Astral Pet Store Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Unite

At the end of the meeting, everyone quickly divided the work.

Li Yuanfeng and Ye Wuxiu went to the peak tower together and asked Gu Siping to discuss the union with Su Ping.

Li Yuanfeng went alone, and Ye Wuxiu worried that he was a virtual cave realm, and he had no right to speak in front of Gu Siping, so he accompanied him.

Xiang Fengran, Qin Lao, Xue Yunzhen and others, led many legends, contacted the other three lines of defense, and prepared to jointly build the strongest line of defense.

Site selection, construction ideas, etc., are all proceeding rapidly.

When everyone was busy, Su Ping returned to the store.

At the moment, decoration workers are busy everywhere in the shop, but these decoration workers are constructed by the system through energy, otherwise the huge shop will undergo huge changes out of thin air, which will inevitably be a little scary.

During the busy decoration, Su Ping found Joanna sitting on the sofa in the hall and drinking juice. At this moment, many functions in the store have been suspended, and all the boarding places in the petting room are closed and can no longer be fostered. Joanna looks a little bit at this moment. I'm doing nothing, flipping through a few fashion magazines.

"I need your help." Su Ping rushed in and said quickly.

Joanna raised her head, her cheeks were white, as if she was shining, calmly and calmly as before, and said: "Let me help you solve the animal tide? Unfortunately, I can't leave your shop. This is the rule you gave me. "

Su Ping smiled bitterly.

Until now, Joanna thought that this was a restraint rule set by him. As everyone knows, this was a system limitation, and he could not agree to an exception if he softened.

"Teach me the formation." Su Ping directly expressed his thoughts: "I want to learn some simple formations that can contain the king beast. I don't want to kill the enemy, I just want to delay the time and hold it back. "

Joanna raised her eyebrows and glanced at Su Ping. Now, still abiding by the rules?

To tell the truth, she wanted to go outside the store to see what kind of world Su Ping lived in.

Although she felt the concentration of star power in this world, it was quite shallow, like a desolate low-level world, but after all she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she was still very longing and curious.

"I want to learn the formation, okay, I will teach you."

Joanna lifted Erlang's legs and said leisurely: "You want to contain the king beast. Since you don't want to kill the enemy, I will teach you the basic formations. There is no big problem with containing the king beasts of the ordinary Boundary Sea. Tough."


"I teach you a junior two-star sleepy formation, called Shendang formation!"

Joanna said: "Once you step into this formation, Divine Soul will be trapped in an illusion. It requires a strong willpower to break through. It is not complicated to learn. I taught you a lot when you learned the ten-square lock sky formation. The basics of the formation, I dont know if you have forgotten it. When you look back, you just need to find all the materials and you can arrange it."

Su Ping nodded repeatedly, "You say, I listen."

Joanna lifted her finger, and her white fingers touched Su Ping's forehead lightly. It was warm and soft, and it seemed to be filled with a faint body fragrance.

In the next moment, all the distracting thoughts in front of Su Ping were thrown away, only a huge and complex message flooded into his brain. Fortunately, his willpower was quite strong. Although he felt a little uncomfortable, he quickly adapted to digestion.

I don't know how long it took. When Su Ping opened his eyes again, his eyes were clear and pleasant.

"What kind of method is this to pass this divine formation directly to me?" Su Ping couldn't help but look at Joanna. The meaning in his eyes was very obvious. Since it can be passed so quickly, it is better to lock the ten squares into the sky. Pass it directly to him.

Joanna saw Su Pings familiar gaze, and she said with anger: "Also greedy, this method of psychic transmission is only suitable for conveying some relatively simple things. If it is too complicated, it will blow your head directly. It will cause your memory to become confused and become sluggish."

"Moreover, with my current cultivation level, I can only pass on these simple things."

Su Ping was dumb, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

The divine formation that can trap the king beast is actually a simple thing...

It's a pity that looking at the rest of the Shifang Suotian Formation this way, he can only find time to learn more slowly.

But time is waiting for no one. Otherwise, when he fully grasps it, he can consider unlocking the seal of the sacred formation and releasing the sealed land inside. Then the size of the Blue Star will increase dramatically. This may be a good thing. At least... It will take more time for the king beast to rush over from the sea.

"Thank you, I'm leaving first." Su Ping stood up and said.

"Humph." Joanna snorted softly, "I know how to say thanks."

Su Ping came in a hurry and left the shop quickly. Based on the knowledge of the sacred formation in his mind, he quickly found the small building of the Qin family and asked an old Qin family inside to contact Qin.

Soon, Old Qin's communication was connected, and he hadn't left the base city yet.

Su Ping immediately told him about the materials he needed to set up the Divine Formation. These things, the old Qin who has lived on the ground for a long time, has better news and wider channels, like Xue Yunzhen and Jing Shen, although they are in the virtual cave realm, they are stationed in the abyss. For too many years, contacts on the surface have been almost severed.

