Astral Pet Store Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Im Serious About Publicity

Su Ping thought for a moment and nodded slightly, "Yes."

Since it is propaganda, it seems good to go directly to their college to promote. The students of these star pet famous schools are the people who are really willing to lay down their blood on the beasts. Unlike ordinary passers-by, it is only fun to raise a cat and a dog. May spend a lot of energy to cultivate.


Seeing Su Ping agree, Su Yanying's eyes are bright and a little excited. In her eyes, Su Ping is very mysterious. There must be an extremely powerful teacher behind him. It is likely that the retired gangsters have a relationship with such people. Absolutely It is a harmless thing.

"Then I will pick you up tomorrow?" Su Yanying hit the railway while it was hot.

Su Ping nodded slightly, "What time does it start?"

"There are several exhibition games, Ye Hao and I are the finale at night." Su Yanying immediately said, there was a little pride between her brows, after all, she reached the finals. Although she was expecting to win the championship, she really went all the way. It was only discovered that if there were no thunder-light mice, she would stop at the quarterfinals at most. There were too many hidden geniuses in the college, and she did not notice the mountains and dew.

It is for this reason that she is particularly grateful to Su Ping, the honor of entering the finals, which has brought her benefits beyond her imagination!

"Ye Hao?"

"It's our college's annual champion, the one who beat me." Su Yanying said with a grin, without any resentment, she was convinced to lose it, after all, it was a silver snake thunder dragon beast of the ninth rank, and the ninth rank was already the king. The strongest level!

Seeing her seemingly heartless, Su Ping's mouth moved slightly.

"Then I will pick you up tomorrow night?" Su Yanying blinked her face sincerely.

Su Ping thought for a moment and said: "Afternoon, around four o'clock."

"The boss wants to pass in advance?" Su Yanying's eyes lit up. She was able to get in touch with Su Ping and learn more about pets.

Su Ping nodded slightly, "I'm going to trouble you some things then. In other words, does it not violate school rules to distribute leaflets at your college?"

send flyer? Su Yanying broke her shoulders and looked at Su Ping in amazement. Could it be that the purpose of passing in advance was to hand out flyers while still being able to see it during the day?

Are you serious about publicity?

Seeing Su Ping's serious expression, Su Yanying was finally convinced that the boss really wanted her to advertise. Such a retired expert would also lack money?

"Boss, in your capacity, isn't it appropriate to distribute flyers?" Su Yanying asked weakly.

Su Ping nodded, "Of course."

Su Yanying breathed a sigh of relief, and I said, the master still needs a face...

"I'm not suitable, but you can." Su Ping looked at her. "By the way, the one who came with you before. I will print the flyers back. The two of you will be responsible for sending them. Remember to pick rich students, those Dont look for it, and save your feelings."

OK, good reality...

Su Yanying turned black in front of her eyes and felt that she had fallen into the den of thieves. Going to hand out flyers herself?

Wouldn't your wolf's heart hurt if you let a school flower distribute leaflets for you in the college? !

"How is it?" Su Ping asked, as if seeking her ideas.

Su Yanying would like to reply, it's not good, but think about his lightning mouse, think about the boss's kindness to him...endure!

"I know." Su Yanying replied in a loss of soul.

Su Ping nodded in satisfaction, "Is there anything else, do you want to buy something?"

Su Yanying glanced at the shelves subconsciously. When she saw a thing with a price of 1.2 million, her eyes were moved away like an electric shock. She swallowed secretly and swallowed. "For example, if I don't buy anything, I still Can you be fostered and nurtured here?"

Su Ping looked strange when she suddenly became timid, and said: "Of course, but the subsequent cultivation is relatively normal, and the promotion is general."

Su Yanying glanced up at him, "Generally means?"

"It is to cultivate once, to comprehend at most one skill, or to increase the combat power by a half to a level." Su Ping said casually.

Su Yanying was dumb.

This is also called promotion?

Switching to a general nurturing store can increase the combat power by one-tenth, which is already very good. As for the pet beast to understand the new skills, there is an additional charge!

However, thinking of the thunderbolt's demon warfare power and the span of improvement in the middle, Su Yanying soon realized that the strength in his own eyes and the strength in the eyes of this boss were not a concept.

What is Gaoren, this is called Gaoren!

The vision is higher than ordinary people, can not be measured with common sense!

"I know, boss, I want to foster and nurture all my beasts." Su Yanying said at once, so this rare opportunity must be seized quickly. Fortunately, there is no business here now. If the business is better in the future, she thinks Its hard to ask this boss to concentrate on nurturing.

Thinking of this, she suddenly regretted and promised to help Su Ping propagandize.

Such a retired master, knowing it by himself, is the best. This is a treasure!

However, she also knows that paper bags can't catch fire, and others will know this store sooner or later. All she has to do is fight for more times before others know.

"Boss, can you get a card here?" Su Yanying thought back.

Su Ping raised her eyebrows and glanced at her, seeing the other person's careful thought at a glance, "No."

Su Yanying was somewhat lost.

"Cultivation fee is the same as before, one to three ranks is 10,000, four to six ranks is 100,000." Su Ping asked: "How many do you want to breed?"

Su Yanying suddenly thought that she was shy in her pocket. After all, she was just a student. The money she spent before was almost the same. The money owed to her friend Lan Lele was not paid.

"This..." Su Yanying's cheeks were flushed. "I forgot to bring money today. Come again next time."

"No money?" Su Ping looked at her suspiciously.

Su Yanying smiled and waved her hand: "Boss, I'll see you tomorrow, bye!" After that, he turned and fled out of the shop.

Su Ping looked at her leaving back, a little speechless, how could it feel like I was robbing, is it so terrible?

Continue the salted fish to stay in the store for a day, why have business, go home at night.

As soon as he entered the door, Su Ping heard that Su Lingyue was asking her mother for money in the living room. When she listened carefully, her expression suddenly became a little weird, and she had to buy a thunder mouse?

Has the thunderbolt trend swept into his own home?

After taking off his shoes, Su Ping entered the living room. The girl who was coquettishly shaking her mother's arm the first second, and after a second, sat upright instantly, and her temperament also recovered.

Su Ping rolled her eyes and told her that she was hungry.

Li Qingru immediately got up and went to the kitchen to serve him hot meals.

Su Ping washed his hands and sat at the table, watching Su Lingyue who had not left yet, "I heard that there will be an exhibition match at your college tomorrow?"

Su Lingyue glanced at him, "How do you know?"

"I heard." Su Ping casually said, "Don't you come on stage?"

Su Lingyue wanted to ask who said it, but her proud character made her reluctant to ask Su Ping. She only said lightly: "Of course, I am the first-year champion. I will be the finale of tomorrow's performance."

"Isn't the finale the third-year annual champion?" Su Ping asked.

Su Lingyue was furious immediately, "Can't I press the first grade axis?"

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