Astral Pet Store Chapter 715

Chapter 715: Sword Slashing Destiny Seeking Subscription And Ticket

What a strong breath!

Ji Yuanfeng found that he still couldn't perceive Su Ping's cultivation base. To be precise, he did not feel the unique breath of the Destiny Realm creature from Su Ping!

But what's strange is that the powerful star power that Su Ping exudes at this moment, even he feels the pressure, it is too strong, it is dozens of times more than that of the sea, just like the endless sea of sea!

"Brother Su, don't try your best. Since you have this kind of combat power, these three destiny are at the top, one of us will be killed quickly!"

After recovering, Ji Yuanfeng said quickly.

"No, you kill other destiny realms as fast as possible, what we want is fast! Don't forget that other three-sided beast tides are still waiting for us..." Su Ping's tone is cold, unquestionably, like a generation of kings.

His pupils were as black as ink, like a bottomless abyss, full of destruction and coldness. If Ji Yuanfeng wanted to persuade him again, he stopped at his mouth, a kind of inexplicable heart palpitations, which made him feel a sense of fear. .

Yes, the fear of Su Ping.

That fear was not due to Su Ping's surging energy at this moment, but the strange aura mixed in that energy, which seemed to be an older, higher-level living body that gave him fear from the depths of his cells.

At this moment of trance, Su Ping already roared violently and roared into the sky.

With a bang, he stepped out suddenly, and the entire void was violently shaken, like a terrifying thunder burst in the midair, shaking in all directions!


"What, what a strong breath!"

"It seems... not the Destiny Realm?"

The many destiny king beasts that came from the front beast tide were all surprised. Although Su Ping's figure was small, they couldn't ignore them at this moment.

Such hot energy, but the aura is not of the same level as them, which is a bit strange!

"This snack is very interesting, it belongs to me!"

Among the three top Destiny Realm monsters in front, one suddenly walked out, and the ground was trampled rumblingly.

This monster beast has a huge body, like a giant rhinoceros that has been enlarged by several tens of times. Its mouth is full of brutal sharp teeth, and its body has some short white sharp horns. Its skin and flesh are rough, and it is extremely resistant to fighting.

It looked down at Su Ping, like looking at a delicious pastry, the next moment it suddenly lifted its forefoot and stomped heavily towards the ground.

A few bangs, bangs and bangs sounded, and a giant dragon made of mixed rocks shot out from the ground, roaring with teeth and claws, and charged towards Su Ping in the air.

The space power around Su Ping was completely locked and could not be shaken.

Huhuhu! !

The violent wind swept across the face, blowing Su Ping's black hair into the wind.

The gravel walked swiftly and slapped Su Ping's face. His eyes suddenly opened and closed, and the bright cold light burst out little by little. The next moment, the divine sword he held in his hand suddenly burst into black light.

That dazzling light, swallowing light, is eye-catching on this battlefield!


Shura magic power, annihilation rule, countless star swirls in Su Ping's cells burst at the same time, bursting out violent star power like a whale and dragon, and all of them are compressed into this sword in his hand.

In an instant, an extreme aura of destruction spread out.

Virtual swordsmanship, cut! !

"not good!!"


The brutal giant rhinoceros that launched the attack suddenly felt a trace of horror, and the original relaxed expression suddenly changed, revealing a look of anger.

The two destiny top king beasts behind it were also stunned, looking at Su Ping in shock.

Bang bang bang several times!

On the ground in front of the cruel rhinoceros, huge walls suddenly piled up! The rock on this wall quickly crystallized, and the defense multiplied. As the rock wall crystallized, it suddenly opened its mouth, and from its mouth revealed a black rotating shield. The shield was small, octagonal, and only two or three meters in diameter. , At the moment it is spinning around the center of its forehead.

There is its soul sea, where the soul origin lies.

When this black shield first appeared, the divine sword in Su Ping's hand had already been cut down.

The clouds and mist in the high sky seem to be divided like being guided!

One sword breaks the air, cracks the ground, and breaks the void!

A terrifying black crack appeared, and the strong Void Hole Realm needed the help of space mystery skills to tear the space that was brutally torn apart before this invisible sword energy!

Boom boom boom! !

The dozen or so crystallized giant walls that appeared in front of the cruel giant rhinoceros were instantly shattered like confetti. Each crystallized wall was enough to be bombarded by a powerful Void Realm for several hours, and it might not be able to penetrate it!

squeak! !

There was a piercing loud noise, like something being torn apart, and the sharp sound waves spread throughout the battlefield. Many of the under-king monsters that crawled within a few thousand meters of the cruel rhinoceros bleed on the spot and shook them alive!

