Astral Pet Store Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chaos Breeds

Three hours?

Su Ping froze, immediately opened the computer next to it, and saw that the date above showed that it was the day he first arrived at the store.

"Hoo..." He was relieved.


If it is really missing for three days, it is estimated that the mother should be in a hurry.

Of course, my sister is not necessarily...

Su Ping shook his head and thought back to the store, thinking of the mission to bred a beast he received earlier, he immediately went to the store to look around.

Soon, he found a dry well-like pond in the lounge behind the shop.

This is probably the "chaos breeding pool" that the system has just established in the pet shop.

"Just breed it here? What breed?"

Su Ping was a little curious. Suddenly, when he thought of the hen laying eggs, he couldn't help but change his face slightly, and his feet standing slowly also stood upright...

"The host is in the novice protection month and currently uses the "Chaos Incubation Spirit Pool", which only requires 10 energy at a time." The system said.

Su Ping was relieved.

Just use energy... However, using energy is also a headache,

Ten points of energy equals one thousand!

"Fortunately, after completing the task, you can get a skill book of the pet master, which is equivalent to spending a thousand pieces to buy this skill book, and earn money!"

Ordinary war pet masters need to master a skill. They need to be admitted to the Star Pet Academy and spend a lot of time to study and exercise hard to master. This is by no means comparable to a thousand dollars.

"System, is there any way to make money the fastest?" Su Ping asked the system in his heart.

After a while, the system briefly said: "The host can quickly earn energy through food sales."

"Grain sales?" Su Ping naturally remembered this, and suddenly his whole body erected with cold hairs and goose bumps. "This needs to be collected in a cultivation place. Could this cultivation place be a place like Thunder Cloud World?"

He didn't want to go to such a dangerous place to collect food, he was already scared!

If it's a matter of killing him instantly, he is afraid of being caught in something and slowly bites to death, that is the most terrifying!

The system replied: "The Thunder Cloud World is not the only cultivation place, but one of countless cultivation places, and it is a high-level cultivation place.

With the current energy left by the host, it is not enough to pay for the delivery to the Thunder Cloud Sea Realm. Please host to choose the cultivation place corresponding to the price and go to...

Note that the higher the level of the breeding ground, the higher the probability of collecting cherished food! "


What are you talking about?

Su Ping suddenly sat up.

price? energy?

"Please note, curse people for the second time!"

Su Ping's face was slightly twisted!

Need more money to cultivate?

Are you afraid that it is not a super pet system, but a monopoly system? !

Su Ping felt too slap in the face. He didn't want to go the moment before, but he was told the next second that he couldn't go even if he wanted to!

And, according to the system, he lost money!

In the previous three days of cultivation tasks, he didnt do anything, just patronized playing with mice, and missed three days of opportunity to collect food in a high-cultivation place like Thunder Cloud Sea Realm!

Otherwise, he should be able to bring back a lot of thunder beast food now!

"System, you pit me..." Su Ping was very angry.

The system said indifferently: "You didn't ask, and as a qualified host, you should have learned to actively collect all things related to pets."

"You!" Su Ping gritted his teeth.

"Curse the warning for the third time, randomly select punishment, the ultimate pain experience..." The system prompt sounded.

Su Ping's eyes were instantly rounded, "No..."

"Ah, oh, oh..."

For a long time, after a fierce scream,

Su Pingyan sat at the door of the Beast Shop, full of vicissitudes...


A coin was thrown in front.

Su Ping looked up and saw a gentle smile in a suit, and a gorgeously turned back.



Su Ping silently picked up the coin.

He stared at the coin and continued to stare...

"System, can this money be converted into energy?" Su Ping suddenly asked.



Su Ping whispered "Oh", slowly pushed the coin into his pocket, then stood up and patted the dust on the buttocks, life was difficult, but should it continue?

Back in the shop, Su Ping thought of cultivating a plane window.

Soon, a windowed table appeared in front of him, with many place names on it, and behind each place name was an energy number display.

Su Ping pulled down from the top and saw the words "Thunder Cloud and Sea Realm." The energy display behind was 1000.

One thousand times.

The corner of Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly, but it quickly became calm.

He has become a Buddha.

Su Ping has been pulling down to the primary cultivation level, and the energy requirement to enter here ranges from 1 to 10 points.

"Huh?" Su Ping suddenly saw that there is also a'Thunder Cloud Sea Realm' plane, and the energy requirement behind is only 1 point!

I read it wrong?

Su Ping glanced carefully and found that there was nothing wrong, then, is the system wrong?

"This system can't go wrong." The sound of the system immediately sounded, "This is the plane fragment of the Thunder Cloud Sea Realm. Inside is the torn Thunder Cloud Sea Realm. It may be one of the land on the corners, or it may have no creatures or plants. Ruins, there are risks to enter, the host must be cautious."

"Fragment?" Su Ping noticed that there were two small "fragment" words behind.

He suddenly thought of the description in the federal history book, Thunder Cloud and Sea Realm has long been broken and disappeared, could it be that this is the broken piece?


Was the entire Thunder Cloud Realm entered before?

But since it's broken, why would there be a complete Thunder Cloud Realm?

Su Ping questioned, but the system did not give an answer. He suddenly felt the unfathomable power of this system. It seems that he will still be less subtle in the future.

After the tour, Su Ping closed the cultivation plane and did not choose to enter immediately.

He was tired.

Too tired.

Hundreds of deaths in the Thunder Cloud Realm Realm in three days are by no means more than just a number. Nearly half of the deaths were caused by extremely painful torture.

Although every time he was resurrected, his physical strength was completely restored, but that kind of mental fatigue became heavier and heavier, which is why the Lightning Mouse fell asleep as soon as he came back.

Su Ping pulled up the roller blinds and waited for the shop to darken. He immediately fell asleep on the counter.



Su Yanying returned to the college.

The vast college has a large area of green grassland with a very high greening rate, and a pool waterfall is built in the middle of the square in the distance for some students' water animals to play in.

However, at the moment the pool was calm and there were no half beasts.

Including a vast college as large as an airport, few people were seen.

There was silence everywhere.

Su Yanying didn't have any surprises, she naturally knew where everyone was.

At the end of the square, there is a huge venue similar to the stadium.

There was a burst of cheers at the moment, and there was a faint voice from inside, even if you stood at the gate of the college, you could hear it faintly.

The afternoon game is still in progress!

"Hurry up." Su Yanying said to the Lightning Mouse following her feet, and then speeded up to run.

It took too much time to go to the beast shop. Fortunately, her game ranked behind and started around 4 pm.

However, if the previous opponent falls down too quickly, her game will advance.

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