Astral Pet Store Chapter 709

Chapter 709: Dominate The North

After bidding farewell, Su Ping walked out of the shop.

He glanced at the street, and finally did not go to say goodbye to his parents.

Not only didn't want to worry them, but also was short of time, and... he believed he could come back!

Today, he is no longer what he used to be. Even if he is surrounded by many Destiny Realm monsters, even if he is not capable of the enemy, he can still get away.

"Let's go."

Su Ping's thoughts moved, and the nearby summoning whirlpool opened, and the purgatory candle dragon beast and the purple green snake were brought in first.

Afterwards, he took the little skeleton and drove the two dogs soaring north.

In a blink of an eye, Longjiang was left behind by Su Ping, getting smaller and smaller.

"Brother Su, you must come back alive, I am waiting for you to drink!"

"Boss Su, the favor I owe you has not yet been paid, so you can't have an accident!"

In the legendary communication group, Li Yuanfeng, Qin Lao and others opened their mouths to see Su Ping farewell. If it weren't for the dangers everywhere, they would all want to accompany Su Ping in the crusade against the north.

Su Ping heard the vibrating sound of the communicator, saw the message inside, smiled slightly, and silently hung up the communicator.

Looking at the sky in front of him, Su Ping took a deep breath, killing intent in his eyes boiling, and Ergou moved forward at full speed.


After ten minutes rushing at full speed, Su Ping came to Gu Siping's geographic location.

From a distance, I saw a black silhouette on the ground ahead, one after another, varying in height, and there were some heavy gasps, and groups of resonance echoed.

In this tide of beasts, there are seven or eight huge silhouettes as large as small hills, which is impressive.

In addition, there are some huge figures lying on the ground, hiding them in the beast tide, inconspicuous.

With just a cursory sweep, Su Ping saw dozens of king beasts and seven or eight king beasts in the virtual cave realm!

And the end of this beast wave...the end is invisible!

Stretching to the horizon, it seems endless, there are at least a million people!

Anyone who sees such a large-scale animal tide will break his nerves and become scared to death. This is definitely a catastrophic animal tide!

Su Ping took a deep breath, lowered his head, and touched the head of the little skull next to him with his palm.

Little Skull looked up at him, and a blazing scarlet flame gradually appeared in the hollow eye sockets!

Just a look, it understands Su Ping's intentions!

The next moment, Little Skull's whole body suddenly turned into a blood-red light that penetrated Su Ping's body.

Rage, boiling energy, frantically climbed from Su Ping's body, and gradually diffused!

Just the leak of this energy shocked several figures in the beast tide ahead. Su Ping immediately felt a few cold eyes projected over. These eyes were like real rays, which made people feel like they had fallen into a snake's mouth. The voles are hard to escape.

But instead of being afraid, Su Ping burned his fighting spirit.

On the surface of his skin, white armor-like bones emerged, and the entire face was covered with bones. The bones outside his lips were like gums exposed, extremely terrifying.

"Come out!"

Su Ping let out a low growl.

Roar! !

In the whirlpool, the dragon howl suddenly rushed out, and the purgatory candle dragon beast stepped on the dark red flame and thunder, and walked out from the inside. The huge dragon wing behind it flapped, and the dragon wing had purple-red lines, like a natural vein.

Feeling Su Ping's heart, it erupted with the sound of dragons!

This dragon howl sounded like a shock wave, sweeping the endless wave of beasts forward, and many of them were below the king level. Under this dragon, they fell to the ground with fright and shivered!

"Follow me-kill!!!"

Su Ping roared wildly, he was like Shura's death god, jumping straight from Ergou's back, his body flashed in succession, and he dived straight into the beast tide!

Charge head-on!

One person, face a million beasts!

Roar! !

Roar! ! !

In the beast tide, several roars suddenly erupted, obviously irritated by Su Pings despising behavior, the next moment, on the ground where Su Ping dived, sharp thorns suddenly violently, extremely strong, and instantly Attacked towards Su Ping.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Su Ping's figure flickered rapidly, like a smart electric light, and in a blink of an eye he rushed into the beast tide.

Bang bang bang bang...

At the forefront of the beast tide, there are three king beasts of the vast sea realm, entrenched here, but their attacks cannot stop Su Ping, who masters the mystery of the space, and is easily avoided. Then, Su Ping directly jumped over them and rushed into the beast. In the tide, there is no attacking posture, just rush!

His speed burst to the extreme, like a purple thunder light!

On the soles of Su Ping's feet, the thunder flickered. It was the Thousand God Thunder that he released with a medium thunder path perception. From the strength of this skill alone, at least the strength of the virtual cave realm.

