Astral Pet Store Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Practice

In the ancient times, the energy of heaven and earth was rich, and the Jinwu gods and demons had eaten various spirit grass plants that contained energy since their birth. Most of them reached the first level of the **** body just after birth. Too.

But nowadays, it is very difficult for Su Ping to find the elixir that satisfies the first level of cultivation of the Jinwu **** body.

There are too many monks and less meat. There are too many human beings to practice. The elixir has been exploited long ago. Moreover, the energy concentration on Blue Star is completely incomparable with that in ancient times. The unknown world in the world was collected.

What surprises Su Ping is that there are still a lot of treasure medicines in the pioneer warehouse. Among them, the treasure medicine worth tens of millions of merits can make people rejuvenate.

Su Ping still has more than 400,000 merits left. He only selected three or four kinds of medium and low-grade treasure medicines, and almost used up the merits.

"Look at the effect first and then talk about it."

In the following days, Su Ping waited for the treasure medicine to be transported to the store by air, and he continued to practice daily skills to increase his daily skills.

The pioneer's action was unexpectedly fast. On the second day of Su Ping's order, a group of pioneer service personnel in black uniforms airlifted the treasure medicine in the base city. The banknote car was also loaded ten times stronger, with seven or eight security personnel escorted along the way, including a pioneer!

This is a retired pioneer. Compared with the high-intensity day and night life in the barren area, it is obviously much easier to be a pioneer courier.

"Hello, this is the "Millennium Dragon Spirit Grass" you ordered, "Shenhuo Cypress"..."

The more than fifty pioneers carried several tightly sealed boxes into the store. This is a special alloy password box. The password was sent to Su Ping when he placed the order, and only he knew it.

If the box is forcibly opened, the internal device will be activated to destroy the treasure in the box.

Su Ping nodded, accepted the box, randomly selected a box and entered the password, the box was opened, a strong aura filled, he quickly closed the box, and then sent several delivery staff out of the shop.

When a group of security personnel and middle-aged pioneers left the store, the bosses of other stores around and the citizens passing by couldn't help but stop to watch, and some of them boldly looked up at the Suping store.

"See? These people seem to be from the federal government."

"It is estimated that it was sealed up. Gee, let me just say, this is a black shop. Look, the government can't see it anymore!"

"I've seen the things inside. That's called an expensive one. Fortunately, I ran fast, otherwise I would be forced to buy it!"

"Wow, so scared?"

Su Ping was conscientious, and he heard the voice of the outside. He could not explain the black line on his head. He could only close the store. He just wanted to test and use these treasure medicines and could not open the store.

"Look, it really closed the shop."

"Due, the black shop should be treated like this!"


The masses outside dispersed themselves and recovered their indifference.

Su Ping also returned to the Beast Room at the back and closed the door, which opened the four boxes one by one.

All four passwords are entered without error.

The rich mellow fragrance and rich aura of the treasure medicine instantly permeated the entire beast room, so that the little skeletons thrown into rest in the foster care were awake and looked at them dumbly.

"Millennium Dragon Spirit Grass!" Su Ping saw the treasure medicine in the first box, which was found in the world of starry sky cracks, and sold for 120,000 meritorious deeds. It was described as being contaminated with dragon gas and containing rich life energy .

Su Ping can feel the energy contained in it, not the star power, but a higher spiritual power than the star power.

Cultivation of gold and black **** bodies just needs a lot of treasures containing spiritual power. Like these fostering places, they are constructed with spiritual stones. Only a small amount of spiritual energy emitted by the spiritual stones inside can improve the physique of the pet. If you take the spiritual power directly The natural treasure will naturally change like a baby.

According to the cultivation method of the Jinwu **** body, Su Ping condensed and compressed the star power in the body into a viscous energy, wrapped the millennium dragon spirit grass, slowly eroded and crushed it with the star power, and traced the spiritual power inside. Silk is mixed into the star power, slowly into the body.

Between his body and the millennium dragon spirit grass, the star power acts as a bridge to carry the spirit power into the body.

