Astral Pet Store Chapter 714

Chapter 714: Lord Of Bones

"Wow! Toad has taken off!"

"Hmph, I can blow those two rubbish!"

"Still be careful and subtle, I think it's best for us to watch the battle first, we have to be careful..."

"Shut up, shut up, it's so noisy!"

"The one named Ji looks better and better, and tears are streaming from my mouth..."

The seven heads of the seven sins were screaming, and the golden horned head in the middle shouted angrily: "Shut up! It's all the time! If you weren't obedient, we could lose to the good and evil guys? We might have been long now. I have cultivated to the realm of detachment!"

The remaining six heads were silent for an instant, and I dared not talk nonsense.


With a roar of golden horns head, he rolled up the rock formations on the ground and turned into giant palms, grabbing it towards Ji Yuanfeng in mid-air.


During the battle in the depths of the beast tide, Su Ping also rushed into the beast tide with Little Skeletons and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beasts. Skills were released one after another. Su Ping did not merge with the little skull. The scale of this beast tide was too large. If he fits together, no matter how fast he can kill alone, he can't kill as fast as two people at the same time.

Moreover, the Destiny Realm in the beast tide was restrained by Ji Yuanfeng, so that he didn't have to worry about being attacked by the Destiny Realm, and he didn't need to rely on the combined protection of the little skeleton.

Bang bang bang!

Su Ping's figure is vertical and horizontal, shuttled among the beast tide, blood splashing, causing large numbers of casualties.

On the other side, the tower master also urged his pet to rush in the beast tide, forming a crush.

Behind them, Ye Wuxiu and many other legends rushed in. This mighty beast tide was abruptly blocked by all of them, and it swept with an overwhelming attitude, killing the monsters in the beast tide and fleeing everywhere. Miles of blood flow!

This scene of rapid massacre made everyone in the line of defense feel excited and excited.

As time passed, there were more and more corpses in the animal tide. The original complete animal tide was also torn and divided into many pieces. Some animal tides have fled everywhere.

In the command center, everyone saw the situation in the beast tide and knew that the southern side was basically defended. If there were only these monster beasts in the south, they could be considered a big victory!


Obviously there are three other animal tides, and they are coming!

After the situation on the south side stabilized, they quickly turned their eyes to the north and east. The beast tide here is also gradually approaching, and the scale is equally huge, not inferior to the south.

"What to do, the beast tide to the north is also coming right away, there are three demon beasts in the destiny realm inside!"

"If you send other legends over, you can't stop it."

The moods of several staff members quickly changed, and the hope that was hard to see from the situation in the south was immediately destroyed by reality.

Through the previous battles between humans and different beasts, they could see that other legends seemed to be no different from titles in front of the king beast of the Destiny Realm.

The Destiny Realm can only be solved by the Destiny Realm!

But now they have only four legends in the Destiny Realm.

In other words, everyone must stand alone, including Gu Siping in front of him!

"I'll guard the north side. If it's east, hand it over to Brother Su, and let it go to our deputy tower owner on the west." Gu Siping crossed his hands and sat on a chair, deep and authentic.

Several staff officers glanced at him, and did not persuade him. Now, it can only be so.

There are no more Legends of Destiny!

"Wait, the monster beast to the north seems to have stopped."

"Huh, so is the east side!"

"There are also from the west..."

Suddenly, several staff officers saw that the intelligence was abnormal, and the beast tide on the other three sides was silent and did not move on.

"Let the sentry send the video right away!"

"East too!"

Several staff members ordered immediately.

Soon, several videos were delivered directly to them, and they were opened one by one.

The video was shot by the sentry station they deployed along the way, using the control flying eagle, and also shot from the sentry monitoring station on the ground.

I saw the Wuyangyang wave of beasts stopped in front of the video, did not move, and seemed to be stationed in place!

Not only in the north, but also in the east, the west is exactly the same!

The three sides chose to stop in place at the same time, and their distance from the defense line was less than ten minutes, and after another five minutes, it was an ambush outside the defense line.

"What's the matter? What are they waiting for? Did they receive information from the south? No, if that's the case, they should attack..."

A staff member was surprised.

Stop stationing now, isn't this watching a show?

If they immediately launched a charge, it would relieve the current pressure on the south side and give the beast tide on the south side a chance to breathe, but they chose to stop strangely.

Could it be that these animal tides are also in conflict and are not in harmony with each other?

Everyone was shocked and could not see the intention of these beasts.

Gu Siping also looked confused, and didn't know the reason, but there was a strange and unpleasant premonition in his heart.

"Send someone right away to see what the king beast moves in the beast tide." Gu Siping immediately ordered.

Several staff members reacted, and they were immediately frightened, knowing what Gu Siping meant.

If all the king beasts in it ran to the south to reinforce the south, the south now would be terrifying!

