Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926 Throwing An Egg Against A Rock

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Everyones gazes were concentrated on that young figure.

Very soon, they revealed mocking looks.

When Mu Daocheng saw Ye Yuan, he laughed loudly and said,"Haha,brat, youre very unfamiliar! This place is the silver arena. You didnt walk to the wrong arena, right?"

Although the number of silver alchemy celestial alchemists was a lot, they frequently hung around in the silver arena. Everyone was very familiar with each other.

Not only did Ye Yuan look unfamiliar, but he was also too young. Everyones first reaction was that he went to the wrong arena.

How could there be such a young silver alchemy celestial alchemist?

At one side, that judge with a deep gaze also spoke up at this time, "Young man, this place is the silver arena. One must possess the silver token before they can come up."

Clearly, he did not believe that Ye Yuan was a silver alchemy celestial alchemist.

Ye Yuan smiled and slowly took out the silver token that Elder Ping gave him. He threw it to the judge and said, "This should be the silver token, right? Senior, please verify it."

The noise and bustling sound before and mocking voices abruptly stopped. What replaced it was silence.

Such a young silver alchemist, they had never seen before!

The judge received the token and used divine sense to check it. Sure enough, Ye Yuan was a newly promoted silver alchemy celestial alchemist.

The old man looked toward Ye Yuan and said in surprise, "Your silver token is newly issued, but Ive never heard of you before. Could it be "

Such a young silver alchemy celestial alchemist, if he was promoted all the way, it was impossible that he had never heard of him at all.

This showed that Ye Yuan might very likely have directly gotten the silver token.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Junior just passed the alchemy celestial assessment and became an alchemy celestial alchemist."


"Directly promoted to silver alchemy celestial alchemist! This brat reached nine detonations!"

"No way, right? The last time nine detonations appeared, it was still several hundred years ago, right?"

"Yeah, but those able to achieve nine detonations were normally all Six-star Alchemy Gods who entered the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion for the first time. Five-star Alchemy Gods, its unheard of!"

Directly passing the alchemy celestial assessment and obtaining the silver token, this was an extremely seldom-seen thing.

Everyones gazes when looking at Ye Yuan all underwent a change.

Without a doubt, a new star was about to slowly rise in the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion.

A hint of surprise also flashed across in that judges eyes. Returning the token to Ye Yuan, he said, "The young ones are to be feared! Young ones are to be feared!"

Ye Yuan said, "Now, I have the qualifications to challenge him, right?" As he said this, Ye Yuan looked at Mu Daochengs direction.

The judge smiled when he heard that and said,"Heh heh,young man, you have a lot of potential, but youre underestimating this silver arena too much! Exchanging blows with him right now, it doesnt have any benefits to you."

"Dont, Elder Xin! I finally managed to have someone who delivered himself to the door. Your elderly self, dont ruin my business! This brat can just nicely ensure that I get the gold token!" The moment Mu Daocheng heard the judges words, he was indignant.

Seeing Ye Yuans silver token, outside of his shock, he was overjoyed.

As long as he won one more match, he would be able to obtain the gold token and advance to the gold arena.

Becoming a gold alchemy celestial alchemist, his reputation would have a massive elevation. He already hoped for it for many years.

In the silver arena, wanting to successfully guard the ring ten times was not such an easy matter.

Such a newcomer rookie was precisely his optimal choice for consecutive victories.

In the silver arena, this sort of place, as long as you did not deliberately lose the alchemy battle, anyone could challenge at will.

Ye Yuan also smiled and said, "No worries, just take it as training."

Hearing Ye Yuan said so, Mu Daocheng hurriedly went along with it and said, "Elder Xin, you see, he agreed to it. This matter is settled like this!"

Elder Xin gave Ye Yuan a glance, let out a sigh, and said, "Alright, you guys begin then."

The moment Mu Daocheng heard, he was overjoyed and said,"Haha,kid, I really thank you so much! Winning this match, Ill be a gold alchemy celestial alchemist."

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Dont need to be courteous. But if you want to win against me, it likely wont be that easy."

Mu Daocheng laughed loudly and said, "Brat, you think that by immediately getting a silver token, youre invincible under the heavens? Let me tell you, each person here can practically all achieve nine detonations! Alchemy celestial alchemists are far stronger than you imagine. You, are still far from close!"

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, "Is that so? Begin then."

Elder Xin said coolly, "The medicinal pill that the two of you have to refine is the Seasonal Rain Pill."

Below the stage, the people were all incredibly envious.

No one could have expected that Mu Daochengs last battle actually ran into such a hothead.

This way, Mu Daocheng got the gold token as easy as blowing off dust.

This battle did not have the least bit of suspense at all.

Alchemists who just entered the silver arena, their strength was actually very weak.

Only after experiencing one defeat after another would they become strong.

Ye Yuan had just arrived. So no one would think that he could be a match for the veteran powerhouse, Mu Daocheng.

One had to know, Mu Daocheng already possessed the level of a gold alchemy celestial alchemist.

With the alchemy battle starting, the winds and clouds sprung up!

Mu Daochengs imposing momentum rose to the sky, crushing over toward Ye Yuan frenziedly.

On the stage, it teemed with his soul force, appearing incomparably berserk.


At virtually the first moment, the two peoples soul forces collided together fiercely.

Except, compared to Mu Daochengs outrageous momentum, Ye Yuans appeared too feeble.

"Heh heh,kid, this will teach you a lesson! Ill let you know that the silver arena isnt so easy to enter!" Mu Daocheng gave a loud laugh and immediately controlled his soul force to lash over.

This kind of alchemy battle with a massive disparity in strength tended to determine the victor in the first round.

Everyone thought that Ye Yuan lost for sure.


Suddenly, a muffled groan came over, Mu Daocheng directly spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Within the medicinal cauldron in front of him, a muffled bang similarly emitted. A burnt smell spread throughout the entire ring.

Clearly, his furnace of medicinal pills was already invalidated.

Elder Xins pupils constricted, his gaze revealing an astonished look.

"This Whats going on?"

"Mu Daocheng lost?"

"No way, right? What black magic did this brat cast? Mu Daocheng clearly took the absolute advantage! Why was he defeated in one exchange?"

Below the stage, anxious and doubtful voices came over one after another.

The results did not exceed ones expectations, the victor was determined in one exchange.

It was just that the victor was not Mu Daocheng, but it was Ye Yuan!

On the stage, Ye Yuan took his time to refine the pill, as if he did not have the slightest clue about what happened just now.

Mu Daocheng looked toward Ye Yuan, disbelief on his face as he muttered, "I I actually lost?"

Several breaths ago, he was still fired up with boundless enthusiasm, thinking that he definitely nailed the gold token.

Who knew that he was defeated in a single exchange!

He was the same as the rest, thinking that he won for sure.

But when his soul force touched Ye Yuans, he discovered that Ye Yuans soul force was like a giant mountain; while he was just like a chicken egg.

An egg colliding dashing against a giant mountain, the results went without saying.

Throwing an egg against a rock was roughly talking about this, right?

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