Astral Pet Store Chapter 708

Chapter 708: Invasion Full Scale War

In addition to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping also summoned the Little Skeleton, Ergou, and the Violet Python, and let them stay in the advanced fostering position for cultivation. If they could realize any talent, it would be a surprise.

If this senior foster place is open, it costs 10W stars per hour, which is a waste of time.

Settling down these little guys, Su Ping visited the store again and saw the virtual battle pet duel gymnasium newly added to the Level 4 store.

This is a hall with a sense of futuristic technology. There are several virtual combat machines in it. You can select various types of pet beasts from it, or scan and input your own pet data, and then fight in the virtual battle to find out. The weakness of the pet, and can enhance its commanding ability.

Su Ping felt that this was a more advanced place than the Battle Pet Gymnasium on the Blue Star. However, currently facing the oppression of the abyss army, obviously no one had the leisure to come here to exercise.

Not available for the time being.

Su Ping didn't look at it any more. As for the chance of a random relocation of the shop, he naturally wouldn't use it at this time.

Seeing the new batch of new shadow clones in the store, Su Ping is quite satisfied, so his shop will cultivate pet beasts faster in the future.

As long as it is not professionally cultivated, it can be left to the shadow clone.

However, the abyssal beast tide invades at any time, and Su Ping has no plans to open business. In case the beast tide strikes during the process of cultivating these customer pet beasts, those war pet masters who send the pet beasts for cultivation are estimated to be crazy.


at the same time.

When the dawn of dawn hit the continental edge of the sub-land area, the sea surface 500 nautical miles to the east suddenly boiled sharply. Then, without the slightest wind on the sea surface, the seabed suddenly rolled up hundreds of meters high. The waves, a giant shadow swam out of the waves.

This giant sea beast rides the waves and swept forward.

Behind this wave, there are densely dense silhouettes of ferocious sea beasts, tumbling and jumping inside, seeming to be extremely cheerful.


At the same moment, in the north, an island suddenly approached the Asian land area.

This island is densely packed with aura, and when you look carefully, the island is full of monsters and beasts.

The island leaned across the border of the Asian land area, and the monsters on it seemed to be ordered, and they burst into excitement and cheers, rushing down from the island, turning into an army, and rushing inland.

After all these monsters had dispersed, the island suddenly turned around and returned along the original path.

If you look down from a high altitude, you will see tens of hundreds of thick black shadows in the depths of the sea below the island, like tentacles growing under the island.


On a desolate plain, the ground suddenly vibrated.

A giant claw enough to easily cover a tank slapped on the ground. The owner of this giant claw was a giant lion beast with silver hair.

There are three sharp and curved strange horns on the top of his head, a pair of dark golden pupils, full of coldness and kingliness.

"This is the final nest of the reptile."

"It's time to completely dominate our world!"

Beside, a very long shadow swam. It was a giant python with a body several hundred meters long. The scales of this giant python reflected pale golden luster in the sunlight, and the patterns on the body seemed to be twisted and screaming. Human face, at this moment, vomiting snake core, it was like a giant silver mane lion, uttering human words.


Behind them, the ground vibrated, raising dust in the sky, and countless figures rushed towards them.


Toot toot!

Di di di di di di di di di! !

Inside the huge wall of the unified defense line, some life-style pet beasts can be seen everywhere, cooperating with construction experts to build huge walls and bases, but at this moment, an emergency forecast suddenly sounded in the commander-in-chief tower at the center of the defense line.

The forecast sound was extremely loud and harsh.

Through the electronic signal, the alarm sound was transmitted to each base in the first time, and the alarm system of each base rang.

Everyone who was busy in the defense line stopped their movements at this moment and looked into the distance.


The final battle finally came!

Some ordinary people living in their respective residences came to the window with a worried face. There is no shelter at this moment. This is the final battle. If you cant hold onto it, the humans on the blue star will perish and become one from here. A monster planet!

Therefore, at this moment, the residents appeared to be very submissive, all staying quietly in their respective residences, waiting for the final judgment.

