Astral Pet Store Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Distinguished Teachers

The crowd approached the base. The eighth-order Demon Skeleton once again caused some alarm. The seven or eight missiles and laser guns on the base locked the Demon Skeleton at the same time and were ready to shoot at any time.

When the investigators on the observation tower saw Su Pingren on the monster, they knew they were allies, but when the people entered the city, the guards at the door still strictly checked the medals of the pioneers of the people, so as not to be eroded by the high-level monsters. , Control human beings in slavery, and mix into the base in disguise.

This kind of thing has not happened before, there is the level of king beast, and it is disguised by lower parasites. The pioneer base is the second line of defense outside the base city, so it must be strictly checked.

When the inspection was passed, the guards couldn't help but look at Su Pingren more than once, and they had a deeper impression of these faces, using the eighth-order corpse beast as a mount, this is undoubtedly a very powerful team !

"Sorry, large pets are not allowed to enter the base, please enter the contract space." One of the guards said to Ye Chenshan, his attitude was very polite, he recognized Ye Chenshan, after all, the top team "Beichen".

Ye Chenshan coughed a little, embarrassed, ignored the unsightly guard, and turned to Su Ping said: "Brother Su, this is indeed the rules of the base, your puppet mount, or stay outside the base temporarily? "

The guard and the other guards beside him suddenly froze. It was then noticed that Su Ping, who was very strange and very young on the side, couldn't help but be stunned. They thought that the young man was a school student and followed the team to remix the long-term vision. This horrible mount actually belongs to him?

Rich second generation?

But even the rich second generation, summoning the eighth-order mount, can't eat it without two brushes?

"No need." Su Ping shook his head slightly. "I'm going to turn in this thing for redemption."

This monster is a puppet of small skeletons and cannot be collected in the space of pets. There is no place to bring it back to the base city. Moreover, large pets are not allowed to appear in the city. For him, except as a temporary transportation tool, there is no Any other role.

In terms of combat power, although the seventh rank is strong, but there is a small skeleton in hand, it is not bad.

Moreover, he came to the wild to complete the system mission, and he would not come here to fight often, there is no need to stay.

Furthermore, even if there is a need to come again in the future, as long as there are corpses of higher monsters and beasts, they can still be made into puppets.

Hearing Su Ping's words, a few people were a little stunned, and actually exchanged such a powerful mount? How good is it to ride out? Most people dont want it, are they willing? !

Fan Ganglie was reluctant anyway, and immediately persuaded, but he said that Su Ping's heart was decided, he let the demon beast put the netherstone mine on the ground, and then let the small skeleton unlock the puppet ability.

Wow la la.

The energy of the undead in the monster's body was evacuated and suddenly scattered into a skeleton.

The previous majestic mount was turned into a dead body at this moment. Fan Ganglie and others looked speechless and choked, but it was regret and heartache, but unfortunately things were not theirs. They could only watch Su Ping so ruined, but there was no alternative.

The demon skeleton beast can be transported into the base. Fan Ganglie found the transportation team in the base for Su Ping and transported the ghost stone mine and the devil beast body together.

"It's a mess, it's a mess." Fan Ganglie murmured along the way.

Fan Yujing and Li Ying also smiled bitterly. Fan Yujing could still understand Su Ping's thoughts, knowing that Su Ping was different from these people, they would not often be in the deserted areas, and they would not use the monsters in the base city. , Sold is the right choice.

The corpse of the monster is transported to the material exchange point, but the exchange calculation takes some time. While waiting, Ye Chenshan said to Su Ping: "Everyone, since you have returned to the base, then we will report back to the team first."

"Good." Fan Ganglie and Li Ying nodded and respected him very much. "There will be a future."

Su Ping also nodded, "Bye."

"For compensation, I will contact you when these two days are free." Ye Chenshan told Fan Ganglie and others.

Fan Ganglie nodded. He believed that as Ye Chenshan's identity, he would not go back on his own.

Before leaving, Ye Chenshan and Luo Guxue exchanged contact information with Su Ping and Fan Ganglie.

"This is my address and identity in the base city. If you are interested, I very much hope that you can come to our academy to use your strength and insights into combat. If you can teach it to more people, I believe it will Teach a group of very good darling teachers, they are our future." Luo Guxue said to Su Ping very sincerely.

Su Ping received a small card from her. When she saw the name of the academy above, she felt a little familiar. It was like...the college of his elder sister?

He looked weird and glanced at Luo Guxue's identity above. It turned out to be a senior teacher in this college.

"I'll think about it." He put away the card.

Luo Guxue once again bent over to thank everyone for their help, and then left with Ye Chenshan.

It didnt take long for the devils merits to come out, rewarding 1.6 million merits!

Su Ping also learned some rewards of merits and merits from Fan Ganglie before. These 1.6 million merits... is a huge sum!

Hunting low-level first-order star pet monsters is 10 points of merit, second-order 50 points, and third-order 100 points.

To the fourth order is 1,000 points, the fifth order is 10,000, and the sixth order is 100,000!

In order to reach the seventh level, it is 500,000!

As the eighth-order monster, the lowest level of the monster is eight million, while the average monster is the eighth-order median, so 1.6 million merits are given, which is the normal price.

"This is given according to the ordinary demon skeleton beast." Fan Ganglie saw the merits, but his face was a little unsightly.

What they encountered was a highly talented skeletal beast, and they also realized the ninth-order pet skills such as death annihilation.

Fan Yujing and Li Ying were also depressed. The corpses they transported back had no power, so they couldn't prove the goodness of this monster.

Although angry and unwilling, Fan Ganglie knew that it was useless to find the reaction above, and could only admit that he was unlucky.

Su Ping does not matter, these merits are enough for him to buy a lot of things.

In addition to the merits, this monster hunter was also named under the name of Su Ping under the auspices of Fan Ganglie and others, and the same pioneer points as the merits also instantly allowed Su Ping to go from ordinary pioneers The soldiers, became the pioneers of the silver medal of the million points!

Further up, there are five million Jinxun pioneers.

Above Jinxun, is the honorary pioneer who hunted the ninth-order monsters worth ten million points and merits.

Each honorary pioneer has a great respect for its status. It is the existence of the title of the pet champion and the leader of the entire Blue Star autonomous region.

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