Astral Pet Store Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Temporary Tasks Second More



Su Lingyue found that this abominable and hateful guy had become more shameless than before. It was not so difficult before. After being beaten by her at least a few times, she knew how to admonish her and dared not confront her head-on, but now The wings are hardened.

Do you think you can bully her again when you wake up?

"It seems that you are not clear, the level of the war pet master! I am already a third-order median pet war master, and you..." Su Lingyue's eyes suddenly cooled down, and the whole body's star power was surging. Su Ping made a hard lesson to let him know that he is still his irresistible existence!

"What are you doing?" Suddenly Li Qingru walked in. It turned out that he was holding a plate of cut apples in his hand, ready to let the two brothers and sisters eat them first.

Su Lingyue's brewing attack was immediately interrupted. While she was angry, Su Ping smiled: "It's nothing, I check Xiao Yue's hair."

What a special check hair quality!

Su Lingyue almost vomited blood on the spot, and the anger that had just been suppressed rushed up again.

Li Qingru didn't know the private relationship between the two brothers and sisters, and he didn't have a good air: "Less, I just said that you two should get along well, so disobedient!"

Su Ping saw that she was a little angry, and said: "I know."

Li Qingru shook his head, a little helpless, put down the apple, once again asked, he turned and went to the kitchen.

After she left, Su Lingyue stretched out her hand and placed the apple on the table in front of herself, and said coldly, "I remember what happened today!"





The communication between the brother and sister is very simple, but they both know each other's meaning.

After dinner, Su Ping went upstairs by himself. Su Lingyue glanced at his back. Before that, she wanted to ask him what he was called by the college leaders to do, but she just didnt bother to take the initiative to speak to him. Asked, it felt like he was asking him.

After going upstairs, Su Ping lay in his bed and practiced as usual. He had to say that this chaotic star's attempt to cultivate was too overbearing, and almost brutally forcibly plundered the surrounding star power into his body. He could even rob Su if he wanted to. The star power in Ling Yue's room prevented her from practicing.

After less than a week of training, his combat power on the panel has been increased from 3.5 to 3.7, a full increase of 0.2! This has been regarded as an improvement of half a small rank. Previously it was a third rank median, but now it is a third rank upper rank. If you go on like this, you can break through to the fourth rank after practicing for another week or so!

With Su Ping's current combat power, combined with the cultivation of the first level of the Golden Crow God, his strength is enough to kill many fierce fifth-order monsters. If he applies additional amplification skills to himself, he can even compete with the sixth-order monsters. The beast passed.

"If Jinwu God's body can be cultivated to the second level, and its physical strength is comparable to that of the eighth and nineth level monsters, then it is barely self-preserving." Su Ping secretly said that he had seen the danger of the barren area, although his life was still It's easy, but I dare not relax.

Overnight practice.

The next day.

Su Ping had breakfast, and Su Lingyue looked at each other with big eyes, but did not speak. After eating, he rode to the store.

As soon as he arrived at the store, Su Ping saw a woman standing in front of the store. She was slender and slender, and she was very conservatively dressed. She had long sleeves and a brown coat. She looked around from time to time and seemed to be waiting for something.

Su Ping locked the bicycle to the tree at the door and wound it with iron chains through the tires to avoid being stolen by the car thief.

When he came to the store, the woman glanced at him, but she didn't speak. Her expression was always cold. It didn't change until she saw Su Ping pull out the key to open the rolling door outside the store.

After opening the door, Su Ping walked into the store on his own, saw the woman also came in, and asked, "Do you want to buy something?"

He felt that the woman was familiar and seemed to have seen it, but he had never seen Su Yanying before handing out flyers. Could it be that the flyers sent by Su Yanying's off-line were attracted?

"Are you... the boss here?" Jiang Hanxue looked at the teenager in front of him. At this age, being the boss was a bit too young. She felt a little familiar, and suddenly remembered that this man had seen yesterday.

Thinking of the picture she saw yesterday, her face changed slightly.

Su Ping nodded: "Yes, are you going to foster pets, or breed pets, or buy pet food?"

Jiang Hanxue was silent for a while and asked, "You visited our college yesterday. Was the talented Lightning Mouse cultivated here?"

"Your college?" Su Ping heard it, and he knew that it was the person who pulled the leaflet. It seems that the twenty-dollar stack of printed leaflets has no white flowers. He nodded and said: "Yes, I cultivated it. Are you going to nurture a beast too?"

Seeing Su Ping admits that Jiang Hanxue sighed, as it was.

She and Su Yanying are also old rivals. Although she doesn't care about each other, other good people in the class have always compared them. Over time, she also cares about each other and knows about it quite well.