"Send a title, even if it is dead, you must know the movements of the king beast inside!" A staff officer called out immediately, and quickly contacted the people outside.

When making an emergency survey here.


Su Ping, who was slaughtering in the beast tide, suddenly heard a roar, and then saw behind the beast tide, a shadow of a figure fluttered back from the sky, crashed into the beast tide, and plowed out. One hundred meters of scratches.

When he saw the dark shadow clearly, Su Ping was a little surprised, it was actually Ji Yuanfeng!

At this moment, Ji Yuanfeng was quite embarrassed, the four wings behind him were a little withered, a lot of bird feathers fell off, and the white robe on his body was also torn, revealing the shiny silver armor inside.


On the other side, the deputy tower owner also saw the situation here, and his eyes widened.

In his eyes, Ji Yuanfeng, who is extremely powerful, will be defeated? !

"It's reinforcement..."

Ji Yuanfeng climbed up from the ground and saw Su Ping and the deputy tower master who had rushed to his side, their faces were no longer indifferent, but a little sharp.

Just as Su Ping was about to speak, suddenly he felt his pupils shrink slightly and looked forward.


boom! !

boom! !

Behind the tide of beasts, all of the monsters under the king who had fled around were all crawling on the ground, shivering. Even some of the Tier 9 monsters trained by fighting in the abyss corridor buried their heads deeply on the ground at this moment, and their bodies shrank, almost paralyzed by fright.

A series of violent concussions sounded, the sound was so loud that even the people in the line of defense could hear it vaguely without going through the TV.

Some water glasses on the table, the water inside rippled!

"One, two, three...seven, eight..."

Next to him, the deputy tower master's eyes widened with great horror, and he murmured in his mouth, until the end he couldn't make a sound.

There is a breath of ten destiny realms, coming from the front!

This was more than three times more than the three demon beast auras they had felt before!

Su Ping was also stunned. He knew information from several other places, and there were two lines of three Destiny Beasts on each side. Could it be said that all Destiny Beasts in other places have been reinforced?

"There are three destiny tops inside, and an old friend..." Ji Yuanfeng stood up, his eyes were extremely solemn, and his "old friend" alone made him feel pressured.

That is the good and evil he once tied.

The head of the four kings!

"Ji Yuanfeng, your cultivation speed is too slow..." A strange voice sounded, rumbling like thunder, shaking on the battlefield.

The reason why the voice is weird is because it sounds like a male and female voice, and it sounds like the voice of the young and old. It seems that the tone of each word is changing into voices of different ages and genders.

Ji Yuanfeng's face was gloomy, and said, "Is it too slow? You will know if you come to try."

"I will come to learn. By the way, I can't eat you. It's a pity that I can have a full meal today!" The strange voice changed a lot, but the tone was indifferent.

Ji Yuanfeng's face was gloomy and did not speak.

If it's just the good and evil in front of him, he is not afraid, but besides the good and evil, there are two demon beasts with top destiny, and beside him, only Su Ping and his apprentice are left.

And the worst thing is...In addition to these three destiny tops, there are still seven destiny states!

Among these seven, there are seven sins, a late-stage destiny, which is extremely difficult to deal with.

"Is that Haidi here?" Su Ping said to Ji Yuanfeng next to him, looking at the huge monster beasts walking in front of him.

In the past few days, he also heard that the Sea Emperor who rules all the monsters in the sea is more terrifying than good and evil. Although he is also the top of the destiny realm, it is close to the limit, and it can be considered a half-step starry sky realm!

Ji Yuanfeng's eyes shrank slightly, and after a few seconds, he slowly uttered two words: "Not here."

Su Ping's face changed slightly, and the battle in front of him was terrifying enough. Isn't that Haidi actually among them?

He picked up the communicator, quickly contacted Gu Siping, and said, "Is it true that the other three-sided king beasts have come here for reinforcements?"

There was a brief silence in the communicator. After a while, Gu Siping said, "Not yet..." His voice trembled as he spoke.

This time, Gu Siping was really panicked.

The intelligence that had just been investigated urgently, but it was discovered that the other three-sided destiny realm king beasts were still there!

In other words, the king beasts of the Destiny Realm that appeared in the south are all monsters that have not yet appeared in the abyss army, even the overlord of the sea, Haidi has not yet appeared, and is hidden in the dark!

What a scale this is!

Counting the king beasts currently present, this number has exceeded the 20 he predicted, and judging from the hidden sea emperor, he feels...There are still many destiny king beasts that have not appeared!

This is far beyond his tolerance.


The communication hangs up.

Su Ping took a deep breath, and he expected this to be the case.

When he entered the corridor of the abyss, although the nest was empty inside, he still saw eight demon beasts in the destiny realm!

I don't know whether the eight demon beasts of the Destiny realm have come out. If they don't come out, then I don't know whether they should be lucky or sad.