Some people make trouble, can't bear such pressure, and choose to attack indiscriminately, hurting others and property. All of these are invited directly outside the huge wall by the pet master.

Others were killed on the spot!

No matter which base city it is, whether it is the central area or the Xiacheng district, the streets are more or less stained with blood. Those are the blood left by the mob who set off the riot.

On the streets of the bases, a deserted area chariots roared past.

The streets at this moment were completely vacant, and the streets were extremely empty due to the restricted footing of ordinary residents. At this moment, as soon as the alarm sounded, the combat readiness personnel of the bases immediately rushed to the assembly area.

All the chariots were carrying the pet division.

Among them are the faces of teenagers and girls whose immaturity and fluff have not yet faded away, and their eyes are full of fear of war and the unknown.

Looking at the chariots passing by, everyone in the residential buildings beside the road cast their prayers and complicated eyes.


"I'm coming!"

"Report, at sentry station 003 to the south, a large number of monsters were detected. At present, it is judged to belong to the level 5 beast tide!"

"Reported, at sentry station 029 to the north, a large number of monsters were detected, including 28 king beast-level life energies, belonging to the 8-level beast tide!"


Pieces of information quickly broke out in the intelligence station, and passed to the command center in the busy and hasty words of the intelligence personnel.

The current rating of the animal tide has been revised.

It was originally divided into small, medium, and large scales, but now it is divided into nine ratings, the highest is the ninth beast tide, and the king beast can be rated up to 50!

As for the tenth level beast tide, it belongs to the super-early warning beast tide. Once the beast tide with more than a hundred king beasts appears, it means that the main force of the abyss army has arrived!

In the command center, Gu Siping sits here, accompanied by two legends, and the rest are the top military staff selected from the base cities.

Some legends are good at fighting and fighting alone, but they may not be good at military command, and professional things must be done by professional people.

"Which side of the beast tide is the fastest to arrive at the moment?" Gu Siping listened to the information that was reported continuously, all of which were the messages that the front-line sentry had noticed the beast tide. He hadn't heard the last one before the next one came. There is no time to digest and process.

In addition, a lot of other information is also mixed in this.

For example, the sentry tower in a certain place was destroyed, and the sentry responsible for intelligence has lost contact.

If the miniature communication station in a certain place is destroyed, the news of that area will be lost.

The abyssal tide... finally landed.

Come to Yalu District!

Gu Siping's face was stern. At this moment, he said that it was impossible not to be nervous. He didn't know when that trump card would come out.

At this time, he could not predict.

However, as soon as the early warning and intelligence sounded, he had already sent his trusted followers legend to go to Huifeng Pagoda...

"It is estimated that the fastest... is the south!" A staff officer took the smart computer in his hand and quickly calculated the position and travel speed of the beast tide shown in the various information.

"There are already seven beast tides in the south, and the first beast tide echelon charging at the forefront is a level 6 beast tide, and there are nine king beasts inside!"

"It is estimated that the arrival time of the first echelon beast wave in the south is...53 minutes!"

"Peak Master, will these beast tides stop when they are about to arrive, waiting for the following beast tides to come and attack together? If so..."

Several staff members spoke extremely fast, their faces were full of tension, and cold sweat oozes from their foreheads.

Gu Siping's face was gloomy, and of course he was also worried about this. If the wave of beasts came over, they might be able to resist it, but if they gathered together and launched a collective charge, there would be no hope!

And judging from the current full-scale invasion of the beast tide, it is obviously planned and planned, which means that they will not rush to death without thinking, but will collectively launch a general attack!

"I need people to stop the beast tide in the south. Who of you wants to go?"

Gu Siping opened the legendary group communication and directly spoke in it, saying: "The first wave of beasts in the south, there are nine king beasts, one of which is the Void Cave Realm. I need to annihilate it as soon as possible!"

When he spoke, all the communications in the Legend's hands lit up, and the words were also received.

When the alarm sounded, all legends paid attention to their communications, ready to respond to the call and Gu Siping's orders at any time.

"I, leave it to me south!"

