Astral Pet Store Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Reveal

Feng Baili and others next to him were a little speechless, swearing at the old fox, but they had nothing to say. They could only envy the old thief Dong Mingsong who had picked up this cheap talent and qualifications like Su Ping, if there was no accidental sacrifice. The future achievements are more than that. It is very hopeful to become the title of pet warfare teacher. Then the school will brag about the wave. There are lecturers at the title level.

This alone is enough to make Fengshan College rank one or two more among the seven famous universities in the base city. This is a long-term move.

Luo Guxue was also pleasantly surprised to see Su Ping's agreement. In this way, she and Su Ping were colleagues, and she would have the opportunity to meet in the future.

The Su Yanying beside was a little numb.

The news that broke out from Su Ping was more scary than one. She was already surprised. She was able to hunt the eighth-order monster. The strength as a high-level mentor was indeed more than enough. She just didn't expect that Su Ping, who can usually get along with each other, In a blink of an eye, she became the mentor above her, or the highest level among the mentors. If it is known by Ye Hao or other students, it may be mad.

After all, Su Ping's age is here, even when she is a junior.

Are you going to be educated in reverse...

Su Yanying's mouth was slightly touched, and suddenly she was a little lucky. Fortunately, she was already in the third grade and graduated immediately, otherwise she would see such a young mentor every day.

Feng Baili and others saw that they had nothing to do with them, and they all left. Su Ping was invited by Dong Mingsong and returned to the office with Luo Guxue. Su Yanying also silently followed.

Sitting on the sofa, Dong Mingsong poured a cup of tea to Su Ping personally, and then handed the contract signed by his assistant to Su Ping.

Feeling the enthusiasm and sincerity of the other party, Su Ping carefully reviewed the contract in his hand. After seeing no major problems, he signed it directly.

"Mr. Su, you can start class from next week." Dong Mingsong put away the contract and smiled.

"Good." Su Ping nodded.

"I will let someone log in immediately for your identity information, but the mentor certificate will take a few days to make." Dong Mingsong said.

Su Ping was not anxious about these, and only asked: "When can I go to see advanced practice skills and the skills of the war pets? Where?"

"In the second library of the college." Dong Mingsong smiled, "You can go anytime, now, but you don't have a mentor certificate. If you want to go, I will say hello to the people over there."

It was too late at this moment, Su Ping did not go to check his thoughts, anyway, he had something on hand to cultivate, and he was not idle, not less than two days a day.

With a few words of greeting, Su Ping left the Academic Building, and after a short walk, he came to the front of the stadium. From far away, he could see the dazzling lights above the stadium, which were gorgeous and colorful. The figure, the game has ended, and everyone in the stadium has come out, resulting in a large number of people in the college, which can be seen everywhere.

Su Yanying walked behind, she looked up at Su Ping's back and asked, "Will I still go to the venue to advertise?"

"No." Su Ping shook his head. "It's enough for the vice principal to help me publicize."

There are too many people, and he is worried that he will not be able to cultivate it. After all, he will be alone and work hard, unless he only stays in a lot and only enters, but this is too much a burden on mental power.

Su Yanying sent Su Ping outside the college. After Su Ping left, she turned around quietly, but the waves in her heart could not stop.

Seeing that it was not early, Su Ping took a taxi home and was too lazy to go back to the store again. There was no business anyway, and the publicity effect was not so fast.

After getting out of the car, Su Ping entered the house and saw her mother watching TV in the living room. There was no smell of the proud girl at home. It is estimated that she had not returned from the college. Seeing that Su Ping arrived home so early, Li Qingru was a little surprised, nervously: "How come back today so early, what happened in the store?"

"No, I went to watch her game and came back directly from her college." Su Ping said, anyway, waiting for the other party to come back, these have to be frank.

"Going to see your sister's game?" Li Qingru was surprised. He didn't expect that Su Ping would actually care about these things, but he always let him go.

Su Ping's face was covered with black lines. "Why does this sound like a curse?"

Li Qingru glanced at him angrily, then asked: "How come you come back alone, your sister?"

"She still wants to play more." Su Ping said.

"You are really..." Li Qingru was speechless. "Are you hungry, wait for your sister to come back and eat together without being hungry."

"Okay." Su Ping agreed, as soon as he was going upstairs, he felt the breath appeared. He raised his eyebrows slightly, retracted his feet, and returned to the living room to sit on the sofa, watching TV with relish.

The door of the house was opened again, and Su Lingyue came in. She saw Su Ping sitting on the sofa, and she suddenly glared, "Why are you at home, you came back directly?"

"Are you still going round?"

"Why didn't you go to the store?" Su Lingyue exasperated.

Su Ping wondered, "How do you know I didn't go?"

"Because I've been waiting for you there for a long time!" Su Lingyue was furious. Her exhibition game had long ended. After the exhibition game of the third-place champion and runner-up, she wanted to find Su Ping as soon as possible and asked things clearly. But Su Ping was so slick that she was called by the school leaders along with Su Yanying. She had no chance but to leave the academy first, called a car, and went to the store. She thought that it was only after seven o'clock after the game. In one trip, she just wanted to talk to Su Ping alone, which was easily heard by her mother at home.

As a result, I didn't expect this to be two hours.

She saw that it was quite late, and she came back, but she saw Su Ping at home.

"Wait for me?" Su Ping asked, knowingly, with a confused face: "Why wait for me?"

"What do you say?" Su Lingyue gritted her teeth.

"How would I know."

Su Lingyue stared at him closely and said, "Are you star power?"

Su Ping knew that the paper could not catch the fire and nodded readily to admit it.

"Really?" Su Lingyu's pupils shrank slightly. She also saw Su Ping take the lead to break free of ice, only to realize this possibility. Although the probability of awakening is low, there are always one or two lucky people who will be favored. But, I did not expect God to be blind, this beloved person is actually this abominable brother.

Li Qingru next to him was puzzled and couldn't help asking: "What did you just say? You have star power? You, you are awakened?" She was nervous and excited, and her body was shaking slightly, although it was awakened, achievement Limited, but at least it has become a darling master, no matter how bad it is in the future, it will not starve to death.

Su Ping scratched his head and said: "It has been awakened by accident for a while."

Su Lingyue's eyes narrowed and she was awakened? So, this guy used to be a pig and a tiger? Pretending to be weak in front of me is actually just paying guts?

"Good." Li Qingru's eyes were red with joy, and she seemed to be in tears. She wiped off quickly, and said: "This good news, you must tell your father, ah, right, do you have a beast, are you awakening too Late, you have to buy a beast of good quality. Tomorrow I will go to the market in person and pick you one with good qualifications and high perception!"


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