"It can only be done." Su Ping said in a low voice.

Both Ji Yuanfeng and the deputy tower master came back to their senses. Seeing Su Ping's deep and determined gaze, they were all startled. They didn't expect Su Ping to have such a strong fighting spirit in the face of this lineup.

They also heard the previous communication between Su Ping and Gu Siping.

The current situation is desperate enough.

There are too many destiny beasts in the abyss, plus the destiny beasts of the Shanghai region!

It wasn't until this moment that they recalled again that human beings have been in a lingering state on Blue Star for thousands of years.

Build one base city after another, set up pioneers to open up wasteland everywhere, hunt monsters and star pets, human beings are not the masters of this continent, but the...

Human beings can persist until now, not only because Haidi had a contract with the original peak masters and did not invade the land, but also because the four heavenly kings are fighting each other and rarely attack humans easily.

After all, compared to other monsters, humans... really can't stimulate their appetites, but they are troublesome to eat!

Now, Sea Territory, the four great monster kings, plus the monster beasts that have accumulated for thousands of years in the abyss... erupt at the same time, and this beast tide is enough to overthrow the entire Blue Star!

Human beings are like a flat boat among them, a small wave is enough to knock it over and destroy it to pieces!

Su Ping heard the movement, turned his head and looked around, and found that the body of the deputy tower master next to him was trembling.

The powerful man in the destiny realm was shocked at this moment!

Su Ping's face was gloomy, but this time he didn't despise the person he hated, because if there was no system store, he would also feel desperate after seeing the situation before him.

But...because he has the backing of the system shop, he hasn't reached the time of despair, which allows him to continue thinking.

In fact, there is nothing to think about. Any strategy is futile in the face of absolute power. The only thing that can be done is war!


"This, these are..."

"How is it possible, is it possible that the fate of other places are here?"

In the distance, Ye Wuxiu and the others, who were fighting in the beast tide, looked at the destiny realm monster beasts that kept coming in front of them. The huge figures, like towering mountains, made the shadows in their hearts bigger and bigger. Even Ye Wuxiu and other battlefield veterans were dumbfounded and a little desperate.

I knew how many king beasts there were before, but at this moment it was a real deal. Seeing so many destiny realm king beasts gathered together, this impact was too shocking!


In the distance, a figure galloping over, wearing a golden armor and holding a spear, is Gu Siping.

Now, he can no longer sit in the command center.

With so many Destiny Realm appearances, if he doesn't show up again, Su Ping and Ji Yuanfeng alone can hardly resist. Once one of them is killed, the situation will immediately be several times disadvantaged and crush the others.

And once they all fall, the entire defense line will be vulnerable!

Under the impact of these destiny realms, he will only be immediately devastated and destroyed, and he will also become the only surviving fish inside, and will finally be slowly crushed!

So, either he flees immediately, or he can only fight!

Under the trade-off, he chose the latter.

After all, if he wants to escape, he can't see the direction, and he wants to continue to delay, maybe... there will be hope soon!


Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw Gu Siping rushing out, but he didn't expect that he hadn't taken the opportunity to escape. This made him look at the other side high.

Ji Yuanfeng glanced at him, and when he flew closer, he said in a low voice: "Leave good and evil to me, there are two top-notch ones left, you contain one, and the other, I will come."

Speaking of this, several whirlpools appeared behind him, from which a horrible aura diffused, and the four heads of destiny battle pets came out one after another, all in the late destiny stage!

This is the foundation of Ji Yuanfeng!

Gu Siping saw the few destiny battle pets, his eyes shrank slightly, and quickly returned to normal, nodded: "No problem."

"You two, the rest of the Destiny Realm...I will leave it to you, just keep it under control." Ji Yuanfeng turned his head and looked at Su Ping and his apprentice, his face was a bit unsightly, after all, the remaining seven Destiny Realm monsters It's not a vegetarian either. Let Su Ping and his apprentice to contain it... it's too difficult.

But now, he can only entrust this way.

After all, he has no extra ability to help himself.

The deputy tower master's face changed, his mouth was open, he wanted to say something, but in the end he couldn't say it.

In the present situation, he had no choice, and no other choice.

Either escape or fight like this!

His eyes flickered and he bowed his head silently.

"The remaining seven, you solve them, these three... leave it to me."

Su Ping, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke. As soon as he said this, the three of them were stunned and looked at him in astonishment.

Su Ping raised his head with a resolute color in his eyes. He didn't explain anything, but conveyed his thoughts. In an instant, a white light galloped from a distance and penetrated his body.

There was a click.

A strong, deep, king-like aura diffused from Su Ping.

The white bones grew out of his body, covering the whole body, and even the cheeks, and the whole person's physique became more upright, exuding a violent and deep breath.

Upon sensing the energy fluctuations in Su Ping's body, Ji Yuanfeng's pupils contracted slightly.

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