Xiang Fengran was the first to speak.

As soon as he said something, Ye Wuxiu also said almost at the same time: "I'm here, where are they probably located?"


"give it to me!"

"I'll be responsible..."

The Dao body affected, and most of the people who spoke were the legends stationed in the abyss.

All the legends who lived in the peak tower all year round also spoke, but before they could finish, Gu Siping frowned and said directly: "Then give it to Brother Xiang, you pick three Boundless Seas to assist you! "

Xiang Fengran said: "No problem, we are guaranteed to be wiped out!"

After finishing speaking, he quickly ordered three Beastsea Realm Legends in the group. These three were Xiao Mo from Ye Wuxiu's team and two players from Jingshen's team.

"I borrow your team members for a use, and return you back!" Xiang Fengran smiled.

Ye Wuxiu said, "It's easy to say, be careful."

"rest assured."

Several people responded quickly.

Xiang Fengran reported the meeting place and said, "I will try to bring them all back!"

"Captain Xiang, we don't want you to take it, we can kill it back by ourselves!"

"That's right, Captain Xiang is underestimating us, the Void Cave Realm is left to you to solve, and the remaining three of us are enough!"

Jing Shen smiled slightly, and said, "They are all psychologically prepared. Don't have a psychological burden on the black lunatic, just kill!"

Xiang Fengran took a deep breath. The few remaining members of his team were killed by the Thousand-Eyed Rakshasa beast in the Destiny Realm when they were strengthening Long Zezhou. He still relied on the team's sacrifice to save him. Get out of that monster beast's hands, otherwise you have to explain there.

Today, he is already a polished commander.

"I know, then I don't care!" Xiang Fengran said solemnly.

Ye Wuxiu laughed and cursed: "Who wants you to control? Our family is not strong enough. Don't underestimate him. You should take care of yourself first. Don't hold back by yourself. If you didn't solve the guy in the Void Cave Realm, you should Give them a pit!"

Xiang Fengran smiled and said nothing.

"Be careful."

Putting down the communication, Ye Wuxiu said to Xiao Mo who happened to be beside him.

Xiao Mo is actually not young. He has lived for hundreds of years. He looks like an old man. At this moment, under Ye Wuxiu's request, he grinned and said, "Don't worry, Captain, I will be back!"

"Fuck off, don't set a flag for me!"


After Xiang Fengran's team assembled and attacked, Gu Siping had issued the order for the second team to attack.

The first echelon beast tide in the east also needs people to stop it!

"I go!"

Xue Yunzhen was the first to respond, exclaiming: "There are eight king beasts, right? If there is no Void Cave Realm, my mother is enough!"

Ye Wuxiu said: "Be careful, don't underestimate the enemy. I heard that the current detection instruments are a little fuzzy in the detection of the virtual cave realm. Maybe there is a virtual cave realm monster inside, but it didn't detect it."

"It's okay, there are so many worries. If there is a Void Cave Realm, I will run away if I can't beat it. Besides, there is a Void Cave Realm. What is my mother afraid of? The battle pet that Boss Su sold me is enough. It's solved!" Xue Yun said carelessly.

When everyone saw this, they didn't say anything.

At this time, everyone knows that they will soon be on the battlefield. This is a battle for the survival of the Blue Star humans. If they fail to defend, they will all die!

So comforting... hypocritical!

No need!

Ye Wuxiu and others are all ready to go to the death battle, and they all seem to be very calm and calm at the moment, and the exchanges between them vying to go to the station have also moved the legends who have lived in the tower all the year round.

This is simply a bunch of lunatics!

Although according to the current situation, the legend is not enough, and eventually everyone will be on the battlefield.

But... I still hope to come later!

In the shop.

Su Ping watched the communication in the communicator without speaking.

Those two beast tides were too small, he didn't make a move, it was enough to leave them to Ye Wuxiu.

At this time, Tang Ruyan and Su Lingyue also came to the store, they also heard the words of the legends in the Su Ping communicator, and they were speechless.

