Astral Pet Store Chapter 718

Chapter 718: The Second Rhyme Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

Hearing what Ji Yuanfeng said, a gloom flashed in Gu Siping's eyes, but he didn't say anything. He couldn't say anything about Su Ping.

He immediately called his battle pet and killed those demon beasts directly at the Destiny Realm.

Ji Yuanfeng was afraid that he might make a mistake, so he greeted his students and followed him.

Su Ping snorted coldly and ignored Gu Siping. His eyes fell on the Sea Dragon King Beast and the Empress with solemn eyes.

If he wanted to kill the Sea Dragon King beast, the empress would probably not sit back and watch, otherwise he would not show up when he was preparing to shoot the sword.

"You better stay safe."

Seeing Su Ping approaching with the sword, the Empresss gaze shifted from the battle in the second space to Su Ping. She frowned and said indifferently: "Dont influence me to watch the battle. With your strength, stand in front of me. No one can kill, I don't want to talk to you now."

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and stopped.

Although this is very arrogant... but it is indeed correct.

Like him, the female emperor has mastered the superficial rules and avenues, but the latter's cultivation is at the top of the destiny realm, which is a big realm higher than him!

And after continuous battles, he can now only produce another virtual sword approach that is close to the power of the stars, but the opponent can obviously use the power of the rules several times, and he may not be an opponent.

Since the other party wanted to watch the battle, peeking at the way of the rules from the starry sky realm powerhouse, he just happened to be able to rest and recover his stamina by the way, and he didn't want to anger the sea emperor again.

Once this female emperor joins the battlefield, their side is bound to be quickly defeated, even if he can compete with the female emperor, the latter only needs to hold him, and then let the Sea Dragon Demon King contain Ji Yuanfeng, then the remaining destiny. Wang Beast is enough to make Gu Siping and the deputy tower master's mind burst.

Not to mention...There are also many virtual cave realms, vast sea realm king beasts, and the mighty beast tide army around!


The other three-faced beast tides are still gathering momentum. No one knows whether the destiny king beast in the three-faced beast tide has rushed over at this moment. He has no time to contact the command headquarters at this moment.

In general, if he can stay still and change the empress, this is a good deal!


Su Ping agreed and stood still, quietly stopping to watch the starry sky battle in the second space.

The victory or defeat of the race war in front of him ultimately fell on Nie Huofeng.

If he wins, humans win.

He loses... the consequence is destruction!

At this time, the sea dragon monster beast next to it saw Su Ping and the Empress standing apart from each other, looking at the starry sky battle in the second dimension, its eyes rumbling, slowly crawling to the nearby battlefield.

"If you dare to join the war, I will kill you." The indifferent voice reached the Sea Dragon Demon King's mind.

The Sea Dragon Demon King's body stiffened, he glanced at Su Ping, a little annoyed, and roared: "You come and try to kill, His Majesty Haidi will kill you!"

"If you want to move, I'll hit you. It's okay for her to hit me, but then she won't be able to watch the show." Su Ping said calmly.

The Sea Dragon Demon King's face changed slightly. He glanced at the female emperor next to her, but found that her eyes were staring at the second space, her eyes became white and she was focusing on it. It knew how much the female emperor longed to step into that realm, and she was far away In that realm, half of the foot has been stepped in, only the last kick is kicking open the door!

For the king of the sea...Hailong withdrew his gaze, gave Su Ping a vicious look, lay down on the spot, and did not move.

It doesnt want to waste such a precious opportunity. Once the empress can become a starry sky realm if she can take this to watch the battle, then their sea monster beasts will no longer have to be checked and balanced, otherwise, even if they win this battle, there will be that The king of the abyss pressed...

On the other side, good and evil, whose injuries had barely stopped, climbed up from the ground, and the dark dragon head stared at Su Ping, but did not dare to provoke him.

Su Ping had to swing the sword twice before, let it know that Su Ping still had more power, and he could perform that extraordinary swordsmanship again.

"Be honest with me, or you will be killed." Su Ping's words reached the ears of good and evil, as if they were commands.

