Astral Pet Store Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Fame

Su Ping sat in front of the taxi, asked the two girls to sit behind, and then told the driver to go to Fengshan College.

When the driver looked at the situation and looked at the ages of the three, they knew that they were all students of Fengshan College. They were very talkative along the way. They asked them about the pet mentor. Because they are ordinary people, they are more curious about the pet mentor. world.

Su Ping said less, afraid of affecting the driver to drive.

Half an hour later, they came to the entrance of the college. The street here was wide enough, but the road was still full of famous cars. From the car, some handsome young boys and girls came out. They were all students of Fengshan College.

In order to be admitted to this star-favored prestigious school, in addition to good grades, you also need to have a rich family, and the minimum must be a well-off family, otherwise let alone the tuition here is more than ten times more expensive than the average ordinary university, just buying pets The cost of breeding pets is the weight that ordinary families cannot bear.

The car parked to the side, Su Ping directly pushed out the door and got out of the car. The blue Lele behind paid for the fare. Su Ping glanced at the somewhat awesome gate of the academy. He was satisfied and took the lead.

Su Yanying and Lan Lele quickly followed Su Ping. Su Yanying saw Su Ping's familiar journey with light cars and was surprised: "Have you been to our college?"

"No." Su Ping didn't reply.

Su Yanying was stunned for a while, but she has never been here.

You know, the average person just came to their Fengshan College, and they must be taken aback by the stone-carving phoenix flying on the gate of the gate college. The phoenix was portrayed according to the king beast'Zi Ling Shenfeng', which was made by a famous craftsman. , Lifelike, bringing the beastly king of the beast to the world.

She was just admitted to Fengshan College at the beginning, just like other freshmen, she was shocked by the stone carving phoenix at the door for a long time, and it took a long time to get used to it. This is one of the fame of their college and the pride of the students. .

"This guy..." Su Yanying mumbled and quickly followed Su Ping's footsteps.

Today is the reason for the exhibition competition. Many students who entered the college were accompanied by some figures dressed up in grace and grace. They were their parents, and some brought their siblings over.

"Huh, isn't that Su Yanying?"

Suddenly, when a girl saw Su Yanying behind Su Ping, she exclaimed with an outstretched hand to cover her mouth, and she was incredibly surprised.

Hearing the word "Su Yanying", the other students around turned around and looked at it suddenly. When they saw Su Yanying's face, there was a sudden exclamation sound, and the crowd quickly surrounded him.

Even as usual, Su Yanying is still a celebrity in the college. After all, it is not one of the school flowers. Or is it the existence of the top ten in the girl's combat power list, with face and strength, which boy does not want to conquer her?

Or...conquered by her?

Since the end of the annual competition, Su Yanying relied on Lei Guangshu to pass through the finals and reached the finals, which has brought the reputation to the extreme. Even Ye Hao, who won the championship, did not have as much topic as Su Yanying during this time.

After all, the runner-up is not the main thing, the main thing is to rely on the Lightning Mouse.

The super thunder mouse that can break the wrist with the sixth-order beast has left a deep impression on everyone.

"That's Su Yanying?"

"I heard that it was the third runner-up of the year."

"It looks really good."

In the distance, the parents of some students saw Su Yanying, who was surrounded by the students, a little jealous and jealous. What would be the beauty of their children?

Lan Lele's role at this time has turned into a bodyguard. He stopped all the people who came up to sign and ask why the Lightning Mouse became stronger. He turned around and shouted to Su Yanying: "You go first, leave me alone, see you in the old place. "This tone is quite tragic as a warrior dying.

Looking at the fanatic face, Su Ping grabbed Su Yanying and quickly entered the academy, ran along a green path, and there were a few boys catching the fish behind the net, but he gave up after not catching for a long time. It's ugly.

Halfway through, Su Ping stopped suddenly, and his head responded, "Aren't we here to promote?"

Su Yanying froze: "Yeah."

"So what are we running?"

"Uh, yeah?"

Su Yanying and Su Ping stared at each other with big eyes, but it would be strange to think about turning back now.

"Forget it, let's meet up with the No. 2 propagandist first. Don't forget those fishes at the door. You know your college and go to the rich first." Su Pingsi said a bit.

