Astral Pet Store Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Uncrowned King

The silver-winged dragon beast... lost?

At this moment in the dark pit in the middle of the field, the silver pterosaurs lay in an ugly posture, their scales were broken, and the blood that had been solidified was overflowing, and the body was motionless.

Everyone was stunned, but the reaction was overwhelming. The scene in front of them was completely beyond their imagination. I never dreamed of such a scene. You must know that the silver-winged dragon beast that broke through to the seventh level was born in the college. The game itself is the existence of foul level, it is simply invincible! However, now it is actually defeated, and the one who defeated it is the Lightning Mouse who was not his opponent at all!

Before the Silver Pterosaurs were in Tier 6, they easily defeated the Lightning Mouse. At this moment, they broke through to Tier 7, how could they be defeated? !

On the field, Ye Hao and Su Yanying both looked dumbfounded. This sudden turn made them unprepared. The Silver Pterosaurs lost too fast. They didn't have any mental preparation. Whether it was Ye Hao or Su Yanying, they never thought it would be this. result.

Ye Hao looked at the giant pit in front of him, his brain buzzed, and through the contract power, he knew that the Silver Winged Dragon Beast had been comatose and lost his combat power. The seventh-order dragon beast was defeated.


how can that be?

Ye Hao lost his mind and his mind was blank, leaving nothing at all.

Su Yanying on the other side is equally at a loss. As the owner of the Lightning Mouse, she does not know what happened. Somehow, she seems to have won, and she lay to win...


A thunderlight jumped out of the giant pit. It was the thunderlight rat. Its figure lightly landed and ran happily towards Su Yanying.

When the Lightning Mouse ran to his feet, Su Yanying realized that she had to unfreeze herself. Otherwise, the muscle tissue would freeze and die for too long. She quickly mobilized the star power in her body and slowly catalyzed the ice in the lower body.


A shattering sound sounded next to him, Su Yanying turned her head to look around, and couldn't help but stare at her eyes. Su Ping's lower body was also frozen, but he didn't feel it, and took a step forward, frozen on his legs and knees The ice at the place immediately shattered and fell off, leaving the body unharmed.

It's so crude... broke the ice?

Su Yanying stared at Su Ping in a daze, which was a skill released by the seventh-order dragon beast. How could it be easily resolved?

At the pioneers' seats below the stage, several pioneers gradually recovered, their eyes were both shocking and dignified. The result of this game was far beyond their expectations. Although it was said to be an exhibition game, they all saw this after playing. The two of them on the stage have moved, but it was unexpected that the silver-winged dragon beast crushed Su Yanying and the thunder squirrel, but the lightning squirrel killed the silver-winged dragon beast!

The battle ended too quickly.

They know that the Lightning Rat is extremely evil, but this kind of evil is ultimately limited, so even though the Lightning Rat was defeated by the sixth-order silver pterosaur beast, it still does not affect their view of the Lightning Rat, because in their view, This is the limit.

Thunderbolt rats can do this step with pride.

But today, the Lightning Mouse has refreshed their cognition again, not only won the Tier 7 Silver Winged Dragon Beast, but also won neatly and thoroughly, killing completely!

"Today's Lightning Mouse, the fighting style seems to be a little different." A pioneer said solemnly.

"Although the skills used are still the previous skills, but there is only one more accelerated Thunderbolt, but the mastery and application of skills are significantly higher than the previous ones. The skill connection is very skilled and the use of clever, including the last Use the speed of thunder and lightning to explode, hit the silver pterosaur, make it too late to fly, and push it directly to the ground. This is an acceleration skill, which is used as an attack skill. It can have such a sudden whims, quite Not bad," said another.

"Yes, today's Lightning Mouse feels like the beasts who have been through the battles in the wild, with sharp action and precise attacks. There are not so many useless and useless attacks, but I am more curious about how it cracks the silver. Pterosaur's gaze skills?"

"This Leiguang mouse has not improved much in strength compared to the previous one. What has changed is the method of combat. If I am not mistaken, this time the commander of the Leiguang mouse should not be the classmate Su." Another woman squinted Eyes said.

Upon hearing this woman said, everyone else was shocked and looked at her.

"Did you not notice, the young man next to this classmate Su, I hadn't thought of him before, but you see, they are both frozen by the ice sea of the silver pterosaurs, and classmate Su is still there The body is melted with star power, and he has unfrozen the ice." The woman's eyes reflected the figure on the stage, showing extremely intense interest in her eyes.

The latter's previous picture of forcibly breaking through the body with her body was noticed by her. This scene completely shocked her. Although she saw that the coldness of the two was frozen, it was not the main target of the silver pterosaur, but it was able to This easy breakout is enough to show that the star power of this young man is extremely powerful, at least above the fifth rank. At this age, he has such strength, and the talent is only a little more prosperous than Na Hao.

Hearing the womans words, everyone else looked on the stage and immediately saw the teenager who had recovered his mobility, and the girl who was melting the ice legs with star power. This gap was clear.

"So it turns out..."

"So, this teenager is not a family member who came up to join in the fun, but a helper invited by this classmate Su?"

"Huh, it's so young, it looks like a few years younger than Na Su. Vice President Dong, what class is this student?"

Dong Mingsong, who was sitting next to it, also noticed this, and at the moment was also confused, frowning and thinking: "This... I don't remember, is he from our college?" The college that performed well in the college, he is a little bit Impressions, as long as he is on the face of the combat power list, he has basically seen it, but he is very strange to the face of the teenager on the stage, is it usually a very low-key person?

Thinking of this, he was relieved in his heart and a little smile in his eyes. Su Yanying and Ye Hao gave him a big face alone, but he didn't expect that there were even better students in the college.

Such an excellent student, his tutor didn't find out, it was really negligent!

He had secretly decided in his heart that when he looked back to find out this young mans class, he must deduct the year-end bonus from his tutor as a punishment!

On stage.

Seeing that the silver-winged dragon beast has completely lost its fighting ability, the referee looked at it carefully, and he was relieved in his heart, and immediately announced that the exhibition game was over, and the Lightning Mouse won.

The audience sparsely applauded until more people came back, the applause gradually warmed, neat, until the tsunami-like cheering sounded, the whole venue was boiling.

Tonight, the Lightning Mouse performed a miracle again!

Jedi turned over and counterattacked the seventh-order dragon beast!

Although I didn't see how the Lightning Mouse did it, the result has already explained everything.

In the cheers, the fireworks lifted from the venue, exploded in the night sky, and the performance ended in the carnival.

No one pays attention to the defeated Tier 7 silver pterosaur, nor does it notice the eclipsed Ye Hao. Although it is an exhibition game, this win is not counted in the ranking, and the annual champion is still Ye Hao, the champion The bonus also belongs to Ye Hao, but there is no doubt that after tonight, the Lightning Mouse will become the uncrowned king!

Although it was an exhibition game, from the fierce fighting and the miserable appearance of the silver-winged dragon beast, no one thought that Ye Hao was intentionally defeated.

"Brother..." Ye Qingyin stared blankly at the back of the older brother Ye Hao in front of him. The deafening cheers on the scene had surrounded the whole venue. The gorgeous fireworks were shining above her head. Brother, the back is extremely lonely, and seems to be excluded from the surrounding environment.

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