Silence, silence...

The entire huge battlefield suddenly became strangely quiet as the harsh reverberation dissipated.

Even the roar of the noisy beasts was gone.


It seemed that there was a pause for an epoch, but after only a few seconds of silence, a huge shaking sound rang, shocking everyone, and the majestic body of that cruel rhinoceros, unexpectedly... fell down!

And it is divided into two, split from it!

The blood and the organs all rushed to the ground, and in some organs, there were still undigested remains of monsters.


Ji Yuanfeng and Gu Siping stared blankly at the scene before them, and their pupils were about to split apart.

Kill the top of Destiny Realm with one sword? !

They feel like dreaming before their eyes?

Everyone in the base was also shocked. The power of this sword was so terrible that it silenced the entire battlefield and killed the head-level monster with a single sword, incredible!

Beside the corpse of the cruel giant rhinoceros, the black octagonal shield had long been torn apart, and the formation above was also broken. The previous harsh sound was that the defensive formation above was trying its best to resist Su Ping's swordsmanship, but it still failed to persist. , Torn apart!

Behind its corpse, many king beasts looked dull.

The many destiny realm king beasts who walked in the courtyard before, are all horrified at this moment, and they are cold all over, looking at the tiny boy in front of them, like a monster!

This is the sea-loving giant rhinoceros, the top overlord of the destiny realm, was actually cut by a sword like this? !

Just a sword!


Could this human being be beyond the realm? !

Next to him, Good and Evil and the top eyes of the other Destiny Realm were shocked and couldn't believe it was true.

The shock of good and evil is even greater. It knows that the strongest among human beings is Ji Yuanfeng. This guy is very tricky, but unexpectedly, there is a guy who is several times more terrifying than Ji Yuanfeng!

Is this completely comparable to Haidi? No, even scarier than that guy!


Su Ping was panting, but he tensed his breath soon, his eyes radiated a terrifying chill, and he looked at the good and evil in the center of the three destiny tops.

This good and evil is a dragon beast with black and white scales and two heads. Its black and white scales are not mixed with each other, but one on the left and one on the right, facing each other, like two different dragons and beasts pieced together. Yes, it looks extremely uncoordinated, even ugly.

Su Ping has been "long admiring" for this great name of good and evil.

When I saw it today, he did feel an extremely terrifying breath from this good and evil.

The top dragon race in the destiny realm, and this good and evil seems to have the aura of a demon undead.

Su Ping has the blood of Shura in his body, and he has a keen perception of the breath of the undead race. The good and evil in front of him can be described as a mixture of the blood of the dragon beast and the evil beast. Both are extremely strong races. No wonder they can become the four great monster kings. First!

"Next, it's your turn!"

Su Ping held the sword in his hand and stepped on the void, walking step by step towards good and evil.

One person, one sword, seems to be facing the destiny monsters on the entire battlefield!

This scene shocked the world, leaving countless people in the base city dull and shocked.

That straight, lonely back, like an indestructible wall!

In a residential house somewhere in Longjiang, a woman suddenly covered her mouth, her tears burst and she couldn't stop her.

She is Li Qingru and Su Ping's mother.

During this period of time, although Su Ping rarely went home, all the things she did outside, including the attitude of the Qin family and other five major families, let her know that her son is no longer what he used to be.

But... at this moment on the battlefield, and this person is her son!

Which mother bears the heart to watch her children fight so hard?

Beside her, Su Yuanshan hugged her and comforted her softly, but watching the gaze on TV was extremely complicated.


"At the beginning...we actually went to trouble him?"

In another base, in a solemn garden of villas, numerous titles and young elites from the Tang family gathered here.

Looking at the picture on the big screen, they were all a little sluggish.

Standing in the middle, Tang Linzhan opened his mouth slightly, unable to answer Tang Yuanqing's words beside him, only his eyelids twitched.

Next to them, Tang Ruyu looked shocked. She still remembered that the first time she met Su Ping was in the League of Kings, but she did not expect that the young man at that time would be so terrifying today!

the other side.

In the Association of Educators who migrated into the defense line, everyone was shocked and speechless watching this scene.

Su Ping previously visited the Association of Educators and obtained the status of a top educator, but nobody knew that he was still a legend, and a top legend!


On the battlefield.

Su Ping was approaching in a stride towards good and evil. The murderous aura he exuded made his eyelids jump at the sight of good and evil. At this moment, seeing Su Ping approaching fast, his body couldn't help but leaned back. It could have made it want to retreat, but It knows the consequences of shrinking from the battlefield, which makes it resist the urge.