The monster beasts that Su Ping hit along the way burst open, like a meat ball shot by a high-pressure gun, bursting instantly!

From a distance, a straight purple thunder light shot into the Wuyangyang beast tide, plowing a blood-red road forcibly!

Roar! !

An angry roar erupted from behind the beast tide, and the next moment in front of Su Ping, the space collapsed suddenly. This collapsed space was like a giant palm, slammed down. At the same time, there was room for shaking in the left and right places of Su Ping. Giant claws, thorns, and sharp long-bladed limbs were born inside.

Attack at the same time!

Su Ping felt that the surrounding space was completely shaken, the fluctuations were violent, and he could no longer teleport, but he had been prepared, seeing this limb attacking through the void, bloodthirsty color appeared in his eyes, and he suddenly punched!

The golden fist became infinitely bigger, and crashed into a sharp giant claw on the side.

boom! !

The violent impact swept away, Su Ping's body moved forward without any pause!

But the sharp giant claw broke apart under the bombardment of the **** fist. The ten-meter-large giant claw was torn apart, and the claws fell into the beast tide, piercing the body of a Tier 9 monster beast and nailing it to the ground. !

And this shock wave swept out a large swath of beasts around Su Ping, all bursting into plasma!

Su Ping was like a demon **** in the world, as if he had turned on the Wushuang mode. After bombarding the giant claw with a punch, he turned around and directly drew his sword and slashed at the other limbs that had attacked from the air.

Bang bang bang several times, these few killed limbs were all severed!

These are all virtual cave realm monsters, and Su Ping can easily kill them!

Behind Su Ping, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast also rushed to the front of the beast tide. Its dragon body has grown to a height of nearly 100 meters after fusing the purple dragon crystals. At this moment, the dragon wings are stretched, and huge thunder suddenly condenses in the wings. Ball and fireball.

With the flapping of the wings, the two **** of thunder and fire quickly flew out, collided tens of meters away in front of them, and then they merged!

The fused energy ball had a muddy surface of thunder and fire, and it looked full of destruction.

boom! ! !

This mixed energy ball fell straight to the beast tide behind Su Ping. In an instant, the whole world was like a magnitude 12 earthquake, the ground rumbling, and a shock wave that could easily destroy a house swept around.

The violent energy rose up like a mushroom cloud, and a large pit with a diameter of more than a thousand meters was blown out in front of the beast tide. There was also a Beast Beast in the pit before it had time to dodge. At this moment, only a tail was left!

This terrifying attack made the beast tide in front a little flustered.

The heavy dragon power emanating from the purgatory candle dragon beasts made these monsters below the king's level unable to raise the heart to fight at all. Some of the seventh and eighth level monsters could not even move their legs even to escape, shivering in place.

When Su Ping attacked the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, a black flying eagle the size of a palm suddenly appeared in the distance.

If you look closely, you will find that the wings of this flying eagle are all made of steel.

In Feiying's eyes, flashing red light, is a camera.

This flying eagle is a surveillance tool used by the sentry station stationed here. When the flying eagle appeared, it was in the unified defense line thousands of miles away.

In the command center.

Gu Siping and several military staff officers around him stared at a screen projection in front of them.

The above picture made several military staff officers dull.

This picture is exactly the scene of the northern animal tide.

Gu Siping was a little stunned. Obviously, he didn't expect that Su Ping was so wild. Facing the beast tide in the north, he actually chose to go head-on and hit the beasts alone. This was simply a lunatic act!

However, Su Ping's displayed combat power made him look a little bit off. This... is indeed a destiny-level combat power!

Facing the virtual cave realm, almost formed a crush!

"This, is this a legend?"

"My God, this is a god!"

"so horrible!"

The several military staffs nearby were all shocked from ear to ear. They hadn't seen the legendary battle very much, only had a general understanding, and the picture they saw at the moment completely subverted their impression of the battle favorite.

Compared with the scenes in front of them, the scenes of the title-level pet masters fighting they saw were a world of another dimension!



Among the beast tide army, Su Ping ran rampant with a sword.

The reason why he went deep into the beast tide to fight was to pull these beast tides as a backing. Those king beasts who wanted to attack him would inevitably spread to the beast tides around him and let them kill each other!

Bang bang!

Su Ping's body flickered, and quickly approached a Beast of the Sea Realm. This king beast was covered in black armor and looked extremely defensive. He swung his sword suddenly, with a bang, blood flying, and the sword cut it off!

After all, his Shura Divine Sword is a weapon used by the starry sky powerhouse. Although the secret treasure power on it has been lost, its own sharpness is still there.