In times of war, there is always a need for a group of warriors who dare to sacrifice!

Tang Ruyan turned her head to look at Su Lingyue, her fingers slightly hugged the other arm. This is a movement she would subconsciously do when she feels uneasy. There is a bit of confusion in her eyes, and she whispered: "You said, we can hold on. Huh?"

Su Lingyue was stunned, glanced at her, then looked at Su Ping, shook his head and said, "At this time, thinking about this is meaningless."

The corner of Tang Ru's cigarette mouth slightly moved, but she didn't expect Su Lingyue to say this. She stared at her, nodded and said, "Indeed."

"Although there is no hope, I still hope... I hope we can survive." Su Lingyue bit her lip slightly and whispered.

Tang Ruyan fell silent.

At this time, the command center, Gu Siping, quickly disassembled the intelligence gathered in front of him, and found the most suitable response method based on the suggestions of several staff officers nearby.

"Why do these monsters invade from all parts of the Asian land area? If they attack from the east or the west in a concentrated amount, wouldn't we be defeated?"

Some staff members looked at the distribution of monsters and intrusion routes on the intelligence, and said with some doubts.

An elderly staff officer next to him, with angry and cold eyes flashing in his eyes, said: "These beasts are doing this... to kill us all without leaving any kind of fire!"

The staff nearby were all startled, their faces hard to look.

Encircled from the periphery of the Asian continent and stretched the front so long, is it to completely encircle them?

This is for fear that they will leave survivors in other areas and want to wipe them out!


At this moment, they all realized the ferocity of these monsters.

This is to completely kill them, exterminate them!

"Damn beast!" A staff officer clenched his fist, his face full of anger.

The old staff officer's face was gloomy and his voice was low, and said, "Don't be dazzled by anger. It's what we should do to stay calm now."

Hearing this, several staff officers came to his senses, cast awe-inspiring glances at him, and immediately turned their attention to the intelligence and strategic map in their hands.

"If you want to exterminate the species, you have to pay a price..." Gu Siping also showed murderous intent in his eyes, and said: "This gives us the opportunity to destroy them one by one, and make them lose even more!"

"No, the second beast tide echelon in the east is about to reconcile with the first echelon. The legend is afraid it is in danger!" a staff officer whispered.

Gu Siping's face changed slightly. He glanced at the intelligence map and immediately opened the legendary group communication, saying: "The east needs reinforcements, whoever wants to go, the second echelon of the east will immediately reconcile with the first echelon. The beast tide of the second echelon is Level 7 requires at least two legends of the virtual cave realm!"


Ye Wuxiu called out first.

Jing Shen immediately said, "I'll go!"

"Okay, just you two, hurry up." Gu Siping quickly made a decision.

When he first spoke, an exclamation came from next to him: "The first echelon in the north has stopped, and the second echelon has reconciled. It seems to be ready to launch a general attack!"

"They're waiting for a meeting later, **** it!"

"The first echelon and the second echelon in the north now add up, and it is already a level 9 beast tide!"

Several staff officers looked ugly.

Gu Siping also clenched his fingers, cold sweat on his palm.

Nine level beast tide!

This is already the highest rating of the current specifications, and the remaining legendary combat power, he knows in mind, if he wants to stop this nine-level beast tide, he is afraid that he will come out!

After all, several legendary captains have already attacked, and among the remaining legends, there are only a few virtual cave realms.

If they have too few legends, they will be annihilated by monsters and lose even more!

"Peak Master, do you need to stop the north side?"

In the legend group, a voice sounded, it was Li Yuanfeng.

"If the north side needs to be blocked, I am willing to go." Another bald legend said, he is Xue Yunzhen's legend of the vast sea realm, but also the peak of the sea realm, close to the virtual cave realm.

Gu Siping looked ugly and hesitated again and again, saying, "The scale of the north beast tide is too large, it is tentatively set to be level 9. Only evacuate!"

"From the current time, you must solve it within 40 minutes!"

As soon as these words came out, the faces of the many legends who lived in the towers all the year round who did not speak on the other side changed.