Good and evil both breathed fire and let out a low growl, but after a roar, when he saw Su Ping turned his head and looked over, his anger disappeared. After thinking about it, he chose to ignore Su Ping.

If Su Ping makes a move, it feels that Haidi may not be able to stand for it!

After all, the Sea Dragon Demon King next to him is one of the three generals under the female emperor, it is not.

And...Since I have to watch the battle, then I will also take a look. Anyway, I was blamed afterwards, and this Haidi was responsible!

The head of good and evil turned to the second dimension. It was already at the top of the Destiny Realm, but it had not found the way to the rules. It relied on the special bloodline skills to barely fight against the Empress, but it was only reluctant. If you really fight, the Empress will have Ability to kill it.

So these years, it dare not provoke the empress.

If you can take this opportunity to comprehend the Dao of Rules, its strength will increase sharply, and it is possible to become the first demon king under the stars!

As Good and Evil lowered their heads, a strange scene soon appeared on the battlefield. Among the mighty beast tide, the two giant destiny top monsters, Good and Evil and Sea Dragon, lay on the ground and remained silent, while Su Ping and the Empress stood in mid-air. There was no movement, but around them, there were fierce fights that were disturbing.

For the destiny realm king beasts and beasts nearby, it is normal not to attack the female emperor and good and evil, but no one dares to attack Su Ping, which seems a bit weird.

This is deterrence!

Seeing this scene, everyone was amazed. Su Ping's deterrent power was killed by himself, and deterred the monster beasts on the entire battlefield!

At this moment, Su Ping was also watching the battle in the second dimension, but he didn't see that the Empress was so devoted, and he still reserved part of his mind to guard against the surrounding sneak attacks.

The battle against this starry sky...Su Ping has watched too much.

So now that I see it, he is a little surprised.

"It seems, they are all a bit weak."

"Does Nie Huofeng master the rules of Yan Dao? I don't know which one of the rules of Yan Dao is. It seems to be burning and melting..."

"This curse-winged beast's training rules are actually the swallowing rules. This seems to be one of the dark roads. It hasn't used its curse power yet. This guy... doesn't seem to show such violent impulse."

Su Ping's face became more solemn the more he looked at it, saying that the layman watched the excitement and the expert watched the doorway. Although his cultivation level is still far from entering the door, he has seen too many pig runs. Although the battle before him is fierce, Torn the void, the flames filled the sky, but the feeling it gave him was always indescribable.

It seems... immature?

Yes, it is immature.

Su Ping was in the Demigod Land, watching Joannas starry sky realm. Although it did not look so gorgeous, the energy kept exploding, but every time the rules were used, it was extremely delicate, like a sharp artistic knife, always capable Accurately attack the weak points of the opponent, using extremely cleverly.

The same is the force of the rules, but the two in front of them, like holding a big hammer, are smashing each other. The scene looks shocking, but in fact it is quite rough.

"Yes, Blue Stars current highest cultivation level is the Starry Sky Realm. They have no masters to teach them. Unlike the Star Realm Protoss around Joanna, they can visit other famous teachers to teach them. I tried to break my head, but I didnt think it through. Other people would guide me and I would understand with just a touch."

Su Ping shook his head as he watched.

However, thinking about myself, I have no theory and insights, but I only master a superficial annihilation rule, and I can't intervene in the battle before me. It seems even more painful.

Su Ping smiled bitterly, turned his head and glanced at the female emperor next to her. The latter wanted to watch the star wars to improve her own rules. Obviously, there was little hope.

After all, the two people in front of us are fighting with the complete rules, rather than evolving their own rules. Even if they evolve, they are very difficult to understand, let alone being tightly wrapped and fighting together as weapons.

"The rules are hard to understand..."

Su Ping sighed in his heart. In order to understand the rules, apart from self-realization, it is to look at other people's evolutionary rules, but it is difficult to understand it once or twice. Otherwise, a strong starry sky realm can cultivate many starry sky realms.

During the training in the Golden Crow World, Su Pingneng just happened to comprehend the way of annihilation, which was inseparable from his experience in the fights.

