Astral Pet Store Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Rolling

Looking at Lei Guangshu in horror, Su Ping smiled slightly, "I haven't seen you for a long time, little guy, miss me?"

This familiar smile...

Lei Guangshu's body shrank to Su Yanying's other leg in an instant, holding her calf trembling, and the terrified rat's eyes kept flashing, extremely uneasy.

During these days, it is very comfortable, eats well, sleeps every day, and the owner loves and cares... And in the memory of the previous two times, whenever he sees this devil's face, he will soon Will enter a nightmarish life, thinking it will tremble even more.

The thunder rat's fear was Su Yanying's expectation, which is why she prepared to drop the phoenix in one hand. It was only the reaction of the thunder rat that made her feel slightly strange. It seemed that it was not afraid of the opposite silver pterosaur. Is something else...

It is a pity that she can only feel the emotion of the beast, but she cannot know its exact idea.


"How did he... get up?" Su Lingyue sat in the class and saw Su Ping, the three-year runner-up who followed the finale, and the mysterious thunder-light mouse master who came on stage with a look of consternation.

She knows who this man is.

Waste wood that is useless, delicious and lazy, will only bully the weak all day long.

How can such a person have a relationship with Su Yanying?

What makes her even more strange is that even if they know, what is Su Ping doing on the stage? Obstacles, do you want to be beautiful and show your face in such a big scene?

Thinking of this, she was suddenly bright, and the latter's Zhang Yang's character is indeed the most reasonable explanation!

"Huh, I said how could he be in the upper grades, it turned out to be hooked..." Su Lingyue gritted her teeth, a little rejoiced in her heart, and it was gone now, and her eyes were full of anger.

On stage.

"Two, ready!" The referee turned his head and reminded Su Yanying seriously that in this exhibition game, he had more pressure than watching the finals. He broke through to the seventh-order silver-winged dragon beast. If he tried his best, he might not be afraid. Time to stop.

Su Yanying read the meaning in the referee's eyes, nodded slightly, and took a deep breath. At this moment, the Lightning Mouse couldn't count on it. She directly issued an order to Luofeng, and Fengfeng rose from the sky, and the Fengfeng, which was dyed with red flames, took off At high altitude, the flame elements in the whole body are rich, which makes the stadium heat up linearly.

"Extremely blazing rays!"

As soon as he came up, Su Yanying let Luo Feng show the strongest tricks, so as not to have the opportunity to play later.

There was a wave of exclamation in the stadium. The extremely radiant rays of the eighth order were still extremely eye-catching, especially when they were exhibited from the Luofeng, which was less than the fifth order. This is not the inheritance technique of the Luofeng family. It can be seen that its consciousness is high, and of course, it cannot be separated from the cultivation of its owner.

Ye Hao heard the exclamation outside the court and smiled lightly. The better the performance of Su Yanying, after being defeated by him, he can bring out his more powerful ability. He passed it to the silver pterosaur species. The extremely strong and majestic Longyin clearly swayed in everyone's eardrums, which was extremely domineering.

Luo Feng's body trembled in mid-air, with some fear, and the extremely fiery rays brewing in his mouth gradually contracted and was interrupted.

With the power of roar, crack the eighth order pet skills!

The audience was shocked. Everyone looked at this scene in horror. Is this the real high-end beast fighting power?

Seeing that Luo Feng's skills were interrupted, Su Yanying was a little shocked and her face was ugly. The other party obviously didn't plan to give her a chance to perform. When she thought of Lan Lele, her heart was filled with anger.

Feeling the master's anger, coupled with his own humiliation, an extremely angry flame erupted from the red-red fire pupil of Luofeng. Once again, the flame rang loudly, and the flame quickly condensed, and once again exhibited extremely blazing rays!

Ye Hao smiled lightly, did not give up? Then its time to continue supporting it!

The silver pterosaur did not roar anymore, but let the extremely blazing rays fly over. I saw the rays like the lava condensed, with a strong high temperature, hurriedly shot from high altitude, and shot directly at the wings of the silver pterosaur. on.


There was a scorch of smoke on the silver flesh. On the large screen erected next to the field, the lens gave a close-up. The spot hit by the ray actually burned a little wound of the thickness of the finger. For the silver pterosaur, It's like scratching the skin, not even the skin.