"I'll show you the appearance of the real thing in a while, and you can help me find it as soon as possible. At any rate, you can use your identity or force. It's a big deal!" Su Ping said in a deep voice.

When Old Qin heard Su Ping being so solemn, he suddenly became nervous and did not dare to neglect.

Sold 40 best king beasts in the late stage of the virtual cave realm, without blinking their eyes, but now they care about these things, without Su Pingduo saying, he can feel the terrible importance of these things.

When the communication was hung up, the Qin family elder next to him quickly handed over a pen and paper, with a clever response.

"Smart." Su Ping couldn't help but praised, and then said: "Change me to a ballpoint pen or a pencil, I want to be realistic, and prepare some A4 paper."

"Yes." The Qin family elder hurriedly respected his promise, and was praised by Su Ping. He couldn't help feeling happy with a smile on his face.

Soon, waiting for a box of pencils to be delivered, Su Ping quickly worked hard to paint. With his current control of the body, what he thought of in his mind could be described without any problem, and his fingers were extremely stable.

In a blink of an eye, life-like realistic paintings appeared, all on which were all the materials needed for the magical formation.

Just listening to the name, Su Ping is worried that there will be regional differences, but the real objects are the same, and it is not easy to make a mistake.

"These are to be printed, and handed over to Old Qin, so that he must find it at full speed." Su Ping said immediately after painting.

"Yes, boss Su." The Qin family elder next to him said quickly.

Su Ping left the Qins small building and returned to the shop. At this moment, Xue Yunzhen and Xiang Fengran went to the other two lines of defense, discussing joint matters, and Su Ping didnt worry about anything if they went there. The next step was to wait for their news. In these matters, his presence is of little significance.

"Teach me ten directions to lock the sky formation."

At this critical moment, Su Ping realized that he had a rare free time, and immediately found Joanna and said.

Although it is free time, it is obviously unrealistic to let him go to assist the foreign continents at this moment. After all, it takes a lot of time to go back and forth, and Long Zezhou has been destroyed. It will not help if he goes there. As for the destruction of the Asian land area , He had already cleaned up the east side before, and Xue Yunzhen and the others had also reported on the other directions, and many hidden animal tides were swept away.

There shouldn't be much left, even if there is, it is hidden deeply, and he doesn't bother to look for it.

It is even more important if you can learn the ten directions to lock the sky before the beast tide comes!

"You've learned almost too." Joanna glanced at Su Ping, and she patiently explained the formation to him without saying anything else.


North, the peak tower.

The Legend of Jiu Xian sat in a dent in space, drinking a little wine, looking at the falling snow, his eyes full of anxiety.

Suddenly, two figures approached quickly, it was Li Yuanfeng and Ye Wuxiu.

"It's you?" The Legend of Brewmaster initially thought it was a monster, and when he saw the two of them, he stood up in surprise.

Seeing the wine bottle in his hand, Li Yuanfeng suddenly didn't look good, and said: "Three continents have already fallen. As a legend of the peak tower, you still have the leisure to drink here? Does this peak tower still need you to guard? Its a dignified legend, but its fun to be a janitor here!"

Hearing this merciless reprimand, Legendary Brewmaster's face changed, his red nose sucked slightly, and a wry smile said, "Senior Li, this is a dead job arranged for me by the peak master, and I can't help it. Reject, I also talked to the peak owner, I also want to rush to the front line, but..."

"Let's go, let's find the peak master first."

Ye Wuxiu interrupted him and glanced coldly, not interested in listening to him more.

No matter how much it is said, they are all reasons and excuses. What is the point?

Dignified and legendary, enjoying the respect of the world, but staying here to guard the gate, anyone who has a little arrogance in his heart will not be willing to live such a life.

Jiu Xian Chuan's face was ugly, as he watched the two step into the secret realm, his face twitched slightly, and a deep color appeared in his eyes.

Enter the secret realm.

Li Yuanfeng and Ye Wuxiu immediately flew out, and released the field of perception, unscrupulously explored each floating island, looking for the breath of Gu Siping.

They galloped all the way, and soon found him on the largest floating island where Gu Siping lived and retreated all year round.

At this moment, Gu Siping, with a pale face, was sitting on the stone-carved tea stool in front of the thatched hut, with an extremely huge battle pet lying next to him. There was also an extremely long scar on the side of the battle pet, almost cutting off his entire abdomen. , Among the black and white hair on the surface, the white part of the hair is dyed red.

The wound has healed, but it is still shocking.

Seeing this scene, Li Yuanfeng and Ye Wuxiu glanced at each other, and the anger in their hearts dissipated and averted a little.