When these spiritual powers enter the body, they can begin to burn the body and temper it a little bit.

This process is very difficult. After all, Su Ping is just a mortal body, unlike the real Jinwu Demon, who can devour the spirit grass directly and **** the spiritual power inside.

When the spiritual force was carried into the body, it immediately entered the star force vortex of the cells throughout the body along with the star force. Surprising to Su Ping, after the spirit force entered the vortex, it actually rotated with the star force vortex, turning the star force The whirlpool grew slightly. At the same time, with the rotation, the spiritual power is also integrated into the cell, and it is tempered and transformed from the cell level, and all parts of the body are absorbed and changed at the same time.

Just over half an hour later, when Su Ping opened his eyes again, he found that the millennium dragon spirit grass in front of him had shattered, the spiritual power inside was drained away, and there was a thick black paste on the surface of his body. The face and hair are stained, and the smell is strong.

Su Ping was stunned for a while. Is this a bone marrow replacement?

He immediately went to the beast to wash the bathroom and wash himself all over again. When the dark material faded, he felt much lighter all over his body. It seemed that every pore was breathing and breathing. Some kind of came out of the dull place and gasped for a long time. Soothing.

In addition, he found his skin became very smooth and white, and some small scars bitten by mosquitoes were gone.

Su Ping looked in the mirror with emotions, "He is hundreds of times more handsome."

Visually and hearing, Su Ping felt more sensitive. He knew that it was the effect of the forging body. After returning to the beast room, he picked the treasure medicine in the second box and continued to practice.

This is a medicinal material with a weaker spiritual strength than the millennium dragon spirit grass. Su Ping quickly absorbed it, grinded it with star force vortex, and completely absorbed it.

And his body also penetrated the black muddy substance again, but this time a relatively small amount, just a thin layer.

Su Ping can only go to wash again, but finds that he has no spare laundry, and both sets of clothes are soiled.

He can only wash and dry his clothes in front of the air dryer, and then return to the pet room to continue to absorb the third treasure.

This is a reddish firewood, very hot, like a red hot iron, Su Ping's star power felt a fiery power coming from the moment of contact, and he was all excited, and he slowly turned the fire inside Spiritual energy was absorbed in. After the fire spirit entered the body, his body temperature rose rapidly, as if he were covered in fire.

But Su Ping didn't feel hot, but had a very comfortable feeling.

The spiritual power that had previously penetrated into the cells, as well as some impurities that were not discharged, were also thoroughly ground and purified in front of this fire spiritual power.

after an hour.

The four boxes were empty, and all the treasure medicine was absorbed by Su Ping, leaving only the remains.

Su Ping usually doesn't exercise his body, but at the moment, he has a sense of bodybuilding, his body becomes more upright, and his arms and chest have muscle contours, giving a feeling of sunshine and health.


Su Ping exhaled lightly, and the gas was like white mist, blowing the fragments of the treasure medicine in the box in front of him into pieces.

He stood up and felt that his body was full of strong power. He had previously felt that his physique was inferior to that of ordinary people, but at the moment he had the feeling of becoming a superman, just like a slight movement, he can bounce 100 meters and sprint thousands of kilometers in a blink of an eye. feel.

However, judging from the degree of refining of the cells in the body, he is still far from reaching the first layer of the Jinwu **** body, but only 60% completed.

Su Ping put Star Power into his body, and the surface suddenly showed a faint energy gloss. Ordinary swords could not easily scratch him, unless he used great strength and the blade was made of good steel, which was extremely sharp.

"My current body is hard against a fourth-order beast, and it should be no problem." Su Ping touched his body and estimated in his heart that he had suffered various levels of monster attacks in the Chaos Necromancer. The power is very familiar, and the judgment is basically inseparable.

You know, after all, the war pet master is a human, and it cant be compared with the monster with thick hair, or a special film and scale armor. Even the title war pet master, if you dont need star resistance, you can rely on the body alone, maybe a bullet. Can headshot!

However, this level of pet strategist, Star Force automatically covers the whole body, it is impossible to be shot and killed.

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