Astral Pet Store Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Invite

Dong Mingsong and Su Yanying were stunned for a while. Are you not interested in such benefits? This is the Fengshan College, a famous school of war pets, and countless people can't come in. It is now invited by the vice-principal personally, and it has also given unprecedented generous treatment, but refused it without thinking?

"You... you don't think about it anymore?" Dong Songming recovered, and couldn't help saying.

Su Ping shook his head. Luo Guxue had invited him to be a tutor before, but he was still considering it. As a student, he didn't need to think about it at all.

Dong Songming's eyelids twitched slightly. These treatments, even if Ye Hao has always performed well, ranked first in the college's combat power list, did not enjoy it. He also made an exception for the purpose of retaining talents. The old dean applied and explained that if he didn't agree, he would have to pay for it by himself, but he didn't expect that the other party wouldn't take it seriously. Isn't the treatment not fragrant enough?

"Okay, Vice President Dong, since people dont agree, dont be embarrassed. For geniuses like this, most of them have the guidance of famous teachers. Where else do you need to come to you as a trainee? Its the intensity of the graduates." A burly and strong man in the back smiled and said.

Dong Mingsong smiled bitterly, knowing that he was no longer playing, and immediately retreated to the side, handing over the people to them.

"Little brother, what's your name?" the burly man asked.

"How about you?" Su Ping said.

The burly and strong man smiled, "It's quite a personality, it's okay to tell you, my surname is Feng, called Baili, Baili slaughtered Baili!"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said, "My surname is Su and my name is Su Ping. I am not very peaceful."

Feng Baili laughed, "I like you a little bit."

Su Pingdao: "But I am not interested in men."

Feng Baili laughed suddenly, staring at Su Ping.

The people next to me saw Feng Baili eating deflated, and they all couldn't help but the fiery red-haired woman said: "Baili, Su Yanying has been robbed by you before, so don't you argue with us, Su Ping? Su? , You can call me Ji Rongying, or my sister, I am the ninth team in the A-level pioneer army under our Longjiang base city, we are the first-class team, if you are interested, I hope you can Join us, treat..."

Before she finished talking, a young man next to him said lazily: "Why are you so anxious? The presence of the first-class team of the A-class legion is not much to say. Moreover, Huoji, your team mainly explores the A-level barren areas, Even if there is a high-level war pet master, the casualty rate reaches more than 60%, you let the Brothers Su pass, is this not a pit?

If you want to train a newcomer, it should be that our team is the most suitable. There are strongholds in several nearby B-level deserted areas. If the Su brothers want to be more careful, exercise in the C-level deserted area first. We can also send someone to accompany you. , To protect your safety throughout the process, before you really adapt, will never let you be subjected to any danger to life, others dare not say, at least there is an absolute guarantee of life! "

"Absolute guarantee?" Another middle-aged man sneered next to each other, "Dare to say in the barren area to absolutely guarantee the safety of life, is not a legendary war pet master who can fight the king beast, or those non-influential lay pioneers, oh, desert Everything will happen in the area, and it is not an example that the king beast has not appeared in the C-level barren area. What guarantee do you take?"

"Joke, there is a king beast in the C-level barren area. The probability is less than one-thousandth. There are so many C-level barren areas in the world. It only happens once in a few decades. This can be counted?" The youth immediately rebutted the sneer.

"Maybe you are so unlucky? You don't have to say anything absolutely, how can there be anything absolutely, what you said, our team can also do it, and as soon as Classmate Su joins us, we will immediately buy Classmate Su Only the adult demon of the devil department, what is said to ensure safety, is not as important as its own strength, you Su said, right?" A middle-aged man finished his youth, turned his head and smiled to Su Ping authentically.

Su Ping opened his mouth and didnt wait for him to speak. Another person beside him sneered: "Its as if who cant afford it. Besides, there are many kinds of devil-like beasts. Although they are generally very strong, there are also weak garbage. You If I bought a high-end adult dragon beast for classmate Su, I would have nothing to say."

There are very few dragon beasts, but almost all are fierce beasts, and the worst will not be worse.

"Dragon beast? It seems like you can afford it."

"Of course our team can afford it, but Su has to join us first. I promise to buy one for Su within a year."

"Within one year? So, let people work for you first, and then pay the wages? The idea of such a shameful wool came out of the sheep."

"Oh, better than you..."

Everyone was arguing in a hurry, and Su Ping couldn't get in.

Su Yanying was completely ignored on the side, she was stunned. The treatment offered by these teams was much better than the treatment she joined in the Feng Baili team. She also bought an adult demon beast, which is also four or five million less. Above, it's more than tens of millions to comprehend the best with more skills!

She had a feeling that she seemed to have been banned in Bailikeng.

At the beginning, they were in a coffee shop, and everything was sealed, and she agreed to say everything. At that time, she was so excited that she fainted, and being able to enter the first-class pioneer team has greatly exceeded her expectations. Overjoyed, what are the requirements and conditions?

"Everyone..." Su Ping tried to persuade everyone to be more and more fierce, but everyone was so arguing that no one should answer him.

Su Ping sighed and smiled bitterly: "You said so much, but...I didn't even plan to be a pioneer..."

The argument went silent.

The room fell silent.

The quarrel was noisy at the previous moment, but now it is as terrible as ice.

Everyone turned to look at Su Ping, with a stunned expression on their faces.

"You, you don't want to be a pioneer?" Feng Baili said in amazement.

With such outstanding talent and strength, you don't want to be a pioneer and make a contribution?

Everyone else looked at him in a daze. Someone's face suddenly changed slightly and seemed to think of something.

Neither entering a prestigious school nor being a pioneer, this only shows that Su Ping has another big force behind him, so that he does not need to use his hard work to become famous like pioneers like them.

"I'm not interested in pioneering." Su Ping said helplessly, if he wanted to improve his strength, he could completely roam in the nurturing plane, where he could still buy the number of deaths, and he didn't have to worry about actually dying. To make money, he said There is income in the store, and now you can charge extra thanks and reservation fees. The general cost of eating and drinking is not worrying. The place where the most money is used is estimated to be the purchase of powerful beasts.

But he has his own breeding pond in his shop. If he is lucky, he may still be able to breed a king beast, so he has no need to take risks. It is king to be arrogant and develop. If the wave goes out and the wave dies, it will lose money. Big.

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