When the lens has not been removed, the blood in the burned area has solidified and is recovering at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Dragon pets are extremely resistant, and their ability to regenerate and recover is also very strong. The dragon's blood itself has high-speed coagulation ability and will not easily bleed to death.

The audience was shocked again.

The extremely blazing rays are some of the eighth-order pet skills. Although they were exhibited by the falling phoenix that is less than the fifth-order, their power is also very strong. Pterosaurs caused this damage? How is this different from tickling? !

If you have to say something, it is probably that the dragon skin is too itchy, so you can scratch it!

Su Yanying was stunned. This scene had a great impact on her. Luo Feng's strongest pet skills actually had such an effect. Wouldn't it stand still to beat her?

Not a level at all!

Seeing Su Yanying's dull look, Ye Hao smiled softly, and let the silver-winged dragon beast display some gorgeous pet skills, dragon spray, ice sea freezing, silver-wing storm and stare!

These four skills are advanced pet skills. The first three skills are fire, ice, and wind attack, which proves the comprehensiveness of the silver wings dragon beast ability, and the final gaze is a deterrent figurative skill.

Anyone with a bloodline lower than it would tremble and crawl under Longwei.

The first three skills have great power, but none of them are cast against the Phoenix, but are just released into the air like fireworks. However, the remaining power also destroys the field below, as if they have experienced an extremely fierce battle. .

This is the power of a high-level beast. If Ye Hao is willing, he can flatten the entire venue!

And the final gaze skill is to cast on the falling phoenix. The falling phoenix that dodges in mid-air, while staring at the silver-winged dragon beast, slaps its flapping wings, and its body quickly glides down and falls to the ground. , The body is still trembling, I do not know whether it is pain, or fear.

Completely crushed!

The audience watched silently, and thought it was at least a wonderful exhibition game, but I did not expect that Ye Hao's silver-winged dragon beast alone, completely submerged Su Yanying's light, the latter is like a small role to accompany, doing All the efforts are to bring out Ye Hao's strength.

The harder you work, the more sad you become.

I have to say that the seventh-order dragon beast is too strong!

"I..." Su Yanying looked blue and white for a while, her heart was both angry and desperate, and embarrassed.

"Why don't you use a lightning mouse?" a clear voice sounded, asking strangely.

Su Yanying was stunned and looked at him in amazement. She was talking about Su Ping, looking at her strangely.

Su Yanying couldn't help saying: "But, can it..."

"It's not as timid as you think." Su Ping looked at her state, and knew that even if she sent the Lightning Mouse, she repeated the same mistakes and lost to the other party as before, not to mention that the silver-winged dragon beast has now reached the seventh level. I'm just afraid to lose faster.

"Forget it, I'll do it." Su Ping sighed and said to Su Yanying's thunder light mouse holding her calf tightly at the feet: "Small things, your master's face has been lost by you, even my old face. Its not fast, youre not here yet."

Lei Guangshu blinked his eyes, didn't understand, and didn't dare to move.

Su Ping rolled his eyes and wrapped his thoughts with his mental strength: "I can't come again, I will take you to special training."

Lei Guangshu couldn't understand his words, but he understood what he meant. If he didn't obediently go by, he would have to experience the nightmare life again.

Hiss, he took a breath of cold air in his rat teeth, looked at Su Yanying reluctantly, and finally crawled over honestly.

"Go, get rid of it, get rid of it and go back." Su Ping said directly, and at the same time used his mental power to convey his thoughts to him, so that he could understand the meaning.

A pair of rat eyes of the lightning rat turned to the opposite silver pterosaur beast. The color of fear in the eyes was gone, replaced by the color of excitement, as long as it was solved, you can go back and enjoy it? No need to live a **** with him this time?

It was so excited that its claws skyrocketed slightly, its body slightly swelled a bit, and it was full of war.

Su Yanying was stunned. Without the power of contract, Su Ping could directly command her beast? Although she knew that Su Ping wrapped her mind with consciousness to convey communication, which could be done by ordinary pet masters, but... Thunder Light Mouse actually obeyed Su Ping, which is amazing!

You know, she has not agreed yet!

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