Obviously, Gu Siping didn't sit here all the time, did nothing, and participated in the battle.

"Peak Master."

"Peak Master."

The two landed and bowed to salute.

Gu Siping raised his old eyes, glanced at the two of them, and said with a wry smile: "Listening to Leyan, you all seem to be very dissatisfied with me, the peak master. You went to find the legend named Su Ping... Indeed, now In the global situation, my peak owner is negligent..."

Speaking of this, there was a bit of bitterness and loneliness in his eyes.

Ye Wuxiu frowned slightly, lowered his head and said, "Peak Master, we have no other intentions, we just want to find out the information..."

He didn't give any more explanations. After all, everyone knew what the facts were. The explanations on the surface were just a matter of steps.

"Now Longzezhou has also fallen. There are only two of the five continents in the world. I think we must keep at least one continent no matter what. I suggest sending someone to take over from Lei Mingzhou and gather in Asia. The land area, and the current three lines of defense in the Asian land area, I think they should be merged into one battle line!" He said loudly and forcefully, after he looked at Gu Siping's eyes.

Although his realm lowered his head, his eyes were bright, firm, and fearless at the moment.

Gu Siping raised his head slightly, stared at him, slowly retracted his gaze to look at the tea cup in front of him, and said: "Leiming Zhou, I have sent people to respond, including my battle pet sitting on the mountain, and also established there. With the ultra-distance space channel, the people over there can be slowly brought in, only the amount that can be received..."

He sighed, turned to another question, and said: "From the current situation of the beast tide, the Asian land area should indeed be a united front. This time the abyss beast tide is more severe than I thought, but no matter what Well, we will never lose, trust me!"

Ye Wuxiu and Li Yuanfeng were both startled, looking at his confident and determined gaze, they felt that there seemed to be a hint of excitement and excitement in those gazes.

This... they are a little confused, don't know if it's their own illusion, that kind of faint excitement, it seems that they are expecting something.

"Peak Master, your injury... have you ever been to a fight?" Li Yuanfeng's eyes flashed, and he asked in a low voice.

Gu Siping's eyes returned to loneliness and bitterness, and he sighed: "I used to reinforce Long Zezhou, but it is a pity...I encountered a destiny monster, but I couldn't solve it quickly. Instead, I brought out several of them, and finally returned in defeat. But I'm not at a loss, I killed one at any rate!"


These three words shook Ye Wuxiu's heart like a hammer.

"Peak Master, you are fine." Li Yuanfeng sighed heavily.

Ye Wuxiu also nodded, and then said: "Mountain Master, now the Abyssal Army is sweeping the world. I think we should unify our goals. I heard that the brother named Su Ping had a feast with our peak tower. I dont know exactly what it is. Clearly, but when I contacted that person, I feel that they are not bad, they are righteous people, and I think we should cooperate!"

Gu Siping raised his eyebrows, curled the corners of his mouth imperceptibly, and nodded: "This is natural. Solving the beast tide is the most important thing. What else can be more hateful than the foreign race? The legendary Su Ping, I am early I dont care. Its all caused by a little misunderstanding. Its just that he is young and energetic. He killed two legends in the Pagoda, and he also smashed the Pagoda. He wanted to be a free man and didnt obey the Pagodas arrangements and fulfill the abyss service"

"However, this child is very talented and is a good seed. If this beast tide can survive, this person is expected to become a destiny state in the future, so when he left, I did not pursue it."

Li Yuanfeng and Ye Wuxiu looked at each other, killing two legends in a row at the peak tower? They didn't hear about it, only knew that Su Ping had a contradiction with the peak tower.

I didn't expect to make such a sensation.

The peak tower is the headquarters of the legend, and the two legends actually beheaded here. What kind of courage is this!

Thinking of the number of virtual cave realm battle pets that Su Ping had previously heard, both of them were acquainted with a wry smile. This guy is definitely a lunatic who cannot be judged by common sense.

"Since the peak owner does not pursue it, that would be great. At present, we are gathered in Longjiang, which is also the hometown of the Su brother. We hope that the peak owner can come to lead the legends and sit on the last line of defense. Together, we will defend the last fire of mankind. !" Ye Wuxiu looked directly at Gu Siping and said forcefully.

Gu Siping raised his brows slightly and nodded, "No problem, I will pass."

"The peak master understands the righteousness!"

Ye Wuxiu breathed a sigh of relief and quickly saluted and smiled.

Gu Siping waved his hand and said, "You heroes who have served the abyss for free, don't have to be polite to me. Your contribution to mankind is greater than mine."

"Peak Master, you are polite." Ye Wuxiu said quickly.

Gu Siping smiled, and suddenly coughed twice, clutching his chest, and after taking two deep breaths, he said, "You go first. After I make some adjustments, I will call everyone over."

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