Only when the daily experience has settled to a certain degree and accidental insights, can I synthesize what I deeply experience.

The high platform is not built in a day!

Although the observation of the battle in front of him had little effect on his own understanding of the rules, Su Ping looked at it seriously, after all, the significance of this battle was too great, and he found that watching this superficial way of fighting, he Instead, I can understand a lot of things.

Like the Starry Sky Realm God Races in the Demigod Land, their use of the rules is too advanced, some he can't understand at all.

"Burning, can even space be burned..."

Su Ping saw the sea of fire released by Nie Huofeng, covering the second space. Even outside the space, Su Ping could feel the scorching heat.

This kind of heat does not seem to be external temperature, but a spiritual burn!

Suddenly he had a sense of understanding, and he felt that the feeling of Yan Dao in his heart had been added.

His Lightning Dao perception has been raised to a medium level, and he can release the Lightning Skills that are close to the Destiny Realm, while Yan Dao can still only release the Flame Dao skills of the King's subordinates, but at this moment, he seems to feel that something is budding. , Scorching, burning, these are the basics of Yan Dao.

The more basic, the closer to the core.

When Su Ping saw a little ecstasy, the bones on his body became sharp and turned into a bone shield, which enveloped Su Ping. It was imposed by the small skeleton. It sensed Su Pings state of consciousness, from the state of possession, Become half possessed.

If there is an attack at this moment, it can take the initiative to resist Su Ping.


"Surrender to me, be my pet, I will take you to the starry sky!"


In the second space, Nie Huofeng blasted a fiery fist with one punch, pushing it horizontally all the way, and hitting the cursed wing beast. He was tall and looked down and said.

Roar! !

The cursed wing beast roared, and suddenly waved its giant claws, tearing off the flames from its body, it said angrily: "You are dreaming!"

"Do you have to be disabled by me?"

Nie Huofeng's eyes were cold, and his whole body was full of flames, and a strange flame rune appeared on his forehead. With that red hair, it was like a **** in the fire!

In his palm, the intense flames converge, containing the terrifying aura of destruction, burning the surrounding second space into a distortion, and faintly tearing it apart!

The converging flames are constructed into a blazing spear, full of dazzling divine light, exuding a powerful Taoist atmosphere, it is a complete road!


Nie Huofeng suddenly waved and threw it out, with divine light shooting in his eyes, and his feet strode out, following the blazing spear, to kill the cursed wing beast.

On the other side, the cursed wing beast saw this bright gun, its face changed a little, it roared suddenly, and the violent demon energy came out, turning into a huge hideous mouth in front of it.


This is the rule it comprehends. In these years in the abyss, the mouth of the demon swallowing before its eyes, I don't know how many disobedient monsters it has eaten.

"It's useless, your Dao attack is too weak, burn it to me!!" As Nie Huofeng charged, [biqugeso.info] roared.

He had already seen that the rules of the old opponent belonged to the kind of persistence, but he was different, it was bursting, and the explosive power in an instant could completely cover the opponent!

And the battle, only needs this moment of outbreak, it is deadly enough!

"Blood Curse Demon Sea!!"

At the moment of the collision, the cursed wing beast suddenly roared, and its wings erupted with terrifying blood. From above, there were complex and complex spells that were visible to the naked eye. These spells were like ancient hieroglyphs and were extremely special. When they came out, they rushed out like a strip of scripture, sweeping out blood.

In the pure black second space, a sea of blood suddenly poured out, and as those ancient spells poured in, the sea of blood was like being activated, setting off a raging wave!

"What?" Nie Huofeng was startled when he saw this scene.

In the next moment, a sea of blood had already surrounded the blazing gun, and the pitch-black curse rushed out, like a poisonous snake, entwining the gun and strangling it out.

"Haha, I didn't expect it, this is the blood inheritance skill of our clan! This is the punishment that the ancient demon **** gave to my clan, but it has become the power of my clan!"

The cursed wing beast showed a wild smile, and screamed and pushed the devouring mouth, rushing towards the flame spear.