"Go together!"

Good and evil roared in anger. At this moment, it can no longer stand in front of each other. Why single-handedly? The fool is singled out with you. That's right, the guy who rushed to die before was a fool!

They are crowded, so why are they one-on-one with you?

Under the roar of good and evil, other destiny realms also reacted, all a little frightened, and immediately knew that the human being in front of them was a great enemy, and they had to hug each other and take action.


Next to it, another top king beast in the Destiny Realm resembling a sea dragon also uttered a low roar. It was huge, with a body like a whale, a head like a crocodile, and limbs like a lizard. At this moment, it suddenly opened its mouth and spouted a mouthful of black water.

This black water smelled so stinky, as soon as it appeared, it shrouded Su Ping like a large net, corroding the surrounding space and twisting it.

Other destiny realm king beasts also quickly released their skills, and a series of terrifying destiny-level killer moves all appeared, shaking the energy in the void into almost violent chaos.

Seven or eight horror skills appear in the sky at the same time, like the end of the world.

Any skill that hits the line of defense is enough to tear the entire line of defense into a terrifying wound!

Seeing that all the king beasts of the Destiny Realm attacked Su Ping, Ji Yuanfeng and others were also awakened by the violent energy, their expressions changed drastically, if Su Ping had an accident, they would not be able to resist these king beasts.


With a roar of the storm, Ji Yuan suddenly rushed out in a combined state, releasing several tornado hurricanes, sweeping over those skills, wanting to detonate them in advance.

These skills are composed of energy. If they are hit in advance, they will destroy the energy structure inside and be forced to hit them early.


When Ji Yuanfeng took action, good and evil roared, and the several tornado hurricanes released by Ji Yuanfeng suddenly stopped in mid-air, motionless!

This scene was extremely shocking, and the hurricane actually stopped!

This picture is simply incredible, shattering people's imagination.

Gu Siping and the deputy tower master looked ugly, and quickly shot. They all merged with their pets, their bodies were alienated, and they released a powerful aura.

The assistant tower master flipped his palm, and a secret treasure divine sword appeared in his palm, and he once again displayed the Pantheon Void Sword he had used in the battle against Su Ping in the peak tower!

On him, golden dragon scales appeared, and the whole person was full of domineering dragon power.

Behind him, the shadow of the gods swayed in his sphere of influence, like a **** descending behind him, magnificent.

This shot was full force. In an instant, a golden sword aura burst out from the divine sword in his hand, tearing the void apart, and suddenly slashing towards those many skills.

"Block it!!"

Good and evil roared in anger.

This sword is extremely strong and sharp. It continuously releases the oppression of the void in the past. It is cut apart by layers, and it can't be suppressed!

Beside, the sea-dragon-like king beast roared, and huge sea waves were born out of thin air in the heaven and earth, and rushed towards the sword qi. The softest is water, and the toughest is also water.

The sword qi quickly disappeared in the waves, and failed to rush out.

On the other side, Gu Siping also roared and released a dazzling spear light full of thunder and lightning, such as the condensed to the extreme thunder, tearing the void, directly appearing in front of those many skills, and suddenly a molten sea of fire skills. Pierce it, disperse it, and fall into the rain.

Su Ping watched the rain of fire falling in front of him, looked at the many skills that covered all his sights, and looked at the angry and murderous eyes of good and evil in the distance, his footsteps stopped.

He retracted the sword in his palm and clenched it into a fist!

The dazzling golden light burst out from his fist, like a golden lotus all over the world, the holy and vast divine energy exploded in an all-round way. In an instant, it seemed that there was a Brahma sound in the heavens and the earth, and there were gods singing.

Behind Su Ping, a whirlpool-like potential area emerged, the magic shadow inside was depressed, and the shadow swayed. Under the contrast, he looked like the **** of the gods, the king of kings!


A depressing roar suddenly shook the entire battlefield.

Su Ping suddenly punched, and the vast shadow of the fist surged a hundred times faster, turning into a world-shaking fist, welcoming the sky full of destiny skills!

Boom boom boom~! !

The whole world was mottled in an instant, chaotic and violent energy vented, and the sound disappeared at this moment, because the violent audio frequency has exceeded the Hertz that people can perceive.

After more than ten seconds, the huge sonic boom weakened to the extent that people could hear it, but a deafening rumbling sounded. The base cities in the entire defense line were subjected to violent vibrations and shocks. Thousands of miles are shaking like an earthquake.

