xiao Mo and an ancestor of the Han family.

Among the acquaintances in the Ice Prison World, just a few of them, and the others are legends that Su Ping saw when he entered the abyss for the second time, stationed in other worlds.

"Are you all here?" Su Ping was surprised.

"Yes, I brought it here. We already know the situation on the ground. The peak tower is too disappointing. I heard that one continent has been destroyed..." Li Yuanfeng was still laughing in the first half of the sentence, but said Behind, his face was a little gloomy, and a continent was wiped out. How many people would die?

I can't even think about it!

Upon hearing this, Su Ping immediately knew that their news had fallen behind, and now they had destroyed two continents.

However, it is also possible to calculate their approximate time.

When Li Yuanfeng was speaking, the old man wearing green earrings and many other titles looked at them in a daze, all at a loss.

They felt that the faces of these more than a dozen figures had never seen them in the title circle.

ground? Peak tower? Disappointed?

Hearing these words in Li Yuanfeng's words, their minds were a little confused, and their titles...Dare to talk about the peak tower like this? Thinking of just Li Yuanfeng's move, this is a ten-big secret skill level ability in the pet's body, and in humans, except for some evildoers, only legends can display it!

Is this a legend? !

The titled clan elders of the Qin family, Liu, and Wednesdays family at the opposite door were also shocked by the battle. They had seen the legendary Qin Duhuang, and at this moment they felt that there were more than a dozen in front of them. Bit... are all legends!

Moreover, the breath of some of them made them feel ten times more terrifying than Qin Duhuang!


Boss Su actually summoned so many legends at once? !

This is simply another master of the peak tower!

"Brother Su, I heard that you have a kill legend, comparable to the strength of the Void Cave Realm?" Behind Li Yuanfeng, stood a middle-aged man wearing black beast armor, his eyes were as cold and tough as a rock. It was trained through long-term battles, with a killing aura, just standing there at will, like a beast ready to go!

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, but didn't get angry. He smiled peacefully and said, "Brother Li said it. Brother Li likes to flatter me. Don't take it too seriously, but..."

He smiled and said calmly, "This is true."

It should be humble, but it should not be humble. It is stupid to be humble.

Li Yuanfeng drew them over because he wanted to form a force to fight against the animal tide. If these people questioned his ability, if he was still modest, it would only make Li Yuanfeng ugly.


As soon as these words came out, not only the numerous legends in mid-air raising their eyebrows, but also the many titles such as the old man wearing green earrings at the door, were also stunned and immediately dumbfounded.

The four of them who came to the Suping store before have their eyes wide open. Brother, **** can be eaten, but you can't talk nonsense. It's so arrogant, it will kill you!

"Is it?"

The middle-aged man in the black beast armor squinted. They were willing to come with Li Yuanfeng to meet the "Brother Su". In addition to Li Yuanfengs sincere recommendation in front of them, part of the reason was that they found out the news after they came to the surface. The fall of Europe made them quite disappointed with the tower.

In addition, Li Yuanfeng, a person who had been to the surface not long ago, had various degraded views of the peak tower next to them, which made their impression of the peak tower slightly worse. The fall of North Europe was a fact, so they planned to come first. See this Su Ping who Li Yuanfeng keeps praising.

Some of them had seen Su Ping step into the corridor of the abyss before, and it was a small sensation at the time.

Since they were able to escape twice from the corridor of the abyss, they believed that there was indeed something.

Su Ping did not answer, but stared directly at him calmly. This kind of calm, introverted, indifferent and deep eyes revealed extremely strong self-confidence invisibly.

The middle-aged man in the black beast-armor stared at him, but he would not believe it because of the mere aura. He opened his mouth and said, "If this is the case, can Brother Sue take a trick? If I can stand it, I will believe Brother Sue. With his abilities, I am also willing to form an alliance with Brother Su to jointly discuss how to stop the abyssal beast tide!"

The face of Li Yuanfeng next to him changed slightly, but he didn't say a word. He knew that at this moment he stood up and said nothing was of no use. Seeing is believing, hearing is not.

Some things must be resolved by Su Ping himself.

Moreover, he has seen Su Ping's battles and believes that Su Ping has this ability!

Ye Wuxiu, Xiao Mo, and the ancestor of the Han family who had been with Su Ping next to each other did not speak, they were all silent. This level can only be handed over to Su Ping. They also want to know if Su Ping has it. This ability.

"no problem."

Su Ping spoke with a calm voice without anger.

It is precisely because of this calm that he has a sense of dignity and calmness without anger and prestige.

"it is good."

Seeing Su Ping's courage, the eyes of the middle-aged man in black beast armor flickered. Just because of this calmness, let him take a high look and immediately said, "Excuse me, everyone to build a barrier."

"Good to say."

"You have to master some strength. After all, this is Brother Li's friend."

Two legends emerged from the crowd, one casual and the other with a chuckle.

The auras of these two are restrained, but standing there like a battle dragon on top of the earth, this is the aura cultivated by a battlefield legend.

"Everyone below, please let me down."

Said the old man who chuckled.

Before the elders wearing green earrings and waiting for the title to respond, they suddenly felt their bodies lightened, and when their vision resumed, they all stared in astonishment.

