Astral Pet Store Chapter 699

Chapter 699: You Can't Do It

"Damn, Meng Sao Gun, your words are too shameless!"

As soon as Ye Wuxiu's voice fell, Xue Yunzhen and Xiang Fengran who were arguing next to him were both cursing.

The Jing Shen beside him was not surprised, but shook his head helplessly without saying anything.


At the door, Su Ping saw that Xue Yunzhen and Xiang Fengran both cursed Ye Wuxiu, but did not fight for quotations. He immediately knew what they meant and gave up.

Indeed, this raw water-eating snake is a "good match" to Ye Wuxiu.

"Then leave it to you. I don't use any secret treasures. This one sells for 328 million yuan. Do you have any money?"


Ye Wuxiu was stunned. He didn't expect Su Ping to use it to sell money.

However, he really has no money.

Stationed underground all year round to fight, where does the money come from, and what is the use of asking for it?

Hearing Su Pings words by other legends and many titles nearby, they were all shocked. I didnt expect such a fierce battle pet to be sold at such a cheap price. Doesnt this mean a free gift?

"Well, I don't have any money..." Ye Wuxiu said in embarrassment after a few seconds.

The legends beside them all looked at each other, and similarly, they had no money.

When Su Ping saw their reaction, he didn't know whether it was sad or bitter smile. They were all poor, but these "poor" are people who have made great contributions to the world and cannot be measured by money.

"Senior, I, I have money here." Suddenly, a nervous voice sounded from below.

When everyone looked around, they saw that the man who was speaking was a strong man among the many titles. After he finished speaking, his face was nervous and nervous, and his whole body was trembling slightly.

Just in front of a legend, it will make people feel pressured, let alone a dozen legends, he was afraid that he would say something wrong, and he would speak out and be killed casually.

Ye Wuxiu was startled and reacted immediately, his eyes lit up, and his body suddenly appeared in front of the brawny man. He chuckled and said, "It's good if you have money. If you have money, you can lend me a little. I have some Secret Treasure, you can pick it when you look back, and it is guaranteed to greatly increase your combat power."

The brawny man shuddered when he saw Ye Wuxiu who flashed over, and he was relieved when he heard this, knowing he was betting right!

"Predecessor, you are polite, here, here is my card, there are 1.3 billion in it." The brawny man smiled cautiously, and quickly took out his card, very quick.

Ye Wuxiu took it, patted him on the shoulder, flashed in front of Su Ping, and said, "Brother Su, brush it!"

Su Ping took a look, took the card, handed it to Tang Ruyan next to him, and said, "Go and do it."

Tang Ruyan received the card and quickly finished swiping it. Su Ping nodded slightly to Ye Wuxiu, seeing the increased energy in the store, "Go and sign the contract. By the way, the pet beast purchased in this store cannot be terminated without authorization within ten years. , Unless there is a special reason, you can come and apply with me."

This one is for the system to prevent reselling.

Ye Wuxiu smiled and said, "If you don't cancel the contract, you won't cancel the contract. With such a top-quality battle pet, it is estimated that the combat power can rank in the top three of my battle pet.

After speaking, he flew to the original water to eat the air snake to complete the contract.

With the completion of the contract, the breath of the original water empty-chewing snake was mixed with the breath of Ye Wuxiu, and the human pet formed a wonderful and strong bond.

Other legends watched enviously as Ye Wuxiu put away the water-eating snake, and didn't say anything else. This battle pet indeed matched Ye Wuxiu's attributes.

"The next second is the Black Mountain Windbreaker." Su Ping said.

The next moment, a giant ape more than ten meters high appeared in the field. The whole body was black with hair, four arms, and the nails on the claws were extremely sharp, curved inwards, and there were strange wind patterns on the palms. This is the manifestation of Tao Yun. Although the mark is extremely simple, it is quite a special situation that the Tao Yun can be manifested on the body.


The Black Mountain Splitting Wind Ape has violent and icy eyes, and the many legends sweeping into the air seem to be ready to attack at any time.

The legends are all stunned and dumbfounded.

There is a second one?

"Whoever wants this one, the price is similar." Su Ping said.

His words woke everyone up, Xue Yun really stared, and said first: "I want it, no matter how much it is, I want it!"

"Cut, do you have money, I want it, this war pet has a fate with me, you look at it, and you have been looking at me, this is called fate, the fate of love at first sight!" Jing Shen lightly hummed.

Xiang Fengran sneered: "People are staring at you, so you should stay away. You can't be chained to this battle pet. Be careful to smash you with a punch."

