Astral Pet Store Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Special Admissions?

"What are you calling us to do?"

As soon as the battle was over, the carnival continued, and Su Ping and Su Yanying hadn't had time to step down. They were invited by a college leader to this office, saying that big men wanted to see them.

Su Yanying vaguely guessed what some of the "big men" referred to by some leaders were. After all, she had been in contact before, and most of them were the stunning performance of her Lightning Mouse in the exhibition game, which made them pay more attention to her.

She was excited and nervous. This time the performance of the Lightning Mouse was really unexpected. She thought it would be better if she could lose. It was unexpected that such a fierce fighting power could erupt.

In the meantime, she did not do any training, nor did she send it to Su Ping's hands to nurture, which only shows that the Lightning Rat had such a terrible combat power before.

Kill the seventh-order dragon beast!

It was so ridiculous that she felt so grateful for Su Ping that she had received such a huge return with only a cheap 10,000 star coin.

When she thought of Su Ping, she turned her head and looked at it. She was suddenly stunned, and saw that Su Ping had been sitting on the sofa in the office for a long time, and poured herself a cup of tea.

This is the vice principal's office!

The big guys will come in at any time. She feels that some posture is wrong even when she is standing, and her heart is very nervous. Su Ping is as casual as returning home?

"You, you get up quickly." Su Yanying hurriedly said that if he left a bad impression on those big figures, it would be a loss to Su Ping, and he might drive him out.

Su Ping is looking at the layout of the office. His eyes are resting on a portrait of the purple Ling Shenfeng on the wall. I feel the charm of this painting is pretty good and lifelike. Like the stone carving at the entrance of the college, it is estimated that it was all from the master. It's a pity that Ziling Shenfeng's own momentum is a little bit worse, but after all, it is just a king beast, and it can't be too demanding.

Hearing Su Yanying's words, Su Ping turned to froze and said, "What are you doing?"

"The big guys will come at any time, let them see that you are so bad." Su Yanying said quickly, his voice lowered, fearing that the big guys would come in at any time.

Su Ping thought she had something to do with herself and was getting ready. When she heard this, her **** sat back again and said casually: "What's wrong, they took the initiative to invite me to come, but let me wait, it is already rude. Okay, lets say I dont ask for anything from them. If I dont come again, I want to leave."

Su Yanying was suffocated by his back to his chest, a little speechless, but think about these big people mainly came to her, and they don't know Su Ping, Su Ping's performance is good or bad, and it has no effect on him, so he went with him .

"Come on." Su Ping suddenly moved his ear and said to Su Yanying.

Su Yanying froze for a moment, suddenly heard footsteps, her heart jumped, and quickly stood next to the sofa, three bodies away from the sofa, without touching, it would make her feel very calm.

In the face of these big men, she felt like she was interviewing, never nervous.

With a click, the office door was pushed open, and a few footsteps walked a few steps before stopping at the door, as if looking at the people in the room.

"Vice, deputy principal!" Su Yanying saw many figures pushing in the door, each exuding the majestic breath of the sun, her psychological pressure increased sharply, like a mountain overwhelming, breathless, but she after all It is a great figure in the academy, whose psychological quality has been exercised, and immediately nodded to the oldest man in the front and grinned lightly at the others.

Everyone appreciated her, smiled and nodded in response, and then looked for another figure in the room, but did not see it. When he looked over the back of the sofa, he only saw half of his head.

Many people's mouths are slightly upturned. Most of them want to sit lazily and rest, but they didn't expect to be caught by them. It is estimated that when they get up later, they will have a very embarrassing expression. When they think of this, they will smile.

"This classmate..." Dong Mingsong coughed and signaled that they were coming. By the way, he gave the assistant a look and asked him to go out to take the door. Then they wanted to discuss the business.

The other party was here, and Su Ping also stood up, and it seemed too uncultivated to continue sitting. This is also a basic courtesy. He glanced at everyone, except for the oldest old man in the front, and a total of seven in the back, of which the oldest In their forties, they have more or less scars on their bodies, either on the cheeks or on the arms and arms. Some people seem to have the front end of their noses cut off. They look like nostrils. Some horrible, children will cry when they see it.

"Hello." Su Ping nodded, saying hello.

Seeing Su Ping's natural appearance, Dong Mingsong and the seven pioneers were stunned. This reaction was different from what they thought, and looking at Su Ping's expression, he didn't seem to know Dong Mingsong.

Don't even know the vice principal?

Everyone's face changed slightly, and immediately realized that this person is not a student here?

Dong Mingsong also thought of this. A heart sank a little bit. He put away his smile and looked a little serious. "Student, are you a student of our school?"

"No." Su Ping shook his head.

Everyone looked at each other, and their eyes flashed with a fine light.

The light that Dong Mingsong looked forward to was eclipsed in an instant, and his heart was so cool that he was not a student here, he would not have the power to distribute the other party, and which team the other party went to, how it developed, had nothing to do with it, and could not bring half a point to the academy. benefit.

This matter, he became an outsider at once.

"This classmate, depending on your age, should be a first-year student, which college are you from?" a red-haired woman asked aloud.

"Have you ever been to a social college?" Su Ping said.

"I haven't been there?" The people were stunned, and Dong Mingsong, who was in a depressed mood, was also stunned. Previously they discussed Su Ping's strength and talents, which is almost inferior to Ye Hao's existence. Such a young and talented genius has never been. College?

Suddenly, Dong Mingsong's eyes brightened and he quickly said: "This classmate, what is your name? Are you interested in coming to our college to practice? The tuition is free of charge, including food and accommodation. There is an independent student dormitory. When you graduate, the college will return Will give you a high-level star pet cub as a reward, if you perform well, you can even get an adult high-level star pet reward!

How about, if you want to come, I will go through the admission procedures for you now and I can come to school tomorrow! "

His words are renju, and he speaks quickly. The seven trailblazers behind were all stunned. When the reaction came, he immediately cursed the old fox and glared him fiercely. If his eyes were arrows, Dong Mingsongs back was now Was pierced into a hedgehog.

Su Yanying next to him froze, what happened? Is the vice principal inviting Su Ping to enroll? Free tuition fee package? Independent student dormitory? Graduation and adult high-level beast rewards?


She has never heard of these benefits!

Even if it is a special enrollment hired by the college, it would be a **** to give a free tuition fee, and there is no such luxury treatment as a graduation award for adult high-end beasts? !

She wondered if she had heard it wrong, or that the vice-principal had been suffering from a disease for many years and went out without taking medicine today?

Moreover, the protagonist is not her, why stare at Su Ping when he comes in?

Do they know that the Lightning Mouse was bred in the Suping shop?

Hearing the old man's words, Su Ping was speechless. Previously Luo Guxue invited him to be a mentor, but the old man in front of him invited him to be a student, and this grade dropped directly by one level.

"Sorry, not interested." Su Ping directly refused.

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