"Even so, you have to die!!"

The shock on Nie Huofeng's face was put away in an instant, a violent flame rose in his eyes, his eyes burned directly, and a thousand feet of divine light broke out from the brilliant flame gun, and a white flame was born from it.

This flame instantly broke free of the curse power entwined on it, tore the sea of blood, and rushed out of the tumbling **** waves, unstoppable!

The cursed wing beast was startled, its pupils shrunk slightly, and hurriedly parryed, a wave of evil spirits rushed out, trying to weaken the white flame on the sharp spear, but it was burned as soon as it approached.


Nie Huofengs eyes erupted with divine fire, like a gods trial, pushing the palm of his hand, and the flames on the gun was burning brighter and faster!

boom! ! !

The sharp spear suddenly penetrated the Demon Swallowing Mouth, which was the collision of two regular roads, erupting with a shocking sound.

In the first space outside the space, I also felt an energy full of destruction venting out. In an instant, the beast tide near the battlefield turned into fly ash on the spot, without even leaving the body.


The body of the cursed wing beast flew upside down thousands of meters away, and its soles stepped on the edge of the second space. It was covered with blood, and there was a huge hole in its chest. The blood flowed continuously and was in the hole. There is still a cluster of white flames burning, endlessly!

The cursed wing beast reluctantly raised its claws, extinguished the flames on its chest, and then raised its head to look at Nie Huofeng, who was full of red flames, with extremely cold killing intent in his eyes and a hint of palpitations.

"Not yet?"

Nie Huofeng stood high, looking down at it.

The cursed wing beast took a deep look at him, the murderous intent on his face suddenly converged, his mouth opened, and he laughed loudly.

"Nie Huofeng! I have waited for a thousand years. Today I will tear you up completely. I will eat your body first, starting with your feet and continuing to eat your internal organs, so that you can see yourself being eaten by me!" It said grimly During the speech, he stretched out his long tongue and licked his cheek, secreting a lot of mucus on his tongue.

Nie Huofeng's eyes were cold, and he said, "Then you go and die first!"

He lifted his palm, and in an instant, the sacred fire all over his body condensed again, gathering the bright sharp spear from before.

Seeing this scene, the cursed wing beast laughed more violently, but after a few laughs, it suddenly stopped, extremely abruptly, and then its expression became extremely cold, and said:

"Dont you think, I dont know that you are indulging me to break the seal? Hehe, for thousands of years, I have kept the little thing you used to monitor me. Although you are very smart and didnt sign a contract with it, you Do you think I didn't notice it?"

Nie Huofeng was startled, his face slightly discolored.

"What do you think I have been doing over the years?" Cursed Winged Beast looked at Nie Huofeng faintly, and his body was completely manic and distorted. It seemed to be different from the previous one, becoming calm and calm.

"Yes, I have been preparing, ready to come out and eat you." It said in a very light tone, and said: "Do you think I only have one rule road? Ha ha, as early as two hundred years ago, I realized that the second Although the rule of law has not yet formed, it can be used as an aid..."

Nie Huofeng's pupils shrank and he looked at it in horror. Really?

"Speaking of it, I have to thank you for letting me fight and fight in the abyss where the sun cannot be seen... You are on the surface, surely you don't have such a chance, right?" The eyes of the cursed wing beast showed ridicule. :

"Do you think that the energy dissipated in the previous battle is because we canceled each other out? Yes, some canceled out, but some of them are all in my place..."

As he said, a monstrous demon energy suddenly appeared behind him. The next moment, a huge swallowing mouth of tens of meters appeared, and the demon energy exuded was several times stronger than before, and it was not in the way that it could be displayed when injured at this moment. Look out.

Nie Huofeng couldn't help taking a breath. A bright white divine fire suddenly appeared in his eyes. Under his gaze, his face changed. Behind the mouth of the swallowing monster, he did see the second rule of Dao Yun. It's just that the Taoist rhyme is relatively shallow, and the Taoist rhyme is extremely obscure, it seems to be a Tao that is very good at disguising.

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