Level 9 beast wave? !

Does this mean that there are more than 50 king beasts inside!

There must be several Void Cave Realms in such a large-scale beast tide, and even... it is not necessarily true that there are King Beasts in the Destiny Realm!

After all, the previous peak masters have counted that there are at least 20 destiny monsters in the world. With so many destiny monsters, it is time to jump out of a few leading beast tide troops and appear in this final battle!

"Leave it to me north."

When the legendary group fell into a short dead silence, a low voice suddenly sounded.

It's Su Ping.

After he spoke, he continued: "North, I will stop, the other three-sided beast tide will be handed over to you, be careful."

When everyone reacted, Li Yuanfeng was the first to jump up and exclaimed: "Brother Su, can you do it alone, if there is a fate in it, then cooperate with the entire beast tide..."

"Yeah, you still care about us. This is a level 9 beast tide. It must be resolved within 40 minutes. If you start from your Longjiang, it will take a lot of time to arrive!"

"Take me one, I'll help!"

"I'll go as well!"

Everyone reacted and quickly asked for help.

Su Ping took a deep breath and said, "You don't need to say more, I am enough to the north. Whether it is the first echelon or the tenth echelon, I will kill them all!"

He said this deeply, like a hammer hit in everyone's ears, shaking the soul.

Kill all? Killed?

Is this going from the first echelon to the end? !

Alone, stand alone? !

When Su Ping said this, the faces of Tang Ruyan and Su Lingyue who were next to them also changed. It was too messy!

With your own strength, resist a quarter of the abyssal beast tide? !

You know, this tide of abyssal beasts has gathered the abyss and the sea, one quarter of all the beasts in the world!

How can this be blocked by a mere individual!

"Brother..." Su Lingyue was anxious, and as soon as she spoke, she was interrupted by Su Ping raising her hand.

"That's the matter. Tell me where you are." Su Ping said quickly in the group.

In the general headquarters, Gu Siping's expression changed, and he did not expect Su Ping to have such courage!

Nearby, several staff members looked at each other, and their eye sockets were a little moist.

They don't know who the speaker is, but listening to the voice seems to be a teenager!

"Okay, then leave it to you!" Gu Siping said in a low voice, "If you can't stop it, just withdraw!"

"it is good!"

Su Ping agreed, and immediately hung up the communication. The next moment, his thoughts passed.


Roar! !

A few violent auras jumped out from the shop. It was the Purgatory Candle Dragon and Ergou, as well as the Violet Python, which had been nurtured in the foster place not long ago.

Little Skeleton looked very quiet, just walked out quietly, but standing between the huge Purgatory Candle Dragon and Two Dogs, he looked like a king!

"Follow me...out!"

Su Ping spoke slowly.

The two dogs roared and responded, but the roar was not excited, but full of **** murderous aura!

They followed Su Ping, already channeling, knowing how important the next battle is!

"You stay at the base and you must not leave the shop." Su Ping looked at Su Lingyue next to her, looking at her moist but still stubborn little face and eyes, a sudden softness in her heart, and stepped forward to touch her head:

"Observe, I will be back."

"Then you must promise me and come back!" Su Lingyue raised her head, tears of stubbornness and grievance in her eyes.

Su Ping smiled and said: "Of course, but don't wait for me to come back, but you ran out, and then I will go out to find you again."

Su Lingyue suddenly thought about the previous abyss corridor, her fingers were deeply clenched, her nails fell into her palms without knowing it, she lowered her head and said: "I will wait for you to come back this time. If you do, if you don't come back, , I have been waiting for you here, and I will wait until you return!"

Su Ping stared at her and nodded slightly.

"Go, take care of my sister."

Su Ping faces Tang Ruyan next to him.

Tang Ruyan's eyes were also hazy, and he bit his lip slightly, but said nothing.

"If the monster is killed in Longjiang, you will stay in the store, Anna will protect you." Su Ping said to the two.

After speaking, he said to Anna in the store: "My family will leave it to you."

Joanna gave him a deep look and nodded slightly.

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