These many skills were exploded in advance by the Summon God Fist, and the shock wave swept through. Su Ping's body was pushed backwards, but he didn't push it far. It was just the shock wave. His body could bear it. After all, it was just the shock wave. His physical strength is already at the level of the Destiny Realm.


In the chaotic energy, Su Ping narrowed his eyes, released the divine sword, and rushed in one direction.

At this moment, the space is shaking, unable to teleport, and can only approach by sprinting!

"Damn it!"

Behind the violent energy fluctuations, good and evil are angered. It can feel that the attack has failed, and it is shocked by Su Ping's power to have such a terrifying boxing.

Just when it was about to call for a second attack, it suddenly felt a subtle, sharp murderous attack.

Its complexion changed drastically, and the power of Su Ping's sword still remained in its mind, and it was deeply impressed.

"Dark Realm!"

It quickly used its bloodline skills, and the world around it dimmed in an instant. In this dark realm, vision and perception were stripped away, and it would be constantly eroded by the realm. When the opponent couldnt perceive it, it would move the opponents body. The energy sucked over.

"Come in!"

As soon as the domain unfolded, good and evil felt that Su Ping had broken into his domain.

There was a cruel look in its eyes. Su Ping was blind in this realm, but he was not.

It's unreasonable to beat the blind with your eyes open!

In its other white scaly dragon head, suddenly opened its mouth, and there was a condensed pure white holy sword condensing in its mouth. This holy sword was enough to sever the body of the top monster beast in the destiny realm.


The light radiating from the pure white holy sword does not illuminate the surrounding dark realm, but just makes itself more eye-catching, but in the dark realm, the vision is stripped, and the realm is like slime, which will stick out of the eyeball, even if the light is dazzling It shines on the eyeball, as long as it is not attached, there is a slight gap in the middle, which can not be seen.

This can't be dispelled by light!

Seeing that the holy sword was about to hit, suddenly, Su Ping in its line of sight suddenly bent over, and he was bending over and sprinting!

In an instant, an unusually illusory lunge sprinted in front of it, this body technique is extremely strange!

Good and evil were a little startled, and his eyes widened, but the next moment, the intense fear made it too late to think about why Su Ping could see things in this dark realm. It thought of the sword in its mind.

No, I don't want to die!

It was frightened and angry, and the next moment its two heads spewed out the original dragon breath at the same time!

The black and white dragon's breath spewed out at the same time, one exuding a holy and hot aura, while the other was cold and full of corrosion.

But the next moment, Su Ping drew his sword, and the horror sword that made the memory of good and evil reappeared again, and it was close!

puff! !

With one sword cut, the invisible annihilation sword energy actually tore the surrounding dark realm, like a piece of shady being directly torn apart!

Then the sword qi was vertical and horizontal, and it arrived in front of good and evil in an instant, and cut directly on its dragon head. The head of the pure white scale split on the spot, and the neck and body under the head were also cut off!

At the fracture, the blood did not sputter, but white steam emerged. The blood that was squeezed by the blood vessels to gush out was evaporated by the high temperature in an instant.



Ji Yuanfeng, who was rushing over anxiously to help, as well as Gu Siping and the deputy tower master behind him, were shocked to see the moment when the dark realm faded away.

Good and evil are beheaded! ?

Everyone in the base was shocked. Unlike other king beasts, this is good and evil!

The first of the four great demon kings on the blue star!

He was defeated in front of Su Ping and was cut off!

Ji Yuanfeng's eyes were about to bulge out, and he was extremely gaffey. The good and evil that had been fighting him for hundreds of years was so dead!

He fought against good and evil several times, but they were all tied. Later, he concentrated on retreating and wanted to hit the starry sky realm, but he knew that good and evil is a monster with extremely high bloodlines and high talents. growing up!

But unexpectedly, now that hundreds of years have passed, before he personally defeated him, he was beheaded by Su Ping in front of him!

After cutting two heads at the top of Destiny Realm, is this guy still a human! ?

Around, the other destiny realm king beasts were also shocked.

The prestige of good and evil is like thunder. Some of the Abyssal Destiny Realm King Beasts have rubbed against the Four Great Demon Kings on the surface after they came out, and many of them were dissatisfied, but soon they were either obeyed or died. before.

"Good and evil are dead, good and evil are dead..."

The Seven Sins standing in it were a little dazed, and the head that likes to repeat the speech the most, at this moment was also a little shocked and lowly speaking.

Another head that always likes to talk about hammering, there is no sound at the moment, just staring blankly.

