Astral Pet Store Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Exhibition Match

Su Ping selects a video with a high playback number to open.

The position of the photographer is relatively backward, but it is still possible to see the situation on the field.

On one side stood Su Yanying and her thunder-light mouse, on the other side stood her opponent, a handsome young man with a handsome posture. The pet beast in front of him was a silver snake thunder dragon beast with advanced bloodlines of order nine.

This is an extremely fierce thunder beast. As a ninth-order bloodline, it is naturally a talented advanced pet skill.

This is the final stage, and it is also a PK of thunder beast!

However, one is a ninth-order thunder star favorite, and the other is an ordinary ordinary low-level thunder mouse, which is quite different.

But the cheers on the sidelines were more given to the Lightning Rats, hoping to continue to witness the miracle!

The videographer is far away, and the number of thunder horns on the head of this silver snake thunder dragon is not clear in the video, but from the volume point of view, Su Ping's visual inspection should be about sixth to seventh order, and it is far from adulthood. period.

If it is an adult silver snake, thunder dragon beast, the volume alone can occupy the entire field, and there is no comparison at all.

At the beginning of the battle, Su Yanying on the one side displayed four magnification skills for the Lightning Mouse, and then performed the concealment technique to make the Lightning Mouse's breath concealed and more difficult to detect. It can only be locked with the naked eye.

The Lightning Rat rushed out quickly, and under the direction of Su Yanying, continued to show the lightning flash, and then displayed four afterimages of Thunder Shadow, approaching the opponent.

During this process, naturally, it also caused a burst of exclamation outside the court. Although I have seen it a few times before, it is still shocking.

A large number of "?????" also appeared in the barrage, and all were stunned. Others seemed to be people who watched again, and issued a "barbarian mighty" barrage.

Su Ping closed the barrage, so as not to block the picture.

"It seems that she already knows a little about the skills of the Lightning Mouse." Seeing the command of Su Yanying in the video, Su Ping nodded slightly, then looked at her opponent, and saw that the handsome young man also gave himself after the game started. The Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast is covered with an increased star pattern, the level of the star pattern is the same as that of Su Yanying, and the power increase rate even reaches level 5!

This is beyond the level taught by the college. It can be seen that this person is not only a genius, but also very clever, and has a lot of background.

The lightning snake thunder dragon beast rushed out of thunder, the whole body burst out of thunder and lightning, is a thunder coat, thunder defense skills.

On the other side, the Lightning Mouse also applied lightning armor to itself. This is an enhanced version of the Thunderbolt outerwear. It is also an advanced pet skill. It has stronger defense and counterattack attacks!

Two beasts sprinted at the same time, and a thunderstorm broke out in the middle of the game.

The electro-optical impact makes the video shooting white, and only sees the electro-optical flying.

Su Ping saw the Lightning Mouse burst into thunder with lightning and then attacked the Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast, but the Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast exhibited the afterimage of Thunder Shadow. Although it was just a residual image, it avoided it. The Lightning Rat's attack also countered the Lightning Rat with thunder bite.

"Huh?" Su Ping frowned slightly.

Before attacking with Thunder Break, the Lightning Mouse should use Thunder Roar to distinguish the afterimage of Thunder Shadow, but it does not, otherwise the attack will not fail.

This still growing silver snake, thunder dragon beast, obviously has not mastered the secret technique like "Thunder Flash".

When the Lightning Mouse lost its chance, the Thunder Hammer and the Dragon Tail Whipping skills of the Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast all hit, and the Lightning Mouse quickly became scarred.

"Thunder, Thunder Broken, Multiple Thunder Shadow Afterimages, Thunder Armor, Ten Thunder Prison... Does it only use these five skills?"

In the video, Su Ping sees that the Lightning Mouse has been wounded, evading in difficulty, and occasionally tries to counterattack with skills, but these skills are these five back and forth, and even Thunder and Pentium have not been used.


Su Ping has some doubts. There are more than a dozen skills that the Lightning Mouse has mastered. It can be easily combined with any combination, and it can easily crush this silver snake Thunder Dragon Beast.

Through the battle, Su Ping also saw that the silver snake Thunder Dragon Beast was only the sixth order.

In the end, after a lightning flash, the Lightning Mouse was found to be flawed by the Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast, a dragon tail was beaten out of the game, and the game was declared over.

I actually lost...

Su Ping looked a little speechless. He could understand it. Su Yanying only knew that Lei Guangshu mastered these skills, so he frequently used it, and the beast is the first to follow the owners instructions, so naturally there is no chance to exert other skills. .

"Is this a pig teammate who can't move with lying..." Su Ping was speechless. With the strength of the thunder mouse, even if it was thrown there to let it play, it would not be so miserable.

Su Ping opened the barrage, the game was over, and there was a regretful voice floating in the barrage, but more of it was cheering and marveling at the power of the thunderbolt.

Five skills, four are advanced pet skills, and one is a thunder secret!

The so-called secret technique is that all advanced beasts have to see the understanding to understand, and only the king beast can easily display it.

Such a skill appears in a thunder mouse, which is amazing.


Su Ping smiled bitterly.

What about undead calling?

Swallow the soul?

What about life?

These skills are all useless, even if it is deceived with a death, it may be a Yin wave, and then a counter-kill!

He suffocated in this game.

Although it doesnt matter if he wins the championship or not, it feels like... Good things are ruined!

I gave you the king, but you are made of bronze!

Su Ping was very depressed.

It didn't take long.

The shop is outside, Su Ping looked up, it was Su Yanying who was called by his phone.

"Boss!" Su Yanying saw Su Ping at the counter and came to the store happily. "Boss, I rushed to the finals! It was all because of the Lightning Mouse that you helped me cultivate. I would like to thank you in person Thank you so much!"

The corners of Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly, and the matter has come to this point, he is useless to say more, can't always say, have you lost the championship yourself? Say it, the champion can't get it back.

He sighed and said, "Come on, take a video first."

Su Yanying's cheeks blushed a little and was curious: "Boss, do you still need to publicize this shop? Isn't it a hidden life in the city that you spend your leisure time here by means of nurturing beasts?"

Su Ping's face turned black. Who is hiding in the market with you? Do you want to use money to generate electricity?

Su Yanying saw Su Ping's face blank and did not speak. She was puzzled. She suddenly thought of something. Her eyes lit up and said: "By the boss, are you free? Our college's annual competition is over. Tomorrow is the last exhibition game. Its very lively, and there are fireworks. I can go to the finals. Its all the credit of the boss. I want to invite you to join me on stage in the exhibition game."

"Exhibition match?" Su Ping raised an eyebrow. "But I'm not from your college."

"It's okay, the exhibition competition mainly means meaning, mainly based on gorgeous, our participants can also invite their families to watch the ceremony." Su Yanying said with a happy face.

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