"Ahem, the attributes of this battle pet fit me quite well..." Ye Wuxiu, who had just put away the original water swamp, said with a light cough, but before he finished speaking, he greeted him in unison:


Your sister, Gangyuan Water Snake Sky Snake is a real fit, do you want it now?

Seeing that several people were arguing, Su Ping thought for a while, and said, "Don't worry, there are five more. Our shop is first-come, first-served. Since Miss Xue has spoken first, let's leave it to Miss Xue."

There are five more?

The legends and the titles on the ground are dumbfounded.

What kind of scary pet shop is this, even if this level of war pet is sold out, it actually sells so many at once? !

Xue Yun was stunned, and then reacted. He didn't expect that Su Ping would choose her. He was very surprised and nodded: "Yes, yes, it should be first come first served!"

Xiang Fengran also recovered, and couldn't help but glance at Ye Wuxiu, gritted his teeth slightly, hey, why didn't he say first come first served, otherwise the original water empty snake is his.

However, thinking that Su Ping said there are five more, then he still has a chance.

Five...Isn't this guy himself a better pet?

Not only Xiang Fengran, but other people also turned their minds. When they thought of this question, the corners of their mouths twitched.

"Whoever has the money, would like to lend it to this lady." Xue Yunzhen came to the group of titles, as if looking at a group of lambs waiting to be slaughtered, with a groaning smile.

All the titles looked at each other, suddenly excited, and rushed to give money.

It's even more difficult to borrow money from the legend than from the legend!

This is a good thing to send to the door to build a relationship!

Seeing the scene of the vying for titles, the legends are a little speechless. These titles are vying for the opportunity to give them money, but they are vying for the favor of Suping.

Soon, Xue Yunzhen borrowed the money and went back to Su Ping happily, and handed the card to Tang Ruyan for payment.

The second one was sold, and Su Ping continued to take out the third...the fourth...

Soon, all the remaining pets were sold out. The average price of the seven pets was more than 300 million, and the total sold was more than 2 billion. When converted into energy, it was more than 20 million!

Moreover, now that the pet is emptied, he can finally upgrade the system.

160 million energy, 60 million energy can be squandered after the upgrade!

These seven battle pets, including Kaye Wuxiu, and the four captain-level ones all have one hand, and there are three remaining. Su Ping sold them to Li Yuanfeng, as well as the ancestors of Xiao Mo and the Han family who had met before.

Other legends are a little envious. Why didn't Su Ping pass through the prison world where they were stationed when he entered the abyss?

After buying a battle pet, the legendary captains were a little bit happy. Su Ping thought for a while. There is no time to nurture the world for the time being. Next, he has to discuss how to defend and solve the animal tide.

Moreover, two continents were wiped out overnight, and the beast tide was fierce. The Asian land area is likely to be attacked within a day.

"System, store upgrade." Su Ping said silently in his heart.




The 1 moment before the energy disappears and becomes the beginning of 6.

There are only 60 million left.

Su Ping didn't say much, and said to the legends: "Everyone, come here to discuss."

The shop was upgraded, and the real estate he bought was processed and incorporated into the shop, and the facades of the five big families across the street were still old neighbors.

Su Ping's words came to an end. The few Qin family titles who were lying at the entrance of the Qin family's Xiaolou were all shocked. A dozen legends are going to discuss major issues with them?

"it is good."

The legends nodded without objection.

Whether it was Su Ping who had resisted Xiang Fengrans attack or the pets sold later, they had to take a high look. Even the legendary captains such as Ye Wuxiu showed awe of Su Ping. , After all, if you can sell such a powerful pet, how can your level of pet be worse?

"Old Qin, Clan Chief Zhou, come, too." Su Ping said to the people next to Qin and Tue.

Qin Duhuang smiled and nodded, and it was quite interesting to see them fighting for the pet in front of Su Ping's face. These were the rest of their previous picks. Sure enough, it is best to be a neighbor with Su Ping.

The other legends glanced at Qin and Tuueren, and said nothing.

Everyone came to the small building of Qin's house and immediately filled the hall. The three Qin's titles inside were trembling, and quickly helped move chairs, poured tea, and entertained all legends, acting as male servants.

"Brother Su, what's the situation on the ground now?" After taking his seat, Li Yuanfeng was the first to speak, very anxious.

Ye Wuxiu and the others didn't feel abrupt. After all, Li Yuanfeng's combat power was extraordinary, and he was considered a quasi-captain-level figure, and they were also concerned about this issue.