The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast followed Su Ping, and the huge dragon body flew over the beast tide, breathing fire along the way, releasing a series of king-level skills to bombard the beast herd, exploding one by one.

The entire beast tide fell into chaos. The monsters under the king did not dare to fight back under Longwei. Only the monsters that were far away were less affected by Longwei, but their attack range could not reach the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. It doesn't come in handy either.

In the tide of beasts, a group of king beasts quickly gathered and gathered together.

"It's a legend among reptiles!"

"Damn, this legend shouldn't be the fate of them, how can it be so strong!"

"I feel like I can't catch him with a sword!"

At the middle and back of the beast tide, a dozen king beasts gathered together, all with solemn eyes. Among them, the fear in the eyes of some of the vast sea realm king beasts became more and more obvious.

"Quickly, notify Master Bloodwing!"

"We can't stop this damned guy!"

Seeing Su Ping getting closer, many king beasts finally couldn't calm down [www.htsw.info], they quickly dispersed to several places, and at the same time released energy, a series of powerful long-range attacks were brewing.


Su Ping smashed out of the body of a giant beast that couldn't see its face. His whole body was stained with broken internal organs and flesh and blood. His eyes were locked in front, and he saw a dozen king beasts gathered there, among which there were three heads in the virtual cave. There is one other monster inside, the guy whose giant claw was bombed by him earlier.

"Sure enough, these king beasts don't understand energy homology and have no formation coordination."

"It looks like it's just a group of skirmishers."

Seeing these king beasts fighting each other, Su Ping was relieved, and he rushed directly to these king beasts, first of all, he ran towards the vast sea realm king beast inside.

A monster beast with a body like a hill, covered with blades like hair and seaweed, suddenly roared when Su Ping came, and quickly released a field of ice and snow. Inside, ice walls, ice thorns, and ice blades flew out endlessly.

Su Ping's body flashed quickly, but these attacks were too dense, and there was no space to escape. They hit him and were resisted by the bones of the little skeleton.


Su Ping's body suddenly flashed out, and then the thunder on the soles of his feet burst out, a super sprint suddenly arrived in front of the king beast, and his body was split with a sword.

At the split part, flames erupted, making the wound unable to heal.

Su Ping turned around and punched it. At this moment, a large swarm of energy attacks suddenly smashed over. There were rock, dark, flame, wind, etc., covering almost most basic elemental attacks, densely packed. , Making Su Ping's location an absolute place of death.


The cold light in Su Ping's eyes flashed violently, the sword light slashed out, and the violent sword energy erupted, slashing these attacks abruptly, and then flashed out of the slit.

And the rest of the attacks fell on his original location, drowning the Beast of the Sea Beast that he had split, and directly blasted it to pieces.

Other monsters nearby were also affected and razed to the ground!

kill! kill!

Su Ping turned around, unaware of fatigue, and once again killed another king beast next to him.

In an instant, this king beast fell and died.

The energy attacks released by other king beasts followed Su Ping closely, like a shadow, and several virtual cave realm king beasts worked together to interfere with the space around Su Ping, so that he could not teleport, and could only resist these energies.

Boom boom boom!

As soon as Su Ping split a king beast, he was smashed into the ground by numerous energy attacks from behind, alternating hot and cold around his body, as well as the screams of ghosts and wolves, which was a mental attack of the devil system.

Roar! !

Give me a break! !

Su Ping roared abruptly and burst out from the deep pit. His hair was scattered, and the Shura sword in his hand was like a devil, exuding a horrible breath of palpitations.


With scarlet eyes full of bloodthirsty and rage, Su Ping roared and continued to rush out to the king beast locked in the beast tide.

As he rushed forward to attack, some of the scars on his body were slowly healing. It was the little skeleton that was absorbing the surrounding blood and converting it into energy to heal him.

With a small skeleton possessed, Su Ping not only gains the power increase of the pet beast's body, but also equivalent to carrying a super-supply energy with him, and his physical strength is endless.

This is the terrible thing about the little skull!

"This Nima, is this guy a reptile or a monster!"

"How do I feel that this guy is a monster!"

"Unstoppable, why hasn't Master Bloodwing arrived yet!"

Many king beasts saw Su Ping's eyes and his tireless attacks, and they were all horrified.

In other legends, even if they have the power of the Destiny Realm, they will quickly lose their power under such a brutal attack, but Su Ping is like a human-shaped tyrannosaurus, and there is no sign of weakness at all, even if they are combined. Hit it, it didn't hurt the root, and I could get up every time!

Some king beasts had already retreated and began to move away from Su Ping.

Bang bang bang!