According to her observation of Su Yanying, although the latter is second only to her excellent genius, but it is not good at cultivating beasts, and the Lightning Mouse is too evil, if Su Yanying has such a killer skill, as early as the usual class exam Just use it, the other party is not a gloomy person who will hold back the big move.

Jiang Hanxue found the flyer from the hands of a classmate in yesterday's class, and wanted to distinguish between true and false, but now the answer has been found, but the answer is a little weird. She thought that she could breed a thunder-light rat so beastly, pet shop, It must be some well-known big stores, even if it is not a big store, but a small store like this inconspicuous, then there must be some hidden people in the world.

However, I didn't expect that it was a young kid like Su Ping who looked two years younger than himself.

"If you cultivate beasts, how long will it take you to cultivate them?" Jiang Hanxue asked.

"Of course." Su Ping said indifferently: "Our cultivation is based on the number of times. It has nothing to do with the length of time. When the cultivation is completed, you will be notified to collect it."

"According to the number of times?" Jiang Hanxue frowned. This rule was quite strange, but with such a strange rule, she was a little relieved. I heard that some seniors since ancient times have strange rules.

"Then I will breed four, ten times." Jiang Hanxue said directly.

Su Ping raised an eyebrow and said, "You can only cultivate one time at a time. If you want to cultivate again, you have to place an order. In addition, have you brought enough money?"

"Money?" Jiang Hanxue was stunned for a while, and then he came to realize that the shop was able to breed a thunder-light rat, which was naturally expensive, and quickly asked: "How much does it cost to cultivate one time?"

"Ten thousand low-level beasts, 100,000 medium-level beasts, and high-level beasts will not be bred for the time being." Su Ping said that the last time the Raiders were raised to medium-high qualifications, the mid-level beast breeding service was unlocked, while the high-level pets , You need to cultivate middle-level beasts with intermediate qualifications to unlock them.

"It's so cheap?" Jiang Hanxue can't help but blurt out. This price is very expensive compared to the average nurturing store. It's not an exaggeration to kill people, but for the place where the thunder rat is nurtured, there is a nurturing master who personally takes it, then the price is even Cabbage price.

Su Ping twitched slightly at the corner of his mouth, this was the deepest pain in his heart.

However, fortunately, the cultivation of the Lightning Rat was just the start of the cultivation service, and the first task was received, so the cultivation requirements are very high. For ordinary cultivation, it is only necessary to bring it to the cultivation plane for a circle, which is not difficult. Except that it will inevitably die dozens of times, there is basically no difficulty.

"Can the four beasts I want to breed, three Tier 4s, and a Tier 3, be bred to the same level as the Thunder Lightning Mouse?" Jiang Hanxue asked quickly, even preparing to pay, fearing Su Ping would regret it. .

Su Ping said: "Of course it is impossible. The Lightning Mouse is a special case. It is now generally cultivated."

"..." Jiang Hanxue was stunned. Although she felt that it took a hundred thousand to cultivate a beast like a thunder-light rat, it was a bit like a dream, not very realistic, but I didn't expect that reality was really reality, and I broke the dream all at once. Now, only general cultivation is left. Is the Lightning Mouse just a gimmick, in order to attract customers and make the store famous? And the nurturing master of this shop has actually left?

In other words, this store has nothing to do with Lei Guangshu, but is it a scam where Su Yanying received the black money?

Su Ping looked at Jiang Hanxue, whose expression changed, and did not know what she was thinking, but it was not a good thing, otherwise he would not hesitate, he said: "Although it is generally cultivated, but the effect is okay, do you still want to cultivate?"

Jiang Hanxue recovered, could not help but smile bitterly, the effect is okay?

She sighed in her heart, knowing that she was late, the crab had been eaten by Su Yanying.

"Then cultivate one first." Jiang Hanxue said that since he came and came, although he was disappointed, it was meaningless to go back empty-handed. No matter whether the cultivation master is still here or not, this shop is connected to such a big man anyway. Relationship, maybe there will be surprises or maybe.

As for the scammers, she thought about it and thought it was impossible. Su Yanying was really short of money and had to find a big store to cooperate. How much money can this small store give?

"Cultivate one?" Su Ping raised his eyebrows and dropped from four to one at a time. The gap was a bit big, but he couldn't buy or sell, he said: "OK..."

Having said this, I suddenly heard a bang in my mind.

"Temporary task: In view of the doubts of the customer, canceling the original order and causing substantial losses to the store, the franchised host conducts a "professional" training!"

"Professional training fees are one hundred times the normal training fees!"

"Cultivation time limit: 30 days."

"Cultivation requirements: The qualifications of the pets to be bred must reach the upper middle class."

"Mission Reward: One copy of the Intermediate Force Force Dan, and a random copy of the Divine Demon Warfare!

"Mission failed: Host score -10."

A series of sounds from the system popped up in my mind. Su Ping was stunned. What about professional training?

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