As for who knows the best about good and evil, it is the first person present. After all, he has always been overwhelmed by good and evil over the years, and he is very dissatisfied.

But it's useless to disagree, the opponent is better than it.


In front of the fallen Good and Evil, Su Ping was about to turn to the other top of the Destiny Realm next to him, and suddenly discovered that the Good and Evil were not completely dead, and there was still a breath!

He turned his head and looked around, and immediately found that its pitch-black scaly head fell on the ground to play dead.

At this moment, seeing his gaze, this head suddenly opened its mouth, spraying a black dragon flame, and at the same time several rock hands stretched out under him, grabbed its body, and dragged it into the ground!


Su Ping's face changed slightly. This sword cut off half of good and evil, but didn't kill it completely. Would there be two lives with two heads?

But even the torso and heart are gone, can this live?

Su Ping looked forward, where the ground surged and good and evil broke through the ground.

Beside Good and Evil, there is the sea dragon-like Destiny Realm Top King Beast. It was also a little shocked when it saw the Good and Evil that escaped by its side, and immediately felt a little horrified and bitter.

What are you doing, why are you running by my side?

You are not an opponent, run towards me, can I stop it! ?

It grieved bitterly, but it couldn't see the death without saving it, and immediately spit out a golden liquid, covering the body of good and evil, and shouted: "This is the fountain of life that Master Haidi has given me. This kindness, you give I remember it!"

"Thank you!"

The black scaly head of good and evil said immediately, quite sincere and grateful.

Hailong snorted coldly, a little distressed, grandma's, this fountain of life is so precious that it might be used by herself next time.

"Call Haidi, we alone are not the opponent of this guy." Good and evil said quickly while enjoying the treatment.

Hailong didnt have a good air: "Where can I call Lord Haidi, you hurry up to heal, I think the energy in this human body is also weakened a lot, such a strong attack, he can't keep performing, as long as we hold on, Lord Haidi I should be able to rush over."

Good and evil were a little stunned. He didn't expect that as the top of the fate realm in the sea, one of Haidi's three generals could not contact Haidi.

This Nima, is there such a master and servant?

It no longer counts on it, withdraws its mind and tries its best to heal the wound.

Su Ping looked at the golden slime covering Good and Evil, and felt a trace of vegetation and divine energy from inside. He frowned slightly, there is also divine energy on the blue star? Could it be obtained from the ruins of a crack in the starry sky?

I didn't have time to think about it. He didn't kill with a single sword, which made him feel a little pressure. With his current state, he could make another sword, but it was a bit difficult to kill both of them with this sword.

"You go to prevent good and evil treatment, I will solve this." Su Ping quickly said to Ji Yuanfeng and others behind.

Ji Yuanfeng and the others came back to their senses, seeing the healing good and evil, their complexion changed, and quickly agreed.

Su Ping rushed directly towards that Hailong striding meteor.

When the Sea Dragon King Beast saw Su Ping rushing, he secretly groaned in his heart, but showed a hideous look on the surface, and said viciously, "Boy, you are dead if you dare to hurt me!"

The corners of Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly.

Why is this king beast suddenly a little strange, so cute? !

"It's a pity that I don't have many trapping rings, otherwise it would be nice to catch you as a pet beast." Su Ping said.

The Sea Dragon King Beast immediately exploded and said angrily: "Catch the deity and be a pet beast? You are worthy!"

After speaking, he suddenly set off a huge wave and swept towards Su Ping.

In this huge wave, icy sharp blades rushed out quickly, exuding a strong freezing aura, extremely sharp, capable of cutting off space and destroying the secret treasure of the virtual cave realm.

"If you use water, I will thunder!"

Seeing the huge wave, Su Ping shot directly, thunder light gathered in his palm, and violently smashed into the huge wave, then flew out from the huge wave and shot towards the sea dragon king beast behind.

The Sea Dragon King Beast was shot by a thunder arrow, and his body became numb and a little furious. The thunder element just restrained it, and the thunder that Su Ping released was extremely powerful, just like a thunder monster beast in the Destiny Realm.

Su Ping stepped forward, stepped on the huge wave in front of him, stood tall on the broken wave, once again raised the Shura Divine Sword in his hand, and wanted to make a quick battle and kill the king beast.

Seeing Su Ping lifting his sword, the Sea Dragon King Beast trembled a little. Su Ping's sword was so terrible that it had no confidence to resist it.

Just as Su Ping was about to launch virtual swordsmanship, suddenly, the temperature in the surrounding air dropped drastically, and the next moment, pieces of snowflakes were born out of thin air.

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