They originally stood outside the Suping shop, but at this moment, they actually stood more than ten meters away from the side of the Suping shop!

All of them have been moved over!

In just a short moment, when they did not react!

What is this ability? !

Many titles looked up in shock, looking at the more than a dozen deep auras in the air, undetectable figures, suddenly felt like a dozen humanoid king beasts standing there, extremely shocking.

These people...are they all legends?

This terrifying thought grew crazily in everyone's mind.

"Get up!"

Another legendary young woman with an indifferent and casual face opened her red lips lightly and said.

The old man who moved many titles next to him released his power in a smile, the surging star power mixed with the space power, and quickly formed a space enchantment invisibly in the air.

"System, don't take action later."

Su Ping silently told the system in his heart.

These people are standing at the door of the store, but they are already in the area of the store. He is worried that if they attack him, they will trigger the defense of the system and kill the opponent directly.

If so, you can only change the venue.

"Don't worry, this person is not as powerful as you, and there is no malice. I will not take action if you are prepared." The system said indifferently.

Su Ping was relieved and nodded.

"Do you need to summon a battle pet?" The middle-aged man in black armor said calmly.

Su Ping shook his head slightly and said, "No."

So confident? The middle-aged man in the black beast armor flashed his eyes and said indifferently: "If this is the case, then I don't need to. I will first explain to you that my cultivation is in the late stage of the Void Cave Realm, and it is only one step away from the Destiny Realm. I will wait. The attack intensity of your child will be around the middle of the virtual cave realm."

Hmm... Speaking so clearly, are you afraid that I won't know how to be beaten to death?

Su Ping felt a bit humiliated, but he knew that the other party didn't mean it, so he thought about it and said bluntly: "Since I want to test my strength, please do your best. Don't worry, I can take it."

The middle-aged man in black armor raised his eyebrows and glanced at Li Yuanfeng next to him.

Li Yuanfeng wanted to say something but stopped, but in the end he didn't say anything. Su Ping was able to take him out of the corridor of the abyss at first, and he could see that Su Ping was not the kind of person who would be hot-headed.

Seeing that Li Yuanfeng had no objection, the middle-aged man in black beast armor curled his mouth and said, "Okay, then I will do my best."

"it is good."

Su Ping responded with a smile.

The two young women and the old man who were responsible for building the barrier next to him couldn't help but glance at each other. Then they looked at Ye Wuxiu, who was silent next to him, and said in a bad mood, "Old Ye, what are you thinking about? Handle, do you want to see the black madman destroy this base city?"

As soon as this word came out, the many titles below were a bit sluggish.

Can destroy the entire base city?

What level of battle is this!

Everyone held their breath.

Ye Wuxiu also recovered, somewhat helpless, but still took a step and released the star power blessing into the barrier.

When Ye Wuxiu blessed the enchantment, the middle-aged man in the black beast armor had already released energy, which was slightly distorted in the space around him. This was caused by extremely high-intensity star power radiation. In his star power, it was already natural. Mixed with the profound meaning of space, it can interfere with space unknowingly.

This is an extremely deep understanding of the profound meaning of space, which can be done.

Su Ping stood on the steps of the gate with his hands behind his back, watching quietly.

His star power has been repeatedly baptized by the tribulations, the impurities have been completely removed, and super concentrated, in terms of the purity and concentration of the star power, he is far higher than any legend on the scene, and it is hundreds of times height of!

The star power is pure and light, so the speed at which he releases the secret technique is far faster than the ordinary pet master. A secret technique of others needs to be brewed for three seconds, and he can do it in 0.3 seconds, almost instant!


In the space around the middle-aged man in black beast armor, there was suddenly a crackling thunder force flashing, his hair rooted up and his aura climbed to the top, looking like an extremely majestic and brilliant God of War, surrounded by thunder.

The next moment, he drew his sword suddenly.

The knife light was shining brightly, shining on the world, and the many titles below felt that their eyes were cut apart, and they felt hot and painful, and they couldn't help closing their eyes.

But they were extremely curious and caring about the battle in front of them, forcing them to repair their eyes with star power, and force them to open and squint.

Thunder, space, and star power as deep as a sea of stars all converge on this domineering sword. The middle-aged man in black beast armor wears Thunder in his eyes. Looking at Su Ping below, he sees that Su Ping is still calm. With a light appearance, as if giving up resistance, a sharp anger flashed in his eyes, but he confiscated his hands.

"This guy is really moving."

The face of the chuckling old man next to him also became a little serious. This sword is one of the black lunatic's unique skills. It is an ancient sword technique that he obtained from a secret realm in his early years, including his practice of thunder technique, which is also matched with this sword technique. , Can be said to have got an ancient heritage, extremely powerful.

"go with!"

The middle-aged man in the black beast armor suddenly roared and slashed out with his sword. The countless thunder entwined on the blade, like a jet, broke out instantly. At that moment, the speed of the blade light was pushed to the extreme, almost instant!

And when the middle-aged man in black beast armor swung his knife, Su Ping also made a move. There was a flash of light in his eyes, and the bright golden color appeared on his eyes, revealing a breath of supernatural and noble god. The true protoss energy, pure, majestic, more terrifying than the star power!

The next moment, the star power that had been baptized by the heavens in his body suddenly exploded and gathered, all condensed in his fist.

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