Astral Pet Store Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Reservation Fee

Su Yanying thought at this moment, forgot to introduce to each other, and immediately said: "Ye Hao, this is boss Su, my thunder mouse was bred from the shop of boss Su, he is also the owner of half a thunder mouse. Lets talk about it, maybe boss Su knows more about Leiguang mice than me. Boss Su and Ye Hao are our schools annual champions and the most willing to spend money on pets."

The latter half of the sentence is obviously a hint to Su Ping.

"Boss Su?" Ye Hao froze, seeing Su Ping's face as big as himself, the latter is even younger than him, such a young boss?

Moreover, the Lightning Mouse was bred from his shop? Does this mean that there are nurturing masters in his shop?

Such a young man can let the nurturing master sit down, could it be a big consortium or a big family?

He did not doubt Su Yanying's words. This lie was not good for Su Yanying. It would reduce her score in the minds of her mentors and teams. After all, everyone thought that the Lightning Mouse was trained by herself.

At this short moment, many thoughts appeared in his mind, and the coldness on his face did not converge with traces. He still kept calm and smiled slightly: "The thunderbolt mouse that was so evil was originally bred in the boss Su shop. I dont know where is Sus shop? If there is a chance, I hope that Su can also help me cultivate my silver snake, thunder dragon, no matter how much money I want, of course, money is a vulgar thing, and Su may not necessarily Decent, but if there is anything else I need to do, I will definitely do my best. My sincerity is absolutely sincere!"

When Su Yanying and Lan Lele next to him heard his words, they secretly said, you made a mistake, he just asked for money.

Su Ping will not refuse a business visit, and he looks like this person, obviously a rich person, he nodded: "Since you are so sincere, I can consider it, if you give me one hundred thousand now, I Consider giving priority to nurturing your beast."

"Hundreds of thousands?" Su Yanying and Lan Lele next to them heard Su Ping's lion opening, and they were startled. They couldn't help but look at Su Ping's eyes. Is this just a queuing fee?

They thought that Su Ping was already black hearted before, but they didn't expect it to be darker now, this is already a steal!

When Su Ping spoke, he had already interrogated the system and got the answer he wanted.

The system is only responsible for paying close attention to the cost of services in the store, but nothing else.

For example, thanks fee and queuing fee, this can be arranged and decided by Su Ping.

However, the extra money that Su Ping charges, the system will not help convert it into energy, so the money is just money.

Although money cannot buy props in the system store, money is very useful in the Federation, and it is almost universal, just like Lan Lele said, as long as there is enough money, you can basically buy anything you can buy. , Including those things in the pioneer warehouse, when there is enough money, they can also spend money to ask the pioneers to buy them with merit, and then trade them to them.

This was Su Pings temporary thought, but I didnt expect it to be feasible. This was considered to be a loophole and loophole in the system. After all, the system pricing is too rigid, and the rigid things will have loopholes. Humans happen to be the most cunning creatures who can drill loopholes. .

What made Su Ping feel sad was that it was a little late to think of this idea, otherwise some money would have been drawn from Su Yanying.

However, it is hard to think about how Su Yanying can't even get the money he cultivates now, and it's estimated that he won't get much.

Thinking, Su Ping glanced at Su Yanying next to him.


Su Yanying looked inexplicable.

How did she feel like she was despised?

"Hundreds of thousands?" Ye Hao heard Su Ping's words for a moment, and looked at him a little strangely, but he didn't think it was strange to ask for money, nor did he think it was a lot of money. On the contrary, he felt that he wanted too little Too.

To cultivate a low-level lightning rat to such a degree must be the master's shot.

Whereas the queuing fee for a shop that trains masters is only 100,000?

Is one hundred thousand money?

Not in his eyes at all.

In his understanding, those well-known incubators that have nurture masters have to make appointments a few years in advance. If they want to cut the line, they will say a few hundred thousand to start. If they jump directly to the top, even more than a million.

"No problem." Ye Hao nodded immediately. While agreeing, he glanced at Su Yanying and Lan Lele next to her. Although one hundred thousand was not money, it was a bit silly to anyone, and he thought of Lan Anyway, Lele's family is rich, and their words are still guaranteed.