Su Ping looked at Qin Duhuang and motioned to him to say that after all, he had frequent contacts with Lao Xie and knew the most accurate information.

Qin Duhuang understood it and stood up and said: "That's how you are. At around 1 o'clock in the morning last night, Northern Europe was destroyed. Just after 4 o'clock there was news that Xihaizhou had also fallen. Currently Longzezhou is migrating..."

Standing in front of more than a dozen legends, Qin Duhuang did not have the slightest stage fright. Although there are many legends in the Void Cave Realm, and the breath that radiates makes him palpitations, he now has the eight-headed best battle pet he bought from Su Ping. , If it really fights, it may not be inferior to the legend of the virtual cave realm present, this is his unchanging confidence.

Soon, under Qin Duhuang's narrative, everyone understood the current global situation.

The atmosphere in the hall was heavy and silent.

They did not expect that more than one continent would be destroyed, but two continents!

Just one night...

Nearly half the population of Blue Star is gone!

"Damn it, what the guy Gu Siping is doing!"

"The matter of the abyss has been reported long ago, and it should have been prepared long ago to be destroyed so easily!"

Xiang Fengran and Xue Yunzhen had very ugly faces, and they were extremely dissatisfied with the peak master by his name.

Being destroyed one after another, apart from the fact that the beast tide is too strong, the only explanation is that they have not made sufficient preparations for the challenge, otherwise, no matter what, the reinforcements can be dragged to the peak tower.

"Long Zezhou is about to fall now. If we rush over, will it be too late?"

"If you leave now, maybe it's okay, I have Fengyu Condor, I will be there in 15 minutes!"

"It's too late. When we get there, it's too late."

Ye Wuxiu and others frowned and remained silent for a long time.

After listening to Qin Duhuang's words, Su Ping thought for a while and said, "Everyone."

He spoke, and everyone's sights immediately turned over. Although they had just met, Su Ping was already an existence they couldn't ignore.

"I suggest that we send a part of them to help Longzezhou, while others look for a hiding place for the beast tide in the Asian land area, and before they converge, first expel and kill the monster beasts lurking in the Asian land area. In this case, When they attack, our pressure will be lower and we can resist it, otherwise we will be devastated by the attack, I'm afraid..." Su Ping did not finish, but everyone understood the meaning.

Earlier, Su Ping told Li Yuanfeng in the newsletter that there were eight demon beasts in the Destiny Realm alone! This is what Su Ping saw. As for how many destiny realms escaped to the surface, they couldn't guess.

But what is certain is that in the fall of other continents, the sea monster beasts intervened. On the surface, the sea monster beast is the largest group, and there is obviously the destiny king beast inside.

As far as they knew, there was one, known as the Sea Emperor, and commanding the monster beast of the seas around the world!

This Sea Emperor is not only the Destiny Realm, but also an exaggerated existence in the Destiny Realm monsters, and the ordinary Destiny Realm may not be an opponent!

Plus the four evil beasts on the surface...

Even if they stationed in the abyss all the year round and fought all the year round, they all felt their scalp numb. This was definitely an extremely fierce battle!

But... can you back down?

They thought, but there was no way out!

Then there is only war!

Stationed in the abyss, although they are desperate in their hearts, they have seen too many scenes of despair, and they have already smashed blood and war spirit.

No matter how hard it is, the battle is over!

despair? Despair can help!

"It can only be this way."

Jing Shen sighed.

Xiang Fengran nodded slightly, glanced at Su Ping, and said, "I want to go to Longzezhou, you just stay here and look for the monster beasts lurking in the Yalu District."

"Can you do it?" Xue Yun frowned, but his eyes were worried.

Xiang Fengran sneered and said, "Smelly lady, don't tell a man if it's okay or not, the answer is definitely it! You must do it! If it doesn't, you can do it!"

"You black lunatic, who do you call a stinky lady!" Xue Yunzhen said angrily, but after his anger, he took a deep look at him, and said: "If you encounter a destiny monster, you can't beat it and run, don't support it!"

"Of course, with the death of the Destiny Realm, it is not a head iron, it is a brain damage." Xiang Fengran chuckled, then glanced at the three legends around him, and said: "Are you three going with me?"

"Then there is no need to say, where do we go, boss!"

"We have been fighting with the boss for more than three hundred years. Of course, we will also go together in this final battle!"

"Bah, why do you hear this so sad, boss, let's go!"

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