Su Ping struck at full speed in the beast tide, and wherever he passed, there were blood stumps everywhere, either crushed by him or cut off at will. He was like a purple thunder brush, which carved a line in the beast tide. Dao's **** gestures, wherever he passed, all monsters flinched!

Facing the beast tide, one person actually suppressed the beast tide in a panic!

Through the flying eagle, this picture fell in the eyes of everyone in the general headquarters, leaving them speechless.


Five minutes, ten minutes... a quarter of an hour!

The original tidal wave of beasts in Wuyangyang, a quarter of an hour after Su Pings arrival, became completely messy and was divided into several large and small pieces. Some monster beasts had already ignored the pressure of those king beasts. Facing the oppression of death, they scattered and fled.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast followed Su Ping, like a harvester, and wiped out the large monsters under the king.

Behind it, the two dogs are also fighting. Although most of them are defensive skills, under Su Ping's pressure, they have mastered some attack skills. At this moment, with its defensive skills, it seems to be constantly advancing in the beast tide. The shell of the tortoise could not be shaken at all, on the contrary, it had to withstand its attack.

When Su Ping stopped, he discovered that the animal tide had been half-leveled by the plow!

Looking back, there was blood everywhere behind him, and the bodies piled up like a mountain!

In front of him, there was a wave of beasts retreating and fleeing.

In this short quarter of an hour, Su Ping killed more than 60 king beasts, among which there were nine in the Void Cave Realm!



Su Ping inserted the Shura Divine Sword into the snowy ground in front of him, saying it was a snowy ground, but it was actually a **** ground, and Baixue had been stained red with blood.

He put his hands on the hilt of the sword and gasped slightly.

Although there are small skeletons constantly absorbing blood to transform energy, such fierce battle still makes him feel a bit of mental fatigue.

Beside, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast also stopped and sat beside Su Ping like a small mountain, without any fatigue on his body.

The two dogs also squatted beside Su Ping, shaking their tails, staring into the distance.


"Kill, kill it!"

In the general headquarters, everyone looked at the retreating beast tide, and they were all dumbfounded.

This is the first time they have heard the news that the beast tide has been killed and retreated!

It's incredible!

Looking at the back figure in the sea of blood on the corpse mountain, they suddenly felt that this figure was more stalwart, towering, and strong than the two huge walls outside the unified defense line!

Gu Siping took a deep look, retracted his gaze, and said, "It seems that the north is enough to give him peace of mind, and the situation in the west is not optimistic. Although I don't know why, the beast tide in the west is the slowest, but first The echelon wave of beasts has also come, and they cannot be allowed to reconcile!"

"Yes." A staff officer next to him nodded.

Watching Gu Siping turn off the projection video, the staff officer turned his gaze to the intelligence map in his hand and said: "The formation of the beast tide in the west seems a bit chaotic. Like the first echelon, there are several beast tides in several places, leaving the brigade. It seems to be staying in place, I dont know what the situation is."

"It's estimated to be in response to the latter. Anyway, this is a good thing for us. It can weaken the combat power of their large forces, and it will be easier for us to assault them!"


Gu Siping's face was very stern, frowning, and said: "The situation in the south is not optimistic, the legendary manpower is no longer enough, let the captive legion be prepared to listen to the dispatch at any time, and cooperate with the legend to destroy the block!"




Su Ping stood in place and did not chase deeply. He was worried that the chasing was too deep, and the beast tide of other echelons in the north would bypass him to attack the unified defense line to the north from other places.

"Where is the beast tide of the first echelon in the north now?" Su Ping took out the communicator and contacted Gu Siping.

"I'm looking for you, right in front of you. You seem to be alarmed by them. They are meeting. The third and fourth wave of beasts to the north have all arrived. It seems that the demon beasts of the Destiny Realm have been detected inside, you Be careful." Gu Siping said quickly.

When Su Ping heard this, he hung up the communication.

He looked forward, took a deep breath, glanced at the candle dragon beast and Ergou beside him, and said, "Let's go, fight with me again!"

Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast Urn said: "I, I want to follow the master."

The two dogs gave a low growl and expressed their thoughts.

After receiving their response, Su Ping smiled, and then his smile quickly converged, his eyes shot icy cold light, jumped on Ergou's back, and chased directly forward.

After flying for hundreds of miles, Su Ping quickly saw the gathering of beasts.

He didn't hesitate, and directly let Ergou fly away at full speed, still working **** the front!

After all, he is alone, and all strategies and strategies are in vain. Once war starts, it is war!

Even if it is a sneak attack from the side, it will alarm the entire beast tide when the war starts, and then it will still fight head-on. In contrast to this, detours are troublesome.

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