Seeing Ye Hao agreed so simply, Su Ping froze for a moment, regretting it immediately.

What a shortcoming!

It seems to be too little!

He sighed secretly in his heart, but now he doesn't want to repent. Is that how he admits? He thought about it, and suddenly thought he was thinking about it, um, think about it.

Consideration is a word to be discussed.

He glanced at Ye Hao and said, "Since you are so refreshing, I will put you directly in the tenth place."

Su Yanying and Lan Lele next to each other looked dazed.

Tenth place?

Is there an appointment in your shop?

If they remember correctly, they remember that every time they went to the Suping store, the boss was lying on the counter doing nothing. The store was also deserted, and there was no one at all.

Besides, there is someone making an appointment. Are we forcing us to distribute leaflets today? !

Ye Hao felt normal and somewhat happy, but he noticed the expressions of Su Yanying and Lan Lele next to him. It seemed a little strange, and he couldn't help feeling a little wrong. He thought for a moment, he thought there should be no problem, there is no possibility of a liar.

If it is really a liar, Su Ping will definitely pay a heavy price with his family network!

"Okay." Ye Hao agreed, and asked Su Ping for an account, immediately marking Su Ping 100,000.

Hearing the account entry, Su Ping sighed in his heart. This is Gao Fushuai in a famous school. He spends money without blinking. Sure enough, he comes here to kill customers...Oh no, it is right to solicit business.

"Okay, I will inform you at a specific time." Su Ping said generously.

Ye Hao nodded slightly and suddenly asked: "Boss Su, listen to your previous words, have you ever seen the king beast?"

"Have seen." Su Ping casually said.

As soon as these words came out, Su Yanying and Lan Lele next to them were both stunned. They looked at Su Ping in shock and had they seen the King Beast? They have seen it most in disaster news, but in reality, not to mention the king beast, the adult ninth order pet beast has not seen it.

Ye Hao froze for a moment and took a closer look at Su Ping. Could it be that he was really a member of the big family? Only those big families have this ability to protect the clan, see the king beast in reality, and exercise courage.

However, it may be just a peek from afar, not as mysterious as he thought.

"Boss Su really is extraordinary." He smiled and praised.

Su Ping is very useful, this guy has a future.

Ye Hao didn't want to be too humble when there was a second daughter. After all, his own identity was not bad. He greeted the second daughter and turned away.

After Ye Hao left, Su Yanying immediately asked Su Ping: "Boss, did you just say that it is true, have you really seen the King Beast? Also, is my Lightning Mouse really afraid of deterrence?"

Su Ping nodded, "Basically be immune to deterrent skills, so you are good to go to the Lightning Mouse. After all, you are the finale. The audience who came today must have heard about your Lightning Mouse. Would the mouse be disappointed when he played? It even felt that the rumors were false, just rumors."

Su Yanying was taken aback for a moment, but she hadn't thought about it. After listening to Su Ping's words, she immediately felt reasonable. In this way, even if the Lightning Mouse would be deterred by the advanced Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast, she could only get on.

Lan Lele also nodded, "The boss is right. If you use Luofeng, even if the opponent is humble, it will be a one-sided defeat. Then the entire exhibition game will be a show of the silver snake, the thunder dragon and the beast. Your light will be Its completely covered up, no one pays attention. With the Lightning Mouse, as long as you show the Lightning Mouses skills, its enough to attract attention, even if you lose."

"I know." Su Yanying nodded, looking at her expression a little wrong, and asked, "Why?"

Lan Lele snorted in the direction of Ye Hao's departure, and said, "This Ye Hao is uneasy and kind. These days the school is discussing your Lightning Mouse. I think he is jealous and wants to suppress your limelight. What kind of reminder is just a snobbish guy." The environment of a businessman born from a young age made her more sensitive to these things than Su Yanying.

Su Yanying was not stupid. She understood what she said, frowned slightly, but didn't comment on anything.

Lan Lele hummed lightly: "Fortunately, the boss pitted him a hundred thousand, and he was considered to have paid a small price for him. Huh, who made him like to count."

Su Ping didn't like to listen to these words, "What makes me pit him by 100,000, I think it's a good conscience to charge me!"

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