Su Yanying was stunned for a while, and silently sighed for Lan Lele. Anyway, she was also a school flower, or a rich man, and now she was regarded as a No. 2 propaganda by Su Ping... wait, if she is No. 2, who is No. 1 number?

Su Yanying was stunned suddenly, and when she recovered, Su Ping had already gone.

She opened her mouth and finally grinned bitterly, catching up.

It didn't take long for the three people to converge in a pavilion inside the greenery. The Fengshan College was huge in area and green in shade. There were not only pavilions for rest, but also some goldfish ponds for viewing.

"Hey, isn't Han Xiangcheng there?" Lan Lele suddenly saw a few people walking on a gravel path.

Su Yanying's eyes lit up and said to Su Ping: "They are all on the list of combat power."

"Battlelist?" Su Ping stunned. "That's a lot of money? Quickly, don't let them go."

Su Yanying heard Su Ping's urging, and she blushed. She never took the initiative to talk to others. It was all others who came to talk about them. It always felt a little too shameful to distribute flyers at the college.

Su Ping saw that she was shy and didn't have a good air: "It is also a job to distribute leaflets. Are you looking down on this job?"

Su Yanying quickly said: "No."

"That's not going yet."

Su Yanying bit her lip slightly and had to bite her scalp to stop with Lan Lele.

"Su Yanying?" Han Xiangcheng, headed by several people, was surprised when he saw Su Yanying and Lan Lele jumping out, and looked at their blushing cheeks.

"Well, please take a look at this." Su Yanying blushed and handed a leaflet to Han Xiangcheng.

Han Xiangcheng was a little strange. After taking a look at the flyer, he couldn't help but wonder, "Well, what is this?"

"This is my thunder-light rat breeding store." Su Yanying blushed: "My thunder-light rat was bred there. You, if you are interested, you can visit."

"Ah?" Han Xiangcheng thundered, doubting his ears.

The story is not so unfolding!

Isn't the beauty full of peach blossoms, not emotional?

My heart is moving, you actually show me this? !

Su Yanying quickly handed one to each of the three people next to him, said that if you like it, you can patronize, and then fled and turned away.

Lan Lele saw that he had done it before he even spoke, and ran back with Su Yanying.

"Sent out." Su Yanying ran a little gasping, her heart beating violently.

Su Ping saw the other party receiving the flyers from afar, and was very satisfied. "Not bad, let's go and continue to find your rich classmates."

Su Yanying and Lan Lele glanced at each other. Although they knew that the nurturing service in the Suping store was good, why did they always feel guilty for their classmates?

The trio wandered around the academy, and it didn't take long to find a new target. Su Yanying suddenly moved, went with Lan Lele, and returned shortly after, and the thick leaflets in their hands were gone. .

Su Ping Leng said: "What about flyers?"

"Give them, let them help us to send." Su Yanying grinned, eyes full of cunning.

Su Ping was dumb.

Have you learned to go offline so quickly?

"Then tell them, do you want to give priority to those who have money?" Su Ping asked.

"Say it." Su Yanying assured herself, but she didn't dare to look directly at Su Ping, and she was a little guilty. This kind of thing was right for Su Ping, but why did she ask her to say so? Of course I didn't say it.

However, she felt that even if they didn't say, as long as these flyers spread, the reputation of the Suping shop will be slightly improved, and they will be passed down immediately. Everyone knows that it is estimated that they have to line up when they come to the door. Row.

Su Ping glanced at the look in her side, and she knew she hadn't opened her mouth, but she couldn't pursue it anymore. As long as it was advertised, just a few dozen people would be enough to keep him busy.

"Boss, let's go to watch the game first. Although we haven't arrived yet, the exhibition game is very exciting. Don't miss it." Su Yanying immediately turned to the topic.

Su Ping nodded, thinking about this time, it is estimated that Su Lingyue's exhibition game also began.

"Are you from the first to the third grade exhibition games in the same venue?" Su Ping asked.

"Of course." Su Yanying grinned, "all in the biggest venue."

"Then go," Su Ping said.

Accompanied by the second daughter, the three of them walked towards the competition venue of the college.

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