Astral Pet Store Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Golden Crow God Body

After saying goodbye to everyone, Su Ping and Fan Yujing went through the procedures for leaving the base, and the Mingshi Mine was handed over to the health and quarantine station. After the inspection, they will be transported to the city's health through special routes and special channels. At the station's collection point, Su Ping can pick it up by identity.

The two drove overnight and returned to the base city first.

When entering the highway to the base city, the dawn was already lit up.

Su Ping leaned on the back of the co-pilot's chair and yawned, silently mobilizing the task reward given by the system.

""Jinwu God Body"!"

This time the reward is a mysterious skill of forging the body of a demon, and it is very old to listen to this name.

The secret technique is directly imprinted in Su Pings mind, and he will never forget what he wants to forget. He can read it with a single move of his heart. , Cultivation to the strongest state, can break stars, rebirth with blood!"

"Training secrets, absorbing the energy of heaven and earth, condensing the two spirits of the gods and deities, refining the five internal organs and the five consciousnesses, refining the spirit and refining the body... When the soul body is united, it can be transformed into a young golden black, transcending the speed of sound, and bringing the fire of Jin Yan with all his body, burning all things. ..."

After Su Ping watched it again, his eyes were a little tired just now.

Although I know that the reward given by the system will not be too bad, I did not expect it to be so good!

This is a secret skill that can only be practiced by young deities!

The supernatural powers and abilities depicted above are simply unheard of and extremely powerful!

"If I practiced this golden black **** demon body, wouldn't I also become a little demon?" Su Ping was a little excited. Divine demon, but the existence that was born in heaven and earth in ancient times, is not Today's king beast star pet is comparable.

There are a total of seven layers of this mysterious technique, and each layer is very difficult to practice, but the same, the improvement span of each layer is also great.

After finishing the first layer, the body can be invulnerable. The bullets of ordinary firearms are difficult to kill. The action can reach the level of sound speed. The physical strength of itself is comparable to the fifth-order beast!

The second level can not only surpass the speed of sound, but even ordinary armor-piercing projectiles can resist, and the body strength is comparable to that of the eighth-ninth star pet monster.

As for the third layer, it is even more terrifying. The soul body can be transformed into a young Jinwu, even if it can survive in space for a short time, and it has some basic Jinwu abilities, such as Jinwu Shenyan.

"It is worthy of the gods and monsters forging body skills, tempering their own combat power to be stronger than the beast, perhaps this is the power of the real war pet master in ancient times, and also the power that should be the master of the beast!" Su Ping secretly said.

The off-road vehicle entered the urban area along the high-speed road. After getting off the expressway, it turned into the street. It didn't take long to arrive at the place where Suping was picked up.

"Here it is." Fan Yujing pulled the handbrake and was ready to come out and open the door for Su Ping.

Su Ping didn't wait for him to get up, he already opened the door and got off the bus, "Bye."

"Boss Su Su." Fan Yujing smiled.

"Huh." Su Ping nodded, turned and waved away after he finished.

Looking at the back view of Su Ping's departure, Fan Yujing smiled bitterly until Su Ping's figure disappeared around the corner, and then withdrew his eyes and released the handbrake to return.



"Uh, mom?"

Su Ping, who was just about to sneak into the house and pretend to sleep, saw his mother Li Qingru sitting in the living room as soon as she entered the door. She suddenly became stiff as if stared at by the king beast, and she was sweating coldly.

Li Qingru leaned on the sofa, but didnt watch TV. She only looked at a daze. When she heard the door opening, she woke up. She turned around and saw Su Ping. Her face suddenly changed, and she said calmly, "You go this night Where is it?"

"You haven't slept all night?" Su Ping froze, his heart suddenly filled with guilt.

Li Qingru said: "Come here."

Su Ping walked past honestly, ready to be beaten.

Li Qingru stood up, sniffed on him, and was relieved when he was sure that he did not smell any alcohol or tobacco. He frowned, "Why did you go?"

Su Ping bowed his head and said: "I'm going to repair the computer...oh no, I'm going to help people take care of the beast."

"Take care of the beast? One night?" Li Qingru looked suspicious.

Su Ping had no choice but to continue to make up his mind, and when he said that he was almost convinced, he dispelled his mother Li Qingru's suspicion.

"Then have you rested at night? Are you hungry?"


"Go to wash your face first, to see your tired face, I'll get breakfast for you first, you wash your face and make your sister get up, and if you are too tired today, don't go to the store."


Su Ping said it was deceptive not to be moved. For the first time in this unfamiliar world, there was a feeling of finding a home.

"Thank you mom." Su Ping whispered, and ran to wash her face after she finished, and covered the towel for a long time before wiping it clean.

After washing his face, Su Ping went upstairs to the door of Su Lingyue's room and was about to knock on the door. Suddenly the door opened with a snap. Su Lingyue stood at the door and seemed to know that he had come.

She gave Su Ping a cold look and said nothing. She pushed open the door and crossed his body to go downstairs. While going downstairs, she dropped a cold sentence: "You must not go home in the future."

Su Ping was stunned and turned to look, the girl's back had gone downstairs and left.

Today's breakfast was exceptionally calm. Su Lingyue went to college after eating. Rarely did not find Su Ping trouble. And Su Ping also ate a bike and went to the store. Although Li Qingru repeatedly said that it would be fine to rest for a day, Su Ping's current physique has no effect on staying up all night.

The business in the store was as usual as usual, few people patronized, and occasionally came, but the results were dismissed at a glance, even the opportunity to introduce Su Ping.

Su Ping feels like a salted fish and is bored.

Fortunately, he was redeemed in the four basic growth skills in the pioneer warehouse, and he was able to practice in the shop when there were no customers.

This augmentation skill is to construct a star pattern through star power and imprint it on the beast. To maintain the augmentation skill for a long time, the branded star pattern must be precise and complete, so as not to escape too quickly and invalidate the increase.

The star pattern is a bit complicated, but Su Ping has seen the wonderful structure of the chaotic star's efforts, and it feels very easy to outline the star pattern. Generally students at school have to study for at least one to three months, and almost one semester to master.

In addition to practicing the star power increase skills, Su Ping used the computer in the store to log in the pioneer's website during the gap time and searched for some strange treasure medicine in the pioneer warehouse. This is needed to cultivate the golden black **** body.

The first layer of the Jinwu **** body is the foundation. It requires a lot of heaven and earth energy to temper the body. At the same time, the body is reborn, and the heaven and earth energy is crushed into the body, and the body is forged and forged like a weapon. Incompatibility.

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