Astral Pet Store Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Play With Fire

Seeing Li Qingru's excited look, Su Ping was also touched and smiled: "Mom, you are not in good health, don't worry about this, and I already have my own beast, and you forget that our family is open Its a pet shop. How come Im short of pets? Its enough to change one a day."

Li Qingru was laughed at by him, and he didn't have a good air: "It will be nonsense, how can a war pet master change a beast every day, what kind of beast you use, there is no money in the store to buy you a good pet beast."

Su Lingyue also raised her ears. Previously, Su Ping was an ordinary person, not a big threat to her, and things that were bullied as a child would not be staged again, but now Su Ping is also a darling teacher, barely catching up with her a little heel, although It's just one point, but it also made her heart that was gradually relieved, and renewed hostility. In the face of this guy, you can't relax your vigilance!

"It's the pet of the undead." Su Ping smiled. "The quality is not bad.

"Undead pets?" Li Qingru was a little surprised. Undead pets are relatively unpopular among demonic beasts, mainly because the appearance value is too low. Survival is difficult in this era of looking at the face, and everyone is tired of it, but the fighting ability of the undead pet is still Not bad, "What kind of undead pet?" she even asked.

Su Lingyue has a weird complexion, thinking of scaring Su Ping with horror illusions like ghosts every morning. Could it be... Over time, has he become addicted to abuse?

Even the aesthetics are distorted?

Thinking of the previous time, Su Ping stunned the ghost image made by black charcoal. She suddenly shivered and got goose bumps. Suddenly she felt that she seemed a little too... too focused.

Maybe it should be changed to a different type, otherwise it is not good to develop a special hobby.

Thinking of this, her eyes reflected in thought.

Seeing his mother questioning, Su Ping can only say: "It's a small skull."

"Little Skeleton?" Li Qingru was stunned, and his newly recovered eyes suddenly turned red. "You child, why don't you wake up and tell Mom earlier, even if Mom goes to borrow money from others, he has to buy you only Beast, how can a small skull do it?"

Su Lingyue was also stunned. He was inexplicably relieved. He heard Li Qingru's words and tasted a bit: "Mom, brother is only awakening now, even if you give him a good beast, he can't use it, the awakening person. How many of them can become advanced pet masters? In my opinion, since Brother is now awakened, it is better to let him go to the War Pet Masters Association to find a job at any time, at least the salary is higher than that of the ordinary working class, than he looks at the store. It's much better. We didn't get a dime in the store this month."

Li Qingru quickly wiped his eyes and said angrily: "If you don't let your brother try, how do you know he can't? The people who are awakened can go higher, indeed there are fewer people, but how many people are awakened? Millions? One in five! Its good that you can meet ten acquired awakenings. At least one of these ten can become a high-level war pet master. The probability is much higher than that of innate awakenings!"

Su Lingyue opened her mouth slightly, but had nothing to refute. She could only swell her mouth and get sulky.

Li Qingru said: "Your brother finally awakened. We always have to give him a chance. It's not easy to wake up the day after tomorrow. You have to help your brother."

Su Lingyue pouted, and continued to sulky.

Su Ping did not expect Li Qingru to protect him so much. Seriously, he was deeply moved. Their family is not wealthy. It is sensible to accumulate all resources on Su Lingyue alone, so that it is possible to cultivate a high-level war pet Teacher, but as a mother, Li Qingru obviously has more motherhood than reason. She always wants to put a bowl of water on the ground, not willing to treat any one.

"Mom, the old lady also makes sense. There is no need to borrow money for me. Our family savings have to be reserved for you to buy medicine for treatment, and my pets are very good. I dont see pets in general. Go on," Su Ping said softly.

Su Lingyue raised her eyebrows and thought that Su Ping would take this opportunity to make a big request to buy a beast of the same level as her Phantom Flame Beast. Fighting for jealousy was the thing that this guy has been doing since childhood, but unexpectedly, Su Ping actually opposed Come and help her to persuade her mother, is this distressed at home money, or show her good?

Either way, Su Lingyue looked at each other a little bit, and the dissatisfaction on his face also subsided. He said to Li Qingru: "Mom, if you really want to buy it, you can buy a beast of a medium descent. With his talent, If you can become a medium-level war pet master, you will already have a high fragrance. If he is really talented, you will not be too late to buy it. I will definitely raise your hands to support you, even if you want to give him my Phantom Flame, I No comments."

The Fire Beast was raised by her since childhood, and she loves it the most. Naturally, she will not give it to anyone, but she believes that Su Pings talent will definitely not be much better. Besides, even if the talent is really good, it cant be overpowered. she was.

Since childhood, all achievements have been in the top, not the first and the top three, this is the proud confidence of Su Lingyue.

Li Qingru also made sense after listening to what she said. Sighing at them, she sighed and said, "You two should be so sensible in the future. Your mother is not in good health and you don't know how to live for a few years. Helping each other is more understanding and understanding."

Su Lingyue frowned: "Mom, don't keep talking frustrated. I've asked my mentor. When I graduate and enter the deserted area, I'll earn merits soon, and I can buy something that can cure your disease. medicine."

Su Ping glanced at her and smiled at Li Qingru: "Mom, you just need to rest and raise your body. Don't worry about the rest. I'll take care of the pets. My little skull is very powerful. "

Li Qingru smiled bitterly, badly? Where can a low-level skull go?

However, she also knows that Su Ping doesnt want to make her too tired. Its just that the more Su Ping doesnt fight, the more sad she feels. If she didnt get sick at the beginning, the business in the store is still booming. Buy another fantasy flame The beast is also not stressed.

With a deep sigh in his heart, Li Qingru stood up and said, "I'll go cook for you first." After that, I turned and went to the kitchen.

There was only Su Ping and Su Lingyue left in the living room. When Li Qingru left, Su Lingyue's frowned eyebrows also loosened, saying lightly: "It's rare to see you so sensible, I'm very pleased, I hope you won't be stupid again in the future Things, dont think that you are awakened, you are a pet master, you can do anything to me, even if you have been cultivating since you were a child, you cant beat me, not to mention that you started too late. Will help you and teach you some of the skills of a pet master."

Su Ping looked at her like an adult, and was a little speechless, saying, "Is this brother?"

"Oh." Su Lingyue smiled contemptuously, "Men are naive."

Su Ping was dumb, "What have you experienced in saying this?"

Hearing Su Ping's yin and yang words, Su Lingyue's face changed, and she said with a cold face: "Do you really want to mess with me?"

Su Ping stood up, and Su Lingyue was still sitting, so she seemed a little condescending. In Su Lingyue's more chilling gaze, Su Ping raised her hand, then put it on her head, rubbed, said: " Be good, other peoples sisters are obedient soft and cute girls, you will not be pleased if you are so strong."

Su Lingyue was stunned.

Feeling the hand squeezing her hair on her head, and hearing Su Ping's words again, she was a little ignorant. Since she entered Xing Chong School after she was 12, she has never been touched by Su Ping, nor touched by other boys. , And still touching an intimate place like hair, it feels like you have been offended!

She immediately reacted, suddenly furious, and immediately raised her hands to pat, in order to give Su Ping a hard lesson, she used a little star power on her hands, enough to pat Su Ping's palms swollen!

However, she slapped empty.

Was it avoided? Su Lingyue was startled again, but thought it was just a coincidence, she gritted her teeth and glared at Su Ping: "You are playing with fire!"

"Who